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Personally I believe that part of the problem we face in this country is the motivation of our elected representatives. We have, for as long as I have been voting (40+ years) , been seeking term limits with no success. No surprise, most want to preserve their career first and foremost.

I believe the best thing the Tea Party could do is help to achieve term limits through a "Endorsement Contract" with candidates for office. The contract would state that the prospective candidate would agree to serve no more than 2 consecutive terms. Incumbents would agree to one additional term beyond their current term(s).

If they cannot agree to this I would urge the Tea Party to withhold endorsement. Our representatives will need to make some of the toughest decisions in this countries history in the coming years, we cannot afford to have indebted representatives with only their next election on their minds. An effective representative will need to make decisions that will make some angry if we are to get back on track.

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An awful lot of Republican incumbents as well as Democrats are feeling a bit nervous these days. Attribute that situation to the existence of the recently created TEA (taxed enough already) Party. From the git-go, Democrats have reacted with undisguised hostility and sought to besmirch and marginalize the TEA Partiers and dismiss their concerns with constitutionality and fiscal responsibility as the ravings of racist extremists. That policy is not only ignorant and loathsome, it also hasn’t worked and has only served to highlight just how out of touch the Obama administration and Democratic leadership as a whole has become.

Republicans are also “edgy” about the future created by this new activist force. Blogs are springing up all over conservative websites saying some version of this . . . “The tea party seems to be thinking they can pick our candidates for us, and they openly prefer candidates that are not incubents or not already “part of the establishment . . . of course, they’ll want us to fund the campaigns for these newcomers. This doesn’t make any sense to me . . . “ Republicans are treating this situation as a quagmire when they should be embracing it as raw opportunity. If Rajjpuut were named Head #1 Republican Honcho tomorrow here’s how he’d approach the “problem.” It’s been said, there is none so blind as he who will not see. It seems that Republicans canNOT see the future clearly because they don’t know their own history? Allow Rajjpuut to refresh some memories . . . .

Sixteen years after the Dixiecrats walked out (at the Democratic National Convention that nominated Harry Truman) during Hubert Humphrey’s speech in favor of civil rights legislation, they found a home in 1964 favoring Republican conservative Barry Goldwater. To be blunt, they were about the only truly enthusiastic voters for Barry. Four years later, Nixon courted them as the “Silent Majority” and the Republican Party stopped being the “Party of Lincoln” in the eyes of many minorities and that condition still exists today. Times have changed, but perceptions haven't. For example, Obama received more White votes and a higher percentage of White votes (almost 48%) than either Kerry or Gore, but McCain only received 4.3% of the Black votes . . . so the Democrats could fairly be excused of having the most racist party. In any case, politically there was an enormous plus for Nixon and many Republicans . . . the G.O.P. was now a much more conservative party and since in any given year, 65-70% of the voters describe themselves as “fiscal-conservatives” Republicans since Nixon’s days have had a natural advantage that has led them to winning seven of the last eleven presidential elections.

With those numbers in their favor, Republicans are a natural “slam-dunk.” Frankly, however, the G.O.P., from the standpoint of Conservative Democrats and Independents (a good percentage of the 65% fiscal-conservatives in America) especially, has gone so far out of the way to make itself UN-attractive that in local, state and national elections they have largely squandered their birthright and continually snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Four key perceptions in many voters’ eyes have cemented inside them the picture of numerous Republicans as Racists, Old-Fashioned, generally intolerant and an even “ugly” group because . . . .

• They believe that the party is “wagged” by its tail, that is, they believe that former Dixiecrats control the party to this day and they are still racists.

• They disagree with the party’s UNcompromising Stand on abortion even when the woman’s life is in danger, or in cases of rape and incest or for retarded mothers.

• They abhor demands for teaching Creationism in public school science classes and teaching Christian songs in public schools. This is why God created private schools . . . and the founding fathers created Separation of Church and State! This is the TEA Party’s only constitutional beef with Republicans but it is a big one. However, they believe that the Democrats are trying to destroy the Constitution.

• Their perception is that the Republican Party is a sectional (southern) party and not really involved in national issues . . . even for people who don’t regard the G.O.P. as “racists” this view is widely-held.

(Setting aside the detractions mentioned above perceived as “Republican” weaknesses,) here’s what observation and common sense tell us about the TEA Party movement. It is a fiscally-conservative movement. It is a constitutionally-conservative movement. The members of the TEA Party are somewhat older, somewhat wealthier, and somewhat better educated than the average Republican and much moreso than the average Democrat. In short, the TEA Partiers are naturally aligned with the Republican Party, but oooops -- there is that “Republican ugliness” to contend with. So they are definitely an anti-Obama group; anti-progressive group; anti-socialist group and much, much more likely to vote against a Democrat than for one. The problem Republicans are really worried about, however, is that many Republicans feel as threatened by the TEA Party as the Democrats do. They could split the conservative vote for many years to come and ensure a long continuation of Democrats in power nationally and on the state and local levels as well.

Let’s bring our history lesson up closer in time: three potentially great things have happened relatively recently:

1) the TEA Party came into existence and is threatening to hold ALL incumbent politicians’ feet to the fire . . . and isn’t that about time? Big spending irresponsible Republicans should face the same ignominious fate as big spending irresponsible Democrats. Our nation is in a constitutional and fiscal crisis and the voters must solve the problem.

2) The Republican Party finally wised up. They abandoned their old ugly-right “litmus testing.” Instead they took to heart Ronald Reagan’s words, “If a fellow votes with me eight times out of ten, I regard him as a friend.” They created the “Republican Purity Test”:

You’ll remember that the need for such a test arose when the Republican Party chose a candidate to run for a seat in Upper New York and funded her with over a million dollars. It was a conservative region and the locals had not wanted her and were hopping mad. Their ire increased when it came to light that this was a candidate possibly to the left of Barak Obama and that the Democrat running against her was far more conservative. A real conservative entered the race as an Independent Conservative against them both and almost won after the TEA Party money and fury; and national contributions forced the FAKE Republican to withdraw with only about 7% of the voters committed to her. Her parting shot was to ask her supporters to support the Democrat who won by roughly 2.5%. Unfortunately, the G.O.P. as a whole has not acknowledged the purity test and as far as I know has not enforced the purity test before the primaries. So it appears that this very good idea is just lying dormant.

3) The TEA Party released its “Contract From America” as part of their rambunctious “Tax Day” protests on April 15th:

Looking closely at the two documets with Reagan’s jelly beans over his eyes, Rajjpuut suggests that if the G.O.P. Purity Test rates an 8.2 on a scale of ten, then the TEA Party document deserves an 11.0!

So, in answer to the worries about the TEA Party. How exactly does the Republican Party respond to their presence and even exploit the common ground between the two political entities?

Rajjpuut (as #1 Head Honcho Republican would suggest the following ACTION PLAN for exploiting the common ground existing between the TEA Party and the Republican Party. What should the nominees and candidates do?

1. Ignore the TEA Party. Don’t kowtow to them; don’t treat them as special. Don’t go out of your way to welcome them as likely-Republican-voters or to exaggerate the commonalities. In other words, don’t be political at all. Treat all voters and all campaign contributors the same (with respect but without debasing yourself).

2. Look over their “Contract From America” and see if 8, 9 or 10 of these items can be adopted/adapted for the G.O.P.

3. Look over the “Republican Purity Test” and seriously consider leaving items #9 and #10 out of the picture. 9 is redundant and 10, while important, is about 30th on any sensible list of crucial items for dealing with the crisis year 2010.

4. Using the phraseology of the “Republican Purity Test” modify and combine the two lists and with big drumming and fanfare announce the “Finalized Republican Purity Test” of about fifteen items. Then see which Republican primary candidates meet the purity test and which do not and let the party faithful know who had 15/15; who had 14/15/; who scored 13/15; who had 12/15 and who did NOT pass the test.

5. Ignore the TEA Party and set about fielding a slate of true statesmen and true stateswomen who meet the new Republican standards at least 12/15 and emphasize the key fifteen points at every step of the campaign.

6. Impress the TEA Party and all voters by seeking NOT to impress anyone, but steadfastly and seriously approaching the challenge ahead without pause until voted into office (Then take a break for about three weeks to refresh body, mind and spirit. Read the Constitution and start planning for your swearing in and beyond).

7. Defeat every possible Obama sycophant across the board and start repealing all his garbage. Consider impeaching the communist SOB for not upholding his oath of office and constantly attacking the U.S. Constitution.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,

ps: the strategy outlined here was what Bill Clinton did in response to the Republican sweep (in 1994 aligned with their "Contract With America") that derailed all his leftist initiatives. Republicans might not be able to pass a bill or might even pass a bill which Clinton would veto. Then he'd take basically the same bill and move it five or ten degrees to the left with a few deft changes and this time have his Democrats initiate it or bi-partisan sponsors. Wonder of wonders the bills would all pass with large majorities. If the Republican Party co-opts the wisdom of the TEA Party and makes it part of the Republican "planking" for 2010 . . . similar results will occur.

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As Thursday's Tax Day demonstrations drew over two million enthusiastic protestors out for the occasion, totally ignored by the mainstream media was the unveiling of the TEA (taxed enough already) Party’s “Contract FROM America.” The Contract from America consists of the “Top-Ten” most popular planks from among the group’s twenty-one original planks. Of the top-ten planks in the Contract, the number-one issue is clearly protecting the Constitution . . . not just because a plank by that name received the most internet votes and a closely related plank was voted into fifth position, but also because each and every one of the other eight planks honors the concept of limited federal government, returning power to the people and the states vis a vis the federal government and controlling size, spending and interference of the federal government. Here are the Contract From America's Top Ten Planks:

Protect the Constitution of the United States

Reject Cap and Trade legislation

Demand a balanced budget

Enact fundamental tax reform

Restore fiscal responsibility and constitutionally limited

government in Washington, D.C.

End Runaway government spending

Defund, repeal and replace government-run health care

Pass an “all-of-the-above” energy policy

Stop porkbarrel spending and earmarks in legislation

Prevent further tax hikes

These are the ten yardsticks for measuring candidates this coming November which the TEA Party will employ. Rajjpuut finds nine of the ten items he supported on the list as well as his item #13 and is deeply impressed with the wisdom shown by those who voted on the twenty-one item list. For those of us who believe that informed and caring citizens are the nation’s only chance of stepping back from the precipice of doom, this is a most heart-warming result. For the imbecilic mass media who called these gentle and concerned people “racists, haters and violent extremists,” Rajjpuut reminds you of Glen Beck’s nightly close using this Gandhi quote. “Let truth be your anvil and non-violence your hammer. Whatever does NOT ring true when struck on the anvil of truth by the hammer of non-violence must be rejected . . .” so let it be when the media’s lies and hate and extreme left-leanings are brought upon us . . . they are all rejected in the process. Just as the TEA Party says to the legislators “You work for us, we don’t work for you,” Rajjpuut says to the liberal media, “you either cover the truth or you only pretend to cover the news.” This fine document (these top-ten planks making up their 2010 Contract from America) is truly exactly what this country needs now. Let the media cover this great grassroots revolt truly and honestly or let them all die from lack of solvency as people refuse to pay to read or hear their lies.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Initial frustration with big spending Republicans drove Ryan Hecker and other fiscal conservatives to the creation of the TEA Party but it is the Democrats today who are the ones most worried by the grassroots disgust with business as usual in Washington, D.C. This week the TEA Party comes of age . . . as they flex their political muscle with a second survey called the "Contract FROM America . . . seeking to create a TEA Party platform consisting of ten planks . . . .

To date over 400,000 surveys have been completed and thus far the top three planks of the TEA Party movement appear to be:

#1 Protect the Constitution by requiring each bill to identify the specific provisions of the Constitution giving Congress the power to do what the bill would do. 82% of all survey responses included this plank.

#2 Reject “Cap and Trade Tax” Legislation and stop costly new regulations that would increase unemployment, raise consumer prices and weaken the nation’s global competitiveness with no measurable impact upon global temperatures. 70.8% of all surveys included this plank. Obama has not been able to push this bill through the senate and is now seeking to make an end run around the legislative process by having the EPA issue a directive in line with the provisions in the senate.
#3 Demand a balanced budget
by getting a Constitutional amendment process to require a balanced budget with a two-thirds majority required for any tax hikes. 69.6% of respondents approved of that plank.

The Contract From America is the brainchild of 29-year-old Houston attorney Ryan Hecker. Hecker invented the concept even before the tea party movement began in February 2009. Hecker says the ultimate objective is to “influence the outcome of the midterm elections” the way the Contract With America did in 1994, or even more.

"My dream, my hope," Hecker said, "is that economic conservative candidates and those who want to be economic conservatives in the future will sign on, and that we get a bunch of blue-dog Democrats and tons of elected officials onboard, and that they recognize that any document they craft themselves won't be as powerful as one coming from the people.”

Using the results of more than 5,000 surveys from members of the grass-roots movement, the Conservative Political Action Committee winnowed the ideas down to 21 proposals. Then they posted the list online in the as an extended survey, and directed voters to the ContractFromAmerica Web site to select the top 10 ideas.

The ten proposals that the grass-roots voters deem the most important will be included in the full ContractFromAmerica proposal, to be unveiled on April 15 during the massive Tax Day Tea Party rally being conducted in the nation's capital. Reflecting the widespread, de-centralized power of the tea party movement, the Contract From America also will be simultaneously revealed in Houston, Austin, Atlanta, and 80 other locations in the country. Hecker’s idea was based upon the Republican Party’s Contract with America in which the G.O.P. successfully passed nine of the ten contract items into law and forced Bill Clinton to abandon his liberal agenda and govern from the center.

"The Contract From America was a great document," Hecker says, "but ths time it's not top down, it's bottom up . . . It comes from the people, and it's how representative government should work."

"It started with my recent frustration with the Republican Party's lack of legitimacy on economic-conservative issues," he explains. "They no longer represented for me a proxy for my beliefs on the economic front. So this idea came from that. I thought, 'How do we move this country back into an economic conservative direction if that's not where it seems either party is headed. And then it just fit perfectly within the TEA party movement." To which Rajjpuut says, AMEN!

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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While Mr. Obama moves toward an amnesty bill making all illegal aliens instantly Democrats, er citizens, Mexican Drug Gangs had the audacity to attack two army bases just south of the border. Overall eighteen of the drug cartel’s attackers were killed outright and two more were wounded in the two fracases. How exactly, with what provisions, does Mr. Obama hope to limit the future entrants to our country to just including upstanding citizens? By the way, the Mexican Drug Cartel’s are reportedly threatening parents along the border with their childrens’ death if they in anyway get in the path of their activities . . . “kill your children and torch your homes” unless the threatened people pay five thousand pesos to the Cartel. Reportedly, some families are “making a run northward” now for their childrens’ safety. Makes you respect our nations’ drug addicts financing these cartels all the more, eh? The firepower along the border controlled by the Cartels has caused the Texas governor to call out the national guard for border patrol work.

Item: While Barak Obama clamors for Cap and Trade legislation which would cripple our already crippled economy, for the first time in several decades it appears that the Artic sea ice cover and the Antarctic sea ice cover are returning toward normal levels (the so-called 1980 baseline), but Al Gore and the global warming alarmists and the mainstream media that promote their party line aren’t correcting their rhetoric on climate change. Some scientists are saying that the 2007 low in Artic ice cover was probably NOT the result of extra warmth but rather may have been the result of recently discovered cyclical ocean currents pushing the ice that was there further south than normal where it melted of course. At present, the cyclical currents have shifted to more normal activities levels and directions.

Item: Although the liberal media have made a big deal out of Obama’s decision to drill offshore along the Atlantic coastline and Obama says he’s “increasing oil production,” the truth is anything but what’s being written. Obama’s decision was to “allow exploration” not to drill. The facts are that Obama has actually prohibited far more areas to exploration then he’s opened up; and he’s postponed the scheduled date of new leases. Expect gas prices at the pump to soar and do not expect any new drilling to occur. By the way, the Democrats and the Obama administration aren't talking about the vast Baaken Oil Fields covering about 22% of the heartland. A lot of jobs and a lot of oil and energy independence are waiting there. Right now just a small portion of that oil is available thanks to capitalist Indian tribes in North Dakota who cannot be told what to do by the federal government on their lands. We have deposits in the lower 48 right now that would dwarf what's available in Saudi Arabia and probably create six million new jobs . . . but Barak Obama wants you to remain ignorant of those facts.

Item: Today’s report that over 162,000 new jobs were created in the last month will be an outright fraud. Why? Among other things the 48,000 temporary Census jobs included in that figure are a once every ten year’s aberration and mean nothing to any economic recovery in the long run and over half the 162,000 jobs created are just that: temporary jobs created by the stimulus NOT real permanent jobs. If you include jobs created by the government in the mix, less than 45% of the new jobs are permanent real jobs in the real world.

Item: Despite all sorts of money thrown awkwardly at the economic problems by the Obama Administration (which doesn’t seem to understand that the only way governments can create real non-government jobs is by getting out of the economy’s way by reducing taxes, government obstruction to the free markets and other blockages that destroy the economy’s ability to naturally create jobs) the overall economy seems to be worsening. Bank failings continue at a record rate.

Item: Chrysler seems primed to ask for another bailout.

Item: The ACORN-driven sub-prime lending bust is still alive and the three mortgage-guarantee laws that ACORN abused to create it are still on the books. The Housing bust continues both for new homes and already existing homes. Overall for businesses and individuals loan payment delinquencies continue to pile up; bankruptcies and home foreclosures are running at record rates.

Item: We still have 9.7% unemployment and the overall unemployment rate increased slightly because more young people came onto the job market. It will take an average of 20,000 new jobs every month just to take care of these new workers but this would do nothing to replace or recreate the 8.4 million jobs which have disappeared since the government started stimulating the economy in October 2008.

Item: ACORN is now changing its name in all 50 states so they'll be eligible for government funding again. Remember, Barak Obama has close ties to ACORN and worked a few years as their lawyer forcing banks and lending institutions to make knowingly bad loans in line with three terrible laws created by the Democratic Party mostly but definitely NOT fought against resolutely enough by the Republicans. ACORN ran a Cloward-Piven scheme to overload the system and bring the country to crisis and move the country toward socialism. Until the Constitution is again respected and these laws are repealed and these type of abuses are prevented in the future, don’t expect much recovery, very soon.

ITEM: Item it would take over four consecutive years (about 50 consecutive months) of creating 162,000 jobs a month to regain the 8.4 million lost jobs and in the meantime, five million young people would also have entered the job market and be lacking jobs . . . the “Jobs President” better start earning his pay and his name.

Item: The real American average wage and the real American minimum wage both continue to fall thanks SLIGHTLY to inflation and employers’ reluctance to hire and take on new benefit-receiving employees in the present economic environment. And what is the real reason behind this drop? Illegal immigrants taking on jobs that many Americans won’t consider. Many employers can offer part-time no-benefit jobs because they don’t have an overriding need for full-time benefit-receiving normal American employees. Second prize in this sweepstakes goes to Unions continually out of touch drive to secure ever greater Cadillac benefit structures for their employees which employers have decided they will not pony up for.

Item: This one you WILL see in the liberal media. The N.Y. Times apparently got it right for once and Rajjpuut congratulates them. The Pope via a representative is attacking the Times’ coverage of the child-abuse scandal by Catholic priests saying it is one sided and exaggerated. Thirty years worth of problems is not exaggeration, it is a holocaust of trust. The Pope who once was a Hitler Youth can NOT reasonably hope to pull a Nazi shut-down on the media. This problem of abuse and more importantly of cover-up of abuse by the church and its officials goes back at least two popes and the present Pope appears himself to be implicated in the cover-up from years ago. Children are vulnerable little people and their health and safety and happiness can never be politicized . . . if the Pope wants this problem to go away, he needs to open all the church’s appropriate records on abuse and cover-up to the world’s media and to pledge to track the problem down all the way to a satisfactory conclusion. A church, above any other institution needs to be a place where people are safe, especially children.

Item: Obama’s efforts to change “Undocumented Future Democrats” into citizens is just the latest travesty. For years now, the social security administration and individual states have routinely been issuing identification to illegal immigrants. Even without this type documentation, ACORN was able to secure thousands of mortgage-guarantees for illegal aliens in the southwest. Rewarding all this duplicity by awarding citizenship is a slap in the puss to native born and naturalized citizens. If you thought Obamacare was divisive, watch what’ll happen to the country as a result of the Obama-Citizenship-Giveaway.

Item: Recently Jim Moran (D-Va) refused to answer a reporter’s questions about the “clerical error” that cost $6.4 Billion in lost stimulus funds supposedly aimed to help out in Virginia’s 12th District. One slight problem, there is no
12th district in Virginia. Moran spent about five minutes asking for respect rather than responding to the questions. Somehow the Obama stimulus folks created an untraceable slush fund for somebody, NICE!

Item: Liberal bloggers are labeling the “Faith, Hope and Charity” T-shirts being sold by Glen Beck as “hate merchandise to raise hate funds for bigot war chests.” Proceeds go to charity reportedly and Rajjpuut was unable to prove otherwise. Talking about Beck and the TEA Party and the T-shirts mentioned under the title “Nightmare in White,” one blogger starts ranting with the words, “there are an awful lot of angry white people in this country” as he went on to once again accuse all “Tea baggers” (which he knows is a sexual slur used by Democrats; the proper term is “TEA Party people”) of racism and hate crimes he implied that no TEA Party folks are NOT white; No TEA Party folks are NOT racists and all TEA Party folks are the scum of the earth and also are members in the KKK and other such organization. Certainly, Rajjpuut has seen with his own eyes that of those accusations exactly NONE are true. The aim of Democrats to marginalize the TEA Party people seems like a very short-sighted and even despicable course of action.

Item: The H1Ni vaccine was only 53% successfully issued. Right now virtually all the unused vaccine is in danger of reaching its expiration date and being thrown away. Hmmm after all the hype from the Obama administration and the shortages in vaccine amounts . . . one would have expected an out-of-control H1N1 flu epidemic in the country
. . . but until today’s news, Rajjpuut for one, hadn’t thought about H1N1 in thirteen or fourteen months.

Item: both Vice President Joe Biden’s and the New York Times’ literal admissions that Obamacare was really not about health care reform at all, but rather a wealth-redistribution scheme . . . have not been repeated . . . realizing their mistake the Veep and the newspaper in question have refrained from further responses to reporters seeking more information. Ooops, didn’t mean to tell the truth . . . .

Item: The mainstream media has ignored the fact that Obamacare not only took over 16% of the economy when it became law and began controlling the health industry. It also took over the student loan industry at the same time.
Item: if you are really a patriotic American, may prove to be one of the most exciting and pertinent websites you'll ever visit. Remember when Bill Clinton tried to run roughshod over the country in 1993 and 1994 with a nationwide takeover of the health care industry that only failed because he was NOT despicable enough to use all the dirty tricks and bribes and reconciliation BS that Obama has . . . the country voted huge numbers of Democrats out of office and for the first time in about 50 years installed Republican majorities in both houses of congress. Then the Republicans put into effect their "Contract with America" (they passed nine of the ten items on the contract) and the deficit plummeted and the country's prosperity was undeniable. Today the TEA Party has listened to Americans and come up with a list of 21 items that Americans have decided are important to them. That contract "with" America by the Republicans was a good idea but their "Contract FROM America is a better one . . . The TEA Party wants to find out which are the TOP TEN CONCERNS of patriotic citizens and then to use those top ten concerns to create a platform for politicians to sign for 2010. Go to the website above and vote for your top ten concerns. Rajjpuut's were: 1.Protecting the Constitution 2. Health Care Repeal and then Real Health Care Reform 3. Stopping Cap and Trade 4. Ending runaway government Spending 5. Real Transparency in government 6. No more bailouts 7. All of the above energy policy 8. Restore fiscal responsibility and Constitutionally-Limited government 9. Stop the tax hikes and 10. Demand a balanced budget . . . which is a good list, but probably not your list . . . go to the site and make your preferences known . . . .

Item: Drug Enforcement Act (DEA) officials are now visiting southern Afghanistan in America’s belated realization that opium is at the heart of the Taliban and Al Qaeda efforts in that country with the profits from opium funding their insurgency. The strange thing is that many compatible farm products are more profitable than poppies (almost all the profit from illegal drugs come after harvest and refinement) but it’s believed the Taliban likes the poppy for traditional reasons and because it plays a big role in advancing “American decadence” according to their ideology. Rajjpuut feels a strong bond to the drug addicts who help fund the killing of our soldiers.

Item: President Obama has effectively politicized the EPA (consider the edict to stop irrigation of central California farms and raise unemployment to protect the Delta Smelt <tiny fish>) and will now seek to ram through an EPA directive to ram through cap and trade legislation that Democrats have not been able to pass through the senate. This is yet another “end run” around lawful legislation processes with Obama’s arrogant administration attempting to regulate what they cannot legislate. It’s all just one more huge attempt to erode the Constitution’s authority. Just as Obamacare is, in effect, a tax on living . . . Cap and Trade type laws or edicts are nothing more than a tax on companies that actually build or create something . . . . it appears that Barak Obama intends to turn off all the lights in America . . .

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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