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How to Destroy America in 13 Lessons


            If you were an enemy of the U.S.A wanting to deliberately undermine the nation’s economy, and weaken this country, how would you most effectively carry out your hostile mission while avoiding detection?  How would you carry out your nefarious plans?  Your first goal would be to raise the nation’s joblessness.  You’d have to create statistics that actually hid the devastating size of the true numbers behind gobblygook B.S. statistics so people saw 9% unemployment when the true figure was almost double that. Most importantly, you dramatically increased the size and scope of government to strangle the free enterprise system with taxation, burdensome regulations, unnecessary environmental restrictions and wild uncertainty about the future.  Now the ball’s rolling, what next?   Follow this 13-step roadmap: 

1)  Attack corporate profits and rich individuals every chance you get casting them as enemies of “the 99%.”  Forget mentioning that living standards for everyone rise when corporations make profits and entrepreneurs are successful.  Give us the highest corporate taxes in the world, driving companies anywhere but America and making us uncompetitive with economies like China’s.

2)  Refuse to call spades, “spades.”  So when the nation’s UNfunded liabilities and national debt reach $116 TRillion and $15 TRillion respectively, hide the looming economic Armageddon behind talk about “putting the burden on the elderly, the poor, the middle class” (the very people who would be MOST helped by reforming Social Security, Medicare, and the federal side of Medicaid) and covering up the fact that you are bankrupting the nation and putting the burden on our children and grandchildren.

3)  Promise to “make electricity prices skyrocket” and drive energy costs like gasoline and heating oil dramatically higher with an “energy” program that emphasizes conservation over production.  Deliberately seek to drive the coal industry (47% of our present energy) bankrupt.  To think the people you’re driving to the unemployment lines happy extend their benefits, they’ll never know you cost them their jobs.

4)  Because no one can be against a clean environment, safe working conditions, and protecting consumers . . . let’s employ a hyper-active program of safety and regulation and ecology carried to ridiculous extremes.  Demand changes in every damn thing possible thus escalating the cost of doing business and cutting production.  People are so dumb they'll never connect the dots, will they?

5)  Double-down on the environment.  Stop irrigation in the nation’s vegetable basket and drive unemployment sky high in Central California.  Close down jobs to protect strange mice, tiny fish and spotted owls knowing that long before men were around Mother Nature had already made 99.99999% of all species extinct without any help from man; and since the 15th Century, Mother Nature eliminated 99.996% of all species that died out again without man’s help.  Let’s get that last ¼ of 1% of pollution and kill another 100,000 jobs by all means. 

6)  Drive jobs out of right-to-work states and out of the United States altogether by coddling the unions and their stranglehold upon the workplace.  Emphasize workers rights and never mention what it does to the taxpayer.

7)  Get the young attacking capitalism by raising the minimum wage ceaselessly.  Once the minimum wage is high enough who’s going to hire them?   Of course that and outrageous union demands; and outrageous payment and benefits for government workers at all levels will make us totally uncompetitive in the world markets driving unemployment higher and corporate profits far lower.   The young won’t like “zero dollar non-jobs” and they’ll attack Wall Street and corporations never realizing you “done them in,” you caring rascal you.

8) Ignore the U.S. Constitution and vastly expand the scope and power to foul things up of the Washington bureaucracy.  Require industries to meet certain standards like 35 mpg for the automotive fleets and then destroy perfectly good used cars giving “cash for clunkers.”  Never mention that now that used car shoppers are paying an average of $2,100 more and that the ecological impact of the program was devastating.  Never mention that so-called hybrid cars are five times harder on the environment than regular ICE (internal combustion engine) cars are . . . and that for environmental reasons all these hybrid jobs are now in Canada. 

9)  Dramatically increase SNAP (food stamps) and other welfare programs and extend jobless benefit durations to 380% of their former weekly limits (26 to 99 weeks) and make it “nonsensical” to take lower level work rather than getting paid to stay at home.   Who wouldn’t reject a job at $10 per hour if staying home nets you $9 per?

10)  Raise the inheritance or “death” tax so that family farms and businesses must be sold to pay taxes; and give no support for new investment (keep taxes high all around) because the voters will believe whatever nonsense you’ll tell them about slower growth, reduced industrial capacity, and lowered need for new workers . . . the more they complain they more likely you’ll be able to sell them on the next wave of government interference and spending boondoggles you’ve got up your sleeve.

11)  When the downturns come, as they must, blame them on the “Free Market” that you’ve been so effectively garroting for the last 46 years (since LBJ with kudos to Carter, Obama and G.W. Bush) and apply even more restrictions upon business.

12)  Never let on that all the government’s major decisions for almost half a century have caused the debt and UNfunded liabilities crisis that is on the verge of making the dollar of today worth six cents in 1964 buying power.

13)  Never let on that promising voters everything in accord you’re your “nanny-state” mission is the underlying cause of the recent collapse and that you, you progressive politician, you are behind it all:

            a)  That the near-depression of 1973-74 and the bankruptcy and bail out of New York City in 1975 were the result of Cloward-Piven strategies that doubled the nation’s welfare rolls from eight to sixteen million recipients courtesy of C-P’s National Welfare Rights Organization and their Saul Alinsky street theater tactics.

            b)  That the architects of that collapse were the architects of ACORN which took advantage of Jimmy Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (CRA '77) and four expansions by Bill Clinton (three legislative and one regulatory edict expansions of CRA '77) to FORCE banks and mortgage companies for three decades to knowingly make stupid loans to unqualified home buyers without jobs; without credit; whose only “income” was food stamps; and even to illegal aliens.

            c)  Never admit that the cheerleaders while all this was going on (and while one of our major parties was selling out to the progressive-left) was CPUSA, the Communist party.

            d)  Never admit that the biggest funder of our current president; of “Occupy Wall Street”; and of several major progressive foundations (e.g. Code Pink; Tides Foundation etc. which are also funding the President and Occupy Wall Street) is octogenarian George Soros, the money-manipulator and currency dealer known as “the man who broke the bank of England” (and five other currencies) and that George Soros the world’s 6th largest man looks to become the world’s far and away richest man when, not if, the dollar collapses.

e)  Never admit that the elephant in the room while all this was going on in Washington and elsewhere is the mainstream media (MSM) . . . which has chosen to abandon fair and balanced and relevant journalism to support the politicians and the extreme political left to make all this madness possible.

f)  Never admit that you count on the voters to be “useful idiots” and to entertain themselves with sit-coms and reality TV rather than defending their own freedoms and our once-great nation.  Ultimately, they’re at fault even beyond the MSM.


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,





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Mighty Dollar In Trouble

Mighty Dollar Madison NC Franchise closes due to continuing economic failure throughout America

Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Note: This is a exclusive special report by USWGO

Cropped Picture of Mighty Dollar of Madison NC closed down forever

Many that thought dollar stores will actually do well in a depression style economic collapse is sadly mistaken. According to Brian D. Hillthat is not just a founder of USWGO but also a skilled photographer,and a reporter, he found out after wanting to take a trip to MightyDollar that's located in 706 Rockingham Square in Madison, NC 27025,is unfortunately shut down due to the increasing economic failures.

After seeing that it was closed the USWGO Founder decided to take pictures of the closed down store to show the world how bad Americaseconomy is getting. The official website of Mighty Dollar is at

USWGO hasn't yet contacted Mighty Dollar company for comment regarding the Madison NC franchise shutdown or found a reason why theshut down has occured but further investigation finds that it is theeconomy that gut Mighty Dollar from Madison NC.

In the parking lot at the shopping center where Mighty Dollar is located the pavement in the one area is degrading while not receivingany repair.


So while President Barack Obama says that he will not rest until he brings more jobs, which would restore the economy, the economy isslowly sliding from a Recession, to a Depression, and maybe to the endof the United States of America.

Also before the store had went out they used to sell everything as a dollar including First Aid ointment which would be mainly $2 to $3 inmany other places, then merchandise was not being stocked as well, tosome merchandise not being stocked anymore, and then well you know theyclosed down.

So why would dollar stores go out of businesses since they would sell more due to the fact that prices are going up everywhere? Becausethe price of raw material is being inflated due to the economic failureplus the Federal Reserves excessive printing of money thus causing adevaluation of the dollar next to it's competitors the Yuan, Yen, andEuro.

If raw materials go up then either prices must rise, packaging must be reduced, quality of the product must go down, or quantity of theproduct has to go down.

Already gas stations are reducing their bottled drink sizes from 24 fl oz to 20 fl oz while keeping their prices the same or little bithigher.

Even at Walmart it is now a memory that you can buy a good priced drink that would be 24 fl oz.

If raw materials keep going up in prices then the people may start rioting in the United States over their standards of living and/orquality of life slowly faltering into the dirt.

If seeing a Mighty Dollar being closed down including a Martinsville VA Restaurant hardly getting any customers isn't a sign that theeconomy is falling and that we are in a Depression then we don't knowwhat is.

In the news other countries have either riots or massive revolts over the massive inflation of prices on everything. The same thing ishappening to America so dollar stores all over America may bethreatened by the fact that raw materials can go up in price.

Here is another picture showing even closer how the great Madison NC Mighty Dollar isn't Mighty anymore.


once another great mighty mega store along with many carts for shoppers to use is now another closed down economic tragedy not tomention more jobs lost.

Does it just look like the economy keeps getting worse? Please add your input to the comments below.

Sources include:

Martinsville VA Economy falls: Rise in food stamps usage while Restaurants hardlyget any customers

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Food riots erupt in Mozambique

Riots, instability spread as food prices skyrocket -

The World's Growing Food-Price Crisis - TIME

FOREX-Dollar falls vs euro, higher-yielding currencies

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A Mortal Wound for America and Americans?

The worst has happened . . . the 10th Amendment, the most important and unappreciated of our Bill of Rights, may have just been beheaded and America as we know it KILLED. Does Rajjpuut exaggerate? You be the judge . . . .

While Boobus Americanus could NOT be bothered to leave his sitcoms and reality shows and pay attention to the needs of America, the Obama to Pelosi to Reid dance with the devil just fired potentially the final shot of the WAR going on right in front of Boobus Americanus’s eyes and potentially won that war to institute a communist-like socialism upon America. Here’s what happened:

Patriotic and informed Americans thought we had at least a month to relax because the tax-and-spend-and-bend-and-urinate-on-the-Constitution-and American-tradition-parade was ended while congress went on summer vacation. But no, suddenly, Harry Reid found himself voluminously and astoundedly thanking the two Maine** Republicans Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins for betraying you, betraying the Constitution and our founding fathers and betraying America . . . for betraying America, perhaps to death . . . . it’s a short story but extremely ugly. Miraculously (ugh) a $26 Billion spending bill was passed in the Senate. If you ever thought that progressives (“we must progress beyond the outdated and imperfect U.S. Constitution”) were just “well-intentioned” blundering idiots who really did love America the Republic born in 1776, think again. This bill, sent back to the House (once Pelosi rallied the troops back from their vacations) for quick approval and back even more quickly to the Senate (officially, only the House can originate spending bills) before heading to Obama’s desk . . . does three despicable things:

1) It raises a minimum of $45 million dollars for unions to immediately bring to the rescue of Democrats running for office this November. Nifty how that works out, eh, your tax dollars and your DEBT are financing the election of Democrats who’ve spent the last nineteen months undermining everything patriotic Americans have believed in for the last 234 years . . . but that’s just the tip of the icing on the cake to mangle a few appropriate metaphors . . . .

2) It does potentially provide some money for a very few teachers etc. that would have lost their jobs in 47 states (IF state governments decided they’d rather fire essential workers than get rid of non-essential wasteful spending in their budgets). Mostly it’s a bailout for California, Michigan and New York so that their fiscal stupidity won’t be punished and the other 47 states will be punished instead. So it rewards three states that ran themselves into bankruptcy and penalizes 47 other states . . . but that’s not so bad . . . .

3) Most importantly, it does indeed potentially behead the 10th Amendment of the United States by FORCING all fifty states to act irresponsibly and against the best interests of themselves and their citizens for the next several years and instead willing bankrupt themselves, because . . . here’s the rub . . . states who take part of this new bailout money will be forbidden by the provisions of the $26 Billion bailout bill itself from reducing their state budgets in coming years . . . that is, they will be forbidden from saving themselves from bankruptcy by the sensible measure of reducing spending.

Now Boobus Americanus doesn’t get it, but you, the loyal Rajjpuut reader already smell a huge rat don’t you? Economies are saved from severe financial collapse in states and at the federal level when one of two things happens: the country goes to war^^ (WWII provided 16 million jobs effectively ending$$ the Great Depression); or somebody gets the great idea of simultaneously cutting spending and cutting taxes.

History has several good examples for us of what’s works and what fails miserably. The link at the top and bottom of this blog will give you the ugly details . . . in a nutshell@@, however: When government gets involved economic downturns, turn sharply downward and endure much longer. When government gets out of the way (taxes are cut, government spending is slashed or both) economic slumps disappear.

So this bill prevents states who receive this money from acting sensibly. Why in hell, would anyone pass such a law? It’s our old friend Cloward-Piven&& Strategy.

You remember C-P, the “we can fundamentally transform into socialism by creating crises to undermine the capitalist system” strategy . . . the strategy Cloward, Piven, and George Wiley bragged about using when a manufactured welfare crisis bankrupted New York City in 1975 (it took them eight years) and almost bankrupted the entire state of New York. You remember, the strategy that created ACORN and set them about using poorly thought out mortgage guarantee legislation to undermine the country by creating the sub-prime lending crisis (that took them thirty years) that almost bankrupted the nation, but did get their own ACORN lawyer and Saul Alinsky activist Barack Obama voted into the Oval Office). And, of course, loyal Rajjpuut readers know that when the NWRO bankruptcy of New York City worked, Cloward and Piven and Wiley called for moving into housing and voter registration.

What? You forgot about voter registration? In 2006, ACORN registered 1,800 new voters in Washington state. All but six of the names submitted were bogus. The secretary of state called it the "worst case of election fraud in our state's history."

According to Fox News, “ACORN workers told state investigators they went to the Seattle public library, sat at a table and filled out the voter registration forms. They made up names, addresses and Social Security numbers and in some cases plucked names from the phone book. One worker said it was a lot of hard work making up all those names and another said he would sit at home, smoke marijuana and fill out the forms.”

ACORN explained this was an "isolated" incident, yet similar stories have been reported in Missouri, Michigan, Ohio and Colorado — all swing states by the way. ACORN members have been prosecuted for voter fraud in a number of states.

But now the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) dropped a clear voter intimidation suit against the black panthers and Obama appointee (Deputy Attorney General) Julie Fernandez has instructed a roomful of DOJ employees not to prosecute Black on White hate crimes or voter intimidation; and not to involve themselves at all with violations of the Motor Voter Act. Are we starting to get the picture here? Let’s wrap it up.

What’s going on? The most important and least understood and appreciated of the Bill of Rights amendments, the 10th Amendment has just had its legs cut out from under it. States who take the money are forbidden from exercising fiscal responsibility. Short of almost immediately tens of thousands of Boobus Americanuses and TEA Party folks demonstrating on their own State Capitol steps demanding that their own state legislators REFUSE their part of the $26 Billion . . . short of that and short of that strategy succeeding in about 37-38 states . . . the deepest and most lethal wound so far from the progressive dagger has just been inflicted.

In addition, the most crucial election in American History since the Civil War is coming in November and the DOJ has just told its employees to ignore enforcement of the ultra-weak (yep, that was Richard Cloward and Frances Piven standing right behind Bill Clinton in the 1993 picture when he signed the Motor Voter Act into law) Motor Voter Act that conservatives in ’93 called a “license to commit voter fraud.” So your vote in November is liable to be cancelled out and superseded by votes from the dead, duplicate voters, illegal felons, and other fraudulent voters . . . are we happy now?

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


** It sounds “noble” doesn’t it? Saving the jobs of teachers, firefighters, etc. (and Obama’s successfully used that ploy upon taxpayers nine different times) . . . but the devil is, as always in the details. That $26 Billion will incidentally dramatically increase the war chests of the teachers’, firefighters’, etc.’s UNIONS and that money will immediately funnel to the Democrats that UNIONS support 100% and hit the air waves to save the real jobs, Obama-Pelosi-Reid plan to save . . . those of Democratic congressmen. OUCH!

Virtually all of the misery since Republican Scott Brown’s election to the Senate seat once owned by Ted Kennedy has come from the failure of three “Republicans” (Brown himself and the two Maine senators) to actually read and understand the proposals that Harry Reid was presenting in the Senate. Instead of standing strong with the Republican filibuster, one or two or all of this threesome joined Reid to pass some monstrous-sized evil bill forcing greater government and greater debt upon us. It started with Obamacare and continued to the new $26 Billion bailout.

In each case, since February, a big-government big-debt bill whose real purpose had nothing in common with the noble-sounding name of the bill was stymied by a Republican filibuster and America was far, far better off because of it . . . and then, oops, one or more of this triumvirate caved in and the country was stabbed in the chest.

^^Yes, yes we know . . . this is the “Broken Window Fallacy” hiding under the “Blessing of Destruction” disguise . . . .

And, yes, besides all the human misery WAR brings, there is a huge economic downside, even for the victors. But the fact, is that, before you get into all the 75-80 evils of war and the 20-21 economic evils of wars . . . it does tend to solve unemployment (regardless of the litany of other evils that ensue)! Rajjpuut is guessing, Mr. Obama won’t be using that ploy anytime soon, however.

$$ There was, indeed, a speculative bubble which burst nastily, but the real damage from the simple panic that hit Wall Street in October, 1929, was created by the reactions of the two progressives Herbert Hoover and Franklin Delano Roosevelt that turned a simple recession into a 12+ year Great Depression. Months earlier Hoover immediately upon taking office had proven himself the greatest “economic tinkerer” in American History when he abandoned the low tax, low spend policies of Harding and Coolidge (he assumed office upon Harding’s death) which ended the “Invisible Depression” of Wilson very quickly and set about with social re-engineering. The economy was definitely NOT broken when Hoover became president, but he proceeded to fix it . . . .

FDR’s campaign painted Hoover as a socialist for all his government interference and government spending and promised to return to the successful recipe of Harding-Coolidge and dramatically cut taxes and cut government spending. In any case the economy was rebounding in July 1933 before FDR’s own interference set things spinning badly the other way. Among other measures, FDR created 40 new government agencies (Obamacare, one law, created 390 new agencies just this year); and he confiscated all American gold; then a few months later the gold he’d confiscated at $20.76 an ounce was proclaimed worth $35.00 an ounce, effectively stealing 61% of the America’s private wealth and putting it into the government’s hands.

@@ Some of this is repetition, but here’s the history of the last 93 years of severe American recessions-Depressions . . .

A. Progresssive Woodrow Wilson’s “Invisible Depression” was handed off to Warren G. Harding but (despite Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover’s insistence upon draconian interference measures) simply dried up and blew away when Harding did three things, he paid down the debt 33%; he cut taxes and cut government spending. Notably the cuts in taxes and spending were between 45-49%.

B. Coolidge continued Harding’s policies and boom times resulted

C. Coolidge chose “not to run” and Hoover was elected and immediately began fixing the economy with higher taxes, higher spending and the creation of a whole litany of new government agencies. The Wall Street bubble burst, a financial panic ensued and Hoover (despite the lies of progressive historians who say he did nothing and just fiddled while the economy “burned”) ran around like a chicken with his head cut off trying to intervene in any way possible to stop the bleeding (you have heard of the Hoover Dam, eh?

D. FDR after promising to follow the Harding-Coolidge model made Hoover look like a thumbsucker and nine more years of bad times ensued ended finally by WWII.

E. In more recent times, the stock market collapse of 1973-74 was actually proving rather benign because the whole country was consumed by Watergate and almost no government interference took place. Nixon resigned and Gerald Ford introduced Draconian measures which along with the inflationary policies of the Viet Nam era caused prices to rise across the board. Ford is given the boot (more for pardoning Nixon then anything economically) and inflation got worst under Jimmy Carter (who among other things gave us the Community Reinvestment Act, CRA ’77 which started us on the path to four more mortgage-guarantee expansions and our 2007 collapse) and then much worse and became “stagflation” a stagnant economy during an inflation. Reagan is elected.

F. Reagan with the Democratic congress cuts taxes like madmen. Eventually 20 million new jobs are created and inflation and stagnation are ended. Not a pure example because Reagan wanted his military buildup and the Dems wanted their social programs buildup so spending was high . . . but taxes were cut deeply and the economy boomed.


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Obama-watchers here in the United States tell anyone who’ll listen that to understand our future, one has but to look at the shenanigans in Greece. Recently world stock markets include the ones here in the good ol’ U.S.A. tanked in response to the European Union/International Monetary Fund $150 Billion bailout of Greece. The three major fears concerning financial analysts are that either 1. the loan will NOT prove enough to cover Greece’s needs either for borrowing or the upward spiraling of debt or 2. the German parliament will not approve the bailout (voting is Friday May 6, in Germany) or 3. a combination of both scenarios. Just two and a half years ago Greece had a debt to gross domestic product ratio of roughly 55%, comparable to what the U.S. faced when President Obama took office (50%), but today Greece’s D/GDP ratio is at 102% and not only is the country facing financial ruin but there is literally “blood in the streets” as the all-powerful Greek labor unions are rioting in opposition to the belt-tightening being negotiated by the Greek government in order to receive the EU loans.

While Rajjpuut is NOT a fan of big and politically powerful labor unions, in the union’s favor it must be stated that the government of Greece has been guilty of outright lying and manipulating debt with “funny” statistics for about a decade now and the news that came out when the truth finally was released was more than shocking, it was abysmal. Oh, and for you Obama-watchers here, the D/GDP ratio in the United States has now risen to 76%.

To put things in perspective, and thus realize just how badly off the economies of Greece (also Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal) and the United States are, consider that the next worst of the European countries (England) had a ratio of only 11% w hen the following memorable speech linked immediately below was made to the EU by Daniel Hannan criticizing the actions of Prime Minister Gordon Brown a year ago. England’s ratio now is roughly 14% . . . .

Many believe that Greece’s “contagion” will spread quickly to the other “PIGIES” (the next five weakest countries in Europe mentioned earlier, Greece is the "G") with one-time European financial bulwark Spain possibly the next to go. Spain about seven years ago had the strongest fiscal situation of any European power. Then they decided upon a critical experiment (one that Obama wants to work over here) and aimed to become the world’s #1 power in green technology. Spain’s 3% unemployment has spiraled all out of control and is now at 20%, second only to Greece’s problems. In the Spanish experience every green-tech job created cost $677,000 in government subsidies and killed 2.2 jobs in the real market place because of government spending and taxation. Most Spanish green jobs lasted from six weeks to nine months and only 1/10 of them proved permanent. In the United States that would translate to Obama’s promised “five million new green jobs” costing the loss of eleven more real economy jobs to subsidize them; and then with only 500,000 of those jobs proving permanent and a 22/1 ratio of lost real jobs to permanent green tech jobs. Additionally the typical green job pays $10-$14 per hour which is a huge letdown to most Americans’ way of thinking about new technologies.

The violence created in the streets by the Greek labor unions cost three bank employees their lives two days ago. The unions say they’ll refuse to make any financial concessions. Their intransigence might worsen the Greek debt situation or repel the other EU countries completely. As for Germany’s hesitation, the Germans suffered one of the two greatest inflations in European history (during the Weimar Republic after WWI, which eventually spawned Adolph Hitler and the Nazis) and the country is loathe to get involved with the fiscally irresponsible Greek government at risk of inflation to their own country. However, German Prime Minister Merkel has made it plain in her speeches that the “survival of the European Union is at stake.” Once again the European experience may prove to be a harbinger of things to come for the USA, because Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has inflated our money by 1500% so that now there is 1600% more money in circulation in the country and today’s 2010 dollar is now potentially worth only about 6.3 cents compared to the 2008 buck. Of course in this country we're talking about fifty individual states in financial disarry not twenty-four separate countries.

Worse news for Greece, the violence and fiscal unrest don’t look like they’ll be ending anytime soon. If that ugly scenario keeps repeating the EU may not loan the money and Germany's refusal also could be in the cards. And the possibility of a worldwide depression is always on investors’ minds. Additionally, with the latest round of worries that the Greek debt contagion will spread to Spain and elsewhere in Europe. The looming specter of massive debt default and deflation is heavy in the air for investors worldwide and fear dominates the markets. All this and unending days of national strike are NOT painting an encouraging scene.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery.


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