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Obama Isn’t the Only “Rat” in Our Icebox


Obama assured us that the stimulus money would be used to promote economic recovery. He promised to keep the unemployment rate below 8% stating that the stimulus would have an immediate impact mentioning shovel ready jobs. It wasn’t until 2011 that Obama laughed and said, “Shovel ready was not as shovel ready as we expected.”

Did we miss a joke here? None of the 14 million Americans out of work or millions more who can’t find enough part time work to keep their head above water are laughing! He has a perverted sense of humor – not one college student or senior citizen sees any humor in the “shove ready” remark.

Obama touted in 2009 that the stimulus bill would help millions get out of the poverty trench. The fact is over 6 million taxpayers have been pushed over the cliff and landed in that trench. The Africa Americans have been totally neglected by Obama – all he wants from them are their votes and support for the 2012 Presidential Election. The Hispanics haven’t recovered from his lies in 2009.

Child poverty has increased and many of the Americans counted in the unemployment figure are working part time which is a big red flag equating to more dependency on the Government - that is exactly what Obama wants. He wants big Government controlling our every move; he wants all classes to be totally dependent on “Big Daddy Government.”

The clean energy and “green economy” didn’t create millions of jobs as promised. The DOE (Department of Energy) had a feeding frenzy with 35 billion dollars of our stimulus money and we know before the year is over we’ll be hearing about more green companies who gobbled up our money and then closed their doors after receiving big bonuses.

In a recent Gallup poll unemployment is around 9% and climbing – by the end of March we’ll see the new figures from the Bureau of Labor. It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out that unemployment is hovering around 15%, because part time and temporary jobs are weak band aids and the 1.1 or 1.8 million who gave up looking for employment must be included.

The rest of the story about our stimulus money isn’t pretty; in fact it’s very disturbing and brings us to this question. While Obama’s Administration was redistributing our money like drunken sailors – no one was following up on what the grantees were doing with the money. No one in the White House was looking out for the taxpayers or their money except a few like Chuck Grassley and Darrell Issa.

We always get the bad news after the fact - after the ravenous wolves have just swallowed another billion or two. We hear about Obama Care, AARA, Solyndra, Sun Power, Telsa, GM, the Chevy Volt, Fast and Furious gunrunner operation after our money is gone, our jobs are lost and people have been murdered.

OIG (Office of Inspector General) definitely has done intensive research and studies into the use and misuse of the stimulus money, their findings only confirm the fact that not any Republicans or Democrats were monitoring the grantees(the ones receiving) our money.

Here is a site that is a real eye opener on Government Waste by Tom Coburn (MD). He states that the Government does not include metrics and standards to Government programs, which basically means the right hand never knows what the left hand is doing at any given time.

It’s not only the Obama Administration that is destroying our Nation! Obama did just what he promised he showed us “Change,” in three years minus the “Hope.” In addition to Obama, Americans have a Congress that is lackadaisical, not engaged, not accountable and perfectly content to spend our hard earned money.

Remember the “Super Committee” supposedly the dream team who would find solutions to pay for the debt ceiling increase? Our Government is trashed, beyond recognition and we must take it from the hands of those who just don’t give a “Damn.”

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

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