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Dear Jimmy, 

              Writing from the U.S.A.

I’ve used Wikipedia countless times and recommended it to many friends as well.  So . . . the natural question is WHY am I NOT contributing at this time?  In a nutshell, the answer is that I love 92% of Wikipedia content, but know for a fact that at least 8-9% is deliberately made up and maintained untrustworthy.  What do I mean?  I mean that it is verifiably slanted toward bucking up popular left-wing causes rather than showing high-fidelity toward verifiable truth.  I’ve talked to many friends and associates who, like me conclude that Wikipedia does NOT allow any factual contributions that belie left-wing  “truths”  whose science or history is “already decided and beyond controversy.”  I’ve had six entire contributions items of this nature disappear from Wikipedia out of 13 or so contributions to these six items.

For now, two items illustrating what I mean are 1) my information on Greenland which Wikipedia has totally rejected in favor of the LIE that Greenland was never GREEN even during the 300 year Medieval Optimum:   I refer you to the dvd from the Little Ice Age, Big Chill which shows real science in operation as well as real history which is apparently NOT GOOD ENOUGH for because it’s about 88% out-of-sync with leftist politics and their desire to create worldwide carbon taxation which, naturally enough requires pretty much a totalitarian state to efficiently pull off . . . and 2) The fact that Wikipedia used to have contributions on global-warming and climate-change(haven’t looked at them over the last seven years) which reinforce the LIE that “99% of reputable scientists back this claim.  I could off-hand refute that contention with 15 or 16 facts.  I refer you to:  IF the 99% figure were accurate, in America alone 3,148,700 scientists would have weighed in backing global warming with 902,900 of them holding doctorate degrees . . . not to mention the important fact for anyone who respects science . . . that consensus has absolutely no import in science . . . ZERO import.  I think you need to have one article and only one article on the subject:  “The Global Warming Controversy.”

Here’s a quick rundown/outline of crucial arguments against the VALIDITY of global warming conjecture.  And, Jimmy, IF you know anything about science and have any respect for it . . . you appreciate the fact that like consensus . . . even 100% validity in most cases proves nothing as far as ultimate truth.  As Aristotle, the man who literally invented logic with his square of logical opposition, told us . . . IF all the premises themselves are true; and the argument is entirely valid, then and only then can we say that truth has been shown.  OK, a brief “hit list” suggesting strongly that global-warming is what we Americans call “B.S.”

1.        The hottest 300 year period in the last 2,500 years (the Medieval Optimum was deliberately omitted from the calculations.

2.       The Little Ice Age that followed the Medieval Optimum, was totally included naturally enough since its inclusion appears to weigh heavily for the theory of man-caused global warming.

3.       In the November, 2009 revelation by many British newspapers of a conspiracy to push the global warming narrative which was named “Climate Gate”; and was based upon some 786,000 e-mails and documents, I believe, your CRU (Climate Research Unit) in Cardiff and the U.N. International Panel on Climate Change were implicated for pseudo-science at best and a conspiracy to silence dissenting valid facts and opinion and sway the world of the university and scientific magazines in doing so.

4.       In particular the narrative supporting the “hockey-stick” phenomena was totally debunked.

5.       Don’t many of you in Britain call militant environmentalists “Mean-Greenies” and/or dyed-in-the-wool statist politicos “Watermelons” “Green on the outside; but red or pink on the inside”) denoting the desire of ultra-socialist and even communist interests to take advantage of the “need for” ever-expanding government and ever-diminishing individual freedoms in order to tax carbon?

6.       Here in the United States the chief proselytizers of the politics of Global-Warming were the same people (John Holdren, for instance, President Obama’s “Green Czar) who from 1972 - 1977 were all over the newspapers and magazines (especially our Time Magazine) pushing the imminent probability of “GLOBAL COOLING?”  And most importantly this group was pushing (in college texts) all sort of draconian population control measures including but not limited to:  forced abortions; forced sterilizations; sterilization agents in the public drinking water; and even policies akin to the Red Chinese now-discredited one-child per family law which among other problems, has thrown the normal gender ratio all out of whack!

7.       And most obviously, all the dire predictions of Al Gore etc. (All the world’s glaciers such as Kilimanjaro’s all melted off by 2015; New Orleans, portions of Florida, an a goodly chunk of the USA’s Atlantic seaboard under water) have not come close to being accurate.  If anything TRUE scientists tend to err on the side of conservative-estimates rather than trying to use sensationalist claims such as those of 1972 and 2004 made by Coming-Ice Agers; and Global Warming advocates.  Again, my observations are NOT all science, but they are all true.  So IF my premises are correct that . . .

A.      Global warming caused by human intervention is NOT proven science because the methods and people involved have NOT been objective and circumspect. 

B.      Much evidence indicates strong involvement of agents of political-correctness on the YEA side which happens to coincide with that side’s long and militant history of advocating causes that require large collectivist governments such as those once found in all the 38 communist governments responsible during the period 1917 -2010, I believe, for 132 million democides (peace-time deaths of citizens caused by a regime’s INcompetence  or oppression or just plain murder) . . . again indicating far less than an objective environment compatible with real science.

C.      So:  the notion that all good people and smart people and most importantly 99% of all scientists have rationally and logically and scientifically concluded after adequate demonstration/experiment that man-caused global warming is a fact is NOT valid and cannot yet be proven true, if EVER.

   Then:  global warming, far from being settled science . . . is not yet worthy of the name "science."

I’m hoping against hope given my earlier encounters with science* on Wikipedia, that I’m talking to a logical man interested in science and truth. Good luck to you.  I’ll be a contributor when the problems I’ve described are virtually eradicated.  Good luck.

Robert VanDeHey


**I refer you also to your own wikipedia article on Karl Popper, the most famous and, I believe, the wisest philosopher of science in history and a man who started out as a communist and ultimately left that creed and become a firm advocate of individual freedom which he concluded years afterward was incompatible with socialism, believe it or not.

*     *     *     *     *

One thing I didn't mention to Jimmy is that when America added Earth Day to the calendar we were not only following an environmental tradition begun in the old Soviet Union in the mid-1950's but also beginning that tradition here on the  anniversary of the birthday of Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov aka LENIN, but doing so on his 100th anniversary (he was born April 22, 1870 according to modern calendars rather than the czarist ones . . . what a shocking coincidence, eh?  Most environmentalist probably do not know that connection, but you can damn well bet their progressive leaders sure as hell do!

Ya'all live long, strong and ornery,





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  CCC** Gone, Replaced by the University Rowing Team?
For years now, it’s been common-place for the conservative students on college campuses to be assaulted from each and every angle by students, profs and books belittling decent behavior, the nation’s traditions, the U.S. Constitution, our history, and our religious foundations. Believe it or not, things may have just gone from Carlsbad to Carlsworse for Christian conservatives attending schools of higher education in particular . . . .        You know all those left-wing professors who’ve taken over America’s colleges and universities and begun organizing students into shouting down visiting speakers who express any agenda but Marxism and environmental ecotage? Well they have apparently succeeded in spreading the atheistic message of Mr. Marx really well according to the latest news on the college front . . . at least according to a surprising announcement first heard today . . . .
The well-known sixty-year old national Christian movement CCC (a.k.a. Campus Crusade for Christ) has decided it’s time to divorce Christ, figuratively speaking. The ubiquitous and venerable multi-faceted para-religious organization has stated their fear that the word “Crusade” might be “considered  offensive” to some while also dropping the name “Christ” from their moniker altogether.  Instead from now on the organization will be known as “CRU.” So they’re now running the college rowing team? “Stroke, Stroke, Stroke!” Or are they flaunting the first three letters of the word “Crucify?” 
Apparently the name Christ is the most offensive thing they discovered about their organizational title since they still kept the first syllable of "CRUsade" but kicked "Christ" out completely . . . let’s see if we’ve got this right? Here’s CRU’s new "missionary" approach: “Say, there’s a guy who came down here to earth and did some absolutely great things for mankind including you, my friend, uh . . . ahem, but, er, we’d rather not talk about it because it’s just not politically correct . . .????  Sounds like they’ve taken more than Christ’s name out of CCC, they also removed another important C: “courage!”
“Stroke, Stroke, Stroke, Stroke!”
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
**CCC says they sifted out over 1,600 names before deciding on CRU.  They also say that a lot of their followers for many generations have been referring to CCC as "Cru."  Rajjpuut doesn't doubt either statement.  However, the recent trends within the Christian community to even remove "Christ" from the names of Churches and this move all smack of the most gutless of political correctness . . . after all, the name "Christ" and the word "Christian" in your faith's name and that cross you removed from your steeple might have been extremely off-putting to terrorists, eh?   Now with the advent of Mr. Obama there's been a sudden meteoric jump in the number of "faith" churches and "hope" churches -- with many of them now preaching radical environmentalism as Christ's message.  One wonders what Jesus would say about banning DDT in 1972 and roughly 77 million^^ people dying of malaria and over 100 million deaths from all sorts of tropical mosquito-borne diseases on the basis of science fiction NOT science fact . . . is that the Christian, er, CRU thing to do?
^^ before Rachel Carson's pseudo-pscience book "Silent Spring" claimed that DDT hurt the environment, made eggshells too thin and even gave humans cancer (none of this proven; and almost certainly all 100% lies) the worldwide malaria death toll dropped to 42,000+ in 1972.  It's been closer to 2.1 million deaths ever since the U.S. and the U.N. banned the substance that G.I.s in World War II sprayed directly upon their bodies, clothes and tents; and which Africans used to spray inside their homes 3-4 times yearly.  Was Rachel her brothers' keeper?
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Europe Rejects Global-Warming,
But Many Americans Believe Gore
And Liberal Media Totally Refuses
Climate-Gate Story Coverage
                Oh what a difference the Atlantic Ocean makes . . . roughly two years after Al Gore received the Nobel Peace Prize for his “documentary” pseudo-pscience-FICTION work “An Inconvenient Truth” (the film also won an Oscar from the Hollywood crowd), European newspapers and television became awash in the revelations of the Climate-Gate Scandal (see link #1 above). Very quickly the embarrassing frauds and cover-ups and phony pscience pshenanigans drove Europe, which had been far more gung-ho about man-caused global warming than America, into a solidly sensibly refusal to honor environmental extremism in any way, shape or form. 
Today Europeans call environmental extremists and ecotage advocates “mean-greenies” and “watermelons” (green on the outside but pink or even RED on the inside . . . meaning they are mere pretenders at environmentalism who use the contrived global warming scenario in hopes of instituting greater socialistic and even communistic-type totalitarian regimes); and carbon-trading or cap-and-trade schemes there are all but dead. Of course, Global-Warming is still a big argument on this side of the Atlantic where the liberal-mainstream media considers the East Anglia University’s Climate Research Unit’s (CRU) scandalous behavior a non-story and continues to support Al Gore’s lies. The second and third link above gives the details of how CRU deliberately omitted data from the warmest 350 years in recent history (a time when Greenland was indeed Green; when the Vikings could settle there and even push on to explore North America: a time called the Medieval Warm Period. 
When you eliminate records of the warmest 350 years in a 2,500 year study you’re definitely going to get an average temperature for the earth that is much cooler than the real honest average. That’s the kind of people that are pushing the global-warming agenda . . . corrupt politicians and corrupt scientists.
                For Al Gore and about 60 of his well-known progressive**cronies (including but definitely NOT limited to Franklin Raines, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Joel Rogers, Richard Sandor, John Ayers, George Soros, Valerie Jarret, the head men at Goldman-Sachs, etc., etc. ad nauseum all up to their eye-teeth involved in CCX, the Chicago Climate eXchange) the Climate-Gate scandal was a monstrous personal financial disaster that prevented them from pocketing hundreds of Billion$$$ and even TRillion$$$. With all their influence in Europe gone seemingly overnight, the difficulties caused by the 2009 U.S. Senate’s refusal to ratify a Cap and Trade bill, earlier passed in Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives by five votes, brought about the elimination of CCX entirely – almost ten years work and scheming down the drain.
Nevertheless multi-billionaire currency-manipulator George Soros (“The man who broke the Bank of England”) and his toady Barack Obama soldier on striving for greater federal government control of our natural resources. How? By seeking to use presidential-regulatory fiat via the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to eliminate the entire coal industry and virtually handcuff the petroleum industry in America. If you’ll examine the last two links above, you’ll hear Barack Obama’s interview with the San Francisco Chronicle in which he promised to bankrupt the coal industry and that his policies “will necessarily cause the price of electricity to sky-rocket.” The Chronicle did NOT publish this story and the mainstream-lamestream media has sat on it unwilling to tell Americans the truth for over three years now. The EPA, then, is Barack Obama’s tool for carrying out those two stupid and evil promises. Right now the coal industry which provides the power that gives us 49% of our electricity is under fire from the EPA and some American coal mines and some American coal-fired power plants are already being forced toward bankruptcy. Not only Millions of jobs, but also Billions of dollar$$$ in increased electrical bills are at stake.
Al Gore came within a whisker of becoming the world’s first “green Billionaire,” with a B, despite having a personal ‘carbon-footprint’^^ the size of Las Vegas:  including three huge mansions (the last one in California cost over $8 Million) and two private jets. Barack Obama, however as he revealed in his first autobiography Dreams from My Father is a communist son of a communist father who, in his only known published writing, shows a heavy interest in 100% taxation, government seizing land and business, and government controlling all aspects of the economy. 
Barack Obama is driven toward higher goals than mere money and mere power. Barack Obama believes in the necessity, efficacy and benefit of Totalitarian Communism just as his father did. He is a “watermelon” . . . pretending interest in green activity on the outside to further socialistic and communistic aims that lie deep within his heart. Our liberal media is now committed to advancing Obama’s re-election campaign as they did his original election . . . and to advancing the progressive agenda no matter what the cost to America and to her people. Americans are being denied the information necessary to make intelligent decisions by the media which thinks they, like Obama, know more about what’s good for us, than we ourselves do. Inform your friends and neighbors and every intelligent voter you can find, this “movement” for global-warming is a red herring for total government control. But, first, do NOT trust me. Do not trust the greenies, read the links above, get all the information you can find and make an informed evaluation of where exactly the truth in this matter lies.## 
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
** Progressivism is the doctrine that we must “progress” beyond the “ill-conceived and outdated U.S. Constitution” if we are to ever make “progress” toward an earthly Utopia.
^^ Of course carbon dioxide is vital to life on this planet including creating our oxygen and even is crucial for the production of rain. When CO2 is low, droughts ensue.
## Rajjpuut recently wrote a blog on the 13 most dangerous items ever published
the part of that article which might shock you is that counting down from #13 to #1, the single most dangerous thing ever published in Rajjpuut’s not-so-humble opinion was: 
   The book: Silent Spring by Rachel Carson  
Whatever was said about global warming pseudo-pscientific pshenanigans is true in spades about environmental “research” into products that keep humanity safe . . . such as DDT.
While the verdict is still out on whether Cap and Trade legislation or regulatory edict will take hold and cripple America’s economy, Ms. Carson has quietly passed Jack the Ripper, Ted Bundy, the Cuban combo of Castro and Che Guevara, Pol Pot, Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin and Chairman Mao to move onto the throne as the all-time #1 mass murderer. She did it with her little science-FICTION book masquerading as real science:  Silent Spring. Despite documenting no actual science, Ms. Carson was able to practically create the extremist wing of the environmental movement single-handedly; and to influence the American government and the United Nations to institute a worldwide ban on DDT, the most effective and most harmless insecticide ever created.
By 1972, deaths from just one tropical mosquito-borne disease, malaria, had dropped to 41,400 worldwide. Now and for virtually every single one of the 38 years since the DDT ban took effect malaria deaths stand at roughly 2.1 million yearly, not to mention the even greater number of surviving millions who will now spend every third day of their life suffering the ravages of malaria’s fever. All told, considering all the nine deadly tropical diseases dramatically reduced using DDT which are now running rampant, Ms. Carson has killed about 98 million people.
Rajjpuut has been told about a showman who purportedly would drink DDT as tea and also use it as salad dressing. The safety of the substance is seen in the fact that it was sprayed directly upon U.S. servicemen in World War II; and upon their clothing and tents; and that today many African nations are starting to avoid the DDT ban and use DDT again – their favorite way? They spray their huts inside and out three times yearly.
Despite Ms. Carson’s undocumented claims of testing, no human has ever been proved to have developed cancer from DDT exposure; no animals with fewer than six legs has ever been shown to have been harmed by DDT; and DDT has never been shown to actually make birds’ eggshells thinner: QED.  But lack of DDT, definitely kills 2.1 million people a year. As Hippocrates said, “First do NO HARM.”
Speaking of harm . . . although the Climate-Gate scandal wasn’t uncovered in Europe until early November, 2009, in March of 2009 the British Parliament published its results into an investigation of the East Anglia University’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) and man-caused global-warming. The progressives in control of Parliament at that time did their best to hide the real meat of the investigation. In volume two of the report, there is a memorandum submitted as evidence from Lord Lawson of Blaby, chairman of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, which was in response to four very significant questions from the investigating committee. This memo confirms the claims by many global warming skeptics that the scientists at CRU were trying to hide data and silence the skeptics. The questions asked by the investigative committee are as follows:
(i) Have the CRU scientists been manipulating the raw surface temperature data in a way that is less than wholly objective and dispassionate?
(ii) Have they refused dissenting scientists and/or other outsiders with a bona fide interest in global warming access to the raw data, contrary to the proper canons of scientific research and to the demands of scientific integrity?
(iii) Have they been improperly seeking to avoid answering Freedom of information Act requests?
(iv) Have they actively sought to prevent papers by dissenting scientists, statisticians, or other informed commentators from being peer-reviewed and/or published, again contrary to the proper canons of scientific research and to the demands of scientific integrity?
Lord Lawson's response to these questions is damning:
“We believe that there is compelling evidence both independent of the leaked email exchanges and arising from those emails to suggest that the answers to (ii), (iii) and (iv) above are clearly 'yes'.”
However, Lord Lawson chooses his words more carefully in answering the smoking-gun question at the top of the list: “Moreover, we are disturbed by the CRU scientists' treatment of the so-called divergence problem. That is the fact that, for that period of time where both a proxy global temperature series and a recorded global temperature series are available, the two series markedly diverge. This clearly suggests either that the proxy series is unreliable or that the recorded series is unreliable (or possibly both: the point is that they cannot both be true). The CRU scientists' attempt to hide the problem by concealing the divergence demonstrates, we believe, a lack of integrity.”
If this study had been taken seriously in Europe there’s a good chance that Climate-Gate would have happened many, many months earlier. If it and the Climate-Gate scandal had been reported here (as well as Barack Obama’s, Al Gore’s and George Soros’ conflict of interest with regard to CCX) in America, there’s a good chance that our economy would now be humming again as Congress responded to the American people’s awareness and disgust with Washington corruption on energy and the environment. As American Thinker tells us, “Integrity is at the very heart of the Man-Caused GW debate -- not just the integrity of the discredited scientists involved, but also the integrity of the data used by the CRU. For many years, the global warming skeptics have been citing that the differing data sets are not in agreement and have asked the simple question "why?" Their assertion has always been that until a scientific explanation for the differences is found, there can be no definitive conclusion concerning M-CGW. This question was always avoided by the now-discredited Dr. Jones, who headed up the CRU. But finally, some light has been shed onto the question of integrity of the data.”
By the way, in the United States the cost of carbon-trading tax legislation would reach $10 Trillion yearly or 40% of the economy without producing a good or service. Since the entire real economy is worth only $15 Trillion that means that costs of all other goods and services would rise 67% with the profits going to Gore and his cronies ($10 TR/$15 TR = 67%). Nevertheless Gore and his buddy George Soros are still pushing global warming and carbon trading via the United Nations and Soros’ lackey Barack Obama has pledged to comply with whatever programs the U.N. comes up with. 
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Until the American mainstream media comes to its senses and begins acting like journalists again, real investigative stories (like the one linked above from the ultra-liberal London Times) will not appear in ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN newscasts. Truth will NOT be available to Americans from our oldest news outlets. That story is over five months old and required the London Times to eat some very serious crow, for they had been driving the global-warming bandwagon for many years. The actual event took place on November 17, 2009. It took the Times twelve days to research the story before their Environment Editor Jonathan Leake drove a stake into the heart of global-warming with his article entitled “The Great Climate Change Science Scandal” which agreed with the conclusions of the press and neutral scientists around the globe, that the East Anglia Climate Research Unit (CRU) had perpetrated an expensive and elaborate hoax on the world. That story has not been run in the New York. Times yet nor in any other major Liberal newspaper or broadcast company. As we speak, Cap and Trade legislation based upon global warming theory is poised for passage in the United States Senate.
Another story you’ll probably have to pick up first on FOX News or in the London Times is this one . . . our president Barack Obama and our ex-vice president Al Gore are still using that false global warming alarmism to confuse the American public and are guilty of deliberate conflict of interest that will bilk the American economy of $10 TRillion each and every year.
You’d have to read that in Investor’s Business Daily ( of course, not in the mainstream media) or hear it on Fox. The lamestream media is too busy protecting Obama’s butt and worshipping him to actually protect our country.
Here (above) is a brief schematic of the corrupt connections designed to sell America and the free market down the river and scam us all of 40% of every dollar spent in the country from now till hell freezes over . . . .
If and when Cap and Trade legislation passes . . . an enormous fortune will be made by Joel Rogers, the man who owns Obama’s strings, and the brains behind CCX (Chicago Climate eXchange). CCX is a business venture owned by Al Gore and his London partners the fifth largest owners; Barack Obama, Joel Rogers, John Ayers (brother of Weather Underground bomber and Obama ghostwriter Bill Ayers, several Goldman Sachs bigwigs, and 10% owned by Goldman Sachs the investment firm itself; Richard Sandor and surprise, surprise by Fannie Mae (who owns the patent on the methodology) as well as several other key progressive organizations and individuals such as Van Jones, Andy Stern and unions AFLCIO and SEIU.
Sandor, the founder and man in charge of CCX has been videotaped saying that cap and trade will be a $10 TRillion industry. Since all actual U.S. manufacturing production and services (where something is actually produced or a service actually performed) create $15.4 TRillion per year that means that about 40% of all costs associated with anything produced in this country will be associated with Cap and Trade legislation and therefore the final costs after cap and trade costs passed on to American and world consumers will be roughly 67% greater because of the existence of Cap and Trade Laws. For you arithmetically challenged .4/.6 = .6666667
But Sandor is a small potatoes guy . . . the brains of the outfit, the man behind the great green curtain in Obama’s Emerald City Ozville is a communist activist Wisconsin professor named Joel Rogers. He is the man who owns Obama’s strings, a man who says here in this link below that “Capitalism is Monstrous.” He is the creator of the Apollo Alliance (seemingly a progressive money-laundering foundation) which received $80 Million from Obama’s stimulus funds. These progressive foundations (The Joyce Foundation; The Tides Foundation; The Apollo Foundation; the old ACORN; etc. are just a few of a long list of progressive foundations who channel money into other progressive foundations and quite naturally receive money channeled into them by other progressive foundations . . . while big surprise, Barack Obama’s name is found on the board of many of them) received a huge amount of our stimulus money. Joel Rogers is the leader of a cunning collusion for profit and power. But the mainstream media will not cover All-American Joel or his organizations or his connection to Barack Obama or Al Gore or the full corrupt story . . . . when they finally regain their senses and their journalistic spirit, Rajjpuut suggests they start their investigation with CCX. Why? Follow the money!
Being associated with all these progressive foundations with all that loose money floating through them is surely profitable, but only chump change compared to what happens if and when cap and trade becomes a reality. When it first appeared that Cap and Trade legislation which narrowly passed in the house last spring was dead on the senate floor . . . Joel Rogers is the one who prodded Barack Obama to prod the Environmental Protection Agency to issue an edict, a regulation, that would in effect make cap and trade legislation the law of the land and classify carbon emissions as dangerous pollutants and that would make the CCX immediately a going highly-profitable concern and make the individuals mentioned above a fortune for selling, uh . . . blue sky. Free blue sky with the carbon-dioxide in it that plant life needs to grow and produce oxygen for us to breathe would be symbolically exchanged for other free blue sky with a bit less carbon dioxide in it in accordance with the EPA directives and run through the exchange system computers on programs for which the patents are owned by Fannie Mae. Something for nothing, abso-frigging-lutely nothing will never cost so much in the history of the universe and Joel and Obama and Al and Richard Sandor and John Ayers and the Goldman Sachs bunch are the folks who will be taking us to the cleaners while literally selling “licenses to pollute,” according to their own interviews. Makes you proud to be an American, eh?
Actually, Rajjpuut is very proud to be an American and one reason is the existence of Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn, his April, 2010 Statesman of the month who took on Al Gore’s lies face to fact (link above). Al can run to his $9 million new mansion in Montecito, California alongside the global-warmed rising seas but he cannot hide from her direct question, “. . . will you in any way, profit personally, from the legislation you’re supporting here today?” Ms. Blackburn and Senator Inhofe are also behind the movement that made the EPA backdown from instituting cap and trade by regulation . . . you see the EPA was violating its own rules because they cannot issue regulations based upon somebody else’s studies but must do the environmental, or in this case the climate, studies themselves. And, of course, the EPA was basing their edict upon the Climate-Gate fraudulent figuring done at CRU in East Anglia, my, my, my. Ms. Blackburn’s got more courage in her pinky fingernail than all the inglorious mainstream media reporters and executives combined.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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