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4064085075?profile=originalOnce again the totalitarian government of the Muslim Barak Husain Obama is embarked on a quest to degrade and destroy the second amendment and deny Americans one of their basic rights. The BATF has just announced a plan penned by the tyrant Obama to deny law abiding American citizen’s ammo for the popular AR15 rifle. The AR15 is one of the most sought after and owned sporting and target semi auto rifle in America. Owned and enjoyed by millions of citizens. It is also a preferred weapon for protection of life and family hunting and target shooting.

What the communist Democrats cannot do by legislation and legally with in the constitution is illegally being done by Obama with his endless imperial executive orders from the White House. He is continuing to show contempt for the will of the people and our Constitution! If this executive order when executed is allowed to stand and not be stopped this will be the beginning of an endless string of orders to disarm the American people." No" further tampering with the second amendment in any way should be tolerated or allowed! This issue has already been decided by the people as well as the original intent and truth in the constitution itself.

In this critical time in our history, when Obama and his communist democrat party have made their intentions known to destroy our Traditional and Constitutional Republic, we must not allow anymore of this! We will be subjugated, controlled and lose our freedoms under Obama's New World Order. When they confiscate our guns and ammunition our last resort to save America will have been taken away from us.

The communist Obama forces and the Democrats will not stop! They have shown they intend to destroy the Constitution and our American values and way of life and remake it into a Marxist state with complete obedience and control to the Marxist Totalitarian government. Obama's Imperial orders must stop now by force if necessary! He has made it known he intends to move on firearms confiscation within the next 2 years. This plan has also been leaked by Michelle Obama at various democratic fund raising events!

All Patriot citizens should ignore and not obey unconstitutional laws starting now! Anything concerning the second amendment, immigration or event illegal actions by the IRS! Call and write to your Senators and Congressmen both at state and federal level and demand they stop this illegal abuse of our constitution now! Tell them we will not follow unconstitutional laws and decrees and this will end in a force of arms as our constitution requires of us if this continues! Tell them to start doing their jobs and defend the Constitution!


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The Liberal is Mentally ill...

4064022505?profile=originalI truly believe Liberlism is a mental illness. It seems the slogans they use and the agenda they support and follow is to most normal and rational people ofensive and twisted. They seem to thrive on deception and hiding the real truth about issues.

Abortion is a topic that always is taken by political correct liberals and turned into a non violent and heroic act by the female. They will only use the term "A woman's right to choose." This is the only description of the act of abortion a Liberal will accept and use.

In response to this politically correct label and description of abortion I once asked a liberal "choose what?" The liberal looked at me and said, "you know." Have control of her body''. I replied, "control her body? And what act lets her control her body? Then the liberal said, "free choice." I replied, "and what is the result of the free choice?" The liberal could see what the truth was now and refused to talk more about it.

This is an example of the mentally ill liberal mind. When in reality the right to choose means the right to choose to murder your child! When I use this truth to debate liberals and call it murder they most always freak out and call me a terrorist. Or call me a right wing fucking idiot. Or sometimes they have actually gotten violent when I have spoken the truth about the reality of abortion. Murdering your child!......And Jesus Said:  “See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. ... To practice harm to any, especially children."

Another issue I debated with liberals is a fact I thought of concerning Gun control. In a group of liberals I stated I was an NRA member and the second amendment guaranteed out right to keep and bare arms. The Government had no right to molest gun owners.

This statement immediately infuriated the liberal group! They went crazy and called me a fascist and a danger to the public. I let them rant on for about ten minutes. My response to them was this...Your whole argument is that gun owners are potential killers. You say a number of children are killed every year by firearms. A very small number but I did agree every child's life is precious.

I said to the liberals, "Now I will ask you a question. It seems you Liberals think the murder of over 50 million children killed in the mothers womb is ok! But we both just agreed every child's life is precious. So if you want to ban all firearms you should be more that happy to stop the murder of children by abortion."

 This was the liberals response to my reasoning... "You are a terrorist!"  "you are a sick right wing fanatic!" "Go to Hell!"

I rest my case. Liberals are twisted and mentally ill... also liars and deceivers!

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