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National Director Dee Retirement

Dear Dee,

I felt the need to write when I read your post that you are retiring. You have bravely kept me informed of things that all Americans should know and be ready to act upon. We are living through an extremely dangerous time in the life of our country and you have consistently DONE SOMETHING about it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! We owe you a debt that can only be repaid by continuing the fight against the lies and misinformation being spewed out by subversive and seditious powers.

The day after the November 2016 election, I felt very strange. It took me a day or two to figure out what it was, then I realized that the knot that had been constantly tightening at my core for the previous 7 or 8 years had disappeared! What I was feeling was relief that America was turning the tide on this long take over by creeping socialist/communist ideology. It was amazing! I was ecstatic that the awakening looked to be happening and growing strong.

But very soon, as we saw the crazy violence in the streets and the traitorous acceptance and encouragement of this criminal behavior by elected officials from the left, the knot returned. If anything, it has tightened more quickly as the left has gotten more purulent and poisonous in their thinly veiled communistic rhetoric and attacks. The intentional lies and conspiracies to destroy the right are beyond anything I have seen in my lifetime. 

How can America have come to this? For, what, 60 years we fought against the scourge of communism. Now our children are being funneled into and  boondoggled by colleges that we pay millions to in order for these powers to brainwash our future! We PAY them to convert our children into screaming misguided activists in the streets!

We MUST keep fighting this madness! I am not sure how you have managed to get the information you have shared over the years, but I hope the flow continues! Please pass on your techniques to me or someone so that we can remain open eyed in this war! For war it is!

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