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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

poli-1.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xUp is down, left is right, right is wrong, and lies equal the truth. That is the liberal view of the world around them, and while it seems like something new, it isn’t.

The decidedly backwards mindset of today’s liberals has nearly always been their calling card, and when they have historically been outed as being on the wrong side of any given issue, they ultimately accuse Republicans of the wrong they, themselves commit.

We all know that it was Hillary and the democrats who were engaged in collusion with the Russians leading up to the 2016 election, and Uranium One is proof positive of that. It was Hillary and the democrats who conspired with Russian agents to manufacture the Steele dossier which would then be used in an attempt to frame first candidate, and later President Trump.


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The Russian debacle part 1

Great interest has been shown in this alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. I say alleged because this is a story that should have been gone months ago.  The intelligence agencies of this country have presented all parties with the basic intelligence that Russians attempt to influence the intelligence, but none that they succeeded nor of the collusion between the Trump administration and the Russian government.

The question on what they have presented to these committees is this. What exactly is this information that leads to this conclusion? The American people have not seen it because it is being hidden by the intelligence agencies. We keep hearing the 16 different agencies have agreed on the conclusion, and the sycophantic media has followed right along as if this was “settle science”.  And like climate change, the settled science is based on innuendo and rumors from “unnamed sources”

 But let’s just make one thing clear, there has been no evidence, NONE, that showed collusion between the present Trump administration and Russia. It is being used now and for as far into the future as possible to attempt to delegitimize our President and along with paid and planned for riots to sow the seeds of chaos. The New York Times, the BBC, and the Washington Post have all blared this fake collusion far and wide, and all the networks, even Fox start any conversation with “Russian hacking”. But where is the proof. Julian Assange of Wikileaks, the entity who is responsible for the dissemination of the DNC emails has said emphatically that it was not the Russians, but leaked from the inside. No one to this day has asked Assange for any information.

The involvement of the Obama administration with Russia as evidenced in the Uranium One deal was never investigated and neither was Bill Clintons enormous speaking fees. But then again it would have been investigated by the FBI, the same FBI that ignored Hillary Clinton’s treasonous use of a server, and the debacle of Benghazi.

And where was the media during all this? They we accumulating all the information they needed from Obamas intelligence agencies to use against Donald Trump. Since his last election, when he declared during one of his debates to Mitt Romney that the 80’s called and wanted their foreign policy back. Another brilliant move by our past Muslin-in-Chief.

Why is it that Putin invading Crimea and Ukraine did not set off a firestorm, but the hacking (or leaking) of Podesta’s emails and those from others in the DNC did. Could it be that the progressive/socialists running the DNC were finally shown for who they are?

So how did the FBI make a decision that it was Russian hackers that overran the DNC servers and make all this information available. Did they do forensics on the server? NO, the DNC wouldn’t allow thathe FBI, perhaps because of the administration in charge never pushed to do the job it was intended to do. It was based on the information provided by a company called CrowdStrike, a company that recently was caught setting up another Russian Hacking scheme by using false facts.

And what of the FISA courts? In October 2016, BEFORE the election, the Obama administration requested a warrant to target a computer server in Trump Tower. Even after no evidence was found, the wiretap continued. See (

There are a plethora of interesting aspects to this entire debacle. NSA Director Michael Rogers took part in the National Security Summit where Obama officially blamed Putin on October 8th 2016. On November 17th 2016 Rogers met with President-elect Trump in New York. The next day, the Washington Post reported that there was a “recommendation” from the NSA and the Pentagon that Admiral Rogers be removed from his position. The demand was made by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper who had already lied to Congress about wiretapping of the citizens of this country.

There are hackers of unknown origin blackmailing Democrats to release the product of their illegal actions. There have been a great many Democratic Groups that have been hacked, including those non profit groups that are using grant money to cover the costs of anti-Trump protests along with funding from George Soros.

The DNC, which was the start of this, is a private organization and not in any way connected to the Government. Rather than focus on the information which was disseminated by Wikileaks and which no Democrat can deny, it laid bare the manipulation and outright lies that were used to assure that Hillary would get the nomination. The cacophony of the Democrats over the supposed “Russian meddling” is only because they got caught. So we got Obama sanctioning the Russians knowing full well there was no proof that the Russians had done anything, and not willing to admit that what came out through Wikileaks were just that, leaks from within the government. Blaming Russia and putting sanctions in place were to be used in an attempt to create a higher level of tension between Russia and the new administration and if they could be used to attempt to topple Trump, so much the better. This was accomplished by Obama signing an executive order to further expand the sharing of raw intelligence across all agencies before any classification was assigned.

The government has moved to vilify anyone connected to the Trump campaign. A memo relaeased claimed that Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen had a “covert Relationship” with Russia. It stated  ” that Cohen’s wife is of Russian descent and her father a property developer in Moscow”. Michael Cohens wife is actually Ukrainian and has been in the United states since 1972. Cohen has proven he never made the trip that the memo describes, and has never been to Czechoslovakia or Russia. An intelligence hoax, why are not the intelligence committees looking for the source, perhaps because the source is within one of our own intelligence agencies.

So for now, I suppose we must continue to listen about Trumps “collusion” with the Russians, and continue to listen to Democrat sycophants like the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, and all the other fakestream media about how Trump is Hitle, how the Russians helped him win, Even thought it was Obama who spied on the Associated Press, James Rosen, Susan Attkinson and others, he would never go so far as to attempt to destroy the Trump Presidency.

And we will continue to have to listen to Maxine Waters, the icoherent senile loudmouth who has no basis in fact for calling for the impeachment of Trump, but like a broken record will continue to whine. Where were you Maxine when Benghazi happened, or the targeting of the IRS on conservative groups, or even fast and furious. It is these things that should show you why people don’t listen you do. Selective outrage is your only selling point, and it doesn’t sell to anyone with half a brain.

And we will have to keep watching on our TVs such people as Rep. Adam Shiff, with his serious, “we need to catch a criminal” face telling us that there are mountains of evidence that ties Trumps campaign to Russia. He even was so sure of his superior intellect that he tweeted to our President that no one disputed the fact but Presdient Trump. Bad news Adam, a lot of people know you are a partisan hack and were lying as you proved this morning on CNN. Where is your proof Adam, and where is the apology. And no, most of the country know you are a partisan hack. If you weren’t why aren’t you investigating the ties between the Russians and Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.

This whole debacle is nothing more that Democratic Saboteurs attempting to thwart the will of the people. The people will not be stopped, and if you continue your violence you will learn just how many patriots are tired of your “resistance” and will move things forward far more quickly than you can imagine. 

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CNN Tries Obama-Realism, Hops Out of Barack’s Bed

Oh, those lovers’ spats! Following the revelation of the 13-year+ JournoList-scandal -- in which over 400 different journalists, bloggers, pundits, other media folk and university professors, all of the liberal persuasion, were plotting how to cover the news and how to protect Barack Obama and cut down opponents like Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin and John Mc Cain and even going back to female journalists and feminists “biting the bullet” rather than attacking Bill Clinton for his shenanigans with Monica Lewinsky – there does seem to be a bit of difference in the tone of the media coverage of President Obama in the last week.

Rasmussen Reports which had been documenting a gradual drop in positive stories about the president over the last eight weeks . . . showed an upsurge in positive remarks about Obama in the media from roughly 43% the previous week to just over 50% last week. But the biggest Obama-toadies of all MSNBC via surprised with 60% of its Obama references negative -- a drastic shift. CNN showed a slightly higher percentage of negative references to Obama and a much higher percentage of neutrally-toned realistic stories covering both sides of the issues. So all the newly enhanced positivity for Obama came from ABC, CBS, The NY Times, Washington Post and the big online news agencies.

We’ll have to wait and see if the other liberal media jump on CNN and the way they did when ABC broke the story of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s preacher, ranting, “NOT God Bless, America – God Damn America! The JournoList reaction then was quite bitter that one of the liberal brethern would betray their pact, break from the herd and get a monster scoop like that . . . but then they all came together and agreed how best to cover the story up by ignoring it and painting Mc Cain as a racist, wasn’t that nice?

Notable is that coverage of the JournoList scandal itself in the mainstream media (MSM) was virtually non-existent but much defense of the now defunct liberal listserv’s Journolist was everywhere else present among the internet commenters on all things gloriously liberal. Much like Climate Gate, the Obama donor list, DOJ Black Panther voter intimidation scandal, the Obama connection to ACORN and to the sub-prime lending crisis, the Van Jones Scandal, Obama’s communist upbringing, the communist essay written by Obama’s Kenyan birthfather, the NAACP praising thugs who beat up a Black entrepreneur they called an “Uncle Tom,” ACORN document shredding scandal, ACORN child prostitution ring scandal and CCX conflict of interest cap and trade scandal, and DOJ decision NOT to prosecute Black crimes against White victims . . . it appears yet again that for the most part, the MSM has decided they serve the public best by not shedding light on any liberal weaknesses.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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