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Wikileaks Info Shows Obama Used CIA as “Watermelons”



    With Hundreds of Millions of His 'Profits' at Stake

President Seeks Extortive Data

Against Countries Doubting Global Warming



Hillary Clinton is not the only high level American politician embarrassed by Wikileaks revelations.  According to documents released by Wikileaks, President Barack Obama employed covert CIA operatives to try to dig up scandalous data on countries opposed to the Copenhagen Climate Treaty which he’d so actively seek to sell to the world in December, 2009. Of course, one month prior to the Copenhagen meetings, the infamous release of tens of thousands of e-mails from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of East Anglia (England) University which came to be known as “Climategate,” destroyed all of Obama’s dreams of triumphing on the world stage by leading virtually the entire planet into signing a Copenhagen Treaty with far sharper teeth than the nothing paper that the 2009 meeting produced. Shocked by Climategate, Europeans were not enthusiastic about getting involved with more green nonsense (Spain had gone from the #1 European economy in 1997 with 4% unemployment to one of the worst economies in the world with 21% unemployment after their experiment with subsidizing green job creation). Obama, except for a rousing speech against capitalism but praising him by Venezuelan communist leader Hugo Chavez came home from Copenhagen empty-handed.


Just as the Wikileaks data shows Hillary Clinton seeking diplomats to dig up dirt and embarrassing info on foreign leaders and diplomats; Wikileaks now shows that Barack Obama ordered the CIA to find similar information about whole countries and their supposed despoiling of the environment or coolness about global warming at Copenhagen. According to what Senator James Inhofe, an Oklahoma Republican, told the Daily Caller website: Obama was “desperate to enforce its orthodoxy on global warming.”


Obama, Al Gore, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Franklin Raines, Richard Sandor, Valerie Jarret, Joel Rogers, John Ayers, the Shores Bank of Chicago, several Goldman Sachs bigwigs, and about fifty other well-known progressives stood to make vast fortunes if the United States passed Cap and Trade legislation in concert with world leaders united by a strong accord from Copenhagen. Climategate blew their plans out of the water and then the failure to achieve any consensus on strong global response at Copenhagen shot their scheme to hell. The folks in question all were part of a Chicago area initiative called CCX (the Chicago Climate eXchange) which expected to own the lion’s share of American carbon trading under cap and trade which Sandor estimated at a $10 TRillion yearly industry. In good times the U.S. economy amounts to $15 TRillion. Thus CCX would literally sell the country “blue sky” with its fictitious-based global warming driving carbon trading and drive all prices roughly 67% higher and enjoy commissions on a good part of 40% of the economy for scamming the people with a system that would eventually bankrupt the nation. Thanks to Climategate and Copenhagen the CCX enterprise “dissolved just within the last three weeks. A lot of progressive money was lost in the last thirteen months.


Not surprisingly, the same liberal so-called mainstream media (MSM) in America which refused to run the Climategate story linked above thirteen months ago to date has failed to show the Wikileaks revelation of Obama’s scandal (the link at the top of the blog is to the ultra-liberal London Times’ website which reported the Climategate story accurately but did NOT show this information:  


about the biggest fraud in Climategate the deliberate omission of the Medieval Warm Period from CRU calculations). The Wikileaks revelation on Obama ran in England’s The Guardian newspaper which reported that State Department administration officials, acting at the request of the CIA, sent a secret cable asking U.S. diplomats to gather intelligence on other countries’ preparations for the then-pending Copenhagen climate conference. The request also asked diplomats to be on the lookout for indications that countries were not fostering environmental cooperation and for evidence of countries circumventing U.N.-sponsored environmental treaties. In effect, Obama and the diplomats and the CIA were acting as “watermelons.”


A ‘watermelon’ (since the Climategate revelations) is what Europeans call an extreme environmentalist leader. Just as an “Oreo” in the United States is a Black that other Blacks say “is black on the outside but white on the inside” . . . a watermelon is somebody “green on the outside but pink to deep red on the inside.” That is, pretending to be concerned about the environment in order to push an ultra-socialist or Marxist agenda because cap and trade legislation would require an almost totalitarian state to administer. Climategate which was heavily covered in Europe but ignored in America undermined Obama’s Copenhagen hopes and apparently made him desperate. Given all the important data that’s resulted from Wikileaks, Rajjpuut is shocked to find himself saying that Julian Assange has proven himself to be a hero for freedom lovers everywhere . . . this Obama scandal and the similar blackmail-seeking actions of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both revealed by Assange’s Wikileaks, show us an administration that will stop at nothing to advance its progressive/socialist agenda. To them clearly, their foul ends justify whatever super-foul means the opt to employ. Barack Obama is a watermelon. To push his collectivist agenda, he pretends to be environmentally-conscious, but he’s really only interested in the power that accrues to a government that has the power and scope to carry out such a grave assault on freedom as cap and trade would prove to be.


When the cap and trade bill stalled in the U.S. Senate after squeaking through the House of Representatives in the late spring of 2009, and then failed to advance out of the Senate for several months, Obama tried to circumvent the lawmakers and have the Environmental Protection Agency create law by regulatory edict. Shortly afterward the EPA published a regulatory change saying that henceforth Carbon Dioxide would be regarded by their agency as a toxic emission and levels would be controlled by the EPA. Fortunately, the EPA was violating its own charter. Florida and Virginia immediately sued and the short-lived regulation was rescinded because the EPA is not allowed to take anyone else’s studies (such as those of the East Anglia University CRU involved in Climategate) but must do its own research and congress must be allowed to monitor that research. CCX and Obama’s dreams of making a fortune scamming the American people while unveiling a virtual totalitarian state upon us all went up in smoke at the same moment.


According to Daily Caller website, in a leaked Feb. 17, 2010 cable, Michael Froman, Obama’s deputy national security adviser for international affairs, held a meeting with the European Union’s climate commissioner-designate, Conne Hedegaard, seeking to work around “unhelpful countries such as Venezuela or Bolivia” and get the Copenhagen treaty into force. Froman in the cable said the U.S. and E.U. “need to neutralize, co-opt or marginalize, co-opt or marginalize these and others such as Nicaragua, Cuba and Ecuador.” He also advocated using divide-and- conquer tactics to confront several of the more strident opponents to cap and trade and global warming orthodoxy and other Copenhagen treaty opponents, saying the U.S. and E.U. needed “to better handle third country obstructionism and avoid future train wrecks on climate …”


The Obama administration later cutoff aid to Ecuador and Bolivia last April that would have helped them reach the Copenhagen treaty’s carbon emission targets, citing their opposition to the agreement.


“I think this goes to show that to the left-wing of the Democratic Party, national security means anything you want it to,” former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton said. “I think it is certainly a misallocation of priorities to be using intelligence capabilities on something like climate change.” Rajjpuut would say it shows the progressive Democratic leaders are morally bankrupt.


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“. . . are we ultimately talking about an impeachable offense that ties Hillary, Bill, Al, and Barack to a scheme that would have defrauded the entire nation of 40% of its economy every year? Research continues . . . .” Rajjpuut

European “Mean Greenies” Become

“Watermelons” for Cap and Trade

The United States as a whole unfortunately missed out on the strange evolution of the radical global warming alarmist that Europe enjoyed over the last 363 days. Here’s what Europe went through that about 85% of Americans are completely in the dark about . . . .
One year ago, Europe and the United States were pretty much in the same place as far as “Global Warming” was concerned. About 60% of people were concerned and very open to further study; a large vocal minority was parading about chanting about the “end of the world as we know it” and a far larger minority was proclaiming the whole thing a hoax, for example:
includes signatures from some 31,000+ American scientists (9,000+ among them holding Ph.D.s) saying that “if there is a consensus among American scientists, it is in opposition to the hypothesis of human-caused global warming rather than in favor of it.” Europe being more socialistic than America was decidedly more in the Global Warming camp. Spain, for example, had ruined Europe’s biggest job-producing economy (1997) by instituting a green-jobs subsidizing movement. Today Spain’s unemployment is the second highest in Europe, roughly 21%. Like the United States, the environmentalists and the left side of the political spectrum in Europe were pushing hard for “Cap and Trade” laws. Then came Climategate . . . .
It started with some e-mails hacked into at the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at East Anglia University in England. Soon there was a counter measure to take the e-mails offline and then an even larger set of CRU e-mails was permanently placed online via a Russian website. CRU was the premier global warming study site on the planet and both of the Nobel Co-Peace Prize Winners (Al Gore and the United Nations International Panel of Climate Change or UNIPCC) had relied primarily on the data from CRU and from a research center in Pennsylvania, USA, for concocting the graphs and hockey-stick projections so crucial for Global Warming alarmists’ use in presenting their case. Well before the middle of November, 2009, all of Europe knew about the e-mail leaks and about the apparent fraudulent science that was being exposed. About eight days later on November 19, 2009 after a very detailed study of the evidence, the ultra-liberal London Times released this:
The Times on that date saw global warming was a hoax perpetrated by some top scientists to gain grant money; trade magazine access and political power; and by some politicians as a method of expanding their name-recognition and personal power. One of the biggest surprises was that all along this information:
had NOT been emphasized at all. Basically, the warmest epoch in the last 1200 years (The Medieval Warm Period) had been deliberately left out of the Global Warming Alarmists’ projections . . . a time when Greenland was so green that the Vikings set up a settlement there and went on to discover Vinland (Newfoundland), becoming the first Europeans to visit North America. Instead, it seemed as if the CRU folks and other GW study groups had put double emphasis on the “Little Ice Age” that wiped out the Vikings in Greenland for good. As we’ve said, Europe knew all about this, but what about the United States?
When Climategate happened, only one major media outlet covered the story, Time magazine. It hit the web and in five hours was the #1 story on the web . . . and then it mysteriously disappeared. Rajjpuut suspects (he has only one source telling him so and has not been able to find another to verify it) that Time editor Joe Klein, a notorious left-leaning censor, had the story pulled and completely wiped off the Time archives . . . it no longer existed as news except among GW Deniers websites and from bloggers like Rajjpuut. So with two different continents getting two different versions of the GW news, what happened in Europe, where all the people were informed about Climategate by the mass media that did NOT happen here in America?
The European left was none too happy with the overnight revelation. Cap and Trade as a viable idea all but disappeared from political discussion. And a huge and angry backlash from some European environmentalists and some leftist politician raged for about two months . . . it was found mostly in the letters to editors and on left-leaning websites . . . some in the mainstream media there labeled these angry folks, “Mean Greenies” and the name was appropriate; the same name that eco-terrorists and vengeful groups like PETA (who splashed paint upon celebrities wearing furs) got in this country.
But as some of those most tied in with cap and trade kept harping away, some people noticed exactly what the agenda of these mostly ultra-socialistic and even communistic groups actually was . . . and started calling them “watermelons.” Like the terms “Uncle Tom” and “Oreo” used by Blacks, being a watermelon is being someone not worthy of respect. Specifically, where among minorities an “Oreo” is a person “Black on the outside” and supposedly “White on the inside,” as you can imagine a “watermelon” refers to folks pushing their environmentalism so hard that they still insist that Global Warming is a proven fact and therefore Cap and Trade laws are needed to save the planet. Watermelons are “green on the outside but pink to deep red on the inside,” that is, they are communist-leaning or communist to the core.
Why “green outside and red inside?” Because the nature of Cap and Trade laws is that a government basically must virtually control every single part of a nation’s economy or Cap and Trade laws can’t be meaningfully enforced so in the wake of Climategate, people inclined toward totalitarian states like ultra-socialists and communists (or old fashioned Fascists) are the only ones still enthusiastic about Cap and Trade because they have a vested interest in government controlling the means of production.
All things considered then, President Obama, one of the founders of the CCX (Chicago Climate eXchange which hoped to earn its members TRillions of dollars if Cap and Trade was passed in the United States) is definitely “a watermelon” . . . which should excite someone out there in left-leftland to call Ol’ Rajjpuut a “racist” within the next 7.67 seconds . . . but we’ve got bigger fish to fry:
Some of the other infamous watermelons tied up with this scheme to bankrupt** America via Cap and Trade are: Paula DiPerna, Richard Sandor**, Al Gore, Maurice Strong, George Soros, John Ayers (brother of bomber Bill Ayers), Joel Rogers, Valerie Jarret, Van Jones, Franklin Raines, Andy Stern, Former CEO of Fannie Mae Jim Johnson, the Goldman Sachs trio of David Blood, Mark Ferguson and Peter Harris, the ShoreBank (Chicago) that loaned Rev. Jeremiah Wright money for his multi-million dollar home, and potentially folks like Democratic Representative Jan Schakowsky, and ShoreBank supporters Bill and Hillary Clinton, etc., etc. as they seek to create an Obama-utopia similar to Greece right here in America where everyone should be a watermelon. The real tragedy, of course, is that folks like Joe Klein and those running the New York Times, Washington Post and mainstream broadcast outlets have prevented this scandal from being known by the American voter. As far as the American muckety-mucks: are we ultimately talking about an impeachable offense that ties Hillary, Bill, Al and Barack to a scheme that would have defrauded the entire nation of 40% of its economy every year? Research continues . . . .
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
Here’s info on the Shorebank-Clinton connection:
**CCX Founder and president Richard Sandor in an infamous interview said he expect Cap and Trade to be a $10 TRillion industry. That is, the largest industry in America will literally be selling “blue sky” nothingness. If you take a healthy America with a $15 TRillion economy (rather than today’s $13 TRillion net economy) and then produce absolutely nothing but make it into a bogus $25 TRillion economy, that means that prices on all the real goods and service produced must rise by 67% that's = to a fictitious $10 TRillion divided by a real $15 TRillion and that means 40% of the economy would be going into the pockets of the crooks involved with Carbon Trading every year thus bankrupting the nation. REMEMBER, in an unguarded interview with the San Francisco Chronicle Barack Obama said his energy policies “under my plan of a cap and trade system would bankrupt the coal industry” and “necessarily make the price of electricity skyrocket.” The Chronicle recently claimed “copyright violations” as it’s forced the websites around the nation to take down the video, but some are holding firm based upon the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and putting out the info in written form anyway. Others like Andrew Breitbart have defied the Chronicle directly.
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Until the American mainstream media comes to its senses and begins acting like journalists again, real investigative stories (like the one linked above from the ultra-liberal London Times) will not appear in ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN newscasts. Truth will NOT be available to Americans from our oldest news outlets. That story is over five months old and required the London Times to eat some very serious crow, for they had been driving the global-warming bandwagon for many years. The actual event took place on November 17, 2009. It took the Times twelve days to research the story before their Environment Editor Jonathan Leake drove a stake into the heart of global-warming with his article entitled “The Great Climate Change Science Scandal” which agreed with the conclusions of the press and neutral scientists around the globe, that the East Anglia Climate Research Unit (CRU) had perpetrated an expensive and elaborate hoax on the world. That story has not been run in the New York. Times yet nor in any other major Liberal newspaper or broadcast company. As we speak, Cap and Trade legislation based upon global warming theory is poised for passage in the United States Senate.
Another story you’ll probably have to pick up first on FOX News or in the London Times is this one . . . our president Barack Obama and our ex-vice president Al Gore are still using that false global warming alarmism to confuse the American public and are guilty of deliberate conflict of interest that will bilk the American economy of $10 TRillion each and every year.
You’d have to read that in Investor’s Business Daily ( of course, not in the mainstream media) or hear it on Fox. The lamestream media is too busy protecting Obama’s butt and worshipping him to actually protect our country.
Here (above) is a brief schematic of the corrupt connections designed to sell America and the free market down the river and scam us all of 40% of every dollar spent in the country from now till hell freezes over . . . .
If and when Cap and Trade legislation passes . . . an enormous fortune will be made by Joel Rogers, the man who owns Obama’s strings, and the brains behind CCX (Chicago Climate eXchange). CCX is a business venture owned by Al Gore and his London partners the fifth largest owners; Barack Obama, Joel Rogers, John Ayers (brother of Weather Underground bomber and Obama ghostwriter Bill Ayers, several Goldman Sachs bigwigs, and 10% owned by Goldman Sachs the investment firm itself; Richard Sandor and surprise, surprise by Fannie Mae (who owns the patent on the methodology) as well as several other key progressive organizations and individuals such as Van Jones, Andy Stern and unions AFLCIO and SEIU.
Sandor, the founder and man in charge of CCX has been videotaped saying that cap and trade will be a $10 TRillion industry. Since all actual U.S. manufacturing production and services (where something is actually produced or a service actually performed) create $15.4 TRillion per year that means that about 40% of all costs associated with anything produced in this country will be associated with Cap and Trade legislation and therefore the final costs after cap and trade costs passed on to American and world consumers will be roughly 67% greater because of the existence of Cap and Trade Laws. For you arithmetically challenged .4/.6 = .6666667
But Sandor is a small potatoes guy . . . the brains of the outfit, the man behind the great green curtain in Obama’s Emerald City Ozville is a communist activist Wisconsin professor named Joel Rogers. He is the man who owns Obama’s strings, a man who says here in this link below that “Capitalism is Monstrous.” He is the creator of the Apollo Alliance (seemingly a progressive money-laundering foundation) which received $80 Million from Obama’s stimulus funds. These progressive foundations (The Joyce Foundation; The Tides Foundation; The Apollo Foundation; the old ACORN; etc. are just a few of a long list of progressive foundations who channel money into other progressive foundations and quite naturally receive money channeled into them by other progressive foundations . . . while big surprise, Barack Obama’s name is found on the board of many of them) received a huge amount of our stimulus money. Joel Rogers is the leader of a cunning collusion for profit and power. But the mainstream media will not cover All-American Joel or his organizations or his connection to Barack Obama or Al Gore or the full corrupt story . . . . when they finally regain their senses and their journalistic spirit, Rajjpuut suggests they start their investigation with CCX. Why? Follow the money!
Being associated with all these progressive foundations with all that loose money floating through them is surely profitable, but only chump change compared to what happens if and when cap and trade becomes a reality. When it first appeared that Cap and Trade legislation which narrowly passed in the house last spring was dead on the senate floor . . . Joel Rogers is the one who prodded Barack Obama to prod the Environmental Protection Agency to issue an edict, a regulation, that would in effect make cap and trade legislation the law of the land and classify carbon emissions as dangerous pollutants and that would make the CCX immediately a going highly-profitable concern and make the individuals mentioned above a fortune for selling, uh . . . blue sky. Free blue sky with the carbon-dioxide in it that plant life needs to grow and produce oxygen for us to breathe would be symbolically exchanged for other free blue sky with a bit less carbon dioxide in it in accordance with the EPA directives and run through the exchange system computers on programs for which the patents are owned by Fannie Mae. Something for nothing, abso-frigging-lutely nothing will never cost so much in the history of the universe and Joel and Obama and Al and Richard Sandor and John Ayers and the Goldman Sachs bunch are the folks who will be taking us to the cleaners while literally selling “licenses to pollute,” according to their own interviews. Makes you proud to be an American, eh?
Actually, Rajjpuut is very proud to be an American and one reason is the existence of Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn, his April, 2010 Statesman of the month who took on Al Gore’s lies face to fact (link above). Al can run to his $9 million new mansion in Montecito, California alongside the global-warmed rising seas but he cannot hide from her direct question, “. . . will you in any way, profit personally, from the legislation you’re supporting here today?” Ms. Blackburn and Senator Inhofe are also behind the movement that made the EPA backdown from instituting cap and trade by regulation . . . you see the EPA was violating its own rules because they cannot issue regulations based upon somebody else’s studies but must do the environmental, or in this case the climate, studies themselves. And, of course, the EPA was basing their edict upon the Climate-Gate fraudulent figuring done at CRU in East Anglia, my, my, my. Ms. Blackburn’s got more courage in her pinky fingernail than all the inglorious mainstream media reporters and executives combined.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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