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Recently, in an online group, a person was talking about the high cost of brand names drugs.  It is a fact that sometimes people require the brand name.  Precise concentrations, allergies, and other factors are contributions to this requirement.  Insurance programs do have a process for handling this requirement.  The Doctor's office must fill out a Prior-Authorization(PA) form.  Yet, this takes time and the patient needs the medication before the process can be complete. A few insurance companies will pay for a few days of the drug while this process is in the works.

Six hundred dollars a month is the cost this person is paying until the PA is complete. How many people can afford this alone? Those having children or family members with special needs(health conditions)? Or, along with paying insurance costs? 

I had to post some information.  Next year under the new law things may change.  This information is intended to help.   Please use the information if it helps.  BUT, remember to ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS and realize things change.  Now that is said I pray this can alleviate some issues for some people.

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Back to the help with drug costs.  There are sites that can give you information on how to get Patient Assistance. I will provide a few. Usually the assistance comes from drug companies.  Besides these sites one can check with organizations such as Cancer Association of American, Leukemia Society and on and on. 

Income restrictions do apply.  That said, there are allowances to adjust the income.  Cost of total prescriptions, out of pocket insurance costs along with other reasons can help a person qualify for help.  Copay assistance is available also.

If you think only low income people can get aid with prescription costs, think again.  Many companies will pay for the copayment of a brand name drug.  Check online.  Type in the company that makes the drug or the brand name of the company.  Ask your pharmacist or doctor if he has any copayment cards.  Check online for Rx coupons.  There could be a one time deal.  The reason for this is to have a person try a drug before then given time for the patient to make budget considerations.

REMEMBER TO CHECK WITH HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS, THIS IS ONLY INFORMATION AIMED TO HELP IF POSSIBLE.  Liability is on yourself to check up to date information.  I mainly wish to provide help that some people may be unaware of.

Here are a few online sites.

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          >>> (FOR UNINSURED ONLY)   >>>

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RECALL I STATED A FEW COMPANIES PROVIDE PATIENT ASSISTANCE  and to try looking up there information?  Here are a few sites as examples.




HAVE INSURANCE AND THINK YOU ARE BEYOND THE DRUG HELP FOR COPAYS? Try or use these sites as examples to check copay cards.

   >>>  ;       source=google&HBX_PK=s_copay+card&o=111430894|284395621|0&skwid=43700005603470797



RECOLLECT MENTIONING COUPONS? CHECK for your medication brand name specifically when looking for help.



ASK FOR HELP.  Doctors, nurses and pharmacists may have the information you need.  Give them a break.  Focusing on your health issues and you the patient occupy a huge percent of the brain.  The desire to be correct comes before the price considerations.  Knowing the pharmacy side a little better, I suggest asking during a time when business is slower,  Saturday afternoons, Sunday afternoons and in the evening between 7 and say 8:30 are better to get the attention of a pharmacist for this type of question.  Please understand I expect all providers to do their jobs. I know however these times provide a break from the pressure of heavy work times.

Some organizations give prescription support also.  Here on some examples of links to try.



Furthermore, seek out local agencies for guidance.  These organizations are there to serve the public.  Call the local Health Department, Department of Human Services and various other agencies. 

Going without medication can increase costs of healthcare for every person.  By giving you this information I hope it keeps a person out of the emergency room.  TRY NEVER TO GO WITHOUT MEDICATION.


Please let me know if this is helpful.  Leave a comment.  Do you like my writing?  Think this is a subject that needs to be written on more?  What are your needs for information? 

Thank you for your time. 

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Immigration Perspectives

Immigration Perspectives


  • The current estimated net cost of illegal immigrants ( excluding Border protection which is part of National Security is ~ $10.4 B per year
  • If S.744 becomes law it will balloon to $28.8 B per year
  • The approximate cost of Border Protection is $9 B per year.. we could pay all of it
  • Greta put forth a one page Immigration bill. Here is my one sentence Bill
    • Since Illegals are largely Citizens of Mexico, we should honor their heritage by applying their Home Country Immigration to them…..
    •  scan below for just summary Headings from that Law
    • If you need details scan down and read……….
    • Any comments?



  • we will feed, clothe, educate, house, and provide benefits of every kind for them. This is an unlawful invasion by a foreign country.
  • What if ALL (most)of those $$$ went to enforcing existing law. Including Border Protection? As reported below that is more than $25 B per year.
  • The cost of Border Protection = ~ $9B per Year
    • The price tag, until now, has not been public. But AP, using White House budgets, reports obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests and congressional transcripts, tallied it all up: $90 billion in 10 years.
    • Read more:
    • From The High Cost of Cheap Labor , Stephen Camerota – 2004
      • If the estimated net fiscal drain of $2,736 a year that each illegal household imposes on the federal treasury is multiplied by the nearly three million illegal households, the total cost comes to $10.4 billion a year. (before any amnesty/legalization)
      • Both simulations show that legalization would increase the net fiscal costs dramatically. Simulation 1 shows that the net fiscal costs to the federal government would increase from $2,736 to $6,022 per household. Simulation 2 shows the net fiscal cost would be even larger, increasing to $7,668 per household.
      • If illegals were given green cards and began to pay taxes and use services like legal immigrants with the same education levels, the net annual fiscal deficit at the federal level would likely increase from $2,736 to $7,668 per household under the most likely scenario. Total costs could grow from $10.4 billion a year to $28.8 billion.
      • Mexican Immigration Law
        •  Mexico welcomes only foreigners who will be useful to Mexican society:
        • Mexican authorities must keep track of every single person in the country:
        • Foreigners with fake papers, or who enter the country under false pretenses, may be imprisoned:
        • Foreigners who fail to obey the rules will be fined, deported, and/or imprisoned as felons:
        • Under Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony.
        • Mexicans who help illegal aliens enter the country are themselves considered criminals under the law:
        • The Mexican constitution expressly forbids non-citizens to participate in the country’s political life.
        • The Mexican constitution denies fundamental property rights to foreigners.
        • The Mexican constitution denies equal employment rights to immigrants, even legal ones, in the public sector.
        • The Mexican constitution guarantees that immigrants will never be treated as real Mexican citizens, even if they are legally naturalized.
        • An immigrant who becomes a naturalized Mexican citizen can be stripped of his Mexican citizenship if he lives again in the country of his origin for more than five years
        • Foreign-born, naturalized Mexican citizens may not become federal lawmakers (Article 55), cabinet secretaries (Article 91) or supreme court justices (Article 95).
        • The president of Mexico must be a Mexican citizen by birth AND his parents must also be Mexican-born citizens (Article 82), thus giving secondary status to Mexican-born citizens born of immigrants.
        • The Mexican constitution singles out “undesirable aliens.
        • The Mexican constitution provides the right of private individuals to make citizen’s arrests.
        • The Mexican constitution states that foreigners may be expelled for any reason and without due process.
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Rubio & Schumer have a plan! Rubio-Schumer’s gang of 8 is going to make criminal alien invaders build a fence down the middle of the Rio Grande with a foundation to bedrock and razor wire soaring all the way up to heaven, all the way around the USA oceans, mountains & clouds! Imagine a criminal getting to the top, leaping through God’s door that says “free stuff” & down he goes, like a flaming streak of spit as he reenters the atmosphere... “Poof”! Rubio & Schumer are going to tax their $6/hr invaders to pay for it! If they don’t pay they’ll drown them in more free stuff and raise your taxes! The whole 8 gang is shouting, “Trust us - it won’t cost us anything!” Their “us” is them, not “us” citizens!

What do you think happens when legitimate employers pay $64,300/yr wage & taxes for average citizen workers when criminal employers pay $12,480 tax free for the same productivity to criminal aliens? Because the alien subsidy is more than enough for subsistence, the alien can send more than the cash tax free wage to their “homeland” completely outside our economy! Crime does pay… more than enough to buy favors that eliminate legitimate supply competition simultaneously with flooding the labor market to drive wages into a slave labor pool that guts citizen “worker” earnings potential!

“Average" jobless citizens lose $37,096 take home pay! Government loses $27,204 taxes (employer paid tax/regs. ($14,839 @30%) and employee tax ($12,365 @25%) – (Dec, 2012 BLS wage adjusted to 40 hours is $49,462)! Our maniac “oppressive” government subsidizes the jobless worker and the criminal aliens who take their jobs costs $73,091 ($36,545.50 each)! The existing cost today is $137,391 for every citizen replaced by a criminal invader! BECAUSE OUR EXECUTIVE-LEGISLATIVE OFFICERS WILL NOT ENFORCE CURRENT LAWS OR THE CONSTITUTION! IT'S $1.5 TRILLION EACH YEAR @ 11 MILLION AND $2.7 TRILLION @ 20 MILLION! Amnesty makes those costs permanent!

If there are no invader jobs, it all GOES AWAY! If laws were enforced the criminal employers and half of DC would be on a chain gang building their damned fence for beans & water rations; and there would be no one left to obstruct the laws to destroy this once wonderful nation!

Note, if you adjust the December, 2012 BLS to the 12 year 1997 through 2008 workforce population, the jobless rate is 25.8 million (16.7%) – over double 12.5 (8.1%) touted by progressives. Further, if 34.4 BLS reported work week hours are adjusted to full time 40 hours there is another 25.2 million jobs buried in part time employment, which puts the outer fringes at 51 million lost jobs and 33%.

The simple fact that 11 to 30 million criminal aliens @ $137,394 plus no one knows how many non-subsidized legal aliens @ $100,846 are displacing 20 + million citizen workers is undeniably high treason, especially when the only factual based claim is an overwhelming surge of mercenary “progressive votes” that will overthrow Constitutional government, by granting amnesty!

Check the numbers & references out – pass it on – Enforce truth and consequences on those sworn to uphold truth!   Rubio & Schumer's motives are immaterial - what they are doing is demonic - a poison pill to all US citizens of all color and origins alike!   Look at the national debt, SSI with $2 trillion instead of $100+ trillion, and all of the "unfunded" time bomb pension plans in the US collecting 0 interest in a time of double digit inflation spending!

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Once again, the amnesty bill doesn’t even mention the 12.506 million “unemployed”, 6.437 million wanting jobs, or the 6.896 million who have been scrubbed from the workforce!    Nothing is said about another 25.228 million lost between 40 hour full time work and the BLS average 34.4 hours!   Be it 12.5 million, 25 million, or 50 million, IT’S A CATASTROPHIC HARDSHIP ON ALL CITIZENS!


The highly educated and experienced senate body is more than qualified to multiply $100,845 times 12 million and then 20 million to determine the economic productive value of an average working citizen is $1.1 trillion per year @ 11 million and $2.0 trillion @ 20 million workers.


With equal certainty they and the GAO should already know their BLS average wage $42,537 @ 34.4 hours is $49,462 @ full time 40 hours, plus the reality of 30% ($14,838) employer taxes brings the average worker economic productivity value to $64,300!    Because they are needlessly unemployed, government taxes citizen workers $36,545 to provide jobless food, shelter, etc, the total becomes around $100,845 per jobless citizen.


We also know government is illegally subsidizing alien invaders $36,545, ($402 billion @ 11mmm would be $731 billion @ 20mm???)!   That is part of the economic cost.   The total becomes $137,391 EACH, and $1.5 trillion @ 11 million to $2.7 trillion @ 20 million, PER YEAR.   We're paying that cost today because our legislative-executive officers REFUSE TO ENFORCE OUR CONSTITUTION AND LAW!   ENFORCE THE LAW AND IT WILL GO AWAY!!!

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Bottom line illegal aliens are currently costing citizens well over $! trillion per year.    The 2012 BLS wage @ 40hr is $49,462.    Employer taxes etc, @30% is $14,839 and employee paid @ 25% is$12,365.    Governments (LOCAL, STATE & FEDERAL + UNPAID BILLS, ETC.) are collectively subsidizing 11 million illegal aliens $402 billion or $36,545+ each.    Wouldn’t jobless citizens get the same $36,545?    Bottom line government loses $100,294 and the laid off worker loses $39,096 take-home pay... total $137,391!   That @ 11 million is $1.5 trillion per year and $2.7 trillion @ 20 millions illegal TODAY!   



2012 jobless data in millions was 12,506 unemployed, 6,437 want jobs, 6,896  lost by lowering work force numbers relative to population, and that totals 25,839 (16.7%)!    If the 34.4 BLS work week hour is adjusted we find 25,228 (16.3%) more jobs falling through the cracks.  check it out!  That makes the maximum number 51,067 (33%).    The 40 hour average individual total productivity is $64,300 with employer taxes!

The 40 hour average individual total productivity VALUE is $64,300 with employer tax.

Does anyone believe this lying corrupt to the core government will enforce any law or the Constitution!    The problem would go away instantly if government actually enforced current laws on the books!

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 We have 20 million PLUS jobless citizens at all income levels plus millions more working below their qualification, part timers, etc.   Simultaneously, we have 11 to 30 million criminal illegal aliens working for and harbored by criminal employers who might pay $6/hr cash ($12,480/yr - same as $8 minus taxes, etc.).     The US BLS avg. wage January, 2013 was $42,537 for 34.4 hours!    That’s $49,927/yr @ 40 hour week and $64,905 with 30% employer paid tax & regulation costs added!  Are average jobless welfare subsidies $20,000(?), individual poverty levels $23,000 (?), or the average given to illegal workers $36,545/yr?   The sole cost of joblessness with subsidies is in the area of $84,905 to $99,451 each!   The math is simple!   Joblessness costs of at least $84,905, @ 11 million is $934 billion, @ 20mm =$1.70 trillion, and @ 30mm =$2.55 trillion.  

Underground criminal employment profit potential is, @ 11 million is $577 billion, @20mm = $1.05 trillion, and $1.57 trillion @ 30mm, which isn’t factored in jobless costs herein.    Criminals paying $12,480 ($6/hr) instead of $64,905 can profit $52,425/ea.!    The pro amnesty $402 billion cost @ their 11 million is a $36,545/yr subsidy each- some claim it’s over $800 billion (??).   Illegal alien pay plus subsidy is $49,025 take home which is $11,580 more than average citizen’s 40hr $37,445 after 25% taxes!   Those unending subsidy programs have near zero accountability!  Illegal alien subsidies are in addition to the joblessness costs!    All of those costs are imbedded in our current very sick debt and bankruptcy ridden economy!  With illegal alien subsidies $84,905 becomes $121,450 and economic numbers jump to $1.3 trillion @ 11mm, $2.4 trillion @ 20 million, and to $3.6 trillion @ 30mm.   Cost illustrations to define parameters are valid and reasonable. 

Average wages and joblessness data are facts.   Amazingly officials admit they don’t know alien headcount, location, or activity!   Average wages represent working for someone, not investment & other income!    Supposedly, the Boston bomber received $100,000 in welfare subsidies!   It’s a chaotic totally lawless environment designed to destroy the US!

Officials sworn to protect citizens and country are flooding the labor market with legal and illegal workers, by open invitation & taxpayer subsidy to destroy free market competitive labor wage forces of the poorest citizens!   It’s an unrestrained criminal vote buying frenzy!   Those imbedded costs are overthrowing our Constitutional free government!    Solving issues and eliminating those trillions of “criminal costs” is as simple as enforcing current Constitution and law!   It’s treason!   Not prosecuting is inconceivable!

How can anyone discuss immigration, especially giving amnesty to lawless unrepentant invaders who came and remain illegally to steal citizen benefits and work for criminal employers who criminally pay cash to avoid wage taxes and regulations?   It’s an incredible web of public and private crimes plus flesh pedaling!    The answer bellows from “majority” executive-legislative officials who mock Constitution and law with “we can’t stop it!”    We have an army that can protect our borders and homeland!   They’re assigned to helping enemies!    They defile their oaths of office with contempt, sedition, and treason in terms of trillions


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AMNESTY 5-10-13

Would you vote for amnesty if it generates an economic loss of $1.67 TRILLION per year, $16.7 trillion in 10 years, and $100.2 trillion in a 60 year adult lifetime (18-78)??   That loss will stop the moment we stop corruption and lawlessness in the executive, legislative and judicial offices of government.   Constitution, statutes, oaths of office, and truth are literally mocked and openly violated without restraint or fear.    Immediate top down enforcement, prosecution, fines, & jail is the only solution.


According to Fox News, 20 million citizens are unemployed and millions more work part time!  Government says average wage is $43,500.    We have 11 to 30 million illegal aliens working!


When wages are lost, citizens receive unemployment and SNAP cards that trigger many other interlocking webs of local, state, and federal taxpayer funded welfare!     With dependents,” benefits” are significantly above individual $23,000 poverty levels!   Benefits” represent saved productive wealth taxed from someone else by government to give to those without wealth enough to buy-consume food, etc.    Consumption doesn’t generate productivity or wealth.   Wealth generated by productivity provides the capability to demand products and productivity.


ECONOMIC LOSSES OF UNEMPLOYMENT BEGINS AT $1.27 TRILLION!   Citizens lose $870 billion of self sustaining productive salary based revenue when their job is lost (20 million @ $43,500) plus government will tax $400 billion from producing workers to subsidize the unemployed (20 million @ $20,000 consumption)!.   Average unemployed citizen loss is $63,500 each.   The real cost is considerably higher than this example!   That doesn’t include SSI and criminal damages!


Criminal invaders cost ANOTHER $400 billion beyond unemployed citizen economic losses ($36,365 each @ 11 million).      Simultaneously, 11 to 30 million criminal alien invaders work in criminal workplaces.   Because illegal aliens are confined to low wage wage criminal employment our corrupt lawless government gives aliens SNAP debit cards and all other triggered federal, state, and local benefits, without citizenship proof, plus free healthcare, education, etc.!    A recent pro-amnesty study quoted illegal alien cost at $402 billion ($400 rounded), in a bizarre claim that criminal invaders contributed $35 billion to the economy because they saved $437 billion in wage costs!    Inflation and prices are increasing, not falling!


Because illegal aliens are criminals with no rights, they work for pennies on the dollar, and enable their criminal employers to make windfall profits while driving lawful competition out of business!    A $20 citizen wage with taxes & other regulations roughly costs legitimate employers $26+/-.   A minimum $8 wage worker might take home $6.00/hr after 25% FICA & income taxes, etc.   A 10 hour day legitimate worker cost $286 compared to $60 cash with no overtime, taxes, etc., says criminal employers have an illegal $226 advantage that will and has destroyed free competitive wages plus law abiding employees and employers, especially in construction trades!


The Heritage Foundation “study” fails to account for 20 million citizens chronically unemployed on government assistance plus the fact that the US productive infrastructure has been sacked over the past 20+ years by US “global” monopolies such as GE!   Heritage’s assumption that government officials who profitably and  criminally mock Constitution and statute will suddenly stop and serve citizens instead of themselves, is preposterous!    Heritage notes aliens are already (illegally) on government welfare, but fails to account for the cost and effects!   Nothing in the amnesty bill or anything else on the horizon addresses the 20 million citizens who are cast into poverty by criminal alien invaders!  The only thing that will stop lawlessness at the top is prosecutions, fines, and serious jail time!    I don’t quarrel with their assumptions or conclusions, other than, they are immaterial when compared the glaring issues missed – no put down implied!


People like Steve Moore need to be in the tomato patch, buttocks high in the sun, dawn to dusk, trying to keep up with a young person who’s afraid of being arrested if the boss-man decides he’s a few tomatoes shy of his quota!   Add the $6.3 to the $100.2 trillion, and the resulting $106.5 trillion might make sense.   Reiterating mindless talking points aimed at driving the lemmings into the sea are evil


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A recent broadcast stated pro-amnesty savings were $35 billion based on an illegal alien cost of $402 billion offset by wage savings of $437 billion in consumer costs!    Nobody is outraged!   Claiming consumer price savings during excessive inflation is outrageous!    Government’s phony 11 million headcount says illegal aliens cost $36,545/yr each!   Government tyrants watch citizens 24 hours a day, scans their bank and credit card accounts, and jails tax cheaters; but “don’t know” if there is 11 or 30 million illegal aliens, anything about then, or who’s going to get killed next.

For the record, aliens who enter this country are law breaking multi-count criminals, any who harbor or employ them are law breaking criminals, and any officer of government, judicial or law enforcement who doesn’t enforce the Constitution & laws as written breaks the law, oath of office, and is a criminal and traitor!

20+ million citizens have been cast out of the workforce!!!  Assuming a criminal slave labor conspiracy generates $437 billion of anything useful is preposterous!   Citizens are suffering record financial woes as government spends $1.25 trillion more than revenue while their treasury cranks out another $1 trillion a year in counterfeit currency!    A legislature that is trying to pass a bill that will cost citizens $1 to $3 trillion per year to buy criminal alien votes deserves unlimited scorn and a lifetime in prison!

GET REAL!   When an alien displaces a citizen worker a $43,500 avg. wage is lost, that worker goes on $20,000++/yr UC comp & other benefits, and the criminal alien jumps on government’s $36,545/yr gravy train to work for maybe $5/hr. cash on a criminal plantation.   The annual cost each is $43,500 to the citizen and $56,545 to a pathologically perverted government!    That $100,045 total cost each, @ 11 million criminals is $1.1 TRILLION to $3.0 TRILLION @ 30 million criminals!

It’s like putting money in a bank that lets anybody write a check on your account!    When there’s nothing left to steal, history unequivocally proves they’ll begin killing!   We don’t need amnesty or new laws!   We need officials who will enforce the Constitution and existing law NOW.    That requires prosecution, impeachment, and harsh just punishment of corrupt officials and law enforcement!    That begins with DOJ Holder and the gang of eight, then the president and the legislature

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