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PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT FROM:CLT'S 2 ½ PAC500 Mendon Rd. Unit 125 Attleboro, MA 02703 508-915-3665  BEATY WINS TAXPAYERS' ENDORSEMENT  Ronald R. Beaty, Jr. has won the endorsement of CLT's 2 ½ Political Action Committee in his election bid for State Senator from the Cape & Islands District.  CLT'S 2 ½ PAC, the political arm of Citizens for Limited Taxation, was originally created to support candidates who would defend Proposition 2 ½ in the State Legislature.  It now endorses candidates who support taxpayers on a variety of issues, and uses the CLT Legislative rating to identify pro-taxpayer legislators.  Francis J. Faulkner, executive director of the PAC, said the group endorsed Beaty based on his strong support for tax limitation "We need to put people like Ron Beaty in the State Senate to continue the fight for the income tax rollback and to block any attempt to impose new taxes.  Ron has taken the taxpayer protection pledge.  This pledge asks candidates to ‘oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes'.Signing the pledge means he is serious about not raising taxes and will focus instead on better management of state revenues." In contrast, his opponent Senator Daniel Wolf received a lowly 04% on CLT's most recent taxpayer rating.  In serving the best interests of the taxpayers and the economy, we urge the voters of the Cape & Islands District to elect Ronald R. Beaty, Jr.. to the State Senate on November 4th.
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RE: Ronald Beaty, Completed National Federalion of Independent Business -Massachusetts Candidate QuestionnaireFor your reference, review and information please see the following linked document.RONALD BEATY, Completed NFIB-MA Candidate Questionnaire - you.Sincerely yours,Ron Beaty, Republican CandidateMA State Senate - Cape & Islands DistrictEmail:
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RE: Cape & Islands District, Republican State Senate Candidate RONALD BEATY - Candidate Position on Second Amendment Rights & Law-abiding Citizens

For your reference and information, please see the attached completed candidate questionnaire sponsored by the Gun Owners' Action League (GOAL) of Massachusetts.

RONALD BEATY, GOAL Candidate Questionnaire

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Ronald Beaty -
Republican Candidate -Massachusetts State Senate, Cape & Islands District
Phone: 508-685-2921

RONALD BEATY, GOAL Candidate Questionnaire 

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