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Memories Sweet Memories.

     The state of our great country has brought back some fond memories from my past and new insights into the present.
     We had a partying womanizing liar as Commander in Chief caught in an adulterous affair with one Monica Lewdinsky. To take the American peoples mind off his impeachment “Slick Willie” started a WAR against Christians on the other side of the pond.
     Luckily, now, we have a radical left wing anti American doing the same type stuff. In an effort to hide the attacks and deaths of Americans in Lybia, inaction by another Clinton aiding in this fiasco, Obummer has caused a FAKE Fiscal Fiasco, and trying to cause as much harm and Fear in These Great United States as possible by disgracing and disrespecting Real Americans that either Served this country or love it very much.
     By trying to force socialism on us all, this community organizer and Coward (having never served  this country in any real fashion) is trying to break our (real Americans) hearts, minds, souls spirits, and Banks, all to cover up his failure as a leader in any sense of the meaning.
       Whatever did happen in Benghazi and when will this madness ever end?
     Impeach and Defund now. You Guys Know what I mean, I’m sure.
                                                 May God Have Mercy on us all.

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How many legislators voted to pass Obama care based on false pretenses!     All officers are oath and duty bound to the highest standards of honesty, truth, and integrity.    Are there any who had read and understood the legislation when they voted for it?    How many yes voters have completely read the bill, understand it and can explain the laws and recite a firm cost per year with truthful disclosure of who is going to pay for it.    Is there an accounting and consensus on the legality of stripping hundreds of billions from MEDICARE Funds that are required for retiree SSI-MED benefits... as part and parcel of SSI trust fund covenants?

If any of the naked ignorance and deception discussed in the media over the past several years is remotely true, we are following the Pied Piper of fraud over the cliff and into a sea of destruction.    It isn't enough to defund Obamacare, we have fraud in treasonous proportions to prosecute, and no one seems to have the guts to file charges!

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Your voice is the heartland and your message is the movement!

We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may only act by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by Brute force.” — Ayn Rand

Your voice is the most powerful weapon that exists in the arsenal of America’s weaponry. It is the voice that sounds the words of freedom and it is the voice that gives rise to the clarion calls for justice. That is why the move to defund Obamacare is not an exercise in futility, because to believe that is to believe that the power of the voice of America is a lie.

It is your voice that awakens your sleeping child to rise and give his all on a school day and work through problems that will help him become a freeman. It is your voice that guides a daughter to embrace a loving God and a U.S. Constitution that will not make her as a woman a slave and servant of government.

Julie Prince, a longtime constitutional defender, leader, mother, wife and Ohio businesswoman believes that limited government, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, support of constitutional rights are more than hollow words. She, like millions of Americans, believes they are conservative values and principles that are the framework of American society.

That is a primary reason why her national, Ohio-based organization Conservative Warriors has launched an initiative called “Operation Cure the Nation.” Conservative Warriors believe that Obamacare is undoing and destroying those basic conservative rights and principles.

The goal of Operation Cure the Nation is simple. Conservative leaders in the congress like U.S. Senators Ted Cruz, Bill Lee and Rand Paul and others need help. You have an opportunity to create a quick and simple five to ten second video to send a clear message to those fighting Obamacare in the congress that help is on the way.

Your voice is the heartland and your message is the movement!

The how is simple: Say your first name, the state you live in, and the words “Defund Obamacare – cure the nation.” Be creative if you wish and let your personality and conviction shine! Send your video to:

Each voice will reach Americans where they live, touch their heart and energize their soul now, as in the time of the American Revolution. The collected voices will fuel a legacy for the generations born and unborn.

Your voice is more than a video moment in time. You are notifying the nation that Obamacare is dishonest because it is a lie. It is morally wrong because it gives exceptions to the congress, to the president, to the unions, to the friends of Obama who have the money, power or influence to exempt themselves.

This is your moment in time when the spoken word is indeed more powerful than the written word. If a picture says more than a thousand words in print, how about ten words spoken and seen by thousands, if not millions, of people!

Operation Cure the Nation is the medicine that children need to relieve the diarrhea of injustice that Obama’s unraveling Obamacare wants to shackle their future to.

Operation Cure the Nation is the opportunity to take full ownership and pride in the sovereignty of your voice. Stake your claim to a future unbridled and untied to weak leaders in congress who want to make deals with a president who says that the U.S. Constitution is unnecessary and unfit for the 21st century.

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Earlier this week we all have seen Mr Obama tell the country he wanted to lower housing interest rates....

Here is my take on this - and I think I'm correct in my assessment.

In 2008 this failed "policy" provided a means for this administration to steal (my opinion) taxpayer monies and claim they were bailing out the economy.... A $43 TRILLION dollar lawsuit emerged for Racketeering and Money Laundering against White House staff, Eric Holder and many others..... 

And I quote from the article;

"This lawsuit represents the most massive scale of corruption, theft of public funds, laundering, racketeering, and failure of the government to pursue it’s duty to the citizens of America in history. It promises to unveil and divulge the corrupt inner workings of the federal government along with its malignant relationship with the banking industry, Wall Street, and government officials who have considered themselves cunningly beyond the law!"

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That was then; has anyone seen a penny of that money find it's way back into our Treasury? No, we are told it will take years as it wends it's convoluted way through the Court System. WHY?

It seems to me that $43 Trillion dollars would help our economy out, it would likely put us back in the black..... so why wait? Why drag it out?

Now, we have Mr Obama attempting to do the very same thing all over again..... and not a peep is heard in dissension.

I submit to you that we have been lied to, our National Treasury has been raided by thieves calling themselves elected, we have a felon in charge of the Nation's highest Law Enforcement office - and Congress is doing nothing to prevent any of this.

I submit that should Congress allow Mr Obama to decrease interest rates again, allow him to force or coerce Banks to provide sub-prime mortgages - we will see another Multi-Trillion dollar loss of taxpayer dollars to thieves calling themselves elected... providing an excellent springboard for a marxist/communist/muslim/illegal alien to take complete control of our Nation.... as he invokes martial law when the public finds out the Nation is bankrupt and revolts.

Why has this entire issue dropped completely off the radar and why are there no Congressional Leaders standing up to protect the Nation?

Why has the House refused to cut off Mr Obama and his extremely frivolous spending?

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