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Has anyone else seen this?  Freaky----Courtesyof National Report

Obamacare officials have been inserting RFID chips into citizens hands, despite significant protest.

First, they chipped the welfare recipients and government employees who couldn’t afford to refuse. Next, they chipped the school children, who didn’t know how to refuse. Now, they are chipping Christians who try to refuse.

National Report, the only major agency refusing Obama’s implicit order to not cover RFID chipping, has been receiving reports from small congregations throughout Wyoming that Obamacare officials have been entering churches, giving a brief demonstration on the importance of RFID chipping, and refusing to let church members leave until RFID chips have been implanted in the hands of the members. Thus far, we have received reports from 11 congregations throughout rural Wyoming. No doubt, more will continue to emerge.

An excerpt from one such report is included below. It has been edited for publication, but its content has not been altered.

“We had just finished our closing prayer, when we heard the door to the sanctuary open. I turned around, and saw 3 men in suits standing in the door. One of the men walked down the aisle and asked if he could say a few words. Being good Christians, and assuming his intent was pure, we told him he could. He proceeded to tell us that he was from the government, and was here to implant us with our new RFID chips. He told us the chips were important, that they would help heal the weak and sickly. He quoted to us from the scripture. Suspecting that he may be an agent of evil, we refused the chips. Our protests were met with force. More men entered the church, and we were systematically forced down and chips were inserted into our hands.”

Diego James, PhD

Diego James holds a PhD from South Dakota State University. He has worked as a scientist in both industry and academia. Dr. James now works as a freelance, investigative journalist.
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chipped hand

Obamacare officials have been inserting RFID chips into citizens hands, despite significant protest.

First, they chipped the welfare recipients and government employees who couldn’t afford to refuse. Next, they chipped the school children, who didn’t know how to refuse. Now, they are chipping Christians who try to refuse.

National Report, the only major agency refusing Obama’s implicit order to not cover RFID chipping, has been receiving reports from small congregations throughout Wyoming that Obamacare officials have been entering churches, giving a brief demonstration on the importance of RFID chipping, and refusing to let church members leave until RFID chips have been implanted in the hands of the members. Thus far, we have received reports from 11 congregations throughout rural Wyoming. No doubt, more will continue to emerge.

An excerpt from one such report is included below. It has been edited for publication, but its content has not been altered.

“We had just finished our closing prayer, when we heard the door to the sanctuary open. I turned around, and saw 3 men in suits standing in the door. One of the men walked down the aisle and asked if he could say a few words. Being good Christians, and assuming his intent was pure, we told him he could. He proceeded to tell us that he was from the government, and was here to implant us with our new RFID chips. He told us the chips were important, that they would help heal the weak and sickly. He quoted to us from the scripture. Suspecting that he may be an agent of evil, we refused the chips. Our protests were met with force. More men entered the church, and we were systematically forced down and chips were inserted into our hands.”

rural church

Rural Christian congregations in Wyoming are the latest targets of RFID chipping.

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Christian Right with tea party:

Would love to see the tea party , fight for Christian rights !!! We need the TEA PARTY to help bring GOD back to this great bless country before it's to late.. America’s practice of complacency, apathy and immorality? One thing is for certain, America is starting to resemble the great civilizations past that fell not as a result of war but from rotting within because they elected to eat, drink and be merry and rebel against God.Without exception, every time man has been disobedient to the Almighty, the outcome has been catastrophic. History clearly documents the aftermath of disobedience and to see this one only has to look at the great Roman and Babylonian Empires to confirm the penalty of opposition to God. What the Creator told Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and Hosea, the great prophets of the Torah and Old Testament, is just as valid today as yesterday. If God punished the Apple of His eye, the Jews, for their disobedience, surely every people and nation refusing His instructions can expect nothing less than His wrath.Today America stands at the threshold of decisions balancing on a thin plank in a turbulent storm. Will America choose to continue playing the fiddle while the house is burning down or will she alter her course and return to the principles upon which she was founded?  Will she continue to accept and even embrace practices and behaviors contrary to the Holy Word of God? The acceptance of same sex marriages, removing God’s Ten Commandments from her courts and prayer from her school classrooms, rampant disrespect for law and order, drug abuse, child abuse, fiscal irresponsibility, corruption in government and corporate greediness all serve to paint a clear picture of self destruction.Will America be expedient in addressing these violations to God’s Word?  Will the silent majority, if they still exist, speak out?  If not then we must be willing to accept the wrath of a just God. Every nation in the world which values democracy and freedom keeps their eyes on America.  Will the super power of the world become another victim of God’s judgment and wrath or will America wake up before the last die is cast.  We cannot ponder our decision for long.
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Nation of God

Our Nation Was Built Upon Christian Beliefs & Tenants, I Shall Not Bow Down To Any Anti-Freedom Loving Cult That Claims To Be A 'Loving Religion' While Murdering Those Who Do Not Believe, Degrading and Raping Women, Molesting Children and Animals, and Claiming All The While This is Right & Good In The Name Of Their God, I Would Rather Be "Saved" And Dead First.

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Barack Hussein Obama Financially Supporting a Worldwide Christian Genocide of Women and Children

Members of the Free Syrian Army reportedly attacked the Christian-dominated al-Duvair village in Reef on the outskirts of Homs on Monday, where they massacred its citizens, including women and children, before the Syrian Army interfered.

This reported attack comes shortly after intense fighting in the city of al-Qusseir over the weekend, in which Bashar Al-Assad’s forces inflicted heavy casualties on the rebels.

Assad’s forces launched an offensive in April in an effort to cut off supply lines to the rebels by taking the city and its surrounding areas from the rebel groups that had been entrenched there since last year. Two weeks ago, the Syrian forces reached the center of the city

While the sources describing Monday’s massacre are supportive of Assad, it’s possible that it occurred since the rebel groups fighting the Assad regime are composed mainly of members of al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda affiliated groups and have committed war crimes and atrocities in the past.

Jabhat al-Nusra, the branch of al-Qaeda that fought and killed American and allied troops in Iraq, have positioned themselves in Syria and control the rebel movement.

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A CHRISTmas Message

As Tuesday approaches I want to wish everyone a blessed CHRISTmas.  As you experience Christmas this year consider the importance of this holiday.  For example, there are over 2 billion people worldwide who not only celebrate Christmas as a holiday but also how the birth of a child permanently changed the world. 

Children are precious.  Keep in your prayers those 20 children who died in Connecticut along with their families.  But life also is about balance.  Therefore balance your prayers to include the 53 million babies and children that are not here today since Roe v Wade in 1973 (out of sight does not mean out of mind). 

For 2 billion Christians, they strive to live out the message of Christmas not just for one day or one month, but as a way of life 12 months a year.  Among those principals include compassion, love, humility, and forgiveness.  From a balanced perspective I say how can that many people be wrong?


Finally, please pray for leaders (Herod? & Caesar?) who have the task of preventing a national catastrophe in the years ahead from their decisions today.  And don’t spend more than you can pay back over the Christmas holiday despite the temptation to follow the example of others as making it seem ok.  And remember those who cannot afford gifts and sometimes even food, not just over this holiday, but all year long.

God bless each and every one as you experience the wonder of Christmas.  Richard

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My Day at Exposing Cscope to Willis ISD Parents

Dear Patriot Friends, 

I went to a Willis ISD Jr High to hand out a flyers, letting the parents and taxpayers know that Willis had purchased and implemented Cscope (a progressive, pro Islamic, anti christian ) curriculum. Someone called the cops and she (very nice lady) came and told me that I could not hand flyers out on the campus. I asked if I was able to hand them out in the street and she said "fine".

Bob Bagley showed up and we finished handing them out in the street. We went to another elementary school school that had a fence around it with a lot of road frontage. Someone called the cops again and she (same nice lady) showed up and told us we were on school property. Thankfully Bob was with me and was able to correct her and she left. While handing things out the principal approached me later and told me I was on school property and would have to leave. I corrected her and she left.

We had some great conversations with parents. They had been wondering why their children do not bring any books home. Tomorrow night there is a school board meeting. I can't wait to go.

I started thinking we patriots are fighting night and day to save our country. At the same time children across America including Texas are being indoctrinated with a progressive mindset. We need to take a stand now...for the sake of our children.

"If there must be trouble let it be in my day, so my child may have peace."

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America was created for a purpose.  We are responsible for making this nation the strong leader we once were with all the rights, freedoms, and privileges restored that we have allowed to be taken from us.  God does have a plan to use America in the end times and He will not be pleased if we allow America to fail.


America is a gift that God intends to use for His purpose.  It was established by people looking for freedom to live their lives without interference from government, to worship God, and live the life described in the Bible.  Our founding fathers wanted to keep government from establishing a national mandatory religion - they never intended for good people to stay out of our government or stay out of politics.  "When good people refuse to take action, evil abounds."


If you have Christian friends, as I do, that will not get involved in politics because of their beliefs - send them to my web site:  I have a blog section there with many articles that address what is going on as well as my book, America's Role in Revelation, that will dispel the mistaken beliefs that are preventing them from getting involved in recapturing and restoring our nation.


Thank you for helping me get this information out so we can accomplish the task of saving America.

America's Role in Revelation

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Senator Richard J. "Dick" LaRossa, Ph.D.
President & CEO A - Team Corporate Strategies
Re-printed with permission by Jeff Bruzzo,
Publisher & Editor, Project Shining City

David Christian
4063479328?profile=originalPennsylvania is the Keystone State, symbolic of the center stone that supports an arch. However it is also a “key” in that no candidate has won the presidency in the last 50 years without capturing Pennsylvania. 

Because Pennsylvania plays such a critical role in the election of the President, the recent actions of Governor Tom Corbett and State Chairman Tom Gleason must be severely questioned. The Corrupt Corbett Coalition was conspiring to keep David Christian, a true Reagan Republican and war hero off the ballot. Instead of supporting the best candidate, they are backing a former Democrat and Obama supporter for the US Senate, by the name of Steve Welch, who is less likely to stand up to the Obama agenda.

Pennsylvania already has one Democrat and Obama supporter in the US Senate, why would they want another?

Once you read this strange and puzzling story, you will have to question the motives of the Corrupt Corbett Coalition and wonder what kind of deal they struck.

At the State Committee meeting in January, Governor Corbett, through local organizations, forced an endorsement for his candidate; former Democrat and Obama supporter Steve Welch.1 Delegates were threatened with losing their jobs and were told that if any committee person stood, nominated, or seconded anyone other than Steve Welch, they would no longer be considered committee people. It seems that the First Amendment does not exist in the Pennsylvania GOP!

Welch has put over a million dollars of his own money in the campaign2 and is the last person a Republican should support, let alone a Republican Governor. Welch changed his party affiliation to Democrat as far back as 2006 and then admitted to voting for Obama in 2008. After that, he changed his party affiliation back to Republican but continued to contribute to Democrat candidates, such as Joe Sestak.1 Welch even held an event for Sestak at his home.

In politics, you are known by the company you keep. Steve Welch’s support for the very liberal Joe Sestak, a Democratic Pennsylvania Congressman is quite odd. Sestak has a reputation of being “temperamental and demanding,” and “Sestak was fired on the first day on his job as deputy chief of naval operations for warfare requirements and programs.” After that, Sestak only held lower profile desk jobs until he retired. The fact that Welch would support someone like that over a Republican is very disturbing and definitely calls his judgment into question.

Now we learn that Sestak is attempting to run an occupy candidate for the US Senate4 Yes, you read that correctly. Steve Welch, who is backed by Governor Corbett, has held fundraisers for liberal Democrat Congressman Joe Sestak, who is now attempting to put up an occupy” candidate. 4.

Welch’s vote for Obama should have been enough to have kept him from being endorsed by any Republican. However, Governor Corbett defended him by saying, “My understanding is that he did this as part of ‘Operation Chaos… referring to Rush Limbaugh’s encouragement of Republican voters to cross over into Democratic primaries in ’08.”1

Unfortunately, for Corbett, that’s a lie.

Operation Chaos was not about voting for Obama.5  As one reader commented,

“Anyone that is familiar with Limbaugh's 'Operation Chaos' knows that he was encouraging people to vote for Hillary Clinton in that Primary! Welch's vote for Obama means he is either not very smart or lying.”1

So, first the Corrupt Corbett Coalition backs an Obama Democrat, and then they lie about why they did it!6 These actions definitely call into question Corbett’s integrity, party loyalty, and motives.

The PA GOP are now using all resources in an attempt to force Republicans to vote for Welch in the US Senate Primary. In a further example of Corbett’s Corrupt Coalition, only Welch was allowed to be invited to, or speak at any Pa. GOP sponsored events throughout the entire state.7

Already there are signs that Corbett overplayed his hand. The final results of an online poll show Welch only moving up from fourth place to the third place position. David Christian, Corbett’s latest victim, is second.8Public Policy Polling conducted a survey from March 8 to 119 Welch, the endorsed one, has been interviewed and has been attending events, yet his results show that since the poll in November, he has only increased from 1% to 5%. The survey was conducted during the time that David Christian was still settling the legal challenges and had not been on the campaign trail in over twenty days. Taking that into consideration, his stats are amazing. If, up against Casey, it shows him only 2 points under Sam Rohrer, the leader in this poll, then think what David Christian will be able to accomplish now that he is back on the campaign trail! As an advocate for Veterans, he could be picking up votes from the military and he just might be the only one who can beat Casey in November.

There were many people who came out of the state meeting reporting that Governor Corbett was pressuring everyone, and many of them said they had to vote the way he wanted out of fear or obligation and many were threatened with their jobs. However, when there are reports of threats against people, 1 the Governor has crossed the line over to that point of “no return”…which also might now be the chant of the people when he com es up for re-election.

However, the intimidation of the Corrupt Corbett Coalition did not stop after winning the rigged convention.

Governor Corbett and other leaders contacted David Christian shortly thereafter, just before the deadline for the nomination papers to be filed, on Tuesday, January 21, and told Christian to drop from the race or face unprecedented challenges of his petition papers.10 Can you say “ The People’s Republic of Pennsylvania?

And, that is exactly what they did. David Christian’s petitions were challenged by three people who were clearly put up to it by the PA GOP. One of the more outrageous reasons for challenging Christian’s petitions is the claim that people signed with their nickname, not their given name. The names that were challenged were names like Richard, Michael, Craig, Janet, Linda, Rose, Mary etc., etc.

Please read David Christian’s statement on the petition challenge Hear more details about the calls from the Governor, David Christian’s military career, and his life in this short video of Christian speaking at a group meeting.

A Senate candidate only needs 2,000 petition signatures and David Christian got over 3,100. The Corrupt Corbett Coalition knew they could not knock off enough signatures on David’s petitions to keep him from being on the ballot. This was a blatant attempt to tie David Christian up in court thus precluding his ability to attend important campaign events. In addition, it was aimed at draining his campaign’s account to pay for legal fees in order to keep him from being successful in the April 24th primary. 

After re-presenting his petitions and having them reviewed by an impartial judge, the state GOP was forced to back off. David Christian has won the petition challenge and will be on the April primary ballot; however, the Corrupt Corbett Coalition has cost him twenty-one days of legal fees and lost time on the campaign trail.  Read David’s Victory statement

Now, more than ever, David Christian needs support not only from the citizens of Pennsylvania but from across the country. A message needs to be sent to Pennsylvania’s GOP establishment that the people have a right to choose their candidate. The harassment of David Christian, his friends and family by the Corrupt Corbett Coalition and his minions will only be stopped when David Christian wins the Republican US Senate primary. Only that victory will send the loud and clear message to the political establishment that we abhor this behavior and that we are not going to tolerate it.

David Christian is a military hero, an advocate for Veterans, and a true Reagan Conservative.  He is someone who has stood up for what he believes no matter what it has cost him. David Christian bled for his country. (7 purple hearts, 2 Silver Stars, Bronze Star, Distinguished Service Medal and 2 Medal of Honor recommendations.)

That is the kind of person we all need to endorse, support and get behind.  He is the type of person the country needs to turn things around.  You can read more about him on his amazing website.

If you have a radio program or blog or if you know someone who does, then please help spread the word about this injustice. Share with any military groups so they will know what is happening to one of their own, a person who stands up for their rights.

Everyone, please support David Christian any way you can. Share information and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Volunteer to help get the word out about David Christian in order to make up for the lost time caused by the Corrupt Corbett Coalition. If you can, donate $20.12 and if not, even a $1, will demonstrate the support that will strike fear into the political establishment in Pennsylvania. You can donate now at:

Even though we didn’t know it, David Christian has fought for us many times.

Now, it is time for us to fight for him.

We cannot allow a critical state like Pennsylvania to go Democrat just because the Governor has his own agenda. You can get a better idea of the fight David Christian has ahead of him by reading the following:

PAGOP to County Chairs: Non-Endorsed Candidates Need Not Apply and the letter the PAGOP sent out to each county.7 PoliticsPA has both posted at

Here is the list of senate candidates with information about each of them. 

  • Bob Casey, Jr., is the Democratic incumbent. “His support for the stimulus and the president's signature health care law”11 and his overall voting record shows he is an Obama yes man, even if he is trying now to avoid Obama.11 Casey claims to be pro-life but his actions say otherwise.12  You can review his voting record and other information at VoteSmart13 and other sites. He has voted with Obama 97% of the time.

Republican Candidates

  • David Christian owns a consulting company that helps American companies sell their services and products to emerging nations around the world.
  • He is one of the most highly decorated US Army Veterans to come out of the Vietnam War: 7 Purple Hearts, the Distinguished Service Cross,14 two Silver Stars, a Bronze Star, nominated for the Medal of Honor twice and was the youngest commissioned officer since the Civil War.15 He is listed as one of the past national commanders holding a lifetime position on the Board of Directors for The Legion of Valor.16 
  • He was instrumental in creating job training programs for returning Vietnam veterans and helped make Pennsylvania the only state compliant with federal employment law for returning veterans. As a result, tens of thousands of our veterans have found meaningful jobs.
  • He has advised U.S. Senators and 6 different Presidential Administrations, with his closest relationship being with Ronald Reagan. He was called to Washington to solve problems in an insecure world. Relying on his international contacts, the government sent him to Cambodia, Bosnia, Russia, Lithuania, Chechnya and other dangerous places that were critical to the security of the United States. David was tasked to gather information and debrief U.S. officials.15 He is also a former Fox News Military Analyst.17
  • Sam Rohrer was elected to the State House in 1992. Rohrer voted in favor of the 2005 legislative pay raise, as well as voting in 2001 in favor of a plan to increase lawmaker pensions by upwards of 50 percent.18 He also ran for Governor in 2010, and lost 69% to 31%.19  His voting record and stances on issues can be found at VoteSmart.20     He spend 18 years in the Pennsylvania legislature and did not get a single bill passed and signed into law. He did nothing as a state senator. Do we really need someone who did nothing as a state legislature become a do nothing U.S. Senator?
  • Marc Scaringi, an attorney who has never held public office and has been running for a year and a half. He announced his run Nov 2010.21 He, however, has not picked up the support he expected, and is placing in the bottom two in various polls.[8][9]
  • Tom Smith was a 2010 Armstrong County Democrat committeeman22…yes, Democrat. He changed to Republican so he could run for U.S. Senate 6 weeks before declaring his candidacy. He has put over $4 million into his own campaign23 and says he will put more if needed. Do we really want someone who just thinks he can buy the vote, let alone a candidate who has spent a lifetime as a democrat?
  • Steve Welch, “The Establishment Choice,” who “switched his party registration to Democrat in 2005, donated money to former Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak in 2006 and voted for President Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary.”24 He has run twice before yet says he is new to the process. See the article written about how new he really is.25


NOTE: There is additional material listed for your review that was not included in the writing.

David Christian

Senate Campaign Website:

David Christian for U.S. Senate Facebook!/pages/David-Christian-for-US-Senate/268007499881009

David Christian Twitter:!/DaveChristianUS

Veteran Tributes:

Legion of Valor Officers:

David A. Christian
Dave Christian – Video from group meeting discussing threats on volunteers, his military, and more

PAGOP Attacks American War Hero's Senatorial Campaign.

David’s Victory statement

From the Desk of Sharon Angle: Endorsement of David Christian.!/note.php?note_id=10150623466568610

And the Award for First SuperPAC in the Senate Race Goes to: David Christian!

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What would Paul Revere say today?


Sarah Palin issued a strong warning to the USA and the world with a witty reference to Paul Revere’s ride warning that the British were coming.


Here is what both said: We are not surrendering, we have not even begun to fight! You may press on with your invasion but you will never subdue us. We are fiercely independent and armed. We will fight to the last man! American people wakeup and prepare for war all else has failed.


Today, a paradigm shift in America and the world has occurred because of our lack of leadership. This “change” reflects a huge tectonic shift in political money and global power. We are now called “the largest Islamic Nation in the world”.   Confidence in the strength of the U.S.A. has reached a tipping point in the world. “Emerging is a new reality that the importance of a newly freed and now consequential Arab (and Islamic) public opinion may be applied to the U.S. as it does to Israel.” This is the view fabricated by mass media purchased to provide "news" and commentary to the world.


In truth, Radical Islam has embraced western society taking full advantage of our freedoms while at the same time planning for our downfall. Infiltration into our open democratic process has provided easy access to sensitive information and a quick base of support. The highest offices in our country have been purchased by enemies of America with a mountain of cash, billions of dollars, flowing into the American political process from oil-rich Muslim nations and powerful people seeking globalization of world politics.


The forces of Islamic globalization have turned our system of government against us. “Local” elections are won by money from who knows where buying influence and creating fear in the media. Freedom of speech is no longer practiced as journalists fear for their jobs and their lives at the hands of radical Islamic people. The Muslim Brotherhood is on the march. They have given the green light to fight for control of the Islamic world now that they perceive control has been secured in the USA and all western nations.    


Islamophobia is not prejudice against, hatred or fear of Islam or Muslims it is a very real concern that Islam is rapidly taking over our Christian society. I fear for my country when on the advice of the FBI, cartoonists are told to change their identity and go into hiding to protect themselves because a fatwa has been issued by an Islamic cleric calling for any Muslim to kill them over a cartoon.


Islamic Political lackeys from the President on down have been put into place in an attempt to gain control of our nation.


Our financial system has been brought to its knees and remains on the verge of collapse by the rapid and uncontrolled shifting of billions of dollars in sovereign wealth funds. (Our very own OIL dollars) Our enemies are seeking control or total destruction of our capitalistic system and financial networks. When you hear the words “To Big Too Fail”, think just right to manipulate or be manipulated by the people in power making the deals to “save” us. Elected officials are selling themselves to the highest bidder, becoming the willing tools of predatory wealth, soliciting earmarks as a means of providing cover for their untoward actions. The checks and balances between the Congress, the President and the Supreme Court designed to keep the country on track and bring it back from the brink of destruction are not working as a result. Many of the people involved brazenly disregard their  oath of office; “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of (President) of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” so help me God! They hide their actions, shun responsibility for their in-action and deny the existence of God.


Our secular government is subject to perversion and abuse. Socialism and communism are being achieved with the purchase of votes from an unsuspecting electorate. Few voters take the time to become informed as to the true character of the individuals running for office. Decisions at the ballot box are most often based on emotion purchased by thirty second sound bites or the promise of “$1000 in every pocket”.  Unsuspecting voters have provided almost a billion dollars of campaign money. Much of it stuffed in brown envelopes containing amounts listed “from undisclosed sources”. Those same sources have received benefits which have made far too many people nothing more that prostitutes. Amoral overzealous citizens, clamoring for “free benefits” follow the crowd like a flock of sheep over the cliff to their own destruction, ignorant of the fact that they have now been purchased as slaves.




Islamic infiltrators are very close to achieving their objective. So close in fact that they feel confident enough to turn against our best and longest standing allies in the world; Israel and Great Britain. Our President has snubbed his nose in the face of the leaders of both countries and destroyed our relationship with them in everyway possible by executive decision. He has gone into battle at the behest of his Sunni leaders helping them seek control of the Islamic world. His Islamic emissary has traveled, at the expense of the America taxpayer, to the Middle East and around the USA supporting the Islamic desire for new mosques around our nation. This same emissary clearly states that “many aspects of shari’a are already practiced in many ways in the United States.”   Islam has gained the upper hand in its fight with the “great Satan”, and is fast becoming the dominate religion in the USA.


Muslims are now fighting for control of the Islamic world! Why are we helping them fight each other? Who in the Islamic world is supporting America, demanding freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the right to own property in the Arab world?


What are we fighting for? Who are we fighting for? Have we forgotten what it means to be a Christian Nation? Through Love, God sent His son and all of those brave and unwavering Patriots that fought and died before us so that we might have the Freedom to worship as we desire, and to raise our families in Prosperity and Liberty.


God is faithful to keep His covenant and His lovingkindness to a thousandth generation with those that love Him and keep His commandments.

How long can we survive as a Humanistic Atheist nation in search of our own glory? September 11, and all of the terrorist problems since represent neither a superior military capability on the part of the terrorists when assaulting the American homeland, nor immunity to its staunchest defenses. Rather it is through the reject of God that we have grown weak, and over time became vulnerable because of our internal divisions. It is not the strength of the Islamists, but the frailties within the fabric of the nation, that must be recognized as its primary vulnerability to attack. The same Islamic enemies of the American ideal have existed since its founding. But not until the current age could they operate openly within our borders as they have in their efforts to destroy the nation while demanding sympathy and equal rights. The problem is the lack of Christian morals and teaching our children about the Jedeuo-Christian foundation of our country and our laws. This rejection of Jesus Christ and all Christian values has resulted in systemic failure of our society and our government of the people, by the people and for the people. Our congress is so corrupt that it provides cover for its own members offering for prostitution, weiner-gate ”. It seems that we have forgotten that we are "One Nation Under God".


As One Nation Under God, “We the people” of the United States of America must define who we are as a nation and set a true course for the future in order to prevent the total destruction of our way of life. It starts with Congress, clean up "our" house or “We the People” will throw you bums out!


Patrick Henry said it best in the year 1776 when he wrote this: "It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great Nation was founded not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For that reason alone, people of other faiths have been afforded freedom of worship here."

The conflagration of the ensuing conflict and this election are in the hands of Almighty God! May God Find a Blessing in America! To God, be the Glory!


“I know not what course others may take; but as for me (I stand with Patrick Henry), give me liberty or give me death!”


Listen as Paul Revere and the Raiders sing "Indian Reservation" a song about what happens when people surrender and are subdued by a creeping invasion of a once unknown people.


Think Christian every time you hear Indian.


My name is Joe Story and I think it is time for “We the People” of America to stand as one “TAKE ACTION”, and declare that we are a Christian Nation.


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Another piece falls into place:                                                                      

In a press conference last week Obama was not wearing his wedding ring nor his watch. When noticed, his staff said his ring was out for repairs.  No reason was given for the missing watch.


So ?   Is it just a coincidence that Muslims are forbidden from wearing jewelry during the month of Ramadan ?

Can't possibly be that, because although he hasn't gone to a Christian church service since entering the White House, we know he's a committed Christian 'cause he said so during the campaign.


....And I've got a bridge to sell you also.

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Steve’s Idea Of How Things Are! (Or at least should be)

We are a “Do It Yourself” form of self-governance. The U.S. Constitution is a document of absolute authority guaranteeing individual rights.

As a Republic we elect those in whom we have placed our trust to transact business on our behalf.

The true power is in the ‘People’ first, the U.S. Constitution second, and from there, flows into the various branches of government, while some defined powers flow to the States.

A Faith Based Conservative is a Citizen who frames his or her ideas, actions and deeds based upon a foundation of Judaic/Christian values. The theological base of the Citizenry is of less importance if the national foundation remains the same. Our national decisions must be predicated upon consulting God first, the U.S. Constitution second, and lastly those we have empowered to do our bidding. Based upon what God says, keeping in harmony with the U.S. Constitution and giving guidance to our elected officials, we will grow healthy as a nation, not just progress for progression sake.

We The People can change, the U.S. Constitution can change and we can change those we have placed in power. Furthermore, our basis can be altered from a Judaic/Christian foundation to Islamic, Human Secular and any combination of governmental or theological frameworks.

However, the further we stray from the original premise set forth by our Founding Fathers further the core of our nation becomes more divergent, yielding a different national persona. These changes I speak of can manifest at a very fast pace, as per the change witnessed from 1933 to 1945 in Germany, the results were disastrous to the world.

Therefore, with God as our master, the U.S. Constitution as our road map we can empower those we have placed in authority.

Are we a nation of individuals, do we choose to grow and stay the course set before us in 1776?

What Say Ye?

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