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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

NAUGH-1.jpg?width=194What transpired over the past two weeks, with regard to the nomination process of a Supreme Court Justice, was vile, beneath contempt and well beyond the pale.

President Donald Trump had nominated a Judge with an impeccable judicial record for the position. Judge Brett Kavanaugh had already passed, without so much as a single red flag, six federal background checks throughout his career.

One of those federal background checks actually allowed him access to our nation’s nuclear codes and you can bet had anything even a little off been discovered in such a deep and complete background check, Kavanaugh would have never held any further federal position, and certainly would never have eventually found himself in a position to become a Supreme Court nominee.

The American Bar Association gave Judge Kavanaugh its absolute highest ranking based on everything from his rulings, decisions, writings and his demeanor.

While there will always be differences in the way liberals and Conservatives…


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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Fact Checked by: AWC

Source of the information: America's Wrongfully Convicted

Note: This article is to expose that the criminal justice system needs a overhaul and that we need to expose the light of criminal
justice system corruption in the media. So USWGO Alternative News will
be the first ones to expose innocent people being wrongfully convicted
because the police either failed to fully investigate or other reasons
which should have never happened in a good law system.

Legal Notice: We acknowledge that everything we written is truthful and that all facts have been checked before the publishing of this
article. All information brought forth here has been sourced from the
evidence presented to us by America's Wrongfully Convicted a
organization dedicated to bringing out evidence that proves the
innocence of those wrongfully convicted by the system. We also made sure
that all content in this article is well backed up, plus is 100%
truthful. You also acknowledge that by reading this article since we
aren't the original source of the information that since it IS fact
checked (Means legally we ARE telling the truth) we cannot be held
liable to any emotional damages caused by this article.
Roberts brother's picture

According to the America's Wrongfully Convicted website, a ongoing case battle to help vindicate a disabled man named
Robert McClendon, that was wrongfully convicted of aggravated assault
with a firearm on a family member, then convicted to 5 years on
probation. Also according to my research on the AWC website and various
YouTube Videos it was his, brother, sister, and even his mother that is
helping him with the whole case. This event took place in Houston Texas
from 2005 to now with a trial to come after Christine for lying to the
whole court, and the judge.

Apparently it started in 2005 when Robert's girlfriend had two daughters which one had a mental problem and the other was the one that
plotted to get Robert arrested. What led from one tragic event to
another can be very confusing that it can take a while to exactly learn
about what exactly happened and so I will go ahead and tell you what
exactly happened according to the evidence and the report.

Anyways the people I will be mentioning below are Robert McClendon (A victim of being wrongfully convicted of a crime he never commited),
Sara Trent (The one that had a mental problem and caused trouble for
Robert), Paula Trent (The one that plotted to get Robert arrested), Jose
(The one that ended up in a affair with Paula which caused Emma to
leave Jose), Emma (The victim of having her husband cheat on her), and
Christine the one that helped Paula achieve and succeed in her plot to
set up Robert as a abuser and have him arrested.

Sara Marie Trent

So first of all Sara Trent started getting out of hand by breaking things,
cursing at everyone including her own mother, Christine, and then
threatening to beat up Roberts own mother who was about 70 years old at
the time. Then she was starting to urinate everywhere in the house,
including the furniture and floors at will. So Robert had no choice
because of the explosive behavior and urine on the furniture and so he
found it necessary to call the police on Sara. So police from the
Montgomery County Sheriff's Department arrived and so they had a talk
with Sara about her behavior. So after the talk the police officer told
both Christine and Robert that Sara was not right in the head and that
she needed psychological counseling. Apparntly it was discovered that
Sara suffers from spina-bifida, a congenital condition, and that she has
had water build up on her brain and so it has to be controlled with a
shunt which drains cerebral spinal fluid from her brain.

Although this did not go well with Christine because she became angered of Roberts call to the police department because it may ruin the
income from the Social Security Administration. So she yelled to Robert
in anger"That is just great! They are going to put Sara in a psych
ward, and I am going to lose Sara’s Social Security check!" (It looks
like she was using the income from Sara because she did not want to work
a regular job). The anger Christine had against Robert stayed all day
for simply calling the police on Sara for her behavior.

Now this story gets even worse then just what happened with sara, the real drama starts up with Paula...

So then on September 14 2005, the oldest daughter of Christine, named Palua, had been having boys coming through her window to her room in
the mobile home the family stayed at. One of those boys is Derek who was
only 15 years of age at the time.

Anyways lets speed it up because a article shouldn't be too long and you can pretty much read the story on Roberts story on AWC.
Paula Trent

So anyways Paula is angry that she is not allowed to sneak boys into her
room and so Robert wanted to have a talk with Dereks mother. Also to
make sure no more boys or even grown men could ever be allowed to sneak
through Paula's window to her bed room a lock was installed on her
window since she abused the rights to have her window open.

Then a break in happened and Derek happened to had a reputation to break into homes
in the neighborhood. So after that Robert decided to call the police on
Paula for disobeying Roberts trust sneaking boys through her window, and
for Derek breaking into the mobile home. The police officer had to
explain to Paula that what she was doing was wrong and so her mother
Christine started claiming that since she was 18 and Derek was 15, that
Robert was trying to get her 18- year-old daughter into trouble for
having sex with a 15 year-old-boy (aka sex offender laws where it
prohibits minors from having sex with grown adults, BUT that law doesn't
get enforced in certain cases such as a 17 year old being in love with a
18 yea old), but that wasn't the case either because he never mentioned
the age of Derek to the police. Still Christine got angry again at the
fact that Robert called the police again on her daughters for
misbehaving, and so she told Robert that he had better not ever call
another cop on her kids. According to the law of morals if somebody is
behaving badly to the point where that person has people break into your
house, you have every right to call the police on your girlfriends
daughter and if your girlfriend doesn't like it well then maybe you
shouldn't be around her and her kids if she goes around making your life
a living hell. Anyways enough ranting now back to the story.

This really made Paula Angry so after a church-run in which Robert did some work for
the church for all the times the church has helped him, he got back but
because of his disability his back was hurting, and so he laid on the
bed to get some rest.

Then Paula decided right at that moment while he needed some sleep to turn up the
volume of the music she was listening to very loud to the point where it
was bothering him. So he asked Christine to have a talk with Paula
regarding the loud music then she simply turn the music even louder
after Christine left. So again Robert asked Christine to stop this so
she started running outside while yelling that he never let's her do
anything she wants and so he yelled at her to stop yelling outside in
fear that neighbors would hear her and then asked Christine to get her
to go inside then she for some reason just looked at him and smiled,
then shook her head "no." Then Robert thought that Christine was going
to get Paula but instead Paula fled to the office to call the police on
Robert because all of the sudden the Maintenance man ran into his living
room demanding his guns. After a few more minutes the cops just came in
there and arrested him without a investigation.

Also about the Jose and Emma situation anyways that was pretty much around as well
before the plot by Paula to set up Robert to be arrested. To make a long
story short Paula was paid to take care of Roberts mothers house and
she was not allowed any boys over but yet she betrayed his trust by
going outside and having an affair with a married man named Jose. After
she was caught she then again lied and tried to make out like Jose took
her out back, took off her clothes, then raped her, but then why did she
get upset whenever Robert thought about calling the police or firing
him. Even though Jose cheated on his wife Emma he did knew about Paula's
plot to set up Robert. Anyways onto the court trials...
Christine Trent

So first Christine and Paula set up a Protective Order Hearing to bar him
from having any access to his personal belongings, then stole all of his
belongings, even drivers license, maybe even his social security card
(Well if they could get his drivers license easily it would be obvious
they may have his other cards as well since he was just whisked off to
jail without collecting his personal ID Cards), and they got completely
away with it at least for now. Then all Roberts brother attempted to
track down who broke Roberts mothers mail box then what Christine and
Paula did was made out like Robert broke his Protective Order to stay
away from them. It was just one bit of hell after another.

Paula and Christine had been caught at each court hearing making different
statements each time changing the story. The fact that the judge and
jury sided with these two lying women proves that there was some
judicial corruption going on.

Anyways here is the audio podcast about the event:

[audio:|titles=recording - by Americas Wrongfully Convicted]

So right now a legal battle is still going on for Robert to be vindicated, his record expunged, and to lock up the real criminals
(Paula and Christine) that abused the Justice System to their advantage.
Also according to the letter written by Emma Paula and Christine planned to set up Robert.

So for those that want to set things right and are sick of the Injustice in the Justice System check out

Also here are YouTube Video embeds regarding what Robert is going through:","allowfullscreen":"true";" class="mceItemFlash" src="" height="424" width="710">","allowfullscreen":"true";" class="mceItemFlash" src="" height="557" width="710">","allowfullscreen":"true";" class="mceItemFlash" src="" height="424" width="710">

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