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Defense Acquisition Fraud and Cover-Up

My last duty assignment for the Air Force was to transfer software to the Air Force for the C-130 Avionics Modernization Program.  Exposure to that program revealed many questionable acts.  For example:  C-130 AMP development started with a fixed-price subcontract for system software development.  Over several years, the program office paid the entire agreed fixed price for accomplishment of less than half of the software development task.  Then, in spite of the subcontractor’s default, the program office administratively “converted” the fixed-price software-development subcontract to cost-plus.  Now, over the passage of nine more years, the program office has paid more than ten times the original fixed price for C-130 AMP software development.


I filed a criminal complaint with the FBI to report this action and several other acts that I believe constitute federal crimes.  If these crimes go uncorrected, in addition to gross overpayment for system development, they will likely embezzle system specifications and software that cost the public over $1.5B.  In turn, illicit developer sole possession and control of system specifications and software will create a false absence of competition that will likely result in (1) the public paying whatever the developer wants for system production and sustainment throughout the life of the program and (2) the public paying for redevelopment instead of reuse of C-130 AMP specifications and software that could satisfy similar requirements in other programs.


The FBI deferred my complaint to the Air Force Office of Special Investigation.  Two years have passed with no indication that they have done anything other than cooperatively squelch my complaint.


More important than this case itself is that it shows fraud and cover-up could exist in every defense acquisition program.  The largest defense acquisition programs could account for trillions of dollars in public loss and debt, and major degradation of national security.

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AG Eric Holder lies to Congress’
Oversight Chairman Issa in
Covering-up DOJ Gun Gaffes
          Whether you’re talking about the debt-ceiling “debate” or Eric Holder’s refusal to cooperate with the House Oversight Committee investigation, we’re beginning to detect a pattern here . . .  the Obama administration believes that obfuscation and spin will win!  We'll soon find out if that's true for the economy and for deliberately seeking to undermine the 2nd Amendment . . . .
According to Rajjpuut’s unofficial count:  42 times in the last two weeks, President Barack Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden, and various other progressive Democrats resorted to the phrase “shared sacrifice” in discussing their attempts to raise the ceiling on the national debt, increase government spending, and expand the size of government. In all 42 out of those 42 occasions the very next words next escaping from the other side of the orators’ mouths were condemnations of the Republicans in Congress, especially those controlling the House of Representatives, for seeking to get fat “on the backs of the middle class.” In addition, Obama also said that it was the public’s worry that the debt-ceiling would NOT be increased that was causing uncertainty in the business community thus hampering hiring and contributing to last month’s rise from 9.1% to 9.2% unemployment in the nation which occurred despite 250,000 job applicants quitting the hunt for work and no longer being counted as “unemployed.” Meanwhile only 18,000 new jobs were created in June while the job numbers from April and May were revised downward 44,000 jobs.
The last claim by the President is absolutely shocking in its disregard for the truth. YES, the business community as a whole and small business owners (the segment of society most commonly attributed for creating new jobs) in particular have certainly spoken repeatedly about uncertainty . . . but it is their uncertainty with regard to Obamacare; new government regulations; energy cost; and more than anything else government spending and government interference in the businessman’s life that has caused them to keep their investment funds on the sidelines. In other words, it is Obama’s policies which are creating the uncertainty (and certainly NOT the Republicans’ attempts to slash government spending, reduce the national debt and dramatically shrink the size and scope of the federal government. The President’s fast-and-loose treatment of the truth, however, only earns second place in the BS Sweepstakes for early July.
By far the most shameless spinning going on right now is that of Attorney General Eric Holder and other spokesmen within his “Justice” Department. First of all, it is now a certainty that Eric Holder has lied under oath when discussing “Operation Fast and Furious” as to when he first learned of and how much he knew about this seemingly rogue operation that deliberately put American weapons in the hands of Mexican drug-cartel operatives and cost at least two American immigration officers their lives as well as potentially the lives of hundreds of Mexican citizens as thousands of American weapons were deliberately sold to drug cartel operatives and then allowed to flow across the southern border into Mexico. Ordinary internet viewers were already reading of the DOJ’s improprieties at least a full seven weeks prior to the time which Holder has stated in sworn testimony to Darryl Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee that he first learned of problems with Fast and Furious.
While pledging openness and cooperation with the Oversight Committee, Holder and his department have submitted countless filings of obstructions to the scope of the investigation. Even when a DOJ paper is turned over to Issa’s committee it is virtually completely blacked out except for the DOJ heading and words like “the,” “and,” “a,” “of” and “an.”  While otherwise claiming privileged communications within the DOJ could not be examined. The seriousness of this matter can be calculated by this simple fact: instead of only the stalwart FOXNEWS organization and New York Post reporting on the issue, just this week (after two months!) even CNN has also begun to cover the story.
This much is certain: Both the DOJ and the Federal Bureau of Investigation deliberately left the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) in the dark as to virtually every aspect of Operation Fast and Furious which was known within the ATF as “Project Gunrunner.” Throughout the life of the ill-conceived sting operation, ATF was spinning its wheels investigating people and events that the DOJ and FBI already knew everything about. Meanwhile the DOJ saw to it that American weapons were put into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels and then allowed those weapons to drop off the information grid. Two of those weapons are implicated in the deaths of the two Immigration officers.
While Holder and other bigwigs in the FBI, DOJ, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Attorney’s Office (who conducted all sorts of wire taps that the ATF was never allowed to know about) and even the Drug Enforcement Agency have been zipping lips and pointing shaking fingers at ATF acting director, Kenneth Melson as their hoped for scapegoat; truth has nevertheless begun to pour out. Melson and virtually the entire ATF have been forthrightly providing Issa’s committee with truckloads of information including documents that reveal the ATF’s initial and ongoing reservation for the wisdom of the DOJ initiated operation. Obama and Holder are pressuring Melson to resign and take the fall for the botched operation which Holder appears to have created.
The skeleton of what is now conclusively known points at Holder’s DOJ as plotting to create an embarrassment for the nation’s 2nd Amendment enthusiasts by creating scenarios implying that their shortfalls and enthusiasm for selling and buying weapons were behind much of the Mexican drug cartel armaments. However, rather than legal and normal gun sales leading to better armed drug lords, it is up to now only certain that the DOJ’s interference (while using the ATF as an unknowing stooge) has put guns into the hands of these lawless criminals. Holder is meanwhile doing everything he can to point at Melson and even DOJ underlings as the root cause of the fiasco.
In a letter to Holder released yesterday, Oversight Chairman Rep. Daryl Issa and Sen. Chuck Grassley accused the Justice Department of blocking their investigation into the burgeoning scandal (which has resulted in the deaths of at least two American agents and countless Mexican civilians), muzzling the ATF and involving other federal agencies, including the FBI and the DEA, in funding the crackpot scheme.
"The evidence we have gathered raises the disturbing possibility that the Justice Department not only allowed criminals to smuggle weapons, but that taxpayer dollars from other agencies may have financed those engaging in such activities," said Issa and Grassley in the letter.   
"It is one thing to argue that the ends justify the means in an attempt to defend a policy that puts building a big case ahead of stopping known criminals from getting guns. Yet it is a much more serious matter to conceal from Congressthe possible involvement of other agencies in identifying and maybe even working with the same criminals that Operation Fast and Furious was trying to identify."  The following five paragraphs are courtesy of the New York Post article linked above:
Issa and Grassley note in their letter, that had the other agencies shared information with the ATF, "then ATF might have known that gun trafficking 'higher-ups' had already been identified."   Since the identities of the Mexican criminals were known to the feds, precisely what was the point of Project Gunrunner -- and why is Holder so desperately trying to stonewall by withholding hundreds of documents from Congress?
Law-abiding gun owners and dealers think they already know. With the Obama administration wedded to the fiction that 90 percent of the guns Mexican cartels use originate here in the United States -- which they do not -- many suspect that "Fast and Furious" was a backdoor attempt to smear domestic gun aficionados as part of its stealth efforts on gun controlby executive (Presidential) fiat.  "I just want you to know that we're working on it," Obama was quoted as saying to gun-control advocate Sarah Brady in a March speech. "We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar."  Unfortunately for the administration, this one's out in the open now.
Melson testified behind closed doors on July 4, but the country needs to hear him speak -- loudly and publicly. "Let me be clear," Issa wrote to Melson in April, "we are not conducting a concurrent investigation with the Department of Justice, but rather an independent investigation of the Department of Justice."  Exactly. Because this one's not just a domestic issue. A Mexican senator, Rene Arce Islas, told Fox News that he believes whoever is responsible for the monumental, lethal screw-up should be tried not only in America but in Mexico, too.
That's not going to happen, of course. Even if any prominent American officials are implicated, there is zero chance they'd have to face Mexican justice.  But Issa's charge that Holder & Co. are obstructing a congressional investigation is serious. Not even the Justice Department is above the law.
The best way to disinfect the putrid mess that is Operation Fast and Furious is to expose it to sunlight. Let's hear what the attorney general and others have to say in open hearings.  Because somebody's got some "splainin' " to do -- fast, before the American people get furious.
Eric Holder’s involvement is no longer in doubt, if he wasn’t aware of “Fast and Furious” he’s an incompetent and should lose his job; if he was aware (which all signs clearly point to now), he’s stepped way over the line from malfeasance into deep, deep corruption by now unabashedly heading up the cover-up . . . the real questions, given the quote from Obama’s speeches to anti-gun functions are these: How much does Barack know? When did he first learn it? Did he authorize “Fast and Furious” himself?
            It now appears that Obama himself spearheaded this operation. We say that because the Obama administration is choosing to spin the screwed-up “Fast and Furious” results as indications of the need to institute anti-2nd Amendment measures immediately by Presidential fiat. This latest power-grab by the administration is being euphemistically called “new gun safety measures” and will be implemented by Eric Holder’s Justice Department without Congressional input. Presidential press secretary Jay Carney announced today that the “new steps will be made public in the near future.” 
Looking for a sweeping net of proposed benefit, Carney said the purpose of the new laws will be to “prevent another Tucson.” Anti-gun zealots are refusing to notice that incompetent law enforcement by the Tucson Sheriff Dupnik (the one calling within minutes of the shooting for condemnation of the “haters” and implying that the haters included talk radio and FOXNews). Of course, the leftist enthusiast perpetrator Jared Loughner is criminally insane and had dozens of contact situations with the congresswoman he shot (as well as 18 other people including the six who were killed. Dupnik ignored several prior complaints about Loughner including at Loughner’s university.
Carney and others are tying “Project Gunrunner” to the Bush administration. This is false. Gunrunner was a Bush sting on illegal gun purchases wherein the guns were sold and the illegal recipients were immediately arrested in the United States.  Holder deliberately allowed the ATF to believe that Project Gunrunner was just being continued with a new emphasis. As soon as savvy ATF agents on the ground figured out what was going on (no arrests but just following the guns into Mexico?) they were alarmed and protested loud and long . . . several of these whistle-blowers have lost their jobs already. The brilliance of the Obama administration’s “Fast and Furious” is that the guns are now forever lost unless they are found later at crime scenes. Told you it was brilliant!
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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“Showcased” Obama-Endorsed Green Company

Wasted $ 390 Million in Stimulus Funds



            Here’s one more story the mainstream-lamestream media won’t cover. Is that thirty-six or thirty-seven major scandals or lies within Mr. Obama’s corrupt administration we’ve been spared?***

            As the country once again moves toward $4 a gallon gasoline, this time with an anti-oil administration running the Oval Office which swore to create five million green tech jobs and begin the end of oil dependency, do you remember that $787 Billion Obama stimulus that was supposed to keep unemployment below 8%?   A green-tech company that raised huge amounts of  money for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, which then became the poster-boy for  his green-tech initiatives and the first company to receive  Obama stimulus money, Solyndra, Inc. of Fremont, California, has it turns out wasted at least $390 million of $535 Million of federal Stimulus funds.  

          Solyndra, which received three ringing TV appearance endorsements personally from Vice-President Joe Biden and two from Obama himself, is now the subject of a congressional investigation into waste, fraud and abuse by the House Energy and Commerce Committee which has revealed that the company was not eligible for a loan guarantee which the company stated would help them create 3,000 construction jobs and 1,000 permanent green jobs in the manufacture of solar panels. Solyndra is also closing plants instead of opening new ones. The oversight committee has also revealed details of an $800,000 ad campaign designed to promote good eating habits which might have created 2.5 advertising jobs, but did nothing seriously to fight unemployment. While the advertising company did turn a profit from the stimulus, Solyndra has never turned a profit during the six years of its existence despite being a pet project for Oklahoma billionaire George Kaiser who did a better job as a major campaign fund raiser for Obama-Biden 2008 then he did running a green-tech company.

           Mattie Corrao, government affairs manager with Americans for Tax Reform, said the Solyndra loan shows how hollow Obama’s promise to “keep close track over how stimulus money has been spent” has proven itself. “They (the Obama administration) are trying to pretend we’re creating jobs and hoping the taxpayers are dumb enough and blind enough to believe the lie,” Corrao said. “After two years of unemployment about 9 percent, people aren’t going to believe it anymore.” Because of the close personal connection between Kaiser and Obama, Corrao says the loan should never have been considered in the first place. No Solyndra officials would speak with conservative reporters about the story.


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,



***          Let’s count backwards, OK? But first, when you go to:


You’ll find a 40-page list of the stories that the mainstream media has refused to cover or investigate about president Obama’s administration; their associations; their lies; their failures etc. Stories which, if a conservative were involved, would have each rated about two weeks coverage . . . judge for yourself. It begins with him seeking 1995 political endorsement in Chicago from the coalition (of ACORN and the union SEIU) which called itself:  the “Marxist New Party.” Obama at the time was an ACORN attorney browbeating and shaking down lenders to get them to comply with the deliberate-bad-loans requirement of the CRA-77 legislation that led to the subprime crisis that eventually bankrupted the country and caused the financial meltdown in late 2007.   His rant on “White Folks Greed” is actually a quote of Jeremiah Wright (the pastor he says he never listened to while spending 20 years in his church) which Obama put in his own book “Dreams from my Father” . . .  runs through 175 appointment scandals (44 Czars never vetted by the Senate or FBI include at least 35 with acknowledged communist ties) . . . etc., etc.  How can the mainstream media refuse to show this guy’s true stripes?

Here is a list of ten key stories taken at random by Rajjpuut that 95% of Americans have never heard about because the liberal press refuses to bring this guy’s very suspect record up for examination. He’s their darling and they will protect him. Here are the stories and the nature of the scandal involved:

10.    Solyndra: stimulus money goes to firm of major Obama fundraiser. $390 million of the $535 million stimulus money is wasted and 4,000 promised jobs are NOT created.        CRONY-CAPITALISM

9.  Third revelation of General Motors and Chrysler closing down profitable car dealerships owned by Republican donors so that nearby failing or barely profitable dealerships owned by Obama 2008 supporting dealerships benefit from near monopoly status.       


     8. Two things here . . . . a) Not only was President Obama lying when he said his plan (Obamacare) would allow you to “keep your present plan, if you like it;” and he failed to tell the public that an “interim final rule” filed as regulations by three agencies (among the 390+ agencies created within Obamacare) made it against the law for your plan to make certain changes required to keep them compatible with Obamacare, so these plans (including plans specifically ‘grandfathered in’) are non-compliant and you can’t keep using them. And b) you’ll remember that Obamacare passed first by reconciliation in the Senate so that the 60-40 majority wasn’t required to allow a vote; and then Obama had to sign a last minute piece of paper guaranteeing that no federally-funded abortions would be allowed under Obamacare. This got him 12 last-minute anti-abortion Democratic votes led by Michigan’s Bart Stupak. Over 100,000 federally-funded abortions have already occurred under Obamacare; indeed they were made the very first covered Obamacare operations.         HHS (sometimes called the “Dept. of Health and Abortion Services”) run by Kathleen Sebelius has also not been in compliance with the federal government’s financial management laws so it’s impossible to trace exactly how widespread this federal-funding of Obamacare abortions really is and literally cannot account for hundreds of millions of dollars.  LIES, DOUBLE-DEALING, and DELIBERATE MISUSE OF FEDERAL FUNDS 

7.   Remember all those promises of openness and square-dealing that Obama would insist upon as he dramatically changed the “climate in Washington?”  The Obama administration has on at least 40 occasions denied release of information under the Freedom of Information Act by claiming that “such-and-such report is still in draft form” and therefore exempt from the FOIA and somehow the final form is never ever completed. Most recent case of this broken promise game: The Department of Justice’s (DOJ) promise made in federal court that they’d be forthcoming and release an internal memo detailing their investigation into how and illegal alien known criminal was never deported and allowed to stay in the country long enough to kill a Virginia nun in a drunken-driving incident. When did she get killed?  August, 2010. The latest missed date on this case: January 18, 2011. And, yep, the report is still in “draft” form.

                                DOUBLE-DEALING; OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE; LIE related to OPENNESS

6. You know all those continuing resolutions (CRs) that are passed so that the government continues to operate? Why isn’t any permanent “fix” ever passed? Obama sneakiness. Virtually every permanent spending bill Barack Obama has tried to get passed has been full of freebies and other goodies for his union supporters. One that caught my eye was back in September last year when one bill turned out to contain a $20 Billion list of add-ons benefitting the unions with taxpayer money. For example: the $1.9 Billion “Race to the Top” grants supposedly aimed at rewarding better-performing schools . . . was, it turned out, merely  $1.9 Billion so that school districts could hire $1.9 Billion worth of new UNION teachers . . . the bill discriminated against teachers who would not join the teachers’ union.



5.   You’ve heard of the New Black Panther voter-intimidation case in Philadelphia that was already won which the Obama DOJ chose to drop? Well this one is much, much more serious. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) boss Andy Stern, according to White House logs has been the most frequent single visitor of the President over the first two+ years of his administration. SEIU was the biggest contributor to Obama-Biden 2008. The Federal Election Commission under the Obama DOJ has dropped an election violation case against the SEIU union that was also won. The union required local affiliates of SEIU to contribute to the union’s political action fund violating federal election laws.   Of the $9 million war chest the SEIU amassed how much might have gone to Obama’s Democrats? 97%? More? SEIU is now squeezing its local workers for the 2012 elections. How often do you hear of prosecutors with already won cases dropping them?



4. Goldman-Sachs company is sometimes called “Government-Sachs” because of all their political connections and their ability to come out smelling like a rose no matter how scandalous their behavior.   You’ll recall that G-S earned several billion dollars acting on behalf, supposedly for AIG, in the federal bailout of AIG.   You’ll also recall that G-S was forced to make restitution to thousands of clients for double-dealing when it sold them with glowing reports virtually worthless security options. Now it turns out that a)  Goldman-Sachs “minted” most of the horrible real estate investments that got AIG in trouble and that Obama Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner helped them to hide that information. Geithner is a former Goldman employee as is his chief of staff, Mark Patterson.  According to web watchdog “When a congressional panel convened a hearing on the government rescue of American International Group Inc. in January, the public scolding of Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner got the most attention. Lawmakers said the former head of the New York Federal Reserve Bank had presided over a backdoor bailout of Wall Street firms and a cover-up… Representative Darrell Issa,…placed into the hearing record a five-page document itemizing the mortgage securities on which banks such as Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Societe Generale SA had bought $62.1 billion in credit-default swaps from AIG. These were the deals that pushed the insurer to the brink of insolvency — and were eventually paid in full at taxpayer expense. The New York Fed, which secretly engineered the bailout, prevented the full publication of the document for more than a year, even when AIG wanted it released.”  By the way, Geithner also once ran the NY Fed Reserve Bank. The Obama Administration has obstructed a proper accounting of what went wrong in the financial crisis. More from Bloomberg: “The public can now see for the first time how poorly the securities performed, with losses exceeding 75 percent of their notional value in some cases. Compounding this, the document and Bloomberg data demonstrate that the banks that bought the swaps from AIG are mostly the same firms that underwrote the CDOs in the first place. The banks should have to explain how they managed to buy protection from AIG primarily on securities that fell so sharply in value… Professor James Cox of Duke University School of Law says: “They may have been trying to shield Goldman — for Goldman’s sake or out of macro concerns that another investment bank would be at risk.” — points out there are numerous Goldman Sachs pals of Barack Obama and Timothy Geithner who now work for the Obama Administration. They include: Adam Storch, Neel Kashkari, Geithner himself, Mark Patterson, Gary Gensler, Gene Sperling, and Jide Zeitlin.


3. A story that got absolutely NO coverage in the mainstream press was the dissolution of CCX. Funny, over the nine years of its existence the Chicago Climate eXchange’s very existence was dubious; at least the lame-stream mainstream media saw no reason to tell the taxpayers and voters they existed.    Based upon Al Gore’s dubious premises about global warming now proven only supported by corrupt “scientists,” in the background,


Progressive Democrats (including Gore, Kerry, both Clintons and Obama) have been trying to sell Americans for the last nine years on the need for cap and trade legislation. In 2001 based upon money illegally diverted from federal homes programs by Franklin Raines, a patented computer program for carbon-trading was created. A group of about 100 progressive insiders including Gore, Obama, Raines, Goldman-Sachs officials, George Soros, and numerous self-declared Marxists from the sixties established CCX. If Cap and Trade law had ever been passed carbon-trading would have changed the American economy overnight from a $15 TRillion economy to a $25 TRillion one without creating a single new product or service . . . in effect an overnight 67% inflation ($10 TRillion cap and trade charges divided by $15 TRillion REAL economy) as the holder of the patent and owner of CCX this scandalous progressive consortium would have extracted huge commissions on every carbon-trade that ever occurred for the next twenty years and beyond making virtually every member of the group a hundred-billionaire. When Conservative news gatherers like FOXNews caught the scent several participants sold out their shares. When Cap and Trade failed again and a largely Republican House was voted in – CCX dissolved and the participants moved to England where’s Gore’s shell company is still hoping for Cap and Trade to become global.

                SIMPLE PURE CORRUPTION . . . LIES . . . Cover-up’


2. We have a tie for the #2 spot. a) After conservative press and bloggers got wind of the connections behind Obama’s 44 Czars showing that most of them were self-admitted Marxists and other radicals the mainstream media (MSM) refused to cover the stories of these Czars’ background. When two of them made their outright communism evident (Anita Dunn (praising Chairman Mao killer of 58 million Chinese in peace time) and Van Jones (several of his speeches calling for “revolution” got out across the internet), the MSM still ignored the stories. Finally, it came out that Van Jones’ radicalism included being  a “9/11-Truther” who claimed the U.S. government had conspired to create 9/11’s devastation . . . after the conservative press carried the story for three weeks, Van Jones quietly “resigned” and Dunn as well. Total coverage by most of the MSM: two minutes. b) Obama’s plan to seize over ten million acres of land in nine western states using an obscure clause of the Antiquities Act of 1906 to designate all the land as “monuments” went totally uncovered by the MSM. For those of you who don’t know it, the vast majority of federal land is already owned in the west with Nevada, for example, belongs 55% to the Feds rather to its own citizens and in Alaska even a larger percentage is federal land. This proposed law misuse much like the cap and trade scandal was so egregiously corrupt that even with large majorities in both chambers of Congress, the measure was defeated handily when S.C. Senator Jim DeMint of TEA Party fame exposed the facts on the Senate floor. ZERO Coverage by the MSM. 

                                                   POWER-GRABBING UNETHICAL USE OF INAPPLICABLE LAWS


1.  One of the bigger untold stories by the MSM is the absolute idiocy and corruption and total INCOMPETENCE involved in Obama’s energy policies. We’ve already mentioned Solyndra; already mentioned CCX and cap and trade . . . but things get much, much worse very quickly . . . .

       a) During a 2008 campaign interview with the San Francisco Chronicle Barack Obama admitted his policies would bankrupt the coal industry and “necessarily make the price of electricity skyrocket” his own words. The Chronicle sat on the story and the MSM has deemed it unworthy of print for 31 months now. If all Americans were aware of that story, how much credence would Obama’s confused and contradictory “energy plan” have?

     b) You can thank the FOIA for this little gem. The “success of Spain’s and Denmark’s wind energy programs” frequently touted by candidate and President Obama was disproven by two studies that outright refuted his claims. Immediately Obama turned to progressive multi-billionaire George Soros and his own Department of Energy and former CEO Cathy Zoo of Al Gore’s company to begin massive lobbying efforts on behalf of wind energy legislation despite the fact that more Freedom of Information Act efforts are being thwarted to reveal documents showing that Wind Energy may be fined for pumping water or running a mill here and there, but it does NOT work on a large scale. The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) is still filing requests for FOIA information still being withheld by the Department of Energy. How many people do you know who are aware of this story?

C. Recent surveys show that only about 8% of Americans have heard this and 82% of those who know about it say they were “unpleasantly surprised” when they learned of it. Mr. Obama has repeatedly promised/threatened to create “five million new green-tech jobs” in America.    Spain which saw its economy go from #1 in Europe and 4% unemployment in 1996 to one of the most fragile economies and 21.3% unemployment now was the leader in the green movement beginning in 1997-98. Mr. Obama frequently cites Spain as an example of a great green success although those unemployment figures make that lie hard to swallow. A study of the Spanish green debacle by a noted Spanish economist gives us these details: 1) government subsidies of Spanish green technology cost 2.2 jobs in the REAL free-market economy for every single green job created 2) cost of the average green job was $676,000 each 3)some of those green jobs lasted less than six weeks but they were counted the same as the permanent green jobs 4) only 10% of all the green jobs proved permanent 5) Spanish green jobs typically paid only $10-$14 per hour which was less than the average REAL job lost ($16) . . . . OUCH! So let’s extrapolate Obama’s promise of creating five million green jobs here in America:   the cost would be eleven million REAL free market jobs for creating the subsidized green jobs; given rising prices, the cost would be around $840,000 to create the average green job; some of those green jobs would still last only six weeks and they’d still be counted as if they were “permanent;” only 500,000 permanent green jobs would be created and they’d be moderate-paying at best . . . in sum 22 REAL jobs would be lost to create one permanent Obama green-tech job.


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