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AMNESTY 5-10-13

Would you vote for amnesty if it generates an economic loss of $1.67 TRILLION per year, $16.7 trillion in 10 years, and $100.2 trillion in a 60 year adult lifetime (18-78)??   That loss will stop the moment we stop corruption and lawlessness in the executive, legislative and judicial offices of government.   Constitution, statutes, oaths of office, and truth are literally mocked and openly violated without restraint or fear.    Immediate top down enforcement, prosecution, fines, & jail is the only solution.


According to Fox News, 20 million citizens are unemployed and millions more work part time!  Government says average wage is $43,500.    We have 11 to 30 million illegal aliens working!


When wages are lost, citizens receive unemployment and SNAP cards that trigger many other interlocking webs of local, state, and federal taxpayer funded welfare!     With dependents,” benefits” are significantly above individual $23,000 poverty levels!   Benefits” represent saved productive wealth taxed from someone else by government to give to those without wealth enough to buy-consume food, etc.    Consumption doesn’t generate productivity or wealth.   Wealth generated by productivity provides the capability to demand products and productivity.


ECONOMIC LOSSES OF UNEMPLOYMENT BEGINS AT $1.27 TRILLION!   Citizens lose $870 billion of self sustaining productive salary based revenue when their job is lost (20 million @ $43,500) plus government will tax $400 billion from producing workers to subsidize the unemployed (20 million @ $20,000 consumption)!.   Average unemployed citizen loss is $63,500 each.   The real cost is considerably higher than this example!   That doesn’t include SSI and criminal damages!


Criminal invaders cost ANOTHER $400 billion beyond unemployed citizen economic losses ($36,365 each @ 11 million).      Simultaneously, 11 to 30 million criminal alien invaders work in criminal workplaces.   Because illegal aliens are confined to low wage wage criminal employment our corrupt lawless government gives aliens SNAP debit cards and all other triggered federal, state, and local benefits, without citizenship proof, plus free healthcare, education, etc.!    A recent pro-amnesty study quoted illegal alien cost at $402 billion ($400 rounded), in a bizarre claim that criminal invaders contributed $35 billion to the economy because they saved $437 billion in wage costs!    Inflation and prices are increasing, not falling!


Because illegal aliens are criminals with no rights, they work for pennies on the dollar, and enable their criminal employers to make windfall profits while driving lawful competition out of business!    A $20 citizen wage with taxes & other regulations roughly costs legitimate employers $26+/-.   A minimum $8 wage worker might take home $6.00/hr after 25% FICA & income taxes, etc.   A 10 hour day legitimate worker cost $286 compared to $60 cash with no overtime, taxes, etc., says criminal employers have an illegal $226 advantage that will and has destroyed free competitive wages plus law abiding employees and employers, especially in construction trades!


The Heritage Foundation “study” fails to account for 20 million citizens chronically unemployed on government assistance plus the fact that the US productive infrastructure has been sacked over the past 20+ years by US “global” monopolies such as GE!   Heritage’s assumption that government officials who profitably and  criminally mock Constitution and statute will suddenly stop and serve citizens instead of themselves, is preposterous!    Heritage notes aliens are already (illegally) on government welfare, but fails to account for the cost and effects!   Nothing in the amnesty bill or anything else on the horizon addresses the 20 million citizens who are cast into poverty by criminal alien invaders!  The only thing that will stop lawlessness at the top is prosecutions, fines, and serious jail time!    I don’t quarrel with their assumptions or conclusions, other than, they are immaterial when compared the glaring issues missed – no put down implied!


People like Steve Moore need to be in the tomato patch, buttocks high in the sun, dawn to dusk, trying to keep up with a young person who’s afraid of being arrested if the boss-man decides he’s a few tomatoes shy of his quota!   Add the $6.3 to the $100.2 trillion, and the resulting $106.5 trillion might make sense.   Reiterating mindless talking points aimed at driving the lemmings into the sea are evil


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Obama Brings UN’s Gun-Grabbing Resolution to Limelight


This is very serious.  Please do not take lightly the resolve from the United Nations and our own left to eventually turn us into England where don't have gun rights.


We absolutely must stand against this and any other crap they drive down our throats about being "reasonable".


Gun control is not about guns--it is about controlling you.  Gun control has never worked, anywhere.  Our safest cities and states are those with the least restrictive gun laws.  These are undisputed facts rather than the lies you will hear from Obama and the media.


Go to if you want to begin fact checking.  Link to the FBI Crime Staistics reports, Google what happened in England or Australia.  There are several YouTube videos of Brits and Aussies bemoaning how they were taken in by "reasonable" gun control that morphed into total confiscation. Rest assured that your ideological enemies fully understand their limits as long as America retains it 2nd Amendment rights.


The election is over.  I'm not happy with the outcome, but I cannot change it.  I don't care to argue about who you voted for or why.  I am warning you of some of the consequences.  This is not some "chicken little" the sky is falling or a "boy crying wolf".  This is a very real agenda that we can never give an inch.  Once you give an inch, it's like letting the camel get his nose under the tent; you'll soon have the whole camel to deal with.


The NRA, JPFO, and a number of other organizations are fighting for our rights.  We have to join them, support them, write/call congress and tell them where we stand.  We must be unrelenting or you, your children, and subsequent generations will never know liberty.

PLEASE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.  Do your own research.  Hillsdale College offers a free on-line course on the Constitution--EXCELLENT!  JPFO has a number of FREE educational videos regarding our constitutional rights under the 2nd Amendment as well as what have been the historic reasons and results of gun control.



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