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Enlighten Me On Fundraising

I'll admit when it comes to politics, I don't know all the processes. So, can you guys answer some concerns of mine on fundraisers (FRs)?

My research is admittedly lacking but, as of 6/12/2012 he had accumulated 160 fundraisers* and, since the beginning of his second term until 3/16/2014 had 45 more. So, close to or over 200 total. I also read that the average time he spends speaking and such is @ 2 hours. That adds up to over 16 days of being "out-of-office".

*He opted out of the public election fund but, doubt if that applies to FRs since sworn in in 2008.

I assume each fundraiser our Muslim in Chief (and other presidents) goes on, we foot the bill.

#1 question is why?  If I am not associated with that party, why should I foot the bill?

#2 question is, are there limits to the number and frequency?  

It seems to me the cost of security, Air Force One and, all that goes along with a presidential public appearances on that many fundraisers is quite excessive and, obviously, one sided. The link below discusses his various trips abroad. The report states that according to the Freedom of Information Act, Air Force One, all by itself, costs $228,000 per hour. I think it is safe to say he is not trying to save us any money.

Lets say he flies from D.C. to California, a round trip of 10 hours. $228,000 X 10 = $ 2,228,000 just for airfair!!!!!  What are the odds his fundraising exceeds the cost of the trip getting there? Even on a short trip?

If he truly had fiscal responsibility in mind, he would fundraise via video conference.

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Our legislators are neither stupid nor misguided. Our issue is recognizing deception, theft, and seditious destruction of free Constitutional government! It’s not why demonic people do what they do, we must stop it to protect our country! Cowering and compromising is criminal aiding and abetting!

Our demonic administration already has the money to build a wall to the moon plus an army that could seal the border with tanks, jets, battleships, drones, Gatling guns, and soldier’s in locked arms! Those forces are in the mid-east arming and training maniacal blood enemies who are mutually sworn to kill us when they get done killing each other! Here comes Corker, parking a train load of borrowed cash in Obama’s vault, to build what Obama refuses to build or deploy. If Obama, Holder, and Napolitano have been mocking and openly defying the Constitution and law since their day one in office, and no one in the legislature has stopped it or restrained the looting of the treasury… why would anyone believe in any of them, including Corker, Alexander, etc? Amnesty is all about swallowing their poison pill.

Is Amnesty about 30 million taxpayer subsidized alien invader progressive votes, or criminals skimming $51,820 out of an average$64,300 wage productivity by evading taxes and free wage competition with $6/hr cash worker wages and a “government subsidy” that can boost take home pay by $12,000/yr at taxpayer expense? It’s called collapsing the economy.

The Heritage & media $6 trillion lifetime Amnesty cost excludes citizens permanently displaced by taxpayer subsidized criminal aliens who take home $12,000 more per year than average working citizens ($12,480 cash + $36,982 subsidy = $49025 take home, vs. $37,096)! Current 46 year working lifetime amnesty cost is $69 to $189 trillion. Mortal enemies are winning!!! Corker, Alexander, and the rest of the “yes” amnesty voters are voting for the enemy not citizens!

Again, Dec, 2012 BLS $42,537 avg. wage @ 34.4/hrs, is $49,462 @ 40/hrs, and becomes $64,300 with employer tax, etc. added! Joblessness erases $37,096 citizen take home pay and $27,204 tax revenue ($64,300 worker productivity). Government’s $36,545 jobless subsidy increases totals to$100,846 per jobless citizen. (Their data, simple math)

However, our criminal government subsidizes (pays) criminal invaders $36,545 to take citizen jobs (to drive citizen wages down to compete with Chinese communist slaves!)! Therefore, jobless citizens displaced by criminal invaders cost $137,391 EACH! That's $1.5 trillion @ 11million to $4.1 trillion per year for 30 million - and $15 trillion to $41 trillion over 10 years – AND $69 trillion to$188.6 trillion over a 46 year working lifetime!


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Hope is in your hands!    Flood the country with your truth, writings, and wisdom however great or trivial you may think they are.   You’re free to use anything I write or say to do it, just challenge it & make sure it’s right.    There is very little truth in anything federal government does or reports!    One day illegal aliens cost $116 billion & the next it’s $402 billion.  Isn’t 11million aliens replacing citizens at government’s $42,500 wage $468 billion down the toilet... FOR THAT SINGLE ITEM?   Doesn’t 23 million citizens losing their average $43,500 wage sound like $1 trillion of inexcusable misery caused by demonic tyrants hell bent on destroying America?   Don’t let them hide!   It’s treason!   Officials aiding and abetting the enemy need never sleep, not knowing they will be publicly held accountable to the full extent of Constitution and law, especially those sworn to public office!

Here’s another ugly side of alien invaders and slave traders bankrupting legitimate taxpaying US businesses!    They put perhaps 23 million citizens in the street with no job, while simultaneously undermining wages to the point where working citizens are supporting almost 50 million “food stamp” citizens and aliens who can’t afford food & shelter!   All walks of life are in this snake pit, especially democrats!

Criminal slave labor destroys competition, society, and government revenue!

A $20/hr wage costs employers about $26.67/hr. (+1/3 fica/med-wk/comp-uc/comp-ins-hol-vac-etc)
Worker net of tax takes home about $16 cash! (80% inc. tax-fica-etc.)
By paying $16 cash, no tax etc, you can save $10.67 or underbid legitimate contractors up to 40%!
A worker harboring criminal "alien straw boss contractor", can pay $8 & save $18.67 or underbid 70%!


Criminal activity never benefits anyone except criminals who take all but enough to corrupt!    This crime is as mindboggling and complex as each unique activity of 11 to 30 million criminal aliens, every day!   It’s also as simple to prosecute as dropping the numbers into any given case at any given time!


The illustration defines the parameters and scope of 11 to 30 million illegal alien workers where wages, taxes, requirements, are reasonable average estimates!   A 2000hr/yr (52wks=2080) says $10/hr is $20,000 each & $19/hr is $38,000/yr/ea!    Thus the lowest value of 11million workers is $220 billion/yr & the highest of 30 million is $722 billion.  Criminals gain $220 to $722 billion for their criminal activity!


It is a criminal enterprise that destroys independent taxpaying competitive businesses, which will trigger profoundly more wealth destruction, chaos, and moral breakdown of our society!    That process is above and beyond enabling the $1 to $3 trillion yearly mass looting of citizen wealth by alien invaders and stealth within government noted elsewhere!


The scope is trillions, not pennies, thousands, or even millions!   It’s survival of the Constitution and freedom or tyranny!    The legislative choice must be fight for freedom NOW or face treason for literally trillions of reasons.   The executive-legislative-judicial officers can correct this TOMORROW!   Let the first domino fall and the rest will follow!


Our government, unions, and chambers of commerce sponsor SLAVE LABOR and chaos!


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