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Republicans have their flaws, God only knows, but during this past year they have been joined at the hip - in unison against Obama, his cronies, and his government run healthcare. That took a lot of courage.

They should be praised and encouraged, not spanked as Glenn Beck did at CPAC this past weekend. After over a year of negativity and bashing from this president, Americans, especially Republicans, needed a good old fashioned Reagan speech. Just think back to last year's CPAC. Republicans were a party in turmoil, with the lowest ratings ever, and no hope for the future. In less that one year, it's a completely different story.

But, a third party will ensure another Obama term, and if we are to fix and take back the Republican Party, it cannot be done with negative attacks. At this point, with the elections close at hand (including the primaries) intimating is not going to do it. Take a stand, no time for playing games or being vague. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. And so it goes....

In the spirit of FOX News: I report, you decide

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Tea Party Radio Celebrity Receives Honors

Dr. Laurie Roth an outstanding radio host of her nationally syndicated “The Roth Show” was honored at CPAC numerous times.

Dr. Roth, PhD. hosted the first Tea Party Hour on her national talk show and continues it weekly from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. PST. The Tea Party Hour, also internet streams from her site at for those who are in non-broadcast locations.

Her first honor was an all expense paid round trip from her home in the State of Washington to CPAC. She enjoyed this exciting honor because of her diligent work in writing lead articles for outstanding News sites across the Internet. She has written over 50 articles for Canada Free Press alone, not to mention her articles being published on World Net Daily and other world class E-publications.

Her second honor came when she was asked to be the Master Of Ceremonies for the most prodigious event at CPAC. Dr. Laurie Roth introduced Newt Gingrich, Representative Ron Paul, Allen B. North, Brigadier General Van Hipp and a host of other “Who’s Who” of the Conservative Movement. Dr. Laurie Roth hosted the three hour event in the Marriot Ballroom, filled to capacity with over 5,000 people in attendance which was televised on CSPAN to a viewing audience numbering in the tens of millions.

Her third award was the best of all. Dr. Laurie Roth was honored by being nominated for the impressive Ronald Reagan Award. Each year less than 5 candidates from across America are considered for such a distinguished award. Dr. Laurie Roth’s enduring service to her nation, her ability to give breaking lead stories on her show, as well as being the first to host the Tea Party Hour, no doubt weighed heavy on the Judges decision to nominate her. Her miraculous recovery from a near fatal motorcycle accident and getting off life support no doubt had a bearing on her nomination as well.

After the announcement that the Ronald Reagan Award was given to all the Tea Parties it became obvious Dr. Laurie Roth also added to the over all influence of the Tea Party movement. No doubt her Patriotic influence by the promoting of the Tea Party with some of her best radio time is having a great impact on America.

After the award dinner was complete; Dale Robertson - President/Founder of the Tea Party, www.TeaParty.Org, interviewed Laurie Roth, she said: “I am so honored to even be considered, I am truly blessed and grateful for this moment.”

In another interview, Dr. Roth was quoted: “When I agreed to have the Tea Party Hour on my show, I knew this is what I was supposed to do. It felt right and I believe God is blessing it and me as well.”

Dr. Laurie Roth’s friends have sent her countless accolades.

Stephen Eichler, J.D. made this statement to the press about Dr. Laurie Roth:

“To think just a couple of years ago she was fighting for her life and now, she in on the stage introducing the leadership of America to the world. It makes me proud to call her my friend.

Laurie got off life support, and so can America.”


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