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Global warming; biggest scam in history

Global warming; biggest scam in history

By Jim Mullen

American children are under an all-out blitz by the corrupt, government-run educational system.  It’s a continuation of an effort to indoctrinate young people at every age to a nonexistent calamity. Aside from the usual liberal ideologies with which they pollute impressionable, immature minds, the granddaddy of government-made crises; the fraudulent scheme of climate change, continues unabated.

From preschool to grad school, they teach children gloom and doom for the world if we don’t stop everything we’re doing in modern society and revert to Spartan-like amenities. Terrorizing young people is chief among the loony left’s modes of operation. As Saul Alinsky instructs; there are no rules, do anything to win! All forms of dictatorships cement their foundation of tyranny by indoctrinating the young.

To date, Obamacare was the grand-prize winner for the greatest con job in American history. Climate change, however, is the largest scam in the history of man. Its diabolical simplicity is genius, and the dedication to the plan by the evil left, is deserving of admiration. This cunning extortion would make the great con artists of the world envious of such brilliance.

It began with the perceived crisis of global cooling. In the 1970s, university grants by government were common to “prove” the theory of global. Of course, when money flows in to prove something, and dries up when they don’t, researchers and scientists can prove amazing things. And with the help of infamously inaccurate computer models and carefully preened and pruned data from around the world, mixed with free money, that became the accepted theory of many in government and science.

Later, we all know the crisis became global warming. It wasn’t just global warming, but MAN-MADE global warming. With eager help from bureaucrats and academic scientists, dollar signs dancing in their heads, they once again began feeding carefully preened and pruned data into computers. Being paid with mostly government grants that depended upon proving the government’s preconceived points, they concluded the earth is heating up at an alarming rate. The computer models announced to the world, ‘we were in a crisis mode.’ What a surprise!

Notice the use of the word crisis. It’s said that crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant. Remember Obama’s Marxist sidekick, Rahm Emanuel’s declaration, “Never let a good crisis go to waste?”

Other groups of researchers pointed out that there was little change in temperature for over a decade, and in fact, numerous scientists noticed a decrease. That caught the attention of the great con-artists, and they summoned all those enormous brains for a Mensa meeting. Predictably, like the conniving, thieving, scammers they are, their little cabal came up with an ingenious plan.

“Let’s call it climate change,” they squealed! We can’t go wrong with that. The earth has heated and cooled for billions of years, and hundreds of reasons. If the temperature goes up or down, we win. What would they win, you might ask? Well, we must understand that this whole con-job is about power and money. It’s about redistribution of the world’s wealth.

It’s simple. Americans have much of the money and Obama and the rest of the Marxists in the world want it. They’re willing to do anything to extract it from the rightful owners. Remember Alinsky’s rules.

Imposing crippling carbon taxes on Americans is the payoff to the leftwing revolutionaries. Redistributionists like Obama and the rest of his comrades betray our country, and are willing to collapse America’s economy and deprive more people of work. Implementing their plan would set us back decades while the rest of the world lives high on our money.

Carbon taxes use complicated formulae completely undecipherable by mere mortal men. Nearly everything upon which we live and otherwise depend involves using carbon. It begins, but does not end with utilities, and as Obama admitted, will send electric prices skyrocketing. Likewise, manufacturing and business will necessarily raise prices. Job losses will continue, and more people will join those trapped and confined on the federal government’s welfare plantation, where they are more easily controlled.

It’s a known fact - even if the theory of global warming is factual, and even if it is man-made, and even if we bite the bullet and sacrifice our country for the cause, it wouldn’t make a scintilla of difference in global temperature. China, India and developing countries around the world are building thousands of coal and gas-fired power facilities and will dwarf any carbon emissions we might reduce. Their participation is voluntary!  

Charging large carbon taxes to Americans for energy use, takes our money, and then the thieves divvy it up between the Al Gores’ and dictators around the world. Climate scammers tell any lie, grease any palm, and use any and all branches and bureaucracies of government in this country and around the world to further their cause.

We can compare this government fiasco to the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Obamacare was never intended to give Americans better healthcare; it was designed by Obama and the New Democrat Socialist Party to redistribute the wealth and income of the American people. Not to mention, the secondary bonus was a massive power-grab by the federal government and its designated bureaucratic enforcers. The Democrats knew full well, it would cost lives and cause needless suffering and financial hardship on most of American society.

Remember the deliberate, shameful lies Obama put forth while he intently looked us in the eyes and repeated, for months, about Obamacare? It was one of the first, and climate change is the last step of the fundamental transformation in Obama’s vision of America. Obamacare and climate change exemplify rogue government gone stark-raving mad.

Con artists are so desperate to sell the swindle that the Justice Department is considering ripping up the Constitution and charging climate-change deniers, with racketeering and corruption under the RICO Law. This type of intimidation amplifies the calls to end debate. Obama defiantly cries, “Settled science!” He also assured us we could keep our health-care plan, and hundreds of other bald-faced lies. His latest whopper is that climate change is the principal threat to America. Obama’s treasonous policies are the biggest threats to this country.

Threats will silence voices if Americans do not stand up to the Gestapo terror tactics of the Marxist forces high-stepping across our country. The war Obama is waging against Americans via the EPA over the last seven years, pales in comparison to the all-out government blitzkrieg against America in the great climate-change shakedown. Like all shakedowns, there is only a whiff of truth to support the scam. Don’t let that hint of perfume override the horrendous stench of corruption, greed, special interest power, and government run amuck.

It’s us against the despots, and they are a powerful coalition of the worlds’ most powerful and notorious liars; including Barack Obama.

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The was an article published that explained even 60% + of republicans wanted alternative energy and knew that the global warming was happening, etc.,.  I disagreed and this is my response and thoughts below:


I wonder how the questions were structured and where the survey was taken. There are several reports out that state the global temps are down for the last 10 years and a Russian report that states they expect global temps to be lower for 250 years at least.


I think the carbon trading scheme is more like a Ponzi scheme and will enrich the owners of the exchanges, which include Al Gore, Soros and others. I do agree that we should use our 200 to 300 hundred years supply of coal, natural gas, oil to be energy independent ASAP. The US is now the largest producer of oil, passing Russia and we could produce much more that current levels, as our increases have been from private lands and not federal lands. Obama essentially shut down our shale oil production sites, as he reduced them by 2/3tds. We should allow the market place to develop alternative sources without federal tax subsidies, which was NINE billion USD for ethanol alone in 2013. The EPA went around Congress declaring CO2 a pollutant so that they could regulate almost every aspect of our life. The new MACT, Utility Standards which included social costs for the first time and was based on 20 year old data have made new coal fired plants nearly impossible. Obama explained it as saying you can open a new coal fired plant but it will bankrupt you. The EPA is also working to fulfill Obama's promise that under his policies energy prices will necessarily sky rocket. High energy prices hit the poorest the hardest and also cost jobs.    Germany electric rates have gone from $.06 a kilowatt to over .20 a kilowatt as they went more green and into the carbon credit scheme. This has prompted the industry in Germany to warn that he rates are affecting businesses and future growth. Spain went broke going green and it makes no sense until it does make sense, which means we should let industry develop it as needed and allow research at universities with very limited Federal grants.


of course, there are economical green energy like hydro and other low emissions like natural gas and nuclear that we should use now. W should not shut down coal plants and allow incremental improvements vs. all or nothing EPA approach under Obama. 


I requested EPA information under  FOIA relating to the new Utility Standards, but the new standards are out there that include the new social costs. This new formula is like the old accountant joke, when asked what is the answer they shut the door and ask," What do you want it to be"?  This is how many of Obama's czars and agencies answer questions or make regulations. It is ideology not solid science , it is a religion of global climate change, not settled science as Ozone AL likes to often state. People that dissent should not be silenced or punished, as Al Gore has stated. All evidence should be reviewed and so should where the money flows. Investigate Al's and Soros ownership of exchanges, it is estimated as a trillion dollar business! The CO2, which until last year was a useful gas that plants must use to produce O2.


CO2 levels and temps were much higher millions of years ago and there was no man made pollution.


Sea levels have been 300 feet lower recently, geologically speaking during the last ice age where ice was 6 miles deep over much of the present day US land mass. 


Sea Ice is 60% larger this year, as temps drop globally.


Man does contribute .05% to 1 % of the total emissions and much of the pollution control efforts make tiny impacts, but can cost billions while re-distributing the wealth of the west. Obama favors this re-distribution.


Often, only the foreign press will report about this almost religious issue in the west , global climate cooling/warming/change. Those Crazy Russians also reported that they may can explain why so much natural gas is available and seems to continue to grow. They think it is given off by the Earth's mantel , which would mean an essentially endless supply until the Earth's mantel cools off when the planet dies in several billon years.


Maybe some, ( GORE,SOROS and OTHERS) do not want a cheap, clean source of energy? Before just attacking my position, investigate the issue yourself.

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Climate Alarmists: CO2 Will Cool
Stratosphere, Cause Dangerous Smog

The Climate Gate scandal may have convinced all of Europe that Man-Caused Global Warming was poppycock,

(although if they'd paid attention, long before, almost 31, 500 American scientists including over 9,400 PhDs among them, announced to the world that global warming was junque science and man-caused global warming was the ultimate in junque science)

but all along the American mainstream liberal media has refused to research the story of East Anglia University’s Climate Research Unit’s (CRU) Climate Gate, their willful politicization of science to benefit itself with over $34 million in grant money all the while selling out and attempting to discredit real scientific work and real scientists.

Now on top of that, alarmists trying to win back the Europeans and the Oceanic region (Australia was one of the earliest “rebel” groups) to the notion of global warming, have more junque science popping upon their blog scene. If you were to type “global warming upper atmosphere cooling” into your yahoo browser you’d find 1, 870,022 hits. For example take this website run by the infamous weather underground (You know them, don't you? They're the late 60’s bomb-planting radicals including Obama's good friend and ghostwriter Bill Ayers now a "noted educator."):

The weather underground and a large percentage of the blogsites are now saying, "Oooops, we mean to say 'global climate change,' we meant to say the real problem with carbon dioxide is that regardless of what happens here on the surface of the earth, it makes the uppermost levels of the atmosphere COLDER and then that coldness will cause smog around the globe, and that smog will be dangerous to all life on earth, uh, we think. The new crusade for junque science alarmism then is that air pollution we call smog will soon come from carbon dioxide cooling the upper atmosphere and allowing ozone to drop through two layers and back to the earth: balderdash! Should that happen we’d have a tremendous early warning system to warn us it was starting: we’d see the jet streams around the globe increasing in speed by roughly 60%.

Supposedly, the beneficial repair of the ozone layer (you do remember the growing “ozone hole” around the south pole” in 1985?) has now dramatically increased the probability of carbon-dioxide caused smog according to a recent study by Guang Zeng and her colleagues from New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research says that that the repair of the hole in the Antarctic ozone layer (in concert with climate change – she can’t drop that junk science, can she?) may do great harm as well as good.

The good, of course, is increased protection from harmful cosmic rays and is not debatable. The great “harm” she describes is definitely problematical and definitely attached to global warming (which, so far as real sciences can say is a myth), which should be enough said, however, let’s understand this new devil aiming to plague us, and let’s understand him well . . . .

Detailed in the May edition of Geophysical Research Letters, the study supposedly revealed variations in atmospheric circulation due to climate change will inevitably cause a 43% increase in gas leaked between the stratosphere and the troposphere, a layer of Earth's air nearer the earth’s surface and our air supply. As more and more ozone is replenished in the earth’s stratosphere supposedly it will also have more opportunities to seep into the air we breathe . Ground level ozone and pure smog are without a doubt dangerous air pollutants, no doubt, but you’ll notice that it’s again all based upon global warming’s junque science and it fundamentally requires ozone to switch directions mysteriously and then mysteriously cross two atmospheric levels going in the wrong direction . . . . hmmm . . . . let’s just go ahead and call that mysterious “switch-directions decision” by the ozone (caused by increases in levels of carbon dioxide, of course) the “Al Gore factor,” yeah!

So it comes down to a leap of faith, global warming alarmists WILL themselves to believe that ozone which they say tends to rise from the earth’s surface and be found near the border between the two atmospheric layers seeks to mysteriously “reproduce itself” in greater numbers by creating the leak from the upper atmosphere and from the ozone layer itself . . . . excuse me, but it sure sounds like conjecture, not science, and wasn’t it conjecture that first said in 1972, we were polluting and pushing ourselves to an ice age . . . and then in about 1988 began to babble incoherently about unescapable global warming. And last Rajjpuut checked, global warming was still little more than a myth pushed for money, power and other political ends.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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