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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Subject: This is a dream based on a future possible event but it is 100% certain this will happen if wecontinue to allow the Nanny State or Police State Government to grow.

Note: I know some may not take this seriously and I understand but what happened in my dream will definitely happen if we do not fight thecurrent tyranny and arrest the High Treasonous politicians of ourcountry.

My dream tells me the tyranny your going through right now is only the beginning. That more nightmare tyranny schemes are uponus and my dream tells me that Walmart may in the future installsecurity scanners that are used at airports.

Because of the fact that there's not enough protesting to end Naked Body Scanners used atairports in my dream it seem like it was based in the future becauseWalmart looked different style then usual and then I walked throughseveral rows of UPC and magnetism detection Scanners (The usual onesthey use at super stores to deter crime) and then I had to walk to asmall facility inside the store that detected I had metals or things inmy pocket and so the Walmart employee told me to empty my pockets eventhough there's no possibility I could steal something before walkinginto a store so why are they using special scanners that they use atairports in my dream, well my guess was that Walmart had got into thespirit of treating regular citizens like gun toting criminals andcontrolling them under the guise of anti-terrorism prevention. Thescanners included a small wall that scans your entire body and reportsback to the Walmart Security team. If anything you bring in with you isin your pocket it will beep and then you will have to empty yourpockets for a Walmart Security specialist and this is On The Way In andnot on the way out to Walmart may not just tyrannize people byaccusing people of theft but may actually tyrannize people just simplyby walking into Walmart. This dream was set to be at around Septemberso it made me wonder if another terrorist attack happens and if there'sa chance it happens at Walmart then my dreams may become a reality ifthe elite plan another terrorist attack so awful that our Constitutionneeds to be suspended. They already have these invasive scanners atairports, Theme Parks including Disney World and Universal Studioswhich I have witnessed in both parks (Universal Studios even usedBiometric Thumb Scanners so this means my name and my thumb printinformation is stored into some database), and all Federal Buildingsnowadays use metal detectors and security searches.

So then after I was forced to empty out my pocket which included my wallet andother items they took one of the items away even though it's a item Iwould never carry with me in a store. I would always carry my pockettruth cards to give to people and bring my money but for a unknownreason I had a toenail clipper and she confiscated the item so I askedif I could simply get the item back after I shopped or if they couldmail it back to me she said no (Maybe I was returning it cause I paidfor it and it broke so I was only going there to return it to customerservice) and so I told her that I'm going to go back and bring mycamera in to get pictures and video of Walmart using airport securityscanners because Throughout my whole life I never had to go throughairport security scanners at any Walmart and as it turns out theirsecurity didn't want me there after I said that in my dream that Walmarthas taken away peoples rights and now subjects people to airport stylesecurity scanners. WalMart didn't like the way I talked to theirsecurity team and then I never did get the pictures and video in mydream but it wouldn't matter since it was only a dream but if the samething happens at my Walmart I will quietly gather pictures and video ofthis and put it on my website for everyone worldwide to see thatWalmart may engage in tyranny for Big Brother and treat people likethey are slaves, sheeple, and that they can't be individuals that theyhave to obey the rules and fit into the society and that they cannot beunique.

I'm concerned that if what I dream is the future then they could be able to do it because at every Walmart super center theirentrances are kinda wide for a lot of people to go through so if theywanted to they could have purse scanners and metal detectors at everyWalmart Entrance due to the fact that real factual reports frommainstream media (Statesvillemedia, DallasNews, HuffingtonPost, WishTV,MyFox8, WKYC,CBSNews, WDBJ7, DigTriad,and KKTV alldescribe shootouts and people bringing guns inside Walmart) havestated that certain crimes and people carrying loaded guns to doshootings in Walmart stores have happened so could my dream be just adream or is it telling me that in the future Walmart will use airportsecurity scanners, have TSA Agents and maybe even naked body scanners.Imagine that every week you do grocery shopping more and more of yourDNA will dissipate because every time you go shopping you will besubject to a more invasive scan that they use in every airport sincethe September 11 terrorist attacks.

So as long as we sit quiet and don't protest whats going on and the High Treason acts Obama'scommitted we may end up being strip searched just for shopping at goodole Walmart and may even be forced into RFID Chips to automaticallybill us without cash registers.

[stream flv=http://uswgo.com/rapidleech/files/IBM-RFID-Commercial.flvimg=http://uswgo.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/IBM-RFID-Commercial.jpgembed=true share=true width=640 height=480 dock=true controlbar=bottombandwidth=high autostart=false /]

So again if nobody does anything my dream will come true and pretty soon nobody would want togo to Walmart, would probably buy enough groceries for a month, ormaybe even just buy groceries online but my dream tells me that we areonly heading into more tyranny and that things will only get worse inAmerica that;s become hell.

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