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The Party that is now led by John Boehner is totally out of sync with reality. Yes, the Head of the Rino party has gone out of his way, with his sorry Herm Edwards impersonation, to again ostracize the American conservatives that put him in office.

            Mr. Boehner- Put Down the Pipe. You need to focus on reality or you will be looking for work flippin’ burgers. I’m sure you then will be screaming for $15.oo an hour for that job.

             The Real Republicans Serve God and Country, and can read and write. Most Importantly “We the People” Vote Too! Do you think for a minute that Theatrics like those you used today and actions like standing for the same fleecing of the People the Socialist leaning Democrats do is Good for Americans, or just good for you?

            There are many in this country that will not stand for your childish antics any more than they will stand for the same for that Carney clown. The Liberal media will surely put you on T.V. but at what cost? Your manhood, your integrity, your dignity all seems to have been flushed down the toilet like so many O’Promises.  You might Keep your Speakership if you like it, but not for long. You may even be good in a debate, but it won’t be against the next Dem running for president. Get your Act together. No, on second thought get your Priorities in Order.

Realistically even my 10 year old girl can see the futility of your words and actions. Even as a Veteran of a whole EIGHT WEEKS in the Navy I can have absolutely ZERO respect for a man of your caliber (or lack of caliber it seems).  Respect is not an attribute that is freely given to an office, position, or rank and standing without reason. Respect Must Be Earned. Whether Senator, Congressman, President, Preacher or anyone, Proof of Respect must be earned by deeds, and actions, long before it is awarded or even Deserved.

Tea Party Member or not, I will always tell the truth about the persons I write about. The excuses used these days are so out of control the truth seems to change along the same lines as any current Pole numbers tabulated.

The Fact that you are siding with anyone you can now is proof enough that your credibility is waning fast. You are fast becoming more irrelevant than Jimmy Carter or Rutherford B. Hayes. If you think turning your back on the conservatives that truly will rule this country soon will get you some cushy job so that you really will continue leaching off the American public, you are in for a rude awakening come re-election time.

 Please give us more Ted Cruz’s and Ronald Reagan’s in this world. As it is, this nation will end up like the people I used to watch on the other side of the barb wire fences standing in food lines all day long outside of Guantanamo Naval Air Station back in 1977+78. Those people do their best to get to the United States of America even risking death if need be to try for a better life.

So Boehner old friend, Come and tell me why you want to be a Rino, and I’ll tell you why I’m a Tea Party Republican.

If anyone can forward this message on down the line, I’ll be willing and Ready to give a defense for FREEDOM.

Thanks Patriots.  


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This is not the same Democratic Party we grew up with.
I did not leave the Democratic Party.
They left me.
The entire Democratic Party is loaded with "Progressives" who are nothing but Marxist, Socialists, Communists, Maoists , etc. They are as far extreme left as possble. That is why no bill can get thru Senate. So many Left Wing Extremist that they are unappraochable.

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