deployment (1)

I watched this video and could not believe what the officer in charge describes the purpose of this armored vehicle.  Listen very carefully to what the DHS officer is saying, you should be very concerned.

  1.  It's basically bomb proof.
  2.  Weighs 15 tons
  3. Tires will not run flat.
  4. Top Speed of 70 MPH.
  5. Four side Gun Ports for operators.
  6. Bullet proof windows including 50 caliber .
  7. Side rails for officers for rapid deployment.
  8. He comments we can support teams in other states if needed.
  9. Used to serve special warrants.
  10. Built for urban assault on US Soil.

Why would we need these ominous assault teams and vehicles in our streets?

Who are the decision makers for the warrants?

What are warrantable offenses?

There is no room for detainees in the vehicle so were will the hold those arrested?

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