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Democrats fishing in a dry pond


By Oscar Y. Harward

Every day, Democrats are attacking President Donald Trump, and his nominees.

President Donald Trump and his administration are restoring Constitutional freedoms based on Judeo-Christian values. 

Democrats claim erroneous charges against Republicans, without supportive evidence. On these issues, Democrats are losing. 

The Democrat Party is deteriorating.  During President Obama’s term, Democrats suffered a net loss of 1,042 state and federal Democratic posts; congressional and state legislative seats, governorships, and the presidency. 

The Democrat Party supports big government, more regulations, more taxes, and illegal immigration.  Democrats choose Socialism; provide everything to everyone, at any time. 

Democrats dislike President Trump.  History illustrates Americans are shifting their politics toward Republicans of smaller government, less regulation, less taxes, and legal immigration.  The National Debt must be reduced. 

During President Obama’s term in office, Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats did change America; absent from ‘ALL’ earlier Presidents combined. 

Democrats should join in.  Democrats are failing to find illegal activity, with supportive evidence, against Republicans. 

Democrats must clean up their own deceit before searching the GOP.  These GOP ponds are near dry and without corruption. 

Democrats should direct their politics joining President Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’.

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By Oscar Y. Harward


To win, Capitol Hill Republicans in the House must ‘stay firm’, take Harry Reid’s CR, ‘re-attach’ defunding ObamaCare, and return it to the Senate.


In the end, the Republican Party ‘will win’ if they ‘stand firm’ and require ‘defunding of ObamaCare’ while funding other balances of the bloated budget.  Americans want ObamaCare to go away; either ‘repeal or defund’ this economy killing ‘atrocity’. No more debating!


If the Republicans weaken or bow, President Obama, Harry Reid, and Capitol Hill Democrats win.


Just as the American electorate held Nancy Pelosi and Capitol Hill Democrats responsible for ‘cramming’ ObamaCare down the throats of Americans in 2009/2010, the American electorate will hold President Obama, Harry Reid, and Capitol Hill Democrat responsible in 2014 for not negotiating, repealing, or defunding.


If Republicans fail to continue the fight to defund or repeal, Americans will hold Capitol Hill Republicans responsible, and many Republicans will be coming home after the November 2014 General Election. 


Republicans must stay strong.  It is President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid and other Democrats who, by refusing to negotiate what Americans desire, are forcing the government ‘shut-down’.

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