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Terrorist attacks against pro-life organizations, including churches, have reached epidemic levels in cities and states controlled by devil-democommiecrats.  Those in charge have made NO arrests despite groups publicly bragging about carrying them out.  In a June 17, 2022 item the Washington Standard reports that 34 incidents of terrorist attacks against pro-life organizations in 12 states controlled by devildemocommiecrats have resulted in exactly NO arrests nor has the federal government made any efforts to arrest the perpetrators despite one group openly bragging about their terrorist attacks.  I have tried to link the story but have not been able to do so.

I find it ironic that hundreds of people have been held as political prisoners of an illegitimate rogue regime for as long as 18 months over the Jan. 6, 2021 invasion of the capitol building in Washington D.C., held without bail and access to defense counsel, clear violations of the Constitutional rights of those being held.  Many of those arrested did not even enter the building but were merely in town at the time.  Most of those who did enter the building were welcomed in by capitol police who held doors open and waved people in.  Somehow people peacefully entering a public building, upon invitation, is a major crime while causing immense amounts of damage and threatening lives is not at all important based on who are the perpetrators and who are the victims.

The events of the last 2 years has shown how corrupt and tyrannical government under devildemocommiecrats is and it will only get worse as time rolls along.  The Jan. 6 "select committee" that the very corrupt and very evil nutty nancy pelosi hatched as a political attack against patriotism and standing up for our rights under the Constitution has repeatedly lied and obfuscated to keep the false narrative of an "insurrection" by supporters of President Trump alive.  Of course, their Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists have played right along to keep that sham in the forefront to distract from the abysmal results of the illegitimate regime of joe dementia and his whore sidekick, heels up harris.

America is no longer a representative republic but has become a dictatorship controlled by oligarchs and their political puppets.  Ultimately it is satan who rules over America and things are going to get much worse before they get better, if they ever do.  Russia lost its freedom in 1917 and despite the collapse of the USSR in 1989 the Russian people still live under a tyrannical dictatorship.  Freedom lost is not easily regained, especially in these times where governments have control of such massive weaponry and have the willingness and desire to use them against their own people.  I have seen figures that in the 20th Century despots disarmed then murdered around 200 million of their own citizens.  This happened in Russia, Germany, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Cambodia, and several other countries.  Despots much prefer a citizenry unable to defend themselves and America is beginning to see this trend ramp up exponentially with devildemocommiecrats in charge and aided by a corrupt gop establishment that pays lip service to the Constitution but does NOTHING to uphold it for We the People.

Devildemocommiecrats and their gop establishment allies are trying to do the same thing in America today, refusing to incarcerate violent thugs who use guns to commit mass murder but instead are attacking law abiding citizens to try to disarm those of us not killing anyone.  Their "common sense gun control" measures are nothing more than attempts to subjugate patriotic citizens who believe in our God-given rights that are protected under the Constitution, a document that is vilified and ignored by the political ruling class on a daily basis. 

The cities and states with the most stringent gun control laws are the ones experiencing nearly all of the mass shootings.  If gun control was the answer Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Denver, and Atlanta would be the safest places in the nation not the wide open killing zones they have become.  It seems like what every mass murder has in common is that they occur in "gun free" zones and police wait outside until the rampage ends then they storm in when the danger is gone.  Liberal cities seem to lack the "protect and defend" police forces that we hear so much about.  Like many other patriots, I WILL NOT COMPLY with gun control laws and will put up whatever fight my very disabled body can muster.  Luckily I live in Oklahoma where the 2nd Amendment, and the rest of the Constitution, is still followed by the politicians.

The sham Jan, 6 committee has charged some of President Trump's advisors with "contempt of congress" for refusing to testify and hand over documents that are protected as lawyer/client type information by the Constitution as leverage to get them to admit to "crimes" that never occurred.  I have nothing but contempt and disgust for the corrupt and evil people that infest the federal government today.  There are a few good republicans who honor their oath of office and do their duty to protect, uphold, and defend the Constitution but they are kept on the outside by the gop establishment TRAITORS that control the caucus in both houses of congress.

Nutty nancy seems to think that the house of representatives is her own personal fiefdom/property for her to rule as she pleases with no input from anyone else.  The only people she allows to have input are those who parrot her EVIL bullshiite.  Nutty nan loves republicans like cheney and kinzinger because they give her cover to call her tyranny "bi-partisan" when everyone with a brain and the courage to say so knows that NOTHING she allows to be voted on is truly bi-partisan.  It is her way or no vote because she won't allow anything through that doesn't cater to her tyrannical agenda.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

June 23, 2022

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GOP establishment hack mitch mcconnell is once again showing his colors as an enemy of the Constitution, We the People, and liberty.  He has reportedly made a deal with devildemocommiecrats to vote for unconstitutional legislation that will give government Gestapo agents authority to confiscate firearms from veterans and other patriots (

Typical of mcconnell and the gop establishment, they are more interested in securing seats at the table of tyranny in the new world order global dictatorship than honoring the oath of office they took to uphold the Constitution.  The gop has been a group of TRAITORS for decades, opting for personal wealth and power over integrity and honor.  They put their hands on a Holy Bible and swear an oath ending in the words "so help me God" so are spitting in God's face even more than they are ours.  The Bible Book of Revelation describes the horror and suffering people will experience in the Lake of Fire, telling what their eternal fate will be.  The Lake of Fire is described as a place of constant torture, suffering, and pain that will last for eternity and there is only an entry door, no exit.  Once there suffering is for eternity.  I don't know exactly how long that is but it sounds horrible and eternity sounds like a very long time. 

I can't imagine how anyone would risk that for a short time as very wealthy and powerful but those who lust so greatly for wealth and power in this life don't believe in the afterlife of eternity in Heaven or hell.  Refusing to believe it doesn't change the reality of it.  The Bible also tells us that "every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord" of all.  It is better to submit now while choice is available than wait until there is no choice.  Once forced to submit the next step is into the Lake of Fire.  They won't be asked nicely, they will be sternly ordered to bend the knee.  People can ridicule and disparage me all they want to because I know my eternity will be one of joy because I bend the knee to Jesus now.

I know that almost everyone who reads this will be conservative and likely to believe as I do.  If you have friends or family in the other camp please share this and urge them to change sides now, both for mortal and eternal reasons.  Once the Gestapo starts kicking doors in and killing patriots it won't stop until we are all dead or a full scale war breaks out.  My hope is that the war will start early, before they can kill enough patriots to give themselves an advantage.  Repentance and prayer are the best weapons We the People can employ in the fight for liberty.  Our founders employed them to win the Revolutionary War and establish America as the great nation it became.  The nation has fallen greatly as it has strayed from the values it was founded on and the quickest way back is to once again embrace what made America great to start with.

Americans are the most caring and most generous people in the world.  Without the support of American patriots the entire world would be under despotic rule already.  World Wars I and II could not have turned out the way they did without the physical, financial, and prayerful support of Americans, victims of countless natural disasters have seen American citizens come to their rescue when no one else could or would sacrifice for them.  I am proud to be an American citizen, a veteran, and a patriot but most of all am thankful for the life and opportunities given to me by Almighty God through the life this nation has provided.  I have made a lot of bad decisions that have led to my life being much less prosperous and comfortable than it could be but my life is still much better than those in most of the world.  Some have lived their lives with no opportunity like I have seen and some never will so I value and appreciate what I have.

With Memorial Day just past I think of the hundreds of thousands or more who died to preserve liberty for me and the millions who have suffered serious injuries for the same cause.  I am fortunate enough to have survived and not suffered any serious injuries so try to show the gratitude due those who didn't come out so well.  They deserve the respect and admiration of every American, rich or poor.  Sadly, many choose instead to denigrate and belittle the sacrifices that gives them their liberty and use that liberty to destroy the nation.

 The devildemocommiecrats actually hate the military and veterans because those people are the greatest threats to their lust for global power.  Some athletes, overpaid and overly full of themselves, kneel when the flag is displayed and the national anthem sung as a sign of their disrespect for the values and system that allow them to receive more money and fame than they deserve.  I kneel for Jesus but stand and salute the flag and our national anthem, as everyone should.   Those who disrespect the country I served do not have, nor do they deserve, any respect from me.

 The ultra wealthy liberal elitists can have their wealth and fame now because the price they will ultimately suffer will be well earned by them.  I hope they enjoy what they have now because they can't take it with them.  I once heard a joke about a very wealthy man who put in his will that he wanted all of his wealth to buried with him.  When he died his wife wrote a check for the entire amount and put it in his casket to be buried with him.  I see that as a very appropriate way to send nutty nan and her ilk into the grave, with a representation of their ill-gotten gains but not with anything real.  The wealth they amass in this life can't be used in the afterlife, despite what those pagan fools believe.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

June 23, 2022



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I have hesitated to submit this because it is rather long, and because, only being able to use one hand to type, it is laborious to transcribe it here.  I have sent this verbatim, including punctuation and paragraph structure, and not one word, other than this exclamation, is original to myself.

This is an adaptation of a speech given by Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College to an audience in Overland Park, Kansas on November 18, 2021 and sent out in print form in their publication, Imprimis. 

Here are two questions pertinent to our times: (1) How would you reduce the greatest free republic in history to despotism in a short time? and (2) How would you stop that from happening?  The answer to the first question has been provided in these last two disastrous years.  The answer to the second has begun to emerge in recent months.  Both are worthy of study.


To establish despotism in a nation like ours, you might begin, if you are smart, by building a bureaucracy of great complexity that commands a large percentage of the resources of the nation.  You might give it rule making powers, distributed across many agencies and centers inside the cabinet departments of government, as well as in 20 or more "independent" agencies-meaning independent of elected officials, and thus independent of the people.

This much has been done.  It would require a doctoral thesis to list all the ways that rules are made in our federal government today, which would make for boring reading.  The truth is that very few people not directly involved know how all this works.  Although civics education is practically banned in America, most people still know what the Congress is and how its members are elected.  But how many know how the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) came to be, under what authority it operates, and who is its head?  Here is a clue: it is not Anthony Fauci.

Admittedly, this new kind of bureaucratic government would take-has taken- decades to erect, especially in the face of the resistance of the Constitution of the United States, which its very existence violates.  but once it has been erected, things can happen very fast.

What, for example, if a new virus proliferates around the world?  There have been procedures for dealing with such viruses for a long time.  They begin with isolating the sick and protecting the vulnerable.  But suddenly we have new procedures that attempt to isolate everybody.  This is commanded by the CDC, an element of this bureaucratic structure, and by a maze of federal and state authorities, all of which see the benefit to themselves in getting involved.  The result is that large sections of our economy were closed for months at a time, and citizens placed under the equivalent of house arrest.  This has not happened before.  The cost of it, and not just in monetary terms, is beyond calculation.

To set up a despotism capable of pulling this off you would need the media's help.  Those controlling the media today are trained in the same universities that invented the bureaucratic state, the same universities the senior bureaucrats attended.  The media would need to suppress, for example, the fact that 50,000 doctors, scientists, and medical researchers signed the Great Barrington Declaration.  That document reminds people that you cannot suppress a widely disseminated contagious virus through shutdowns and mass isolation, and that if you try, you will work immeasurable destructions of new kinds-unemployment, bankruptcy, depression, suicide, multiplying public debt, broken supply chains, and increases of other serious health problems.  Some of the signatories to this Declaration come from the most distinguished universities in the world, but never mind: their views do not fit the narrative propagated by the powerful.  They have been effectively cancelled, ignored by the media and suppressed by Big Tech.

You would need some help from business too.  As far as influence is concerned, "business" is dominated by large institutions-those comprising big business- whose leaders are also educated in the same universities that conceived bureaucratic government and trained the bureaucrats and media heads.  This provides a ground of agreement between big business and the bureaucratic state.  Anyway, agree or not, businesses are vulnerable to regulation, and to mitigate the risk of regulatory harm they play the game: they send lobbyists to Washington, make political contributions, hire armies of lawyers.  If you are big enough to play the game, there are plenty of advantages to be won.  If you are not big enough to play the game-well, in that case you are on your own.

Amidst the unprecedented lockdowns, imagine there comes an election, a time for the people to say if they approve of the new way of government and of this vast, unprecedented intrusion into our lives.  Then let us say that in several states the election rules and practices are altered by their executive branches-the people in charge of enforcing the law-on their own, without approval by their legislatures.  Say this brazen violation of the separation of powers takes place in the name of the pandemic.  One does not need to know what percentage of votes in the final tally were affected to see that this is fishy.  No sensible person would place control of the election process in one party-any party-or in one branch-any branch- of the government, alone.  In some crucial states that was done.

Finally, to sustain this new kind of government, you would need to work on education.  You might build a system of centralized influence, if not control, over every classroom in the land.  You might require certification of the teachers with a bias toward the schools of education that train them in the approved way.  These schools, poor but obedient cousins of the elite universities, are always up on the latest methods of "delivery" of instruction (we do not call it teaching anymore).  Those new methods do not require much actual knowledge, which can be supplied from above.

As far as content, you might set up a system of textbook adoption that guarantees to publishers a massive and captive market but requires them to submit proposed books to committees of "experts", subject of course to political pressures.  You might build a standard approval curriculum on the assumption that everything changes-even history, even principles.  You might use this curriculum to lay the ground for building everything old, everything previously thought high and noble, in contempt.

Doing this, incidentally, deprives the student of the motive to learn anything out of fashion today.  It is a preparation not for a life of knowing and thinking, but for a life of compliance and conformity.

This is by no means an exhaustive account of what it would take to build a thoroughgoing tyranny-for further instruction, read Book Five of Aristotle's Politics or George Orwell's 1984.  But it gives an idea of a mighty system, a system that seems unassailable, a system combining the powers of education and communication.  Money and power in such a system would accrue to the same hands.  The people who would benefit from the system would be the ruling class.  Others would be frustrated.  And such a system would tend to get worse, because the exercise of unchecked power does not bring out the best in people.

Any elaborate system of government must have a justification, and the justification of this one cannot simply be that the ruling class are entitled on the basis of their superiority.  That argument went away with the divine right of kings.  No, for the current ruling class, the justification is science.  The claim of bureaucratical rule is a claim of expertise-of technical or scientific knowledge about everything.  Listen to Fauci on Face the nation, dismissing his critics in Congress as backward reactionaries.  When those critics disagree with him, Fauci said recently, "They're really criticizing science because I represent science.  That's dangerous".

The problem with this kind of thinking was pointed out by a young Winston Churchill in a letter to the writer H.G. Wells in 1901.  Churchill wrote:

Nothing would be more fatal than for the government of states to get into the hands of experts.  Expert knowledge is limited knowledge: and the unlimited ignorance of the plain man who knows only what hurts is a safer guide, than any vigorous direction of a specialized character.  Why should you assume that all except doctors, engineers, etc. are drones or worse?... If the ruler is to be an expert in anything he should be an expert in everything; and that is plainly impossible.

Churchill goes on to argue that practical judgment is the capacity necessary to making decisions.  And practical judgment, he writes in many places, is something that everyone is capable of to varying degrees.

Another thing about the experts is that they are not really engaged in the search for truth.  Instead, the powerful among them suppress the obvious fact that there is wide disagreement among the experts.  There always is.

God save us from falling completely into the hands of experts.  But God has given us the wherewithal to save ourselves from that.  So let us move to the second question posed above.


In answering the second question, I will tell two stories that are suggestive.

The first took place in the small town of Jonesville, Michigan five miles north of Hillsdale College.  In our state, as in most places where the lockdowns were enforced, businesses were crippled or destroyed en masse.  Restaurants were chief among them.  One of our local restaurants is a 30-year-old diner called Spanglers Family Restaurant.  Mitch Spangler is the proprietor.  The business was founded by his late father, and Mitch was purchasing the business from his mother.  The payments to his mother depended upon the revenues of the business, and his mother's retirement depended upon the payments.  The life's work of two generations was at stake.  Mitch was also helping to support a daughter in college.

This is not to mention the more than 20 employees whose livelihoods are dependent on the Spanglers.  "Our employees are moms who have kids" Spangler told the local paper.  "One of our employees is pregnant; another is a 19-year-old kid.  This is his first job and he just bought a car".  Our leaders in Washington treat it as a small thing when trillions of dollars are being thrown about.  To the Spanglers and people like them, their relatively small revenue streams are everything.

Mr. Spangler was not prepared to surrender all this.  When a second lockdown was ordered by Michigan's governor a year ago last month, he kept his restaurant open.  He put a sign on the door and posted on Facebook to make clear, among other things, that he was acting out of necessity for the sake of his business and the livelihoods of all those dependent on it; that precautions would be taken, including the installation of an electrostatic fogger that would disinfect the air; that he understood the thinking of those who would choose to stay away from his restaurant; but that he hoped they would understand his own thinking.  "If you cannot support us, we understand", he wrote, "but please allow us to have the freedom to do what we have to do".

The wheels of bureaucracy began to grind.  Spanglers was visited repeatedly by the health department, by the licensing authorities, and even by the agriculture department (one wonders what they had to do with it).  Spangler was fined and threatened with forcible closure.  But he persisted, never backing down, and his business did well.  On a typical weekend, not only locals but supporters from the neighboring states of Ohio and Indiana lined up outside to show their support.

Mitch Spangler is our kind of fellow, and the Collage gave him some help organizing his legal representation.  We did not wish to be in the newspaper about this because we were facing our own pressures, and we too were determined to resist them.  But Spangler was no good at keeping a secret: he wore a Hillsdale Collage t-shirt on FOX News and thanked us for our help.  And when he had a little ceremony in his parking lot in the spring to thank his staff and customers, I was honored to say a few words.

This may not seem on its face a big story, but it is important because it is a story about the nature of human beings and of citizens and our rights.  The nature of a thing is the essence of a thing.  One aspect of the nature of a human being is that he must eat to live.  In condemnation of slavery, Abraham Lincoln loved to say that every man was created with a head, hands, and mouth, the implication being that the head should guide the hands in the feeding of the mouth.  Because we are made to live this way, we are also determined to live this way.  The alternative is dependence, which does not make us happy.

It should not therefore be surprising that, if you try to destroy the business of a man whose family has spent over 30 years building it, he will resist.  Trying to strongarm people like Mitch Spangler is not a good idea.  There are millions of them, and they have always made up the core of this greatest of free republics.

The second story is more famous, but it too is about nature-indeed, about the word's most basic meaning.  The word nature, as I said, refers to a thing's essence, but it comes from the Latin word for birth.  Our nature begins with how we are born and how we grow.  Just as we are attached by nature to the way we get our livings, so are we attached by nature, and still more to our children.  And this second story, set in Loudoun County, Virginia, is about parents and children.

In schools throughout Virginia, including Loudoun County, children are being subjected to critical race theory (CRT).  This involves lecturing children, especially those belonging to the non-preferred races, about the "structural evils" of which they are told they are a part.  Being taught alongside CRT is a distorted view of the history of our country, which true enough has its warts, but which surely has its glories as well-including glories about equal rights regardless of race.  Between fighting the armies of the English monarch, the Nazis, the Confederacy, the communists, and Islamic terrorists, something nearing a million Americans have died for the cause of equal rights.  These Americans have come in all colors.

Amidst statewide controversy over the teaching of CRT, the Loudoun County School Board also adopted abroad policy of recognizing "transgender" students in preference to their "biological sex" (excuse the redundancy).  Even before this, boys were permitted to use the girls' bathrooms, in one of which there was an assault and rape of a female student by a "gender fluid boy".  The boy in question was then allowed to attend another school in Loudoun County, where he assaulted another girl.  This first girl's parents were understandably outraged and, at the risk of being called narrow-minded, went so far as to complain to the school board.

Groups of parents who had already been protesting CRT and policies permitting transgenderism joined in the complaint.  There was no violence at the school board meeting with one exception: law enforcement was summoned, and the outraged father of the assaulted and raped girl was bloodied and dragged out of one meeting.  It is true, however, that voices were raised.

The National School Board Association called upon the Biden administration to investigate these protesting parents as potential perpetrators of "domestic terrorism or hate crimes".  Remember, these parents were citizens attending a meeting of an elected body to tell their representatives what they think.  The rights of petition and assembly are protected in the First Amendment.  Except for certain preferred groups, these rights today appear to have been repealed.

  1. S. Attorney General Merrick Garland intervened, instructing the FBI to investigate these parents and others around the country. The FBI's Counterterrorism Division has reportedly deployed tools and resources normally reserved for terrorist threats against parents who are angry at school boards for what is occurring in their children's schools. All this provoked massive support, across Virginia and around the nation, for the parents of Loudoun County.

This support is not surprising.  By nature, parents love their children and feel responsibility for them.  Citizens, especially one hopes American citizens, feel entitled to state their grievances.  The Declaration of Independence itself contains a list of grievances against the King.  The Biden administration reacted to these protests just as King George III reacted against the American colonists in the years leading up to the American Revolution: he called in law enforcement.  And the people of Virginia reacted in a way reminiscent of the American colonists: they defeated the candidate for governor who took the position that parents should have nothing to do with their children's education.

What do these two stories-one of them taking place in Hillsdale County, Michigan, a deep red county, and the other in Loudoun County, Virginia, which is deeply blue-have in common?  In both stories we see reactions against violations of our rights, rights that we have by nature as human beings.

The story about Mitch Spangler is about our right to work and to store up the product of our labor so that we and our families can eat and thrive.  The American Founders put this in terms of our natural right to property.  The story about the parents of Loudoun County is about the natural right of mothers and fathers to raise their children.  To interfere with these rights is to interfere with the natural rights of the human being.

These facts about nature were well known during the American Revolution, the very Revolution that is besmirched by the ruling class at the time of the Revolution.  It was the interference with the colonists' natural rights by the former ruling class that led to the American Revolution.  These recent stories from Michigan and Virginia show that we Americans do not seem to like that interference any better today.

In addition to the right to make a living and the right to raise our children, we have the right to participate in our government, even if we are not experts, and the right to look to the heavens and not to our ruling class for guidance.  We have these rights because we-every single one of us-were born with them sewn by God into our nature, and we cannot find our earthly fulfillment without them.

If we put these facts together as a people, we will have recovered the understanding that produced the American Revolution.  We will stop these current predations upon our rights.  We will bring this overwhelming government back where it belongs, under the control of the people.

The signs of such a movement are emerging.  Pray they are enough.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

June 28, 2022



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Idea from Oren Long

Jan 27 at 2:32 PM
We The People USA <>
To: <>


The more I think about it, the more I believe I am right AND the more I believe this is a well thought out plan that has been in the works for a long time.  I also believe it may be closer to completion than we realize.
Therefore, I am making major changes to my initial post and ask that you not forward the original post until I complete my rewrite.  It may take a day or two for me to organize my thoughts and put them into words.
                                                             THE PLAN:  Divide, Conquer, and Crush
The Democrat Party is not much different from the Communist Party of the old Soviet Union; it never has been.  It wants permanent, total control in perpetuity. In fact, that is the ultimate goal of ALL political parties, Left and Right.  It am NOT letting the GOP off the hook.  They, too, would love nothing better than to be in perpetual power.  The difference is that the GOP just doesn't have the guts or stamina to go after it.  The GOP has become a milk-toast party, happy to be the perpetual also-ran party as long as their "leaders" stay in Washington and are invited to all the Saturday night parties.  In contrast, the Democrats are vicious, vociferous, and relentless in their pursuit of power.  
George Washington, in his farewell address, warned strenuously against political parties.  He saw clearly, with great vision, what would happen if one or more political parties ever achieved total or near-total power.  We now see that vision fulfilled.    
So, how does the Democrat Party achieve the aforementioned total control?
The following is my interpretation of what is going on right in front of us.
Everyone knows that Biden is just a temporary placeholder for Commie Kamala.  Biden even said if he and Kamala ever had a serious policy disagreement, he would "develop a disease and step aside".  REALLY!  He said it!
Biden's job is to do the heavy lifting in the short-term, which is why he is signing as many EOs as possible while he can.  Biden will impose as many authoritarian, anti-American, anti-constitutional rules as he can get away with as long as he is president.
Then, he will step aside and let Commie Kamala assume power.  She will pretend to be a "moderate" while never reversing any of Biden's rules and quietly imposing more.
The media will focus our attention on the much-feared "Virus" to keep us distracted from what is really happening.  We will focus on sports.  Democrat mayors and governors will begin to relax their lockdowns now that the virus is officially on the wane.  Biden is telling us that we will soon be able to return to "normal" (but with just a few "necessary" rules) now that the evil Trump is gone.
In the meantime, the EOs will come fast and furious, all designed to destroy the American way of life and economy at the same time we are told, "All is well" and Biden is "Healing" America.  Really?!  From what; lower taxes, a secure border, a defeated ISIS, bad trade deals, Chinese influence, lower unemployment, rising wages, job growth, manufacturing returning to America?  I'll take those "diseases" any day.     
For example, on Day Two, Biden stopped construction on the border wall, ordered ICE to immediately release any and all illegals in its custody, and ordered the vetting for Covid of any and all Europeans while ignoring everyone from Central and South America.  Right!  That makes sense!
At the same time, Biden ordered the cessation of construction of the oil pipeline that would have brought in 840,000 barrels of oil PER DAY.  That, too, makes so much sense, right?  
But, this is just the public face of what the Left is doing, an all-out Socialist/Communist takeover of America.  It has been planned for a long time and is being implemented right in front of us.  
STEP ONE:  Attack Trump THROUGHOUT his presidency.  Create as much chaos, confusion, frenzy, and anger as possible.  Keep everyone on edge, anxious for a "return to normal" (the good old days when Washington supposedly got along and worked together).  Get as many Republican politicians as possible to distance themselves from Trump and, by extension, America and the voters.
STEP TWO:  Organize the "Swamp" into a state of resistance to anything and everything Trump tried to accomplish.  Install as many ;bureaucrats as possible into positions of authority where they can undermine any and all Trump orders.
STEP THREE:  Use the judiciary to undercut any and all Trump Executive Orders.  Get Leftist judges to issue restraining orders against every Trump EO (it happened for four long years), stopping Trump's attempts to drain the Swamp.  This has been very successful.  Once in power, corrupt the judiciary by adding additional Commie judges all across the spectrum, up to and including the Supreme Court.  This is in the works as I type.
STEP FOUR:  Get the media on board with the notion that Trump is a bad president who must be stopped at any cost.  Get them to fill the airwaves with anti-Trump stories 24-7-365 in an attempt to turn Trump supporters against him.  This was not hard to get the media (99% Leftist, anyway) to do, but fell short of turning Trump's supporters against him. 
STEP FIVE:  Get Big Tech and Social Media to eliminate all conservative thought from their sites.  Call it "bad" by citing "community standards" or a ban on "hate speech".  Whatever it takes.  EVERY Socialist/Communist government does this -- ALL OF THEM!  In Russia, China, Nazi Germany, Venezuela, North Korea (name one that isn't, I dare you) dissent, however gentle, it met with overwhelming force and repression.  Even asking a question, however well intentioned, often results in prison or death.  Only blind obedience is permitted.  
STEP SIX:  Set up a Chicago-style election system to steal the election if necessary.  Pre-print fake ballots to be used when needed.  Insist on mail-in voting that can easily be manipulated.  Install and use voting machines that can be programmed to favor Democrat candidates.  Install Democrat operatives in precincts to help steal the election.  And, anything else they can think of.        
STEP SEVEN:  Steal the election and impose complete control of government while insisting, "Nothing to see here; move along".  Get the judiciary to go along with the theft/takeover.  In the Soviet Union, Stalin consistently received well over 90% of the vote.  Really?!  As Stalin said, "It doesn't matter how people vote; it only matters who counts the vote".   
STEP EIGHT:  Using the aforementioned Big Tech and Social Media, eliminate all resistance and dissent.  Make it almost impossible for conservatives to even communicate effectively or present their side of the argument.  Keep conservatives and the voters in the dark.  Make sure voters know ONLY what you want them to know.  "If you control what a person knows, you control what he thinks". --  Stalin  It is just a matter of time before conservative talk radio is silenced.  Now that Democrats are in control of the FCC, how long do you think it will be before radio stations will be threatened with revocation of their licenses if they retain talk shows like Limbaugh?  Talk radio and all other conservative voices will be labelled as "radical" and/or "fomenting insurrection".  Count on it.  Don't think so?  Read George Orwell's "1984".  Anyone deviating from the approved group think was immediately silenced and reprogrammed.
STEP NINE:  Manufacture a "crisis" to justify the suppression of all resistance and dissent.  Claim that the "crisis" necessitates the silencing of anyone in opposition.  Label anyone who disagrees as a "terrorist", "insurrectionist", or "anti-science".  I give you Covid-19.  SPIN, SPIN, SPIN the truth until everyone believes the lie.  "If you tell a lie long enough, it becomes the truth". -- Joseph Goebbels.  
STEP TEN:  Once in power, create another "crisis" or "emergency"  (the January 6th Capitol assault) to justify an all-out attack on conservative voices (think Trump and the Capitol assault), claiming they are fomenting violence and insurrection.  Use the media, the bureaucracy, and even RINOs to your advantage.  As General George S. Patton said, "Don't let them stop.  Don't let them rest.  Don't let them regroup.  Attack, attack, ATTACK!"  Even now that Trump is out, the attacks continue and are increasing if intensity.  Remember, the ultimate Democrat goal is total, complete, absolute, perpetual POWER!  All opposition must be crushed!  Use organizations like BLM and Antifa to your own ends.  Then, when they have outlived their usefulness, throw them under the bus (happening as I type).  Stalin called them and people like them "Useful idiots".  Oops!
STEP ELEVEN:  Cut off all financial support for Trump and any opposition by whatever means necessary, even if it entails coercion, bribery, threats, or whatever.  To date, major financial institutions have severed ties with Trump and other conservatives in an attempt to make it impossible to finance any future campaign(s) and destroy them personally and financially.
STEP TWELVE:  Using the aforementioned crises, crash the economy and disrupt the existing economic and social order.  The Covid-19 Scamdemic and January 6 incursion were designed for just this purpose.  This was no accident.  It was intentional.  It has accomplished what it was supposed to.  Saul Alinsky pointed out in his book, "Rules for Radicals", that before a new society can be built, the old one must be completely destroyed.  This has been true throughout history and remains true today.    
The only thing remaining for the Left is the disarming of America.  Before any authoritarian government can cement permanent control, the people MUST be disarmed.  Many say that it would be impossible to sufficiently disarm America.  Don't bet on it!  They will find a way.  Hey, they've successfully done everything else they have set out to do.  
As my brother says, "We're already two countries, so let's just get to it".  Think about that and take it to its logical conclusion.  The Left is pushing for "Red Flag" laws wherein friends, neighbors, family, co-workers can turn people in for being a "danger" and have their guns seized by the government until the accused can, at their own great expense, "prove" they are not a danger.  In other words, the accused has to prove a negative -- a legal impossibility.    
I believe that, at some point, the Left-Wing Democrats will claim that there is some mysteriously "unidentified" conservative plot for insurrection or rebellion requiring the suspension of the Bill of Rights (Lincoln did it in the Civil War) and the seizure of all firearms -- for our own good, of course.  Ammo is already becoming increasingly hard to get.  What good is a gun without ammo?  We will be forced to make hard decisions.  Do we hide weapons so well that we cannot get to them when needed?  Do we keep them handy and get killed when we refuse to surrender them?  Do we meekly comply and protest?  To whom?  The Democrats and their judicial/government minions?  
Every time I am tempted to say, "That can't happen here, this is America" I am proven wrong.  It all started with Social Security introduced by FDR.  Since when did the federal government get the ability to ORDER people to "plan" for retirement?  That can't happen here, this is America!  Then came Obamacare where the government can order people to buy a product they may not need, want, or be able to afford.  That can't happen here, this is America.  Now we are told we HAVE to wear a mask, regardless.  That can't happen here, this is America.  Plus, we are now told we can't say what we think on Social Media lest it "offend" someone.  That can't happen here, this is America.  You can't ban ammo, this is America.  You can't tell me I can only drive so far, this is America.  You can't tell me I can't leave my house, this is America.  You can't close my business because someone or some thing frightens someone else, this is America.  You can't seize my guns, this is America.  You can't tell me what I can or cannot say, this is America.    And on and on it goes.  I no longer say something cannot happen.  
Trust me, government WILL come for guns, REGARDLESS of the Constitution.  They have to.  It's the only way they can feel safe and cement their lust for power.  
Americans are hopelessly spoiled.  We have been free for so long that we ASSUME it will never end.  We forget what President Kennedy said, "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance". 
The game is afoot!  We are in the throes of a Communist Revolution, and HALF of America voted for it!   
Just my thoughts, 
Oren Long

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