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  My Fellow Countrymen and Women,

       On this Memorial Day, in honor of our servicemen and women, as well as all of the patriots living and those who have passed on, I ask you to reclaim the Tea Party from corporate control,

       I know this post isn't going to be popular, but the truth never is. In an investigative piece by the NY Times in 2010, it was uncovered that a majority of Tea Party funding - especially to Americans for Prosperity and Freedomworks, two front organizations operated by Koch Industries and the Koch brothers, two of the worst environmental criminals on the planet (Koch Industries in located in Kansas). The link to my worldwide blog post is : . 

Read it, then feel free to comment.

I am a Tea Party patriot that wants corporations to stop controlling the United States, to stop meddling in our constitutional rights, and to pay their fair share of taxes. If you truly want America and your constitutional rights back, you will demand that any money contributed to any conservative organization by David and Charles Koch and any of their foundations will be given back.

When corporations pay their fair share of taxes, stop evading taxes, and act responsibly- jobs are created, the deficit of the nation declines, safety regulations are enforced, banks have more money to loan (that is not being loaned to fund government waste and operations, and the economic cycle created benefits not only the wealthy, but every citizen. 

When corporations use political movements like the Tea Party to hide behind, the world laughs at that organization. The Tea Party is being laughed at because they are taking dirty corporate money that is being funneled through political front organizations. 

It is time to get big oil out of our government once and for all- and to EVICT the Koch brothers out of the Tea Party movement and separate ourselves from their records and their tainted money. 

Only then will the Tea Party and conservative organizations  be taken seriously. 

Our Tea Party deserves better than being used as a front organization in an attempt to discard our laws, our constitution, and place a few wealthy individuals in charge of the Tea Party movement. 

Your comments are welcome. 

Mark Winkle, Founder

The Winkle Institute for Worldwide Economic Stability


Currently Resolving the Issues in Ukraine

We take freedom and human rights seriously. 

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Unions-The Root of all Evil

Unions are the cause of every problem facing America today.

"Progressive" means anti-Christian-organized-crime.

Unions past and present have served workers well. Unfortunately, the unions have been Internationalized and corrupted.

The Democrat Party is merely an arm of the AFL-CIO. The public is finally realizing that one phone call from the global union caliphate can make democrats dance like an organ grinders monkey.

When everyone understands the meaning of the Target 5000 initiative, they will understand the threat unions pose to national security. With over 5 trillion in assets, the unions hold too much power for a republic.

Unions and corporations have teamed-up. The "Economic Crisis" was a sham. Unions partnered to create the perception of a crisis, created a pool of money, and stole it like another pension plan. They destroyed Russia exactly the same way.

The U.N., the United Way, and over 80% of the "Charities" in the Combined Federal Campaign, have components that directly link them to the AFL-CIO and their "Fair Labor" themes.

POLL: Does the Federal Government routinely assume powers that it is not granted by the Constitution?

Unions are embedded into nearly every political organization on earth. If they call a strike because legislation does not go their way, you might not eat for a week. Why? Because they control the media and the food supply chain. This is serious.

The Unions have drained the coffers of long-standing American charity organizations to build an international empire made up of the disenfranchised masses.

The Unions have bankrupted California with health care wages. The theme of "fair labor" ties the individual groups together into a one-voice coalition against the Constitution.

Individual union members do not know what affect they have on the country when they strike. They just do what they are told. The unions control 100% of the media.

The Unions pushed the Health Care law though. The bill gave Obama the powers of a dictator. He is not the dictator. The unions are an organized crime syndicate running our government. They decide who is dictator.

The American people have accepted "Health Reform" taxation without representation. They will passively watch as the new global economic system, backed by over 50 trillion in Saudi wealth funds, undermines the U.S. Constitution, forces him into a labor union, and outlaws his Christian faith.

Why would anyone want to destroy America? In the war on terror, U.S. interests and those of Israel are essentially identical. There exists a force that holds to one ambition. They hope to leverage the power of America and influence her people to destroy Israel.

Want to know what Obama will do next? Go here:


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