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Swartzenegger, Weiner, Stern, Bono, Edwards, Gore;
Hypocrisy’s the Name of the Game Elites Play
“Worst of the Worst Award” will SHOCK You
Tax cheats, sexual escapades, love children, and plutocratic indulgent lifestyles of the rich and powerful and famous are everywhere we look.   Whether talking about sports stars, Hollywood celebrities, or especially politicians . . . the “global elite” performing in public seem perpetually primed to pecksniffian expression at the expense of we the common folk. This sanctimony, their holier-than-thou-ness is all aimed at propagating widespread sacrifice in lifestyle from the ever diminishing roll of taxpayers while their own self-indulgence multiplies immeasurably. The uncanny level of hypocrisy among the rich and powerful and famous (who let us know in no uncertain terms that it is they who know best for the rest of us) is almost beyond what might have been imagined as little as a decade ago.
As a whole they represent the essence of the redistributive-state-of-mind taking from the taxpayer to fund the lavishness of the ever more semi-totalitarian STATEs (whether that means within local, state or national government) that control us. Schwartzenegger who was sent by the voters to tame the out-of-control California spending beast actually fattened the beast while telling Californians to take in their belts. Meanwhile he appears to have indulged himself freely with various trysts outside his marriage including one with his maid that created a love child, possibly supported in some part by the taxpayer’s money. The Governator may soon be facing corruption charges . . . .
Ex Vice President Al Gore is the poster boy for this hypocrisy-on-steroids movement. Gore was on the verge of becoming the world’s first “Green Billionaire” when the “ClimateGate” scandal struck in Europe he’s only worth about half that amount now. With three palatial homes ($8 million for the latest one along the California coast) and two private jets to scoot him around the globe seeking to get all of us to live a more impoverished lifestyle in the name of global warming, Mr. Gore is in no danger of ever being accused of practicing what he preaches. Al, it seems is a very, very slow learner. Back in the day his family’s fortune sprang up from tobacco farming. It was only when he was forty-something that the painful extended death of his heavy-smoking sister got him to wise up to all the harm, the family’s wealth was creating around the globe. Thankfully for the rest of us, the hypocrisy of the global warming movement has been revealed openly in Europe (America’s mainstream, lamestream media have refused to cover the scandals) when even the ultra-liberal London Times comes out against part of the environmental movement, you know you’ve lost ALL credibility:
At present, the global warming contingent in Europe are called “mean greenies” and “watermelons” (Green on the outside, but RED in their hearts) because it’s obvious that in the wake of the Climategate data- corruption scandal at the infamous Climate Research Unit of East Anglia University, the only people in Europe pushing for carbon-trading and other extraordinary exigencies to stop the now-discredited global warming are the extreme socialists and the Communist Party which would have benefitted greatly from the almost totalitarian control of lives that carbon-trading would have necessitated. Gore lost out in America but his British company Generation Investment Management is all but bankrupt now. 
Gore, as well as Goldman-Sachs, Franklin Raines, Barack Obama, the Clintons, Chicago’s Shore Bank, Joel Rogers, George Soros’, David Blood, Richard Sandor, John Ayers (brother of the bomb-planting terrorist Bill who ghostwrote Obama’s first book), Valerie Jarrett, Paula DiPerna, and many of Soros’ progressive foundations such as the Tides Foundation and the Joyce Foundation all lost millions when the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) idea was dropped following failure to pass cap and trade legislation in the U.S. Senate. The trillions these people would have made from this venture is, for now, safely in our wallets and bank accounts . . . it got down to just two votes in the senate. In a sentence: the $15 Trillion U.S. economy would overnight have become $25 Trillion in size with that additional 67% carbon-trading cost added to the economy ($10 Tr. divided by $15 Tr.) would have constituted a tax on all productive activity in the country and resulted in an immediate 67% inflation on all of us and a monstrous windfall profit for them every single day of every single year as long as CCX existed. The chief hypocrites of the world makes sure that these heroes of theirs are properly rewarded: Gore and Obama both received the infamous Nobel Peace Prize (a reward Gandhi apparently never deserved and Adolf Hitler might have received in 1939 if he’d put off his invasion of Poland for one year – he was reportedly one of the top two likely vote-getters until September 1, 1939 when he started World War II). No discussion of Gore could be complete without including the word’s “crazed sex-poodle” to tie him into the Schwartzenegger, Weiner, Edwards ilk.
Pop-icon Bono’s band is purportedly the highest-earning rock group on earth. Bono has done some good things charity-wise, however, his over-riding message is just a toned-down version of the hypocritical message heard from so many pop icons on stage and screen: sacrifice for the good of the planet, even if we don’t. Bono has, like so many other elites repeatedly run afoul of tax evasion charges. The globe-hopping lifestyle must not be threatened even though our more comparatively meager lifestyles definitely will be as we are forced into sacrifice to help Bono’s less fortunate. Perhaps Bono is the least guilty of these folks, but he is the poster boy for why you should never listen to the advice or recommendation or endorsements of celebrities.   Just because you like their acting, comedy, singing or sports exploits doesn’t mean their world view has any sense to it.
Powerful union leaders Richard Trumka and Andy Stern hobnob with the president of the United States daily, they claim. They also pull-down huge salaries and lavish “fringe” benefits while spending the highly-inflated union dues upon controlling the political climate of the United States. The unions have pushed OSHA regulations over the last forty years which have made corporate profits problematical; the United States far less competitive in the global market and forced many companies to abandon America’s shores in search of friendlier environments. Trumka and Stern don’t suffer from all this: you do.
The excesses of John Edwards, who got very close to being our Vice President and thus very close to being within a heartbeat of becoming our President, are legion. He built his individual wealth by almost twenty years of sleazy malpractice suits against well-meaning and intelligent and caring gynecologists. Today 35% of all babies are delivered by caesarian-section thanks to the widespread fear of malpractice suits that Edwards and others brought upon gynecologists. The fact that caesarian-section births are dramatically more expensive and DANGEROUS than the semi-natural birthing Edwards has been opposed to forever . . . has helped bring the nation to a healthcare cost crisis. One of the other evil results is the creation of Obamacare to supposedly answer that crisis. Obamacare created 384 separate brand new government agencies in just one bill. For comparison, FDR’s entire 12 year reign only produced 40 new government agencies.
Like Gore, Edwards loves his mansions. The most infamous one has a 3,000 square foot “John’s Room” playhouse within. Edwards, of course, oversaw the UNC Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity. He is personally most known for nefariously posing with his cancer-ridden wife on the campaign trail while unceasingly spinning lies and taking campaign donations to cover up an affair and a love child. Schwartzenegger appears to have been a piker compared to Edwards. Like all these hypocrites, Edwards is a parasite living off the guilt and good intentions of juries, campaign donors and ordinary taxpayers.
We could go on and on and on. Eventually, we’d come to the biggest parasite of all Barack Obama . . . but Rajjpuut will leave that up to you. Whether Tim Geithner, Obama, Ben Bernanke, Barbara Streisand, Peter Orszag, Eliot Spitzer, progressive attack-dog Anthony Weiner, or the hotel maid-rapist Strauss-Kahn: the story is all the same, you sacrifice you follow my rules so that I won’t have to. They would have us treat them like gods with our simple sacrifices. Their arrogance and a sense of privilege and the sure knowledge that the rules are not for them is the dominant theme we see.
However, while we omit discussion of some of the more notorious individuals among the world’s most notorious hypocritical parasites, there is one who deserves perhaps more scorn than all others because she helped kill more people than Hitler; more than Stalin; more even than Chairman Mao:  I give you our "Worst of the Worst Award Winner" Rachel Carson author of the science-FICTION book Silent Spring. Ms. Carson sold the public; the U.S. government; and the United Nations a phony set of pseudo-scientific conjectures as well-researched facts. Before the politicians acted to ban the pesticide DDT, 43,000 people died yearly from malaria.   Once DDT was banned the numbers quickly jumped to over 2 million per year; not to mention the hundreds of millions who are perpetually caught in the three-day cycle of malaria suffering for a lifetime; not to mention all those other millions in tropical areas who die now from mosquito-borne diseases that DDT would also have prevented. If Rajjpuut told you that 70 million malaria deaths and perhaps 96 million total deaths can be put at the feet of this ignorant and lying do-gooder would you think he’s exaggerating? He’s probably greatly underestimating the picture. Will you join with me in prayer, “Oh, God, save us from those with good intentions, who also make a buck or advance or promote themselves in the process!”
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,

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Our Federal Government’s Become EXPERT

in Fixing Everything that Ain’t Broken Yet

We’ve all heard the old rhyme, “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite!” You may have also heard that the federal government has moved into crisis mode about the rising bedbug infestation in the country, but you probably didn’t know that under the Clinton administration, the progressive politicians in this country and their most progressive expression of the nanny-state . . . the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) . . . began treating the bedbug as an endangered species (not literally, lighten up a bit) and today we’re reaping the rewards of their “enlightened” policies. Furthermore the enlightened feds are not backing down from their enlightened stance so that . . . in a nutshell, just as in the federal government’s law suit against Arizona's new immigration law moves forward, the feds are also giving the state of Ohio an enormously heavy-handed hard time because GASP, Ohio is striving mightily to eradicate the little pests.

How bad has the problem gotten? The EPA has announced its second national bedbug summit for this winter in Washington, D.C. The Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City and the Wall Street Journal discovered bedbugs in their confines last week. And meanwhile since its last bedbug summit in April, 2009, the problem has gotten much worst and the EPA is still sitting on its hands unable or unwilling to make a decision since then on raising their ban on stronger more effective pesticides first put into effect under the Clinton administration. In the eighteen months since the last bedbug summit, the EPA has not been idle, however, they’ve changed their website info on bedbugs seven times.

The bedbug “problem” was practically non-existent between the end of World War II and the mid 1990’s when Clinton’s people decided to fix what wasn’t broken and ban all-manner of effective pesticides. Congress passed a major pesticides law in 1996 and the Clinton EPA banned several classes of chemicals that had been effective bedbug eradicators. And even now as public health officials around the country are clamoring to bring those chemicals back to help solve the bed bug “emergency,” EPA bureaucrats have downplayed the idea and environmentalists are pushing hard against the effort, citing safety concerns. Yup! Yup, they fixed the problem real good! Yup!

And, yup, EPA chief Lisa Jackson, who dismissed Ohio Governor Ted Strickland’s appeals over the issue in a June letter, still pompously assumes that only the feds know what’s best for the rest of us. Ohio has just been “presumptuous” enough to assume that they can allow the use of an effective bedbug fighting pesticide called “Propoxur” which has NOT been banned by the EPA yet. The best that can be said for bureaucrat Lisa Jackson is that she hasn’t outright banned Propoxur YET! Propoxur, you see was allowed for use in residential homes until 2007 and has never been actually banned at all. The EPA, in its wisdom said (without studies one way or another) that they feared that Propoxur might prove dangerous for children. Rather than paying for an expensive re-do of their own original studies of the pesticide . . . knowing the vagaries of the EPA’s whims, the manufacturer of Propoxur decided not to strive to sell the product in the United States. Any Propoxur manufactured before 2007 is still available for use in residential areas, so pest controllers have a limited supply they could use . . . and that’s Ohio’s plan.

Are you getting the gist of all this? The federal government is now in crisis mode to fix a problem they created (a very familiar pattern as you’ll soon see). The federal government has become expert in “fixing what isn’t broken” with GIBs and GBSBs (government interference boondoggles and government big-spending boondoggles) and reducing our freedoms and our lifestyles as a result . . . .

ITEM: based on the non-science of Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring, the United States and eventually the world moved to ban DDT, the safest and most effective pesticide ever created (you can literally drink DDT or use it on your salad as a dressing). Malaria deaths which dropped to 43,000 worldwide in 1970 now stand at 2,000,000 every year. Ms. Carlson’s book and the EPA over-reaction without doing any real studies have killed 75 million people since 1970.

ITEM: to save a three-inch fish, the delta smelt, from getting sucked into irrigation piping, in the middle of a seven-year drought, the EPA has banned much irrigation in central California around Fresno . . . turning the nation’s vegetable basket into a dry, lifeless center of unemployment.

ITEM: In 1975, the United States was the envy of the world averaging 64% private home ownership year after year. Only one in every 404 home loans was made at 3% down payment or less -- almost all home loans were granted at 10-25% down payment. In 1977, the Carter administration passed the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA ’77) to force mortgage lenders to make bad loans to people who could not reasonably be said to qualify for such loans. In 1993 the Clinton administration used regulatory processes to bypass congress and give the CRA laws real teeth; in 1995 Clinton and congress was able to expand CRA ’77 law twice; in 1998 in a steroid-version expansion of CRA Clinton and congress made another CRA expansion. The result of fixing a system that wasn’t broken?

By 2005, 34% of all home loans were made at 3% down payment or less (an increase of 13,800% in the ratio of presumably unwise home loans in America since 1975); worse, borrowers who would have had trouble getting a $120,000 loan in 1993, were being put into $400-$500,000 homes in 2005. Thanks to the ACORN** efforts (to overload the system a la the same Cloward-Piven Strategy that bankrupted NYC in 1975 after overloading welfare for eight years) on behalf of people without jobs; people with atrocious credit ratings; people without even a rental history; people with food stamps as their only “income”; other people on some form of welfare; and even illegal aliens . . . the country found itself in a “sub-prime lending crisis” that the government with the willing help of ACORN and progressives had created.

Are you still a fan of big government? Do you still think the government knows best? Do you think they can do a better job with your money, after raising your taxes, than you can do with it? Was the system broken before 1965 when Lyndon Johnsons’ “Great Society” programs expanded welfare dramatically; created Medicare and Medicaid (federal and state programs both) and led us to two monstrous entitlement programs that today have put the U.S. government $80 TRillion behind the 8-ball in UNFUNDED liabilities? Did you know that the obligations on the state side of Medicaid will bankrupt all but one or two states by 2024? What about Social Security, did you know that the SSA is $34 TRillion in the hole in UNFUNDED liabilities? That social security, Medicare and the federal side of Medicaid now are approaching $115 TRillion in UNFUNDED liabilities? Did you know that all three of these programs are “set-asides,” but that rather than setting the money aside as required by law, the government used that money and even borrowed more to create not only those three huge UNFUNDED liabilities but also our present national debt of roughly $13.8 TRillion? Do you understand why so many people are up in arms about respecting our Constitution? About taking care of our nation’s fiscal mess? About reducing taxes? About reducing spending? About taking the country back from politicians and putting it back in the hands of the people? About returning to sanity?

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


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