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Thank God for Rep Brooks protecting our technology.


First Obama agrees to reduce our ICBM force down to 1550 missiles and then the Russian were allowed to see defense missile in old silos that have been converted to defense missiles. While Rep Brooks seeks to block Obama from giving the Russians our technology Obama is still seeking to declassify information about our missiles so they can share it. Wow, Obama is doing the enemies work for them!

I guess this is one of the things Obama meant when he told the Russians he would have more flexibility after the re-election. We know Obama is letting the Chinese attend our Naval exercises and I am sure when they went to meet the Russians afterwards they did not share everything. Obama wants to cut 12 brigades and two of our active carriers, which have a sub and many other ships with them. Seems like a wish list from the Russians and Chinese are Obama's to do list. 


Can not think of why anyone would want to impeach Obama and not just let him do what he does so well until his term expires.


The Washington Free Beacon  reported, "The visit by the Russians is likely to prompt concerns on Capitol Hill from Republicans opposed to the administration’s efforts to share missile defense technology with the Russians.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R., Ala.) revealed in May during congressional testimony from Vice Adm. James D. Syring, director of the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency, that the administration has sought to declassify sensitive missile defense technology that could be shared with Moscow.

As a result, Brooks drafted legislation that would prohibit the Pentagon from releasing classified missile defense know-how to the Russians, specifically advanced hit-to-kill missile defense interceptor technology."

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