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Progressivism at work–
The Reverend Manuel Sykes, a black preacher from the Bethel Community Baptist Church, told reporters this week that the reason he was overlooked by the Democrat Party was because of racism.


In April Pinellas County’s Democratic chairman left a bluntly worded voicemail telling well-known St. Petersburg pastor Manuel Sykes he would be “persona non grata” if he followed through with plans to run for Congress. Sykes withdrew from the race. Now Sykes is speaking out.

POLL: Has the Obama Administration turned its back on Israel?

“Well, what they’re saying is, ‘Stay in your place.’ It’s OK to run for local elections, state elections, but you’re not going to represent us in Washington. We have a place carved out for you. And, essentially, that’s what they’re saying… One of the reasons our people don’t vote is because they don’t feel that they’re connected. They feel regardless of who they vote for or what party they support, they’re not going to get respect. This is the message to them – We want your vote but the rest you stay out of.

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Ladies and gentlemen we are sitting on the brink of what could be the most fateful election in the history of United States of America. Of course I'm looking at this from our current timeline in our current perspective, so I am a bit bias as to just how fateful this election will be. We are currently residing in a country where political correctness has overtaken common sense. We are living in a country where a zero-tolerance policy, in some cases, has been taken to such extremes that idiocy has taken the place of common sense. We are living in a country where the people are beginning to have fear for their own government. We're living in a country where laws are made in past without proper constitutional process. We are living in a country where those very same laws are arbitrarily changed on the whim of one person. We're living in a country where it is dangerous for the individual to speak out against the current administration, even if that speaking out is fully justified and is done under the constraints of the Constitution. We live in a country where our president has literally bowed before another ruler from a foreign country - and that is just unacceptable. We're living in a country where leaders of governmental institutions are claiming the Fifth Amendment while they are being questioned in court. We're living in a country where our leadership make statements like "what does it matter" (paraphrase) – when it comes to the death of Americans in foreign countries. We are living in a country where the federal government is overstepping its constitutional bounds. We're living in a country where we are being told that the government knows better than parents how to: teach our children, raise our children, feed our children, clothe our children, basically take care of our children.
We are living in a country where our freedoms and our civil liberties are being eroded - and yet young stars who are doing moronic things, and other celebrities who are doing moronic things get the lion's share of the media's attention.
But thank God that we still have America. America is… You. America is a hard-working men and women who struggle each day not only to provide for their families, but also to do their civic duty and provide for those around them as well. So, on the upside, we live in a country where Americans are still great. We live in a country where Americans are beginning to realize that their liberties are being eroded, and that the freedoms for which so many men and women have bled suffered and died are in jeopardy of disappearing from this great country. It is time to bring conservatism back to Washington. I'm not talking about the Republican Party, after all there are no R.I.N.O.'s allowed! It is time for leadership with the backbone akin to the founding fathers. No more will we as American standby while our country is usurped from the people and given to the Democrat elite in Washington. It is time for us to stand up, take charge of this country, and clean house in the upcoming elections. I always joke about running for Congress, however if I did have the finances to run for that office - I would.

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Democrats - Party of Two Faces


It’s sad, but necessary to call a “Spade a Spade.”  The Democrats are not defenders of our Constitution – they are two- faced and the party of treason.  Democrats have turned on America and Americans. 

They refuse to address and take ownership of the five biggest scandals in our history starting with the Fast & Furious gunrunner operation, the Benghazi murders, the IRS, the NSA and Obamacare. 

They slink away and hide behind closed doors pretending that their Democratic Party is not responsible and should not be held accountable for these scandals – we’re talking about murder, corrupt politics, invasion of our privacy, intentional and malicious attacks on tea parties and conservative groups plus a healthcare law that is causing harm to private individuals and businesses. 

Instead of worrying about our horrific National Deficit, a balanced budget, secured borders, a strong Military, jobs and reduction of the entitlement society they want to spend the little bit of money we have left, refuse to balance the budget, want amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, climate and energy change, depress our Military and increase the entitlement society. 

There is definitely a progressive trend within the Democratic ranks that is easily identified by the manner that they conduct business in our White House.  They spend all of their waking hours demonizing, falsely accusing any and all Americans who aren’t in agreement with their Socialistic ideology.

As we speak they’re attacking Dinesh D’Sousa, Hollywood Conservatives “Friends of Abe”, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Chris Christy, Marilinda Garcia, S&P and tea parties and conservative groups. That’s just the tip of the iceberg – throw in all of the AG (Eric Holder’s) lawsuits and recent attacks on MLK Day against Hermann Cane, Niger Innis and Dr. Ben Carson. 

They have already launched the New Year creating headlines of one distraction after the other. Obama’s State of the Union jargon pretty much sets the stage for Americans in 2014.  While Democrats and the Liberal news media work behind the scenes creating the distractions, Soros, Podesta & Obama have plans to force higher taxes, amnesty, climate and energy change thru this year, which like Obamacare will weaken the middle class.


Again I must refer to the Democratic Party as two-faced individuals (the party of scandals) hell bent on destroying the greatest Country in the World. They are a treacherous evil group of individuals who have spent the last five years destructing and destroying America by intentionally removing our freedoms and rights as handed to us by our forefathers in the Constitution.

While we were sleeping the Democrats launched an attack on our children with Common Core – it has been established for one purpose only warping the minds of our children starting with the youngest. They have taken parental rights away, infiltrating our schools in an attempt to brainwash and control the next generations.  The Washington Bureaucrats just snatched parental control from parents making our children the property of “Big Government.” 

They have launched an attack on the middle class (all races) destroying jobs and job growth, which has created a larger group of people who are totally dependent on the Government.

The Party of Two Faces have increased out debt to an almost unsustainable level.

In 2014, the Party of Two Faces has big plans to ramrod many costly changes and new laws down American’s throats via Obama’s Executive Orders.  Be prepared for what’s about to come if Obama and Democrats get their way. 

Their talk about income inequality, climate and energy change is merely a devious way to continue Obama’s “redistribution” and shove us down the path to Socialism.  Their agenda for 2014 is to suppress the American populace, remove their “God” given rights and freedom, control our kids, healthcare, energy and explode the growth of the entitlement society. 

72 percent of Americans expressed the belief that big government now poses a greater threat to America than big business or big labor. Americans are realizing that actual unemployment for full time workers is hovering between 20 and 25%. 

Millions of Americans are without jobs and have discontinued looking for jobs.  Millions of Americans have been forced to take part time jobs.  Millions of Americans are suffering because of the Democratic Party.

The past five years should be a wake - up call for poor, the middle class and the wealthy. The poor or (entitlement crowd) will get poorer, the lower part of the middle class will join the entitlement recipients and the wealthy will be expected to pay for the costs created by a socialistic society. 

As Always,

Little Tboca

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A Tell of Democratic Leadership -Detroit

A Tell of Democratic Leadership.

There once was a great America city, where one on six American jobs were related to the businesses headquartered in this city of 2 million people. Detroit!

Now, under democratic leadership it has 700K citizens, 78,000 abandoned buildings, 58 minute wait time for a policeman, very high crime and murder rate , strict gun laws and the largest city in US history to file for bankruptcy.

Just think Obama and the democrats want to lead us, but to where and how bad will it get. Remember, Obama said his policies will make energy prices skyrocket, while we sit on more energy reserves that known in the world. EPA and other federal agencies issuing more new rules than ever before and a tripled federal deficit while printing 80 billion USD every month, propping up Wall Street. Manipulated inflation and unemployment numbers and not to be forgotten Obama care. I know Obama and the democrats can do for every American city what they have done for so many others, including Detroit.

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Subject: Information regarding Judy v. Obama 12-5276
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2012 13:05:06 -0600

                Dear Mr. Verrilli- U.S. Solicitor General;
                                  Sir, the reason I served you my complaint in Judy v. Obama 12-5276 was specifically because of the involvement of the Federal Elections Commission, which is a Federally Funded Organization under the Senate Judiciary Committee (please see my blog post here regarding the matter), that I believe is in the interest of your department as U.S. Solicitor General.
Dear U.S. Sen. Hatch:                                                Sept 27th , 2011
Att: Mr. Tom Jipping
As Counsel for advice on procedural meetings with Representative Sen. Hatch as the ranking member of the U.S. Senate Judicial Committee, and his pledge and stand in doing such for the Constitution, could you please arrange a meeting for me to discuss the following that I would bring to the Senate Judicial Committee?
1- The FEC's recent stand against the Constitution in regards to allowing anyone to solicit money in a run for President without regard to that person's constitutional qualifications to do so, per age restriction and natural born citizen requirement, representing a fraud to those contributing money and services for the candidate in that specific proposal.
The six commissioners of the Federal Election Commission are being tasked with a Constitutional question: Can a foreign-born citizen run for President of the United States? Guyana-born New York attorney Abdul Hassan would like to file papers, take campaign contributions, and collect federal matching funds for his candidacy.
PUBLIC COMMENTS ON DRAFT ADVISORY OPINION ( ) This is something that Congress has already ruled upon with hearings as recently as 2000.
I am also a candidate in 2012 for the Presidency, and am not only offended, but hurt financially by this, based on my own campaigns loss of revenue from potential contributions that basically are given under false pretenses to an unqualified candidate. This is fraudulent action perpetrated upon the voter and citizen contributing unawares of the candidates total lack of verification of qualification at the FEC level. A simple action by Congress mandating the FEC demand all candidates sign a statement under penalty of perjury as to their qualifications would go a long way in clearing this up. The Judicial Branch could then also have a breach of qualification standard with the candidates signature and penalty affixed of perjury.
Sir I would ask you to please help me know what to do at this point because of the recess of the U.S. Supreme Court and the deadline I have advocated necessary to call an Emergency Session of the U.S. Supreme Court to hear this matter based on the rather impending disaster that is certain if the Court will not consider the case.
As you know the Tea Party is advocating heavily for Mitt Romney to call out Obama's eligibility problems after the Democratic National Convention and poll numbers have Obama slightly ahead, giving the political credence for an October surprise that would devastate the Democratic Party without room to recover. If the Supreme Court would rule on my case before the National Democratic Convention in Charlotte N.C., at least millions of Americans might have a chance of getting a eligible candidate or at the very least putting the issue to bed for the Republicans to sabotage after National Conventions.
Obama's campaign has been insistent on dragging Mitt Romney's tax returns out without so much as a whimper from Mitt Romney, but the issue isn't over with Obama's campaign desperate. Sir, one cannot expect the Republican Candidate to sit silent after being poked and poked and poked. I believe when Mr. Romney decides to go for Obama's jugular it will be after the Democrat Party's National Convention.
With my case Sir, the issue can be put to rest, taken out of the Republicans war chest, and handled with the proper supervisory authority of the U.S. Supreme Court that in fact has a major question presented to it that requires Constitutional interpretation and the upholding of precedent.
The problem is the Democratic National Convention is being held Sept. 5th, 2012 and the United States Supreme Court is in a Summer Recess right now. I would like to call upon you and ask you if by chance you know of any way to get this to the Court during this precarious time in the election cycle. I am a pro se litigant and am at my witts end in trying to 'notify', 'alert', or somehow 'flag' this issue to the Justices.
While I understand the "political doctrine question' very well and the Courts reluctance, millions of Americans may have their votes compromised and that is not an issue the Court ought to take lightly.
I noticed that your name has been taken off the Court Record as representative Counsel and Obama's attorney Michael Jablonski from Georgia was placed upon it, therefore I believe that it is appropriate, or not inappropriate ,for me to ask for your helping hand in my circumstances given the interest of the F.E.C involvement and perhaps your ability to notify the Court of this case that a decision might not lose in the standing circumstance of 'redressability'.
While I have sent an Emergency Notification to the Court detailing this matter copied to your office also, I am still unaware of any action by the Court or frankly that they have been notified of the case and circumstances.
Sir, I know Obama appointed you Solicitor General, but I'm sure you swore an oath to the Constitution and not to Obama, therefore I extend my hand and ask for your help. Please feel free to email or call me of any advice or action you feel is appropriate. Thank you kindly.
Cody Robert Judy
Petitioner pro se Case No. 12-5276 Judy v. Obama
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
3031 So. Ogden Ave.
Suite 2
Ogden, UT. 84401
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UNCOVERING OBAMA'S PRIMA-DONNA Orly Taitz- Why do they love to hate her?
        Wonder why the California attorney Orly Taitz who has been coined "The Birther Queen" and has been featured as spear-heading the Birther Movement at times by most of the main stream media, has asked to be removed from the email list of Cody Robert Judy who is a Presidential Candidate in the Democratic Party who was recently given a case number in the United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama case  no. 12-1576  that actually started out in the Georgia Ballot Challenge with Orly Taitz representing?
          Call it a suspicious twist of irony, that the attorney claiming on her web site to be "The Worlds Leading Obama Eligibility Challenge Web Site" find no interest in a case she actually started that has now reached the United States Supreme Court.
          The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign received the following email from Mrs. Taitz email address stating as follows:
From:Orly Taitz ( 
Sent:Sat 7/21/12 6:31 PM
To:cody judy (
Hotmail Active Viewclear.gif
please, take me off your mailing list, I do not wish to get your e-mails
You have been removed Mrs. Orly Taitz.
        When Cody was asked about this he said it came as no surprise. "Orly Taitz has been a spear-head of distraction to the Birther Movement. She's been a poster child for the main stream media featured in interview after interview. Let's just say they 'love' to hate her and the distraction has been no friend to the cause that the 14th Amendment did not replace the qualifications embedded in Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of our Constitution demanding a natural born citizen."
"Clearly the 14th Amendment specifies "Citizen" just as the requirements of a U.S. Representative and a U.S. Senator does in the Constitution, and no where in the 14th Amendment is the words "natural born citizen" or a correction of the qualification demands of our President."
" One finds it personally revealing Orly would want off an email list that puts out maybe 1 or 2 press releases a week at most, and is so relevant to what her own web site is grandly claiming to be "The Worlds Leading Obama Eligibility Challenge Web Site", that she finds no interest in whatsoever now.
Cody continued, " I think in the Birther movement it is really about time to take a closer look at what is happening in the 'left field' as a distraction and ask ourselves why the main stream media will only invite Orly Taitz on their programs because I can't recall the main stream media interviewing any other attorney, or petitioner for that matter, representing the eligibility or birther movement quite so much as Orly Taitz."
"One must ask,'Why do they love to hate her?"
"Where Mrs. Taitz has worked tirelessly is at being a distraction with a Russian dialect that made the Birther argument foreign to mainstream America. The facts are when Mrs. Taitz got close to what you would say was a goal of the Birther Movement, she actually moved away from  the pursuit. My case in working with her was an excellent example."
"I started with her as a representative of my own Candidacy for President in the New Hampshire Primary Ballot Challenge which went clear to the New Hampshire Supreme Court early in the Presidential Race. One must ask, "Why an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court was not undertaken right there?". An appeal from a State Supreme Court is the quickest way to the United States Supreme Court"
"Then we went down to Georgia and in that Ballot Challenge we did get something that the Birther Movement hadn't every received before. An actual opinion from an Administrative Court Judge that specified the 14th Amendment had actually wiped out Article II, Section I, Clause 5's demands for a 'natural born citizen' in so many words. On appeal to the Judicial Branch Superior Court Orly was stopped in her tracks from representing me, and I was forced to pick up the pieces in Farrar-Judy v. Obama.  Surprisingly, Orly refused any assistance whatsoever to questions I had sent her in emails regarding procedure and general advice. It was clearly a blow to the case, and my thoughts of her as genuinely interested in the eligibility issue."
"One must recall now the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals opinion in Keyes (Barnett) v. Obama , that 'standing' and thus 'jurisdiction' was only attained by a Candidate for President who had actual competitive standing, with the eligibility challenge of the contested candidate, in this case Obama. By the time that case reached the 9th Circuit in 2011, the 2008 election in contest was over and the 'political doctrine question' was in the ground as a pounded stake that could not be dis-lodged"
Cody Robert Judy offered the Birther Movement one other thing other then his challenge to Obama's eligibility. He offers the Birther Movement in the purest form a Constitutional Stand on the eligibility challenge of Obama because he sued John McCain in 2008 on his eligibility issue being born outside the U.S. Judy v. McCain
The main stream media has been quick to point out that many of these other candidates for President seem to be racially motivated mainly because of their pass for McCain in 2008.
While challenges to Obama's eligibility have widened in the 2012 race, what the main stream media will not let anyone forget including flirting presidential candidate Donald Trump was that a challenge to Obama from the any political party is racist if  their was no challenge to McCain by the same party.
"The 'Competitive Doctrine Question' and "competitive standing" are double edge swords in the Judicial arena and I have written about them here:
Excerpt :
"The Political Doctrine Question encourages courts to decline to rule in certain categories of controversial cases. The theory portends, a court acknowledges that the Constitution might have been violated but declines to act in a see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, do-no-evil crouch. It is often described as a type of Judicial restraint, although it can be considered a form of judicial activism against Plaintiffs whose rights have been violated and find their cases dismissed."

        Standing requirements

There are three standing requirements:

  1. Injury: The plaintiff must have suffered or imminently will suffer injury—an invasion of a legally protected interest that is concrete and particularized. The injury must be actual or imminent, distinct and palpable, not abstract. This injury could be economic as well as non-economic.
  2. Causation: There must be a causal connection between the injury and the conduct complained of, so that the injury is fairly traceable to the challenged action of the defendant and not the result of the independent action of some third party who is not before the court.
  3. Redressability: It must be likely, as opposed to merely speculative, that a favorable court decision will redress the injury.
"At that time I wrote that blog entry, I actually encouraged people to contribute to Orly's legal fees in her representation because Georgia's Trial was coming up on January 26th,2012. I can no longer in full faith and credit recommend this to supporters and it has nothing to do with my personal feelings as I have never met Mrs. Taitz, but has to do with the facts she's representing and supporting now."
"While I was no longer represented in Georgia by an attorney because Orly had been denied her pro hac vice Motion, David Farrar and I agreed to hang together through the battle in the Superior Court which had been paid for. David didn't no to much about the law and so I drafted the motions and responses in the proceeding and it was here that I was able to on March 2nd, 2012 interject a little nitro into the case by including Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse results as evidence after his March 1st, 2012 press release."
"I felt such gratitude that Sheriff Joe Arpaio's constituency had cared enough to petition their Sheriff to open an investigation on Obama's eligibility and I felt with the 2200 hours of professional investigation that his Cold Case Posse had undertaken, that a step up had been managed from say the private professional investigation field that had been submitted as evidence, and perhaps the Courts would respect even more this legal submission of evidence."
"That was not to be the case in the Judicial Superior Court and it was at this time that Orly had woo'ed the Plaintiff David Farrar away from including me in the case as a Candidate for President, in favor of his sole citizen representation he represented in the presentation to the Georgia Supreme Court, which made no legal sense at all. As the case begin there was also another Democratic Party Presidential Candidate named Leah Lax and an independent candidate Lori Roth who also received the endorsement of the California Republican 5th place finisher for the U.S. Senate republican nomination candidate Orly Taitz."
"The problem with that as far as the eligibility question was concerned in the Farrar-Judy v. Obama case was that legally all the other plaintiffs in the case like Lax and Roth were given a chance to continue the case in the Georgia Superior Court and failed to respond and thus were eliminated from the case as litigants officially in a Dis-Joinder Motion."
"Remember Orly chose as a favored route David Farrar as a Citizen over me, a Presidential Candidate in the Democratic Party positioned perfectly to contend Obama's eligibility with standing and before the Democratic Party National Convention where the 'political doctrine question' would have little effect, in direct contradiction of the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision in which she had been Representative Counsel on. How is that not assumed to be 'failing the Birther Movement' when the goal is in site?"
"Orly Taitz ditched me, the only remaining candidate for President she had when she chose to represent David Farrar without me in the Georgia Supreme Court and told me in a phone conversation I could do it on my own. Talk about stopping just before you score and then looking up and wondering why everyone's calling you 'the best player for the opposing team'? "
That alone should have stopped any and all contributions to Orly Taitz in the illogical legal sense she was representing. She was in direct contrast to the Federal Court of Appeals Decision and Opinion that she had worked for in Keyes-Barnett v. Obama and was in the site of all the world flipping off the Judges in their opinion of 'standing' and 'the political doctrine question' with her actions at the same time her hand was extended for more contributions in State Ballot Challenges.
 If your a contributor challenge yourself to make sense of that other then to say, "She's being paid to be a distraction to the Birther Movement and make the whole Constitutional issue seem like foreign food", and she's been well equipped to do just that.
With her own actions speaking louder than words Orly's case in Farrar v. Obama was dismissed in the Georgia Supreme Court and she has positioned herself in an appeal to a single Justice Clarence Thomas of the U.S. Supreme Court 12A-25 without a presidential candidate which was also dismissed.
Orly Taitz - You have been dismissed and your title of Birther Queen has been revoked for anti-birther obama's-prima donna - 1

1-The term "prima donna" has come into common usage in any field denoting someone who behaves in a demanding, often temperamental fashion, revealing an inflated view of themselves, their talent, and their importance. Due to this association, the contemporary meaning of the word has taken on this negative connotation.

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
YouTube: Code4Pres
Political Commercials: CRJ TV
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Breaking News Report on Judy v. Obama U.S. Supreme Court Washington DC
Due to the 4th of July Holiday and United States Postal Service schedule, the legal pleadings of Judy v. Obama in the United States Supreme Court 'petition for writ of certiorari' were delivered as follows:
Tracking at
U.S. Supreme Court Writ of Cert.- July 6th, 2012 11:03AM
Tracking number- 0310 3490 0000 1696 2655
Solicitor General of United States - July 6th,2012 - 11:01AM
Tracking number- 0310 3490 0000 1696 2648 
Mr. Michael Jablonski Esq. Counsel for Barack Obama Georgia - July 5th,2012 8:33AM
Tracking number- 0310 3490 0000 1696 2624 
Mr. Brian Kemp SOS of Georgia Counsel Russo/ July 5th,2012 10:12AM
Tracking number - 0310 3490 0000 1696 2631 
Here is the document they have received as per Mailing Certificate on approx Page 39 (page 1) of the below linked document; of course the U.S. Supreme Court received 11 copies of the some 80 pages therein:
Stay tuned, the Campaign will keep you updated here with any breaking news.
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
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Projections: WWIII Deaths 613,870 Americans vs. Your Vote for Constitution

The last few days I’ve been thinking of a dream I had just a few days ago actually. It was one of those intelligent dreams where you get information to think about from, but you have no idea where what you were talking about came from.

Someone asked me about the war with Iran coming because they had read about it in my book “Taking A Stand-The Conservative Independent Voice”. I said, “Yes., but it’s going to cost America more lives than WWI,WWII,Korea, and Vietnam.”

That was it..the end of the dream. I woke up thinking that was really strange. Of course I wondered to myself I wonder how many lives that really is. I also did recall the dream that I had that was actually in my book Taking A Stand-The Conservative Independent Voice, that was published in a rush for the 2008 Independent write-in campaign for President.

It really came down to the wire and I had to rush editing and really rushed proof reading, so there is more spelling errors in it then I’d like that spell check didn’t pick up. Anyway the point is I do recall wondering whether I should put the dream in the book that ultimately I did. Of course here it was Iran and we were involved with Iraq and Afghanistan was still in the future.

Saddam Hussein was put to death close to the beginning of 2007, and it’s incredible to think about a war from 2003 clear through 2011, but the point here is there were only 4,409 soldiers killed and a reported 31,928 wounded in action. That is a remarkable small number for that long of a war and then I started wondering about just how many the 4 wars would actually include as far as a tally for what I had said in my dream.

Well, I recalled doing a Veterans Day Memorial Show that I had done some research in on that subject so went back to see what I could find. Watching it I just started adding up the numbers and the impact started to hit me.

WWI – 116,516 WWII – 405,399 Korean War – 33,746 and Vietnam – 58,209

Here’s the YouTube Video I did:

In my dream there was a projected loss of 613,870 soldiers. That is one staggering number.

When I woke up from that dream I was thinking also about the few numbers that actually have read or followed my blog. As of today, July 3rd,2012 I’ve only had 20,685 page views on my blog which was started also in 2008. Also begun in 2008, was my YouTube Station CODE4PRES that as of July 3rd,2012 with 165 videos has 47,024 views in its entire history.

For all intensive purposes you could say the General Public is completely un-aware of any of the work I’ve done. Maybe it just hasn’t quite caught on yet of course the added benefits of advertisement with guest appearances on shows and stories being written about you or your campaign can increase that dramatically as we’ve seen things go viral before and wooed and awed about it.

I started thinking about how many people don’t vote and thinking about the ‘apathy’ in America- reasons that so many Americans didn’t care to vote, or really get in there and push with enthusiasm their preference in voting.

The thought came to me how many people were in the families of the projected 613,870 soldier deaths that would feel affect by those deaths? Of course deaths don’t come close to the number in a war of wounded in battle. If Iraq were a measure we had approximately 5 times more wounded men then we had deaths.

Project that on the projected 613,870 deaths and you get a number like 3,069,350 wounded. With those kind of numbers it would be very difficult not to say everyone in America is going to be affected pretty directly by the war.

The thought of all the mothers in America came to me who would have missing children killed in WWIII.

Voting is such an easy thing to do. If you equated casting a vote meant that you wouldn’t have to choose which one of your children would die, how many people would vote then?

If you understood that defending the Constitution with your vote meant that your children wouldn’t have to die defending it, would you cast your vote for someone TAKING A STAND for the Constitution?

How many politicians in Washington DC have you voted for, that haven’t given a rats ass about Obama not being a ‘natural born citizen’ qualified by the demands of our Constitution?

When I do contemplate the record of Citizens voting for politicians who haven’t raised their voice up, I’m left wondering about the umbrella of God that has surrounded our Nation as the Constitution and the freedoms and liberties kept protected by it, and the prospects of that being removed and what the consequences of that would look like?

America, I encourage you with all my heart to somehow raise your voice and consider this very seriously and consider it very personally as it relates to your own record with our CREATOR.

I’d like you to register now to vote, call your U.S. Representatives and Senators and demand Obama’s Eligibility be heard and send them my United States Writ of Certiorari.It’s your record. on record and please pass it on to others while your contemplating the Independence of the United States of America this 4th of July,2012. I urge you in joining with me inTaking A Stand

Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign

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This is not the same Democratic Party we grew up with.
I did not leave the Democratic Party.
They left me.
The entire Democratic Party is loaded with "Progressives" who are nothing but Marxist, Socialists, Communists, Maoists , etc. They are as far extreme left as possble. That is why no bill can get thru Senate. So many Left Wing Extremist that they are unappraochable.

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