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Are we as Americans entering a period in our history where the US Government is the source of every crisis? Yes we are because the powers that be want to dominate the population by fraud or conquest. The oligarchs who control the puppet President Obama wants America taken down. They want to play God over our existance and every aspect of our lives. These super rich people cannot coexist with the middle class and a free people because everyone is a threat to them in their own minds.

We are seeing the whole house including the kitchen sick thrown at us using fear and trying to impart learned helplessness. It is the agenda of the tyrants can gain control of the people hoping the citizens will cave into their demands, saying” we can stop the crisis if we just submit”. These elites are like the school yard bully telling us to cry” Uncle, here is my lunch money” so they will let go of our arm they twisted behind our backs. The pain stops, but now we are hungry because people will give their lunch money every time instead of taking a stand saying no. They use fear to get their way in a crisis they started instead of the people pushing back against the bully exposing them.

The only real threat to the American people is the US Government who facilitates the crisis because they stand to gain from it if they can get away with it. It is time to expose the US government as the problem and not the solution. Every time they say “ I am from the government. I am here to help”. It comes with tyranny and a loss of freedoms in the name of security at the end of the day. History shows people get neither freedom or security when they surrender their liberties.  Does anyone remember what happened after Hurricane Katrina? Instead of going after the gang remember shooting at first responders trying to rescue people. The government went to the high and dry areas where people were not affected by the storm confiscating the guns.

Right now they are allowing illegal aliens from Mexico, Central and South America with contagious diseases and flying in people infected from Africa with the deadly Ebola virus on US soil putting every American at risk. This is all being perpetrated by the US Government. This is an attack on the American people as a way to attempt to break our will and submit to the dictatorship inside the White House.

So where is the agenda behind this all? First, President Obama wants our guns out of our hands to bring in the red terror like it was during the red terror in the old Soviet Union since 1917 to 1991 in Russia were millions of innocent people were executed that had no means of self defense.

Do not forget when President George W. Bush singed Presidential Directive-51. This document is declared classified where congress can not see the document that allows the President on his own whim with broad dictatorial powers outside of Congress. The President can declare anything to be a national emergency. Using Ebola or one of these or many of these epidemics brought in by these illegal aliens coming across the border as a justification for a declared national emergency under PD-51. The President might try to go after the guns using a national crisis under the guise of a medical emergency caused by the US government on purpose to disarm the American people.

This can be done under the  Model State Emergency Health Powers Act

Under the recently signed Executive Order 13295. Now American citizens with a perceived respiratory  illness who may not be sick can now be detained. No mention of detaining Illegal aliens with real respiratory illnesses that are contagious and a public health threat to the population. Under Obamacare, Doctors can refuse treatment if people do not tell the authorities where are the guns. If they do not turn in their guns, they will not get any treatment.

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Senator Boxer(D) and Senator Feinstein(D) of California introduce bill that could ultimately lead to the confiscation of your guns!

The bill would allow anyone to seek a "Firearm" Restraining Order against anyone else they deem is dangerous to themselves or others.

This bill is too vague and doesn't define any necessary terms or precautions with something as huge as this, as are most bills from people like these, so they can purposely interpret the bill and enforce it any way they need to.

You don't need new laws to stop violence. As in the case of the Las Vegas shootings that happened this last Sunday, there were a lot of people that knew what the shooters intended. The room mate of the shooters admitted they told her of their plan. All it would have taken is for someone in this case to call the police and inform them of the situation.

We don't need any new laws to get warped by the liberals to fit their agenda.

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It is time to do more than talk.  Sadly I have watched my country erode away from the onslaught of the Most Selfish Generation ever since I returned from Vietnam in the 60s. I propose that we target an ECONOMIC BOYCOTT immediately.  It can be done by focusing in on an area of the economy that will hurt the extremists.  Not just a single left-leaning store, but rather an entire industry.  Perhaps computers / electronics industry (Silicon Valley)?  Automobile industry?  Entertainment?  It must be FOCUSED, PLANNED, ORGANIZED well, PROMOTED and ENFORCED with at least social pressure.  Not a single or list of companies -- too 'small potatos' or confusing.  Perhaps a ROLLING boycott where we do a handful of industries and focus for a few months on one before moving to another.  BOYCOTT is a reasonable, serious step to assert REAL ECONOMIC POWER before it becomes necessary to take to more militant power levels.

This is where a "Tea Party" leadership must emerge.  There is no doubt that I have observed a lack of clear leaders -- it is time to ORGANIZE before these communist nazi people gain greater control than they have already rangled.


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                                                 Obama Plays Political “Gotcha”

With Second Gibson Guitar Raid


          The same Obama administration – already threatening to kill thousands of airplane manufacturing jobs in South Carolina for being politically incorrect; and complicit in the 35% unemployment in and around Fresno, California (courtesy of the Environmental Protection Agency’s stupid ban against farm irrigation) -- is now attacking the Gibson Guitar Company, maker of arguably the world’s most desired musical instrument.  Gibson is not Stradivarius but its artisan-built, American-made guitars are in more hands the world over than any musical instrument short of the Hohner Harmonica, a mass-produced pocket instrument.

According to Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz, his company, the iconic maker of the Les Paul and Firebird X electronic guitars, is being unjustly harassed by the federal government after an August 24th raid by armed agents from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on two of Gibson's Tennessee production facilities and its Nashville headquarters.  According to Juszkiewicz the feds confiscated nearly $1 million in rare Indian ebony, finished guitars and electronic data the second time in two years that Gibson's factories have been raided by the feds because of unfinished rare woods used to build its guitars.  Notably and gutlessly failing to make a presence in the raid were Eric Holder’s@@ Justice Department and the Federal Labor Relations Board who most probably were the initiators of the action   . . . almost all U.S. guitar makers other than Gibson are union shops owned by Democratic sympathizers.

"It was a nightmare," Juszkiewicz said, "We had people sitting making guitars. We had no weapons” when the gun-wielding Feds crashed their business sites.  Gibson Guitar has always made a good-faith effort to follow the law, he said.   Juszkiewicz and virtually all other U.S. guitar makers all use the same woods in their products, there didn’t seem to be any reason for singling out Gibson for the raid.  Politics may be behind the raid according to Gibson’s lawyers.  Juszkiewicz, who has contributed to a few Democrats in the past, is a vocal anti-Obama Republican and he runs a non-union shop.  The National Labor Relations Board loaded down with Obama appointees and union activists has already sought to twist the nation’s fair labor practices law by seeking to prevent Boeing Aircraft Company from creating a new plant and thousands of jobs in South Carolina, a “right to work state” by implying that the new plant would harm Boeing’s union workforce in Seattle, Washington. 

It comes down to this:  by purporting to uphold an Indian law about shipping unfinished Indian ebony (actually India freely trades in many types of unfinished woods from their country including this one and several variations of this one), the feds are in effect saying that only finished wood from India (creating Indian jobs and killing American ones) may be used in Gibson and other guitars.  The federal agents involved have said that the wood involved “is too thick to be a veneer” and as an unfinished wood cannot be brought into the country.

Juszkiewicz and his Gibson attorneys insist the wood is legal under Indian law because it's a finished product -- a fingerboard that gets attached to the neck of the guitar and they have letters from the Indian government to prove it they told CNN.  Certainly this appears to be carrying political correctness way too far . . . federal agents with guns raiding a well-respected company instead of using a subpoena to gain the information needed.  Let us not forget the disruption in Gibson’s daily business and the confiscation of over $1 million in inventory; and confiscation of records.  One other little detail, shutting down Gibson would put more than 700 workers out on the streets.  Juszkiewicz is keeping the company running, "We have not been able to make some products, but I'm not going to lay people off," he said.         The problem is, we have no recourse," he said. "These guys have investigated us for two years. They came in twice and shut the place down."

According to CNN, Juszkiewicz and Gibson await judgment on the earlier case, which involves rare wood from Madagascar confiscated from Gibson's factories in 2009. Meanwhile, Juszkiewicz has NOT been able to get the wood or guitars confiscated in that raid returned.  Even if it were returned would it still be in usable condition after a two year hiatus?

"Why is big government spending our tax money to harm ordinary citizens and small businesses?" Juszkiewicz asked online yesterday.  As it stands right now anyone in the country owning or selling a Gibson Guitar is in danger of arrest for violation of the law and/or obstructing justice.  The Justice Department, through a spokesman said it only goes after the big companies selling “contraband products,” not the individuals or small businesses.  Why is Rajjpuut not comforted by their reply? 

On another front the TEA Party and other political conservatives opposed to big government interference are citing the two Gibson raids as further evidence that the Obama administration is killing American jobs.  In 2009, the TEA Party cited the EPA for playing a role in the 35% unemployment around Fresno, California created by prohibiting vegetable farmers from irrigating their fields (saying they were endangering a three-inch fish, the delta smelt which tended to wander into irrigation piping**).  Re-elect Obama for life in prison.


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


**            Let us say for the sake of argument that this is a reasonable thing to do rather than bureaucratic nonsense.  Two things come to mind:

1.        No such action ought to be allowed without final Congressional approval

2.      The EPA ought to be commanded to come up with a feasible, affordable alternative to save the damn dumb fish, for example

a.       Installation of a wire or metal grid sufficiently far from the pipe intake that the little guys would run into rather than getting sucked into the pipe, OR

b.      Some sort of chemical or audio device that would scare the little fish away:  possibly by smelling like or sounding like a larger prey fish.

Killing jobs and driving food prices higher without first seeking a more common-sense cheap alternative is so reprehensible and so stupid that it’s hard to imagine anyone but a progressive nincompoop holding anything but utter contempt for the EPA.  And notice that the responsibility must be the EPA’s and not the farmers’ who are NOT deliberately trying to make the damn fish extinct.

@@  Mr. Holder’s justice department is, as you read this,

1.                            Joined with HUD, also leading an attack upon Westchester County, New York, the most highly-taxed real estate in the country; calling the area “segregated and racist,” the Attorney General and other Feds are seeking to force Westchester banks, etc. to grant sub-prime loans to “racially diverse individuals.”  Isn’t that what caused our recent financial meltdown?

2.                           Denying all knowledge (already proven to be a lie) of the Fast and Furious “sting” program that put 37,000 weapons in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels and allowed them to be taken freely across our southern border where they’ve been implicated in hundreds of crimes.  “Justice” Department, Mr. Holder?

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