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4063923968?profile=originalMy Conservative Campaign Committee team and I attended the Tea Party Express rally for Chris McDaniel in Biloxi Mississippi. We have launched an independent expenditure ad campaign and rallied volunteers to assist our team in making get-out-the-vote phone calls for McDaniel.

Passion, excitement and enthusiasm for McDaniel is high. McDaniel signs decorate many neighborhoods. An attendee at the rally told me that when the taxi driver heard he and his friends were going to the McDaniel rally he drove them for free, refusing to take their money. The taxi driver stayed for the rally. He expressed his frustration to me with the “good-ole-boy-network”. The taxi driver passionately said, “It is time for change”. Locals shared story after story with me about the good-ole-boy-network being used to lord over, abuse and bully the people and businesses. Clearly, the local mantra is “Enough with the good-ole-boy-network! It is time for change!”

I was really encouraged by the enthusiasm, grassroots volunteers standing on street corners waving McDaniel signs and get-out-the-vote efforts of We the (Mississippi) People for Chris McDaniel. Talk about David vs Goliath, the airways are flooded with ads for McDaniel's, long, long time, good-ole-boy, and extremely well-funded GOP establishment opponent.

A young black Obama supporter wandered into the McDaniel rally. He was bright and open to ideas and new information. In a nutshell, he said he voted for Obama because Obama is black and vowed to help the poor. I dispelled that myth with facts. Then, the 21 year old kid dropped a bombshell. He said he owned a landscaping business. I said, “Then why on earth are you a democrat? Man, are you on the wrong side!” He chuckled and we had a great talk.

The young black small business owner was from the hood. He avoided drugs and crime and worked to provide a better life for his family. He had a little college education under his belt as well. He was conservative and did not even know it. I added him to my newsletter list.

I was sitting on a bench in Walmart waiting for Mary to get through the checkout. A sweet elderly white lady sat down beside me. I struck up a conversation. Well, she got on a roll talking about her childhood growing up in Mississippi. She and her best friend would share an ice cream cone. But when it came to telling me her best friend’s race, the elderly white lady became noticeably uncomfortable. She simply did not know the current politically correct term to use for a black person. First she started to say colored, then she began to say black. She cut herself off and said, “My friend was... (then she tapped me on the arm), meaning to say her friend was the same race as me. I thought, “Poor sweet lady. Look how ridiculously cautious of offending political correctness has made us.”

Folks, this is one of the many reasons why we need sane responsible adults running our country again. We desperately need true conservatives like Chris McDaniel in DC.

On our way to the McDaniel rally, we passed a Biloxi restaurant called, “Slap Your Momma” which was one of my late mom's favorite sayings when referring to really good food. “That pound cake was so good it makes you want to slap you momma”, she would say. I had my first seafood gumbo here in Biloxi. Awesome!

Y'all folks in Mississippi sure are friendly. I have never been called sweets and sweetie pie so much in my life. You deserve a refreshing change...a really, really good guy like Chris McDaniel. Vote Tuesday, June 24th for Chris McDaniel.

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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Enough! They MUST Be Stopped!

4063922327?profile=originalIt has become a daily frightening occurrence, hearing politicians, commentators, pundits and stunned Americans say, “That's outrageous!” “He can't do that!” “No way!” “It's against federal law!” “They have no legal authority to force us to do that!” These comments are in response to the daily unprecedented out-of-control tyranny handed down by Obama and his operatives. We are talking arrogance with a capital “A” coming out of the Obama Administration.

For example. The GOP was moving too slow in caving to Obama's amnesty scheme, so Obama said, screw it, I'll bypass everyone and make it happen. Obama sent a clarion call interpreted around the world to mean if you can get your kids to the U.S., the kids can stay.  In essence, Obama has made illegal aliens winners of his Open Borders Lottery; free food, health care, legal assistance and education – winning more free goodies than are available to American kids.  Like a game show announcer, I expect an Administration official to enthusiastically say to illegals, “But wait, there's more....A NEW CARRRR!!!”

Around one thousand illegals arrive daily. Over 47 thousand have arrived thus far, an estimated 90 thousand to arrive by September 30th.

Everyone and anyone (gang members, drug dealers and other criminals) are illegally moving to America greeted with open arms by the Obama Administration. Americans who are paying attention are well aware of the impending devastatingly negative impact Obama's “y'all come” policy will have on our structure as a nation, economy and national security.

Like every other extremely arrogant action by Obama from blatantly lying about Obamacare to releasing the Taliban five, while everyone expresses disbelief, outrage and concern, nothing happens. The same is the case concerning the disaster happening at our border. Despite bipartisan outrage, the tsunami of illegals continues.

Then, there is the absurd lie from the IRS that Lerner's emails related to the targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups were lost due to a computer crash.  Does this Administration believe they can say and do anything they please and get away with it? The answer is yes. As I stated, the remarkable arrogance of this Administration is becoming legendary.

However, what I find most extraordinarily arrogant and insidious is this Administration's relentlessly focused efforts to mandate political correctness and implement their socialist/progressive agenda via government overreach. The feds have stepped in to try to force the Washington Redskins to change their name; talk about focusing on the minor while ignoring the major.

Think about that folks. Iraq is falling apart. A gazillion illegals are invading our country. Terrorism is back on the rise. Food prizes are through the roof. Forty-seven million Americans are on food stamps. Ninety million Americans are unemployed. Obamacare is a job killing and health care disaster. And what does the Obama Administration focus on; taking extraordinary measures to force the Redskins to change their name. Unbelievable.

My fellow Americans, when is enough enough from this horrifyingly deceitful, conniving, anti-American and evil bunch in DC who are holding our great nation hostage? The mainstream media will never place the best interest of America above Obama. The first black president is their best hope for ramming their dreamed socialist/progressive agenda down the throats of the American people. I get that.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the GOP, Democrats and the MSM are in solidarity with the concept of an ever-increasing big government America.

Obama and his operatives are so emboldened to lie and do whatever they please because there has been no major push back or effective effort to politically stop them.

Therefore, the last hope for America as founded is us; you, me, the Tea Party. We MUST vote out GOP traitors and Obama operatives and replace them with conservatives. Period!

4063922452?profile=originalAnd another thing -- along with supporting conservatives such as Chris McDaniel in his June 24th runoff in Mississippi, we MUST continue rallying around, supporting and encouraging our hand full of fighters in DC, Sen Ted Cruz, Sen Mike Lee, Congressman Trey Gowdy and others.

Mary and I are driving from Florida to Biloxi Mississippi to meet up with our Conservative Campaign Committee team. We will help push Chris McDaniel over the top.

Folks, together, we can do this.

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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4063910761?profile=originalAlice died. Ann B. Davis, who played the beloved housekeeper Alice, on the TV series, The Brady Bunch died Sunday. The devout and outspoken Christian 88 year old actress was an icon of a kinder gentler America when wholesomeness and goodness were celebrated. 

Today, we live in an anything goes America. For a good reason, the Bible says if a man does not work, he should not eat. And yet, the Obama Administration promotes and encourages government dependency resulting in an unprecedented 47 million Americans on food stamps and over 90 million Americans collecting unemployment; both government programs are riddled with fraud. 

More and more we are being forced to not just tolerate, but embrace behaviors which are an anathema to our Christian beliefs.  Those who dare to say, “no” to the Democratic Party and mainstream media's anti-Christian agenda are subjected to attacks from governmental agencies or threatened with the loss of their livelihood unless the accused submit to sensitivity training for reprogramming. The Obama regime iron-fist message is clear, either deny your Christian faith or suffer the consequences.

Clearly, this Administration is about lowering moral and behavioral standards, diminishing who we are as Americans.

Meanwhile, man-on-the-street interviews confirm that many are disengaged and are politically clueless to facts as basic as giving a correct answer when asked who is the vice president of the United States. The Obama Administration and MSM exploits the clueless masses by furthering every lie from our liar and chief and his henchmen.

Case in point. Talk about deja vu all over again, Susan Rice is all over TV claiming that we did not negotiate with terrorist for the release of Bergdahl which we clearly did.  This is the same Obama operative who spread the proven to be a lie narrative that the Benghazi attack was due to a video.

Unquestionably, the trade of Bergdahl for five extremely dangerous Taliban bad guys was a bad deal. The Obama Administration also broke the law in the process by going around congress. But then again, what else is new?

Also in the news, King Obama via his hit squad EPA will announce sweeping new restrictions on the coal industry; all in the name of fighting climate change. Thank God the coal industry is fighting back with lawsuits.

I have sited these few examples of Obama's fast and furious destruction of America. Anyone paying attention can see the almost daily Administration's unprecedented power grabs and repeals of our freedom and liberty.

The solution. Obama must be politically neutralized. How do we achieve it? We must send conservatives to Washington who are over the historic aspect of a black man in the White House and love their country enough to endure the Democrats' and MSM shock and awe assault on anyone who dares oppose Obama's anti-American, far left liberal and socialist/progressive transformation of America.

4063910825?profile=originalToday, June 3rd are extremely important primaries in which we can send two fearless committed conservatives to DC.

Running for U.S. Senate Mississippi is Chris McDaniel. McDaniel has been endorsed by Gov. Sarah Palin, Conservative Campaign Committee, Mark Levin, Tea Party Express, Laura Ingraham, the American Conservative Union, FreedomWorks, Club for Growth, Senate Conservatives Fund, Madison Project, Family Research Action PAC, the Tea Party Patriots Citizen's Fund, Young Americans for Liberty and countless other conservative leaders and organizations. 

Fearless fighter conservative Steve Lonegan is running for U.S. Congress New Jersey. Lonegan supports full repeal of Obamacare. He will fight to repeal the Dodd-Frank Law that justifies future bailouts with intense job-killing regulations on the financial industry. Lonegan opposes Common Core, new federal gun control laws and taxpayer funded abortions.

4063910775?profile=originalSteve Lonegan has been endorsed by Gov. Sarah Palin, Conservative Campaign Committee, Tea Party Express and Gun Owners of America PVF 

Alice died, as did a little bit more of what has made this extraordinarily successful experiment called America great.

Winning these primary elections are crucial steps towards taking Alice's and our America back.

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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It’s everything you’d expect from All In With Chris Hayes, and so much less … less common sense, less intellectually honest, and less respectful of faith. Renowned Jesuit author Fr. Jam4063894889?profile=originales Martin looks at times like he’d accidentally wandered into a lunatic asylum during this segment, and after watching five minutes of Chris Hayes and Harvard’s Christopher Robichaud treat the now-cancelled “black mass” event like an actual religious practice rather than a hate-speech mockery of the Catholic Mass, Fr. Martin will not be alone in that confusion:

Martin offers a very close analogy when he suggests that Harvard wouldn’t have tolerated the burning of a Koran, even if wrapped in pseudo-religious practice. Muslims see that as a desecration of their religion, just as Catholics see the “black mass” — and given the nearly step-by-step mockery of Catholic liturgy in the latter, Catholics have a much better case to make. The entire point of this “service” is hatred towards Catholics in particular. Instead of addressing this point, though, both Hayes and Robichaud accuse Martin of spouting “false equivalencies” and start moaning over the power of “major religions” to keep the “marginalized” out of the debate.

POLL: Has the Obama Administration turned its back on Israel?

Father Martin is not some finger-wagging, down-shouter of a shepherd (all-pulpit-no-pasture and forever on the harangue), and because that is true, and because his easygoing manner is well-known, you would think that his sobriety, here — his stark refusal to budge on the subject of Satanism, and the offensiveness inherent to any Black Mass being “re-enacted” in the public — would make an unusually strong impression on the host, Chris Hayes, and other guest.

You might think it, but sadly, you’d be wrong. No one in this video clip is thinking, “gee, Martin is no lunatic, and his gravity is palpable, so maybe there’s more to this than I know…” Rather, Hayes seems incapable of fully masking his amused condescension toward Martin’s concerns, and is willfully choosing not to hear his words; the two men prefer to travel campus-comfortable tracks, ranging from the predictable to the bigoted to the silly, with a side-trip to pick up a straw man. …

Notice, Martin addresses the “Black Mass” situation on Harvard Extension’s own terms. That body characterized the insult as a “cultural” event and compared it to a re-enactment of a Shinto Tea Ceremony; Father Martin suggests that a similar “re-enactment” of an anti-semitic or racial horror, like a lynching or a cross-burning, would quite rightly be a denounced as having no place on any campus or indeed in any public place. Why, then, would the mockery of the Catholic Mass be an acceptable insensitivity?

The answer does not come. Instead Hayes and Harvard’s Christopher Robichaud tries to rebut with overarching smugness. Unable to admit “rem acu tetigisti”, Robichaud suggests that Martin is intellectually “sloppy” and risks credibility by rejecting the priest’s very accurate question as a “false equivalency”; his argument essentially boils down to this: “marginalized communities” deserve sensitivity protections and respect, but “big powerful religions” do not. I wonder if he’d be fine, then, with a public burning of the Koran, since Islam, claiming a billion members, is a “big powerful religion.”

He and Harvard would most certainly not be fine with that. They would chalk that up as oppression of a marginalized community too, although the true motives would almost certainly be a little more in line with their survival instincts.

The chief absurdity, though, comes from the religious-liberty equivalency argument Hayes and Robichaud make in regard to the Satanists and the “Pastafarians,” a juvenile and tiresome satirical group of atheists mocking religious practice in general. The event was not staged as a religious event but a cultural event, and in any case the controversy wasn’t about the rights of Satanists to do what they do on their own property. It was about Harvard’s decision to host and sponsor the event, directly and indirectly, while claiming to be opposed to hate speech, marginalization, etc etc etc. Religious freedom wasn’t the issue at all, but that was the dodge Hayes and Robichaud used.


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Accomplices to murder - Obama & Clinton???



The Benghazi murders have more twists and turns than a roller coaster – the one thing and most important thing about the massacres of our four brave Americans is this:  the two key people in our Government, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were in charge.  There’s no negotiating on that fact – it was their duty and responsibility to do whatever it takes to protect Americans whether it’s on our turf or a foreign turf.

So regardless of the various conspiracy theories and extensive testimony from others, the bottom line is this, neither Obama or Clinton did one thing to protect our Americans in Benghazi.  In fact both did what they’re notorious for – both lied, both created a cover-up using a video as an excuse and both shirked their duties to protect our Nation and Americans. 

We are on overload from the many conspiracy theories from the right and the left’s feeble attempt to run from the Benghazi  scandal – this is nothing but partisan posturing, which pretty much leads to a dead end.

So my question to our Government is pretty simple and easily understood – why are the two people responsible for the murders of our men still out and about running free as “jay birds?”  Why aren’t they behind bars until their day in Court has been established? 

What gives them immunity and why weren’t  they  charged with the murders of Christopher Stevens, information officer Sean Smith, former navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty?

Going back in time, we know that not just once but repeatedly Mursi vowed to free the blind sheik (Omar Abdel-Rahman) spiritual leader who thanks to his attorney continued messaging the terrorist organization while he is detained in our prisons.  Mursi was so confident about his ability to free the blind sheik that he actually used it in his political speeches or platform. 

The other very peculiar piece of the puzzle is that  months later the Obama administration sent four F-16 fighter jets and 200 Abrams tanks  to Egypt along with the foreign aid package  - John Kerry just upped the aid to Egypt by stating that that they would be receiving another $250 Million in aid from the Obama administration.

The Benghazi murders could well be a pre-planned plot by Obama because a delegation of Egyptian lawmakers did meet with White House and State officials in regards to a possible release of the “blind sheik.”  The delegation included some pretty “bad boys,” Abdul Mawgoud Darderv (Muslim Brotherhood member), Sondos Asem (senior editor with Ikhwaweb, which is the Muslim Brotherhoods official publication,) and two other brotherhood members, Hussein El-Kazzaz and Khaled Al-Qazzaz. 

Supposedly the meeting between our officials and the Muslim Brotherhood was moderated by John Esposito, a pretty well know Muslim Brotherhood apologist.  It would seem that John Esposito would be a critical witness at this time, because we the people need to know why terrorists were in our White House.

Possibly the plot was set at this time and possibly it was to be a trade-off of the blind sheik for Chris Stevens – we’ll never know the answer or truth about this meeting, but the timing is suspicious and also the delegation that traveled so far to meet with our top officials are not our  friends.

There are videos showing Ansar al-Sharia prepping for an attack on our Benghazi embassy – this too is probably true and could be verified if our FBI & CIA were so inclined to do their job instead of doing flip flops in an attempt to remove Obama’s involvement in the Benghazi murders.

According to a Fort Hood press release Obama deployed troops from Fort Hood, Texas on a supposedly “peacekeeping mission” to Egypt.   Why would Obama do this?

Why the conflicting information concerning about the Dod and AFRICOM stating that some knew about the Benghazi Annex and that the man in charge General Carter Ham wasn’t aware of a CIA annex in Benghazi. 

The story goes that on the night of the Benghazi attack, General Ham was put in charge of the C 110, a 40 man Special Ops force which was for the sole purpose to handle rapid response to any and all emergencies.

Ultimately, the C-110 was not deployed to respond in Benghazi. Instead it was ordered to return to its forward operating base in Italy. Read more at

In summation a fish rots from the “head down,” and so far our sophisticated investigative committees have yet to start interrogating the head (Obama & Clinton.)  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that in order to solve a crime, first you go to those responsible for the crime.

Create a timeline on the day of 9/11/12 that tracks every move, every phone call, email and communication for Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton.  In other words, they knew it was a terrorist attack immediately so where were they the night of the terrorist attack in Benghazi, before Obama landed in  Las Vegas for his campaign? 

Next in order of time, what did Obama and Clinton do to protect our brave men in Benghazi?  Their hiding behind other “skirts” is hog wash – they were responsible to do everything in their power to get those four men out of Benghazi along with others safe and sound.  End of conversation –

It’s time to hold Obama & Hillary accountable and placed behind bars for the Benghazi massacre.  Their feeble excuses and monstrous lies don’t hold water and certainly aren’t justifiable reasons for letting them off the hook.  We’re talking about murder, accomplices to murder and political corruption.

As Always,

Little Tboca


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4063773612?profile=originalShould Chris Christie’s New Jersey Landslide Win Matter To Tea Party In 2014?  – photo credit: Luigi Novi

You can literally see the frothing at the mouths of RINO media pundits and key establishment Republicans over the trouncing by New Jersey Chris Christie Governor of his Democrat sacrificial lamb opponent. Even though there was never any real serious doubt that Christie would win against a middling gubernatorial candidate like state Sen. Barbara Buono. According to the Christian Science Monitor and other news organizations, Christie had already been conceded the election win when major democrat donors ignored supporting their own candidate.

Now according to his frequent moderate and liberal supporters who want Christie to be the anointed one to take on a possible Hillary Clinton presidential candidacy, the trash talking against the Tea Party has already begun. The real question is why it should matter to conservatives if Christie lost or won, when the battle for the American heartland is going to be fought in 2014 and not in 2016.

The often terrified moderates in the GOP establishment sought cover under the umbrella of Christie’s middle of the road protection. The New York Times suggested that many Republicans were terrified by the Tea Party and their overwhelming grassroots supporters. Now these same GOP officials “were cheered by Mr. Christie’s success.”

Just look at the political landscape that this self proclaimed political buddy and pal of Obama created. It was Governor Christie who came to the aid of Obama’s faltering presidential re-election woes after being lambasted by Mitt Romney in the first round of the presidential debates. Obama, who appeared visibly bewildered and befuddled as he tried time and time again to attack Romney during the debate, was swept aside like a rag doll by the republican challenger.

Then came the horror and tragedy of Hurricane Sandy which ripped through the Eastern shores of New York and New Jersey. Obama, who was being held accountable by Fox News and other conservative talkers over Benghazi, needed a safe haven to lick his well earned political wounds and soon found comfort and aid in the huge welcoming arms of Chris Christie. The New Jersey governor not only gave Obama a life line as he walked and skipped along the New Jersey damaged shoreline, but he all but said the president was his new best friend.

So it is in this context, that somehow a Republi-crat governor from a purple state who has managed to willingly, hold hands with democrat leaders and concede on conservative values and principles to be taken seriously as a Republican nominee for president. Well, the moderates in the party and on the alphabet soup networks are beginning to anoint Christie while also spelling the death knell of the Tea Party.

What this premature coronation seems to forget is that while Christie was doing the easy winner’s lap around the state of New Jersey, the real story of the life and vibrancy of the Tea Party and the failure of Obama and his health care poison pill was being played out in Virginia that same night.

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4063701726?profile=originalImagine yourself trapped. A vicious gang of Islamist terrorists have already breached the main gate. If captured, you know what they do to infidels – you've seen video of beheadings, sodomy and etc.

Despite the smell of petroleum becoming overwhelming due to the terrorists setting the building on fire in an effort to force you out, you force yourself to remain calm and hopeful. You tell yourself, “Everything is going to be OK. I'm an American. We never leave Americans behind”.

But the Calvary never arrives to save you – not because they were not ready. The expected help never arrived because someone high in the Obama Administration, for political reasons, ordered our military to “stand down”.

Such was the horrific nightmare, U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens suffered in our consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Ambassador Stevens was killed by Islamist terrorists. Though not confirmed, it has been reported that our Ambassador Stevens was raped.

Ambassador Stevens' rescuers were ordered to “stand down”.

Imagine yourself a former Navy SEAL in Libya, aware of the terrorist attack on our consulate. You and your buddy, also a former SEAL, desire to fight the attackers until the Calvary arrives. You are ordered to “stand down”. But you are a former SEAL, you can not simply sit back and allow terrorists to murder Americans. You and your buddy disobey orders and come to the rescue.


Assuming that the Calvary in the form of air support is on the way because Americans are under attack and we never leave Americans behind, you use your laser to mark the enemy's location. This will assist our guys in launching their aerial attack. But your assumption that help is on the way is wrong.

Our planes are not in the air because someone high in the Obama Administration, for political reasons, ordered our military to “stand down”. All your laser did was tip off your location to the Islamist terrorists. Former U.S. Navy SEALs Tony Smith and Glen Doherty were killed. Why? Because someone in the Obama Administration gave the order to “stand down”.

In their continuing effort to protect Obama at any and all cost – which includes national security and the lives of Americans, the mainstream media promotes the narrative that the American people do not understand or care about Benghazi. They attempt to brand everyone investigating Benghazi as partisan racists out to get the president.

4063701740?profile=originalWhile low-info Americans may not understand the politics, they can relate to the betrayal of being abandoned by ones country. Most Americans are aware of our tradition and ethical code of never leaving an American behind.

And yet, the mainstream media and the Obama Administration persist in their efforts to make it no big deal that our guys, Ambassador Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and information officer Sean Smith were left behind losing their lives for political reasons. The press and the Obama Administration would have us forget about it and move on.

If a republican were in the White House, the mainstream media would be investigative pit bulls, all over the Benghazi scandal “like white on rice”, as my late momma would say.

And yet, remarkably, several months after the attack on our consulate and the murder of four Americans, the mainstream media does not appear to have the slightest curiosity about who in the Obama Administration gave the order to our military to “stand down”. Despicable!

Stand down. Folks, I can not let it go. While Americans feared for their lives, waiting, hoping and expecting help, someone in the Obama Administration said, no, we are not going to send help.

The American press is a disgrace. Had they any self respect, they would be ashamed. Sadly, they have no shame. The American press has sold it's soul to the devil. Journalism in America is dead.

While Obama's protective mainstream media refuses to care, my fellow Americans and I care deeply and will discover, who in the Obama Administration gave the order to “stand down”?

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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4063689376?profile=originalChris Matthews Attempted to Pin Boston Terrorism

                              on Conservatives

Chris Matthews Attempted to Pin Boston Terrorism on Conservatives Last week America again became the tragic victim of terrorism. Yet, as Americans were trying to grasp the full measure of an act which caused death, injuries and mayhem, the nation was assaulted again. This time it was the liberal media bias of a pundit whose sole job was to not bring comfort and truth to a nation on edge. Instead, Chris Matthew, anchor of an MSNBC news show, chose to pin this atrocity on conservatives and Tea Party members.

As the nation continues to cope with the possibility of connections to outside state sponsored terrorist plots involving Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, and his brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, Matthews chose to yet again attack innocent Americans who support and defend America’s laws and the U.S. Constitution.

What comfort does a person like Chris Matthews draw from spewing vitriolic hatred toward the Tea Party by hoping the act of terrorism was committed by a “white person who is right-wing?” The absurdity of this could be easily dismissed if it were dripping from the lips of an inebriated bar fly sitting in a watering hole. But, this salacious assault was spewed into the public arena from his ratings challenged MSNBC cable show.

Unfortunately recent history has been marked by liberal journalists who have chosen to alarm America with unproven statements of condemnation against conservatives and Tea Party members.

ABC did this in July of 2012 when Brian Ross, ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondent, erroneously and callously linked an innocent Colorado man and Tea party member as being the bomber in Aurora, Colorado. Instead it turned out the real killer was a James Holmes, who just happened to be a Democrat.

That was left unreported by the liberal media. What purpose does it serve to strike fear with persistent lies, except if one’s intention is to engage in a strategic campaign of misdirection and annihilation? Americans who were seeking as much critical information as possible during those crucial hours and days after this terror attack deserved better.

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This is the transcript from the Chris Wallace show to day on Fox News.

WALLACE: The Conservative Political Action Conference held its annual meeting this eke and if you can believe it, a presidential straw poll for 2016.

Here are the results -- Tea Party favorite, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, won with 25 percent. Senator Marco Rubio was a close second at 23 percent. And former presidential candidate Rick Santorum, a distant third, at 8 percent.

The CPAC meeting highlighted the disagreement over the best way for the party to broaden its base.

Matt Kibbe is president of FreedomWorks, a leader of the Tea Party movement.

Former Congressman Steve LaTourette is head of the Republican Main Street Partnership.

And, gentlemen, welcome to "Fox News Sunday."


MATT KIBBE, FREEDOMWORKS: Thanks for having me.

WALLACE: Congressman LaTourette, during the lame duck session in December, you talked about the 40 to 50 chuckleheads -- your phrase -- in the House, who are blocking senator -- rather, Speaker Boehner, from making a budget deal with the president.

What is it about the Tea Party freshmen that make them chuckleheads?

FORMER REP. STEVE LATOURETTE: I don't think I would say it's all of Tea Party freshmen. I'd say it's 40 or 50 in 112th Congress that seemed more interested in voting no and going home than governing and that comment was made after "Plan B." And you have to recognize, Chris --

WALLACE: And "Plan B" was to just raise taxes on people making over a million dollars.

LATOURETTE: Yes. And it was the opening gambit and would have given the speaker the opportunity to go to the White House and over to the Senate and say, "Here, I have a package, and, let's continue our negotiations."

When you take it down, as the speaker said in our meeting after that, you send him to the White House naked. He's got no armor. He's got no tools.

WALLACE: Well, looking forward, Mr. Kibbe, what is it about the Tea Party and its views on spending and taxes that members of the Republican establishment, like Congressman LaTourette, don't get?

KIBBE: Well, you have to take a step back and understand the only reason we are talking about a balanced budget, the only reason that we're having a serious debate about $16-plus trillion in debt, is because of the Tea Party class in 2010 and, the folks we had in 2012. You have to stop this process, this bipartisan process, of just kicking the can down the road, creating these artificial crises on New Year's Eve and say, let's put ideas on the table, let's stop playing this game.

And that's what we have done.

And we're never going to fix the problem just by pretending that the process of bipartisanship somehow gets to real problems, because that's how we got here. This crisis was created by both Republicans and Democrats not willing to make tough choices.

LATOURETTE: I'll tell you, that flies in the face of what we did in the 1990s, Bill Clinton was the president, John Kasich was the budget chair, and, Newt Gingrich was the speaker, and we created the Balanced Budget Act in 1997.

And quite frankly, it was during the Bush years of spending, multiplied now by the Obama years that we have this mess.

And at the end of the day, my difficulty with the Tea Party freshmen is not the true passion that they bring to this. They are an important part of the Republican Party. My difficulty is at the end of the day, you have to govern. Just saying no doesn't get you anything, and it creates these false crises.

And you can get past the false crises if you work something out. And it doesn't mean surrendering principle. It doesn't mean becoming a Democrat or a RINO or a DINO. It means working together in a way you get 60 percent of what you want.    KIBBE: Well, you've got to go back, because I don't think the Tea Party has created the budget crisis. We came in with our members, and tried to do something about it. I remember a day when April 15th is when the House and Senate had to pass the budget resolution.

I remember when they had to reconcile the 13 appropriations bills, I remember a day when the president actually had to introduce his budget, and today we don't do any of that stuff. And that's how we got to the $16 trillion.

And there is something rational about standing on the tracks and saying, you know, we can't do it this way anymore, we have to do it some other way.

LATOURETTE: Listen, if that was -- if that was the way these guys were operating, I'd be all for that.

But for instance, we couldn't get even -- I was an appropriator. We couldn't get our labor, health and human services bill, the biggest of the bills besides defense out, because three of our members would not support the chairman's mark. Now, that's not trying to solve the problem.

KIBBE: We'll get too weeds in here.

LATOURETTE: Sorry. But I'm telling you, you can't get it done. And, just voting no and then holding your nose and saying, boy, if it passes, then I can go home to my local Tea Party groups and say, "I voted no," that's ridiculous. That's what makes them chuckleheads.

WALLACE: Let me switch to another subject.

Mr. Kibbe, one of the recent splits in the party -- and we saw it in the last week, has been over national security. You backed Rand Paul's filibuster of the president's drone policy in the Senate. You also backed the sequester of across the board cuts even in the Pentagon.

But isn't one of the GOP's strengths with the American people that it's tough on national security?

KIBBE: Well, you can be fiscally responsible and tough on national security. I think it would be --

WALLACE: Well, the drone has nothing to do with fiscal issues. That's a --


KIBBE: Certainly. So there's two issues. One is about basic civil liberties and I think the new GOP reflected by Rand Paul's willingness to challenge the status quo in both the Republican and Democratic Parties, that's a healthy thing.

And, young people in particular, they are looking for leadership that's willing to challenge the idea that the government is always right. I think that's where we are, as well.

But on defense, and on, frankly, any budget, any program, any department of the federal government, let's all acknowledge that there is waste and things that need to be eliminated. And, a trimming of defense would be a very healthy thing.

And you have to put everything on the table. You can't say that this sacred cow cannot be touched. I think the GOP has made that mistake.

WALLACE: Congressman LaTourette, Rand Paul in his speech at CPAC talked about defense hawks like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, as stale and moss-covered. There is a war-weariness in the country. Should the Republican Party, and it's trying to grow the party and appeal to new voters, should it be pulling back on national defense?

LATOURETTE: Well, you know, I grew up in the era of the $800 hammer and $600 toilet seat. So, yes, there are efficiencies there.

But if you're looking to the Constitution for something that government is supposed to be involved in, it is defending the country.

And the sequestration was the most ham-handed way of dealing with things and we only got there because of the dysfunctions that exist, because the Democrats won't give an inch, and, you know, it's incumbent upon us to find the sweet spot. Boehner tried to do it with the president and the president isn't willing. But, we've got to find that sweet spot that includes the Pentagon.

WALLACE: But you said dysfunction and you kind of motioned in Mr. Kibbe's direction. Do you think the Tea Party is adding to the dysfunction in Washington?

LATOURETTE: No, not at all. I think the Tea Party is an important part of the coalition that is the Republican Party. But my difficulty with not necessarily Mr. Kibbe's group but others like his, is that there is some -- now some kind of litmus test what makes a good Republican or a bad Republican.

And the reason that we don't have a Republican president, today, in my opinion, is that we don't represent the whole country. We don't have one member of congress who is a Republican from the entire eastern sea coast. You get down to the Carolinas and Virginia. You can't govern the country unless you look like the country.

And so, I think they are an important part of the coalition but they are not the Republican Party. They are part of the Republican Party.

WALLACE: How do you respond to that? In a sense you may have energized the party, but you've also narrowed it?

KIBBE: Oh, I don't think so. If you look at CPAC, you look at the rock stars of the GOP, the next generation, the people we are excited about, these are Tea Party freshmen -- Rand Paul, Ron Johnson from a very purple, maybe blue state.

WALLACE: Ron Johnson?

KIBBE: Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania and, of course, Marco Rubio. We have brought diversity, we have brought energy and, most important, I think we brought ideas because we are color blind about all of this stuff.

But if you want to come to the Senate, come to the Congress and offer a plan to balance the budget, we're going to support you. Put your ideas on the table. That's what's lacking in the whole debate.

LATOURETTE: Well, I've got to say, that sadly what they've also got is Harry Reid as the majority leader continuing in the Senate. If you look at the Nevada race, Sharron Angle, if you look at Richard Mourdock in Indiana, if you look at -- I forget her name, the witch in Delaware.

WALLACE: Christine O'Donnell.

LATOURETTE: Thank you.

You -- we can have functional today, but for this litmus test that exists today --

WALLACE: There were a lot of establishment candidates, Republican candidates, who went down in this last election, too.

LATOURETTE: But they went down from the standpoint that they lost to Democrats. Unlike some of these -- Mr. Mourdock, for instance. I mean, we are supposed to wonder --

WALLACE: Richard Murdoch in Indiana.

LATOURETTE: Indiana. Why we don't have the women's vote in this country when we have a candidate suggesting that a child born as a result of rape is a gift from God? I'm not wondering why we don't have more women voting for Republicans.

WALLACE: But let me ask you about that and that's the last thing we're going to get into here, Karl Rove -- and he's going to be on the panel -- started something called the Conservative Victory Project to try to get into the primaries, to make sure that there are more electable Republicans, people that can win the primaries and that go on and win the general election.

Congressman LaTourette, you're about to start your own super PAC to promote electable candidates in Republican primaries.


WALLACE: Do you have any problem with that because I -- well, what do you -- first of all, why do you think that's wrong?

KIBBE: Well, I think the definition of electable is what we're debating and you look at who has been winning elections, it's been interesting, exciting, young, energetic people like Ted Cruz, like Marco Rubio. And I think if you apply this sort of establishment litmus test which tends to be biased for people that are already in office, you're not going to get that new energy. Would we have gotten Pat Toomey?

Remember, Karl Rove supported Arlen Specter as far back as 2004, against Pat Toomey, because the logic was Pat Toomey can't possibly win. Arlen Specter later flips party when it was convenient for him and became the 60th vote for Obamacare. So, I think we need to be careful about what it means to be electable.

Certainly, the Tea Party doesn't bat a thousand, but at least we're winning elections. We're bringing new people into the party. And we're not in a position where the Democrats can jam something through 60 votes in the Senate because of the Tea Party.

LATOURETTE: So, I've got to tell you, there is no litmus test at the Republican mainstream. I'm happy to have anybody who labels him or herself as a Republican and wants to represent the entire country.

We're not talking about electing the governor of South Carolina, or the governor of Texas, the governor of Utah. If we want to be a national party, we have to look like America. Today, we look like a bunch of we were a bunch of guys, white guys, from below the Mason- Dixon line.

WALLACE: So, how do you look more like America?

LATOURETTE: You have to begin to talk about issues in the way that I have to talk about issues.

For instance, I never read anything in my Republican playbook and I have been a Republican since the day I was born, that says that Republicans and trade unionists can't get along together, the carpenter, the operating engineer. But, somehow, this whole war on prevailing wages is now become a plank of the Republican Party? No, it's not.

And the same thing with the environment. I live on Lake Erie, we don't have to be opposed to everything that helps us get clean air and clean water. That's not a Republican test.

But if you look at the key votes that some of these groups are scoring, and 18 votes was scored by Mr. Kibbe's group out of a thousand that took place, last year. It's not -- you can make -- it's like a poll, you can make it look any way you want to.

WALLACE: All right. You get the last word.

KIBBE: I think if you look at the new Republican Party, the party that stands for something, you look at names like Tim Scott, and Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and Raul Labrador and Justin Amash. Mia Love almost got through.

This is the new future and it's based on ideas. We don't care about the color of your skin.

WALLACE: We're going to have to leave it there. But, to be continued.

Mr. Kibbe, Congressman LaTourette, thank you both for coming in.

We'll stay on top of this debate. And, in addition, up next, we'll continue this conversation with our Sunday group. What does the GOP need to do to attract more voters?



SEN. JOHN MCCAIN, R-ARIZ.: If Mr. Paul wants to be taken seriously, he needs to do more than pull political stunts that fire up impressionable libertarian kids in their college dorms.

SEN. RAND PAUL, R-KY.: The GOP of old has grown stale and moss-covered.

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With all of the support given to Chris Dorner after his murder spree I find myself looking for a person I can call a hero for “standing up for himself”.  I found him in Tulsa, Oklahoma of all                         places.  The Tulsa story didn’t get the same publicity Dorner garnered but the story is essentially the same.  Dorner is in the process of being canonized by leftists across this nation for murdering people who had nothing to do with his firing from the Los Angeles Police Department over questions of conduct.  I don’t know for sure why he was fired, and no one probably ever will know as the truth won’t be allowed to see the light of day.  The Los Angeles Police Department will cover their tracks and whitewash the affair, as will supporters of the actions taken by Dorner.  No one cares what the truth is, only that their side wins.  It doesn’t help that the LAPD took to tossing a hail of bullets at anyone driving a pickup truck in California without bothering to find out who was in the vehicle, but that is another issue. 

Read More:

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4063606751?profile=originalObama’s election firewall is melting like a house of wax all over America.  States like Florida, Virginia, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin where President Obama’s election machines had once appeared impregnable are now crumbling.  What is even more telling is that Ohio, the battleground of all battleground states is now fast becoming Obama’s possible Waterloo.


According to many recent national polls, including results from Fox News Poll that was released Friday, October 19th, Obama’s lead over Republican challenger Mitt Romney is narrowing.  The president’s former lead of 49-42 percent from late September has dwindled to 46-43 percent.  What appears even clearer is that the president’s second debate performance, while well scripted at how to be evasive and fact challenged, and has not slowed Romney’s growing momentum.

The growing White House cover up of how U.S. ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens and 3 other Americans were murdered on September 11th  at the American consulate in Benghazi is taking center stage.  As more and more intelligence documentation, real time videos, and congressional documents are made public a bizarre and tragic web of deceit is being unearthed.


The White House and the president’s campaign have stepped up their visits to Ohio and other battle ground states as well as their attacks on Romney.  Their hope is that voters would ignore the facts that these murders were avoidable and preventable.  But on Monday October 22nd, the last presidential debate should bring the truth of the Benghazi scandal and the unraveling of the administration’s stonewalling into America’s living rooms.


The presidential election stakes are much, much higher now.  Now the White House narrative and tangled terrorist assault storylines are unraveling, thanks to the recent congressional hearings on Capitol Hill. Its gets even worse.  President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are now telling competing versions of the Libyan murders’ timeline. 

Timing is everything, and with Foreign Affairs being on the table for the last debate, the White House is on lock down.  It is refusing to honor requests for documents from congress that detail what the president knew, when he knew it and what action did he take. Fear that truth of possible evidence being covered up concerning pre and post attack terrorist activity by the White House could prove an administration cover up is in play.


What evidence could the administration be afraid of providing congress and the American voter before the election?  Could it be proof that Ambassador Stevens desperately sent request after request to the State Department for more security, while terrorists linked to al-Qaeda steadily increased their attacks and assaults as late as August on the consulate?

Could it be evidence that the President decided to ignore in-person daily Security Council briefing.  Will White House meetings records reveal that he either golfed or attended entertainment and Hollywood fundraisers on the lead up to the anniversary of the most horrific terrorist attack in the nation’s history?

What is so important in the timeline which lead up the murders in Benghazi that Obama is afraid that voters will discover?  What the administration possibly fears can be found in the recent Fox News video concerning the timeline that led up to the Benghazi tragedy.   ( Read More )

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RNC / SPEECHES Did you miss one? See it here!

This is a place for you to find videos or video links to the RNC speeches. There are no comments, as this is informational only:-)




































PAM FINLAYSON: (Beautiful story about her little daughter and the Romney's)




TED & PAT OPAROWSKI: (Speaking of son's tragic death)














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Christie to keynote, no slot for Palin

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will deliver the keynote address at the Republican National Convention in Tampa later this month, while Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) will introduce Mitt Romney.


“I’ll try to tell some very direct and hard truths to people in the country about the trouble that we’re in and the fact that fixing those problems is not going to be easy for any of them,” Christie told USA Today in an interview announcing his speech. He said he will describe his experiences in New Jersey as evidence that “the American people are ready to confront those problems head-on and endure some sacrifice.”

"As governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie has proven how bold Republican leadership gets results. He has fearlessly tackled his state’s most difficult challenges, while looking out for hardworking taxpayers,” said Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, in a statement announcing the governor’s selection.

In terms of importance, the keynote speech is seen as second only to the speech of the presidential or vice-presidential nominee. It was the keynote speech in 2004 at the DNC that propelled Obama into public view, which should emphasize the importance many attribute to the keynote speaking slot. 

Christie is a very popular figure in the GOP. Some have even gone so far as to nick-name him a "rock star of the republican party." His popularity has not however been enough to stave off complaints about his being picked for the keynote position. These complaints have revolved around others who certain conservatives
believe are better suited to speak at the convention, namely, one Sarah Palin.

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRyGPRAfB_lJhJEvs2fiILBWyst12sCjSd3w9hQmdm24lw6P1hy&width=342The former governor of Alaska remains a Tea Party favorite, but still seems to be out of place with the GOP establishment. Some have discussed the idea that perhaps Palin is simply too conservative for the establishment of the Republican Party, and so some conservative bloggers have cried out to 'Let Sarah Speak.' 

Palin is seen by 'grass-roots' conservatives as an electrifying figure that would excite the party base. Her not speaking at the Republican National Convention is seen by these same conservatives as a signal from the party establishment that they do not truly represent their interests in Washington. Some see her not speaking as a signal that party officials are not comfortable with the former governor.  Whatever the case, Palin fans are certainly upset.

“As I’ve repeatedly said, I support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in their efforts to replace President Obama at the ballot box, and I intend to focus on grassroots efforts to rally independents and the GOP base to elect Senate and House members so a wise Congress is ready to work with our new president to get our country back on the right path," said Palin in a statement to Fox News’s Greta van Susteren

Read more: 

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     China on the Move!   It's been four years since I blogged "China on the Move!" on Townhall, published  July 29, 2008, reflecting today's economic status.  Americans now find themselves facing the dragon!  China has now moved ahead as they slowly and consistently built up their armies, arms, and economic status with the help of globalists, such as Kissinger, and Soros, while China has been buying up every commodity in the world that they can get their grubby hands on and control, especially nickel.  Americans can thank President Bill and Hillary Clinton, COSCO, Walmart, U.S. corporations, the Obama's, as well as congressional members who did nothing to stop the"outsourcing" of America's jobs and secrets of technology and innovation to the detriment of America, the military, and the American people. Ironically, the title, "China on the Move" is somewhat prophetic.

     According to Larry Edelson, the globalists set a goal that Communist China will supersede the economic status of the world and end the economic status of America by the year 2016!  About 1993, I felt that the Clinton's weren't on track with middle America as they were closly tied to Communist China and Russia.  I created and produced a talk radio show titled, Issues of the Day, and warned America that they may have to slay the dragon [Communist China] which was heard on syndicated radio produced at KIEV - the home of the dynamic George Putnam - who passed away. 

      In 1993, I had an epiphany and became more concerned about the injustices recurring silently in America's courts.  So, I aired a radio show at a time when talk show hosts didn't discuss stories which were wrongfully promoted as conspiracy theories.  I invited a special guest, who confirmed my beliefs and he predicted that China and Russia and the Middle East would come against America after the year 2000.  I was very concerned that China quietly built up a one million man army and that the Clinton administration was selling arms to Communist China and Russia.  But, this didn't seem to disturb the majority of the American people, who didn't want to hear the truth, perhaps out of fear.  Americans for the most part ignored the warnings of the patriots.  The information presented by patriots didn't  reflect the American way of life.  But, after the elections of 2008, millions of Americans began to awaken and the Obama administration changed the mind set of Americans who began believing that there were some rats in the attic.   

    Unfortunately, Americans weren't disturbed that President Bill Clinton sold arms to Communist China and simultaneously cut the U.S. Military Budget substantially.  He slashed the Military Defense Budget to the surprise of the Military and the American people.  Many military employees lost their homes, but as Clinton stated after taking office, "The American people must sacrifice!"  Well, he wasn't willing to sacrifice when he fled to Russia as a draft dodger.  Unfortunately, the American people and the media discredited the book and the taped documentary, The Clinton Chronicles, published by "Patrick Matricisiana. The reason [just an FYI: if you put the letter "t" before the word "reason" - it becomes "treason"] that American citizens didn't pay much attention is the simple fact that the media didn't really want to touch those stories in my opinion.  At the time, most of us were in la la land and didn't realize that we'd been brainwashed into believing it's a material  world and it's all about "me!"  Many of us bought into it, at least temporarily, others still believe it!  Americans were intentionally led to believe that the government was looking out for the best interest of the U.S. and U.S. citizens, but that was far from the truth. 

  Although, there has always been a nazi type mentality of citizens, who didn't let the nazi mentality die  after WWII, they went about their business unnoticed quietly indoctrinating people for decades until it spread like a cancer. Today, we have 80 card carrying Socialists in Congress and one known Communist lobbyist accessing the White House and members of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization who reportedly had ties to Hitler during WWII.  The secret socialists and secret anti-Americans continued to spread their anti-American views through the courts, schools, churches, and universities, without anyone paying much attention to their new agendas.  They wrote new laws under the guise of women's rights and charitable acts or "for the protection of the people" as they moved "forward," so Americans wouldn't object, but in fact, support their goals.  Also, Americans didn't feel they had any reason to question the public schools who were slowly introducing a more liberal educational system.  The socialists cleverly, slowly, and  quietly, turned good into evil and evil into good, infiltrating the minds of the youth without a cure today - 2012 -on how to restore conservative teachings.  In 2008 and thereafter, we've seen kids supporting socialists agendas, but as more people are awakened, they are realizing that the politically correct liberal agendas enslave a nation. 

     About July 29, 2008, my Blog "China on the Move" created an unexpected stir of controversy, even anger, by mainly liberals and Rinos.  Many readers at the time defended Obama with their very being.  They truly believe Obama to be a U.S. Natural Born Citizen based on  his published on-line publication of the blacked out on-line Certificate of Live Birth.  One of the opposing persons, who called him or herself Tinsldr 2, commented on my blog dated 11/5/2008, stating, "to continually say that he [Obama] has not proven his citizenship and is not going to be the next President is foolish in the extreme.  It makes you sound loonier than those who claim Bush stole the 2000 elections and those that claim 911 was an inside job of the Bush administration oil when you start going down those roads."  I wonder if Tinsldr2 still has the same opinion of Obama and the road on which Obama has led Americans for the past 3 1/2 years. Even today, there are millions of Obama supporters as well as supporters of Bill and Hillary Clinton who  approve of their socialist and global agendas. 

     There are millions of Americans who should ask if the Clinton's and Obama's sold out America and the American people when they outsourced U.S. technology, jobs, and manufacturing, and attempted to nationalize health care.  President Bill Clinton signed NAFTA and opened up the borders devastating our sovereignty. He tried to lease the Long Beach Port to the Communist Chinese, but Anthony J. Hilder led a protest in Washington D.C. and prevented the lease.  Bill Clinton opened up the Long Beach Port to the Communist Chinese and helped Hillary Clinton, who was a member of  the Walmart Board of Directors for six years, while a partner of  the Rose Law Firm working to import consumer products made in China formerly made inthe USA. It appears quite convenient that President Bill Clinton implemented 'outsourcing" as well as opening the Long Beach Port all about the same time that Walmart was ready to cast off.  The Rose Law Firm represented Walmart.  So, as a joint effort their actions created easy access for Communist China to import consumer products into the U.S.A.  COSCO is a communist owned corporation.  By these actions, th Clinton's were the catalysts who caused the loss of U.S. manufacturing and U.S. jobs for millions of Americans and this obviously would help build up the economic status of Communist China. There's no doubt that the Clinton's and the Obama's worked diligently on making Communist China a economic powerhouse.  

     In fact, it appears that millions of Americans could care less that Hillary Clinton has been working with Obama and Feinstein, Holder, and Schumer, for decades in support of the U.N.'s Small Arms Treaty with the intent of disarming Americans.  Hillary and Feinstin support the U.N.'s Rights of the Child that deny parental rights to Americans.  Obama is propped up by the Clintons, but in reality, he's carrying on the same agendas as the Clinton's, which reflect not the U.S. Constitution, but the U.N., E.U., NATO, U.N., and Globalists also known as the New World Order.  In fact, Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, stated at a congressional hearing that "we" [Obama and Panetta] seek international permission to take action! 

         About June 2011, I had the pleasure of visiting Washington D.C. and meeting with my Congressman. I told my Congressman that America doesn't owe anything to Communist China!  I stated that Communist China owes America!  They should wipe the slate clean! I said that we should close the Long Beach Port or charge China tariffs before importing consumer products formerly made in the USA that hurt America's economy and the job market in America.  I stated that we should withhold imports if they threaten to take over our soil as collateral for the loans owed to China.  After all, the U.N. and foreign nations are conspiring to reduce the manufacturing businesses in America and bring Americans to their knees.

     The American people should demand that Congress take immediate action and determine how much money does Communist China owe to  America for the use of  U.S. technology, innovation, manufacturing, and jobs that Clinton outsourced without any reciprocation on their part to repay America!  And Congress should enforce the tariffs.  For example, if  corporations want secret technology from an inventor or another corporation, they must pay for it, but the Clinton's gave U.S. jobs and technology to Communist China without an agreement to repay America for helping build up their economic status.  Under which constitutional authority did President Clinton outsource U.S. technology, manufacturing, and jobs, and how is that not considered to be economic espionage?

      I toured the Kennedy Center which was very impressive.  The tour guide told us to follow her and she remarked that there are two private rooms at the Kennedy Center. We viewed the one private room which was reserved for the U.S. President and his guests.  Afterwards, we were led to a second private room - this room was much larger than the room reserved for the U.S. President - and to my surprise, we were told that this second private room was reserved for the Communist Chinese and their guests.  I believe I am the only U.S. Citizen who is disturbed that a large private room is permanently reserved for a Communist nation on U.S. soil in a U.S. building dedicated to a U.S. President.  In fact, I'm probably the only American disturbed by the fact that inside the building is a glass entrance from the floor to the ceiling and on the glass was red lettering with Chinese writing - and the words "Red China" - but no one seemed bothered except for me.  I asked the tour guide why the red lettering written in Chinese and the words "Red China" was scrolled across the glass.  She stated that there was a performance about one year ago.  I asked, "Why don't they remove it if the performance ended", but she just shrugged her shoulders.  I don't know if it is still on the glass, but it should have been red, white and blue lettering stating, U.S.A.

       Recently, the economic guru, Larry Edelson, commented that there are 810,000,000 Communist Chinese employed today, but only 160,000,000 Americans employed.   Remember, it was President Bill Clinton, who opened the flood gates to Communist China by cleverly calling his actions that devastated America's jobs -  "outsourcing"  - helping build up Communist China, not America.  Clinton's outsourcing included America's technology, innovations, manufacturing jobs, and military arms, as well as opening up the Long Beach Port to the Communist Chinese, which Obama has moved "forward."  President Bill and Hillary Clinton catapulted their globalist agenda by working with the Communist Chinese to make COSCO and Walmart super discount stores.  But, China's economic status is devastating America's economic status as consumer products formerly made in the USA are now made in China for COSCO and Walmart.  George Soros stated that his goal is to make Communist China the economic power in the world and devalue the U.S. dollar. This raises the question if Obama is secretly meeting with the Communist leader to discuss the devaluation of the U.S. dollar.  Americans should be concerned and asking if Beijing is now the economic powerhouse in the world, not Wall Street?  COSCO and Walmart import about 90%-99% of their consumer products from Communist China.  The high quality standards for consumer products made in the USA was devastated by the Clinton's outsourcing of America's manufacturing businesses.  Their actions have lowered the economic lifestyle of every middle class citizen to a new low.  Middle Class Americans have had their lifestyles reduced by 39% since Obama took office. 

     Unfortunately, Obama has continued the agendas of the Clinton regime and outsourced 85,000 green solar jobs to Communist China while American workers suffer.  During that same time, Obama granted about $535M to Solyndra, who reportedly granted themselves huge wages and bonuses, and thereafter, bankrupted without accountability.  Edelson states that  China's economy has grown by 9.2%, while the U.S. economy has only grown by 1.7%!  Edelson says that the Peterson Institute and the University of Pennsylvania believe that Communist China is the #1 economic status in the world currently and has surpassed the economic status of the U.S.  Therefore, I've included excerpts from my Townhall Blog, "China on the Move!"  pub. 2008:

     "It appears that China is on the move and is outsourcing America's middle class workers [morphing them into Chinese workers].  It's ridiculous to believe that a Communist country will abide by a treaty except for the sake of appearance.  All nations, who are being negatively viewed by the world, can lead people to believe that a signature or a hand shake will resolve the problem.  The Middle East treaties for peace were violated before the ink dried. 

     The fact that the U.S. is providing its seal of approval for our women to compete in a Communist country, who punished women if they were pregnant with baby girls, by allegedly killing the pregnant women and aborting the female babies is the epitome of human rights violations against women. These alleged killings and abortions have gone on for decades so an unknown amount of blood has been shed in violation of human rights, which exceeds gender bias, against women.  In fact, the news reported and alleged that the fetuses were [cooked] and eaten as a delicacy......." 

     Also, "During the 90s, the CEOs of oil companies and prominent politicians and corporate leaders under the Clinton administration determined that we should open up our borders and give up our sovereignty for globalization which use to be called "The New World Order."  They determined that if they wanted to become extremely wealthy that they must "outsource" American jobs to India and Communist China.  They decided that they would "marry" China, a nice way of saying they were crawling into bed with Communist China.  So, they opened up the "superhighway" to China and outsourced [U.S.] jobs that had been created for future generations of Americans since the inception of our country.  U.S. corporations were greedy seeking higher profits and sold out the American people with the help of Bill Clinton and Congress. They determined that they would pay these foreigners less money and then sell the [consumer products] formerly made in the USA back to the American people for cheaper prices by opening up discount stores [COSCO and Walmart], which made those on Wall Street, even wealthier. 

     Therefore, If the government intentionally lowers the standard of living for Americans,  so they can implement  globalist agendas in line with the U.N. then Americans had better wake up now!  The goal would be to decrease manufacturing companies in America so China controls the manufacturing on American soil. If that were the case, Americans would become enslaved to a Communist nation and treated and paid accordingly.  This would reduce the middle class down to poverty level dependent upon a foreign government for jobs and wages.  They would not tolerate a Middle Class as communists oppose a Middle Class. They would not favor  Christianity  -the  Jewish religious beliefs - Catholic beliefs and there could be mandates to reduce the population of U.S. Natural Born Citizens.  The end result could be devastating to America - the end of America - and possibly the end of the U.S. Natural Born Citizens dominating the United States of America.  America and U.S. Natural Born Citizens could become the latest lost land and people - like Atlantis - only lost because of being dominated by foreign nations under an iron fist!  

     But, the serious problem of being forced to purchase inferior products and unsafe products, or products that are known to have caused injuries, death, or illness, which have been reported on a steady basis is not to be taken lightly.  Unfortunately, Americans are the recipients of these serious problems caused by consumer products made in Communist China.  There have been reports of high lead content, children in China dying from the high lead content in products; mold reported in dry wall which caused people to lose their homes without reimbursement; dangerous issues with blinds and cribs as well as death from tainted baby's formula.  Congress or presidents who followed Clinton haven't done much to stop or limit the out-sourcing of U.S. jobs, technology, and manufacturing, to Communist China and India, for more than 20 years.  The outsourcing of jobs has caused middle class Americans to suffer the consequences of higher unemployment and loss of  businesses as well as forcing businesses to downsize and lay off employees.  That's the reality!  Americans can barely afford to buy products at a discount that are imported even from China or India today.  Also, Americans are suffering from the high cost of gasoline.  For example, if you paid $20 to fill up your tank back in 2008 - the same tank of gasoline could cost $60 or $80 - in today's market at $4 per gallon.  

     Never forget that under President Clinton's reign, he sold arms to Communist China and Russia.  He sent millions of dollars to Russia.  He had defected to Communist Russia where he was protected from dodging the U.S. Draft.  Obama never served in the U.S. military.  So, how could a draft dodger be eligible to be a U.S. President who defected to a Communist nation?  Obama stated he comes from a long line of Mulsims and that his grandfather and father, Barack Hussein Obama, were born and raised in Kenya, under the rule of Great Britain, and they herded goats.  Obama's statements make him ineligible to be a U.S President according to Article II, but who cares about Article II in the government?

     Clinton supported Communist China's building up of China's one million man army by selling arms to Communist China and Russia, while simultaneously defunding the U.S. Military Defense Department and reducing the number of military personnel.  He closed military bases around the nation.  Clinton caused a substantial number of  military personnel the loss of their jobs and many military personnel lost their homes. [also, Obama's goal has been to reduce the military and military budget, even though he created more wars].  But, did any of these actions shout out to the masses back in 2008 - "China on the Move!" - to the sleepy Americans who were swooning over the handsome and wealthy players [such as Bill Clinton] at that time -[or swooning over Obama's glistening pectorals or sending chills up the legs of Chris Matthews?] 

     In conclusion, the Clinton's and the Obama's are leaders who one could say seduced a nation with the help of the Hollywood glitz!  The 2008 Obama campaign was nothing short of the world's biggest audience on live theater - the most successful reality show ever produced!  The Obama campaign and inauguration superseded the excitement of "American Idol"  In fact, the 2008 Obama presidential campaign and inauguration could have been produced by Hollywood as  - "Political Idol!"  

         Subscribe to her 2 Facebooks - Rose Colombo and Fight Back Legal Abuse; Follow on Twitter at Rose4Justice; Read Complimentary pages of Irwin Award winning book,  "Fight Back Legal Abuse" on Amazon or; You;re invited to follow Rose, named as the authority on legal abuses and injustices, and listen to her new on-line radio show,  taped live and archived  -

















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Obama’s Liberal Junkies


This headline depicts the idiotic thought process of the Liberals - MSNBC Host: 'I'm Uncomfortable' Calling Fallen Soldiers Heroes Sun May 27. In honor of our brave Military, American citizens should remove these terrorists from our turf. 4063519551?profile=original

Take a gander at a few of the Liberal Obama worshippers and meet the Liberal junkies who spew a “false ideology”.

They’re not the smartest creatures in the turnip patch, but they religiously sit up, beg, roll over and play dead for their puppeteers.  They are the Communist, Marxist and Rothschild zombies or robots and they’re pre - programmed, brainwashed and unable to function on their own.  

Chris Mathews from MSNBC, the man who gets a tingle up his leg when talking about Obama not only lost his tingle, but lost his marbles too on Jeopardy.  Chris exposed himself as a rather senile disturbed human being when it comes to “smarts.”  Without Soros pulling his strings and writing his script Chris like Biden isn’t safe on the streets by himself; he’s an accident waiting to happen.  

Valerie Jarrett possibly could feign poor eyesight, but her “I’m the Queen” attitude at the Alfalfa Club was over the top.  Jarrett ordered one of our high ranking officers in full dress uniform to bring her a glass of wine.  Jarrett, Obama’s senior adviser has a distinguished nick name that has hung onto her like glue.  The White House gophers have dubbed her “the Worst White House Aide:”  Valerie is the one who had a White House tantrum  and threatened to walk if Obama let the CIA and Seals snuff Osama bin Laden.  Funny thing is neither Obama nor Jarrett had enough clout to stop the CIA and Seals from finishing their job.  Hats off to the CIA, the Navy Seals, Hilary Clinton, Rear Admiral Edward Winters and Leon Panetta for a job well done. 

Maxine Waters another one that idolizes the ground Obama walks on lost her composure and gave the Black Caucus an ear full about Obama’s lack of engagement in the African American community; Maxine was mad because Obama told the African Community to suck it up, stop grumbling and quit complaining.

Waters is the one who said that the Government has the right or power to seize control of private industry.  Waters also said, “"If [the big banks] don't come up with loan modifications and keep people in their homes that they've worked so hard for, we're going to tax them out of business."  So much for intelligence!

Good old Joe Biden reminds us that it doesn’t take brains or political correctness to fill the shoes of Vice President.  Joe never worshipped anyone but “Joe” and he provides the comedy for the Obama Administration by hook or by crook.  Biden is like a stray dog, he’s never been particularly fond of Obama and no one at any time can predict where the stray is going to make his next dump.   Obama has tried without success to keep Biden under lock and key, but Joe is rather illusive and totally resistant to rules and regulations. 

Then there’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz who isn’t exactly the perfect mouth piece for the Democrats.  She’s the Raggedy Ann with the big hair always putting her foot in her mouth.  Debbie would make “Pinocchio” hide his head in shame; her inflammatory crude language makes her Obama’s “Junkyard Dog,” definitely not his attack dog for she bites everything that moves including the Tea Parties, Conservatives, the poor, the Military, the Catholics, unborn babies, the Jews and of course Scott Walker.

In the early 1990’s David Axelrod was given the dirty assignment of mentoring and preparing Obama for the position of Command in Chief.  David sold his soul to the puppeteers years ago and now he’s stuck in the White House as Obama’s janitor.  David tags along after Obama mopping up his messes and putting out his fires.  It’s a dirty job, but I guess someone has to do it. 

The Obama worshippers aren’t exactly what one would call a brilliant articulate group of low lives, but they are faithful followers of those who have worked years to destroy our Nation.  There remain an enemy of our beautiful America; they’re dangerous pawns or gophers in the political chess game.  We must fight back – It is our duty as United States citizens to protect our great Nation.

Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today's world do not have.
Ronald Reagan


May God Bless America

As Always,


Little Tboca

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Does Chris Wallace Look at Porn?

"Are you a flake?" "Are some of the things you say flaky?" These are actual questions that Chris Wallace of Fox News asked of Michelle Bachmann, a woman with at least twice his IQ and qualifications.  Why Mr. Wallace did this is inexplicable, but he got a big shiner as Mrs. Bachmann and the Fox viewers punched back.  He will probably never recover.

This was an attempt at a clever rhetorical trick by Mr. Wallace which associates a person with a word.  The less cerebral among us, Liberals, children, will turn that word into an image and superimpose it onto the name and persona of the individual that has been thus labeled.  So Chris Wallace (clever trial attorneys, and virtually all of the disingenuous interviewers that prowl the main stream media) attempted to use that psychological ruse to create the impression that Michelle Bachmann is a flake, despite the total absence of evidence that she is anything other than a highly accomplished, educated, intelligent, righteous, devoted mother, wife and American.  He invented it, but when he put her name in a sentence with the word 'flake,' ending with question mark, he created a trick of word association.  The imprint of image to which mobs and Liberals are so susceptible.

So I will do the same for Chris Wallace. "Does Chris Wallace look at porn?" I have no idea. There have been no reports that he looks at porn. It's a stupid question.  But I've associated the name of Chris Wallace with PORN. Chris Wallace, PORN. PORN, Chris Wallace. Have you heard that Chris Wallace looks at porn? Of course not, I haven't. But this if this trick lie, shielded from libel laws by a little curved punctuation mark, is repeated often and broadly it will stick. No matter how innocent Chris Wallace is of viewing porn, if the lie is spread, and the word becomes paired with his name often enough, he will become, in the media consumer psyche, "Chris Wallace, "Pornman."

Social media and passionate Conservatism combined with a fedupness by Americans of a schoolyard  bully approach to news and politics interrupted Mr. Wallace's gotcha moment.  It didn't sneak past like he hoped.  The insult was stinging, and totally undeserved by a dignified an serious presidential contender.  Michelle Bachmann pushed back. We pushed back, and we pushed back hard.  An American activist class has emerged.  They are politically savvy, sophisticated in history, debate, and human nature, and always on high alert for trickery and hypocrisy.

Sorry about your epic fail Mr. Wallace.  Your name will forever now be associated with the word 'flake." Just like Weiner and TWEET, Weiner and WEINER, and Weiner and IGNOMINIOUS RESIGNATION, will always be paired in water-cooler talk forevermore. Chris Wallace, FLAKE? Chris Wallace, PORN? Chris Wallace, UNEMPLOYED? We'll see.

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Obama Seeks Texas Scapegoat

for Hurricanes Igor,Julia and Karl

A very strange thing happened to Payne Hertz, the 96-year-old who sometimes substitutes for Ol’ Rajjpuut on those ultra-rare occasions when Rajjpuut has a chance “to get lucky,” ‘er, finds himself with a schedule conflict. You might recall the fine interview that Hertz did with the polar bear** hunter Al Gore . . . .

naturally, we’ll let the elderly gent speak for himself . . . .

It happened this way, I had just left one of my gal’ friends’ apartment about 4:00 in the morning when a couple of juvenile d’s accosted me next to my Pierce-Arrow automobile. They wanted to shake me down, but I was in too good a mood all full of p’ ‘n vinegar to surrender my dignity right then. Of course I immediately pulled out my trusty pack of cards and, using the ancient Monte Carlo martial art form of Stri-chi-baccarat (self-defense with ordinary playing cards), disabled the taller of the two with a quick Jack of Diamonds to the right temple and a trey of Spades to his right knee which dropped him like yesterday’s bowel movement and was firing the niner of hearts full speed at his friend's lower midsection (technically in Stri-chi it’s called a "collateral damage appendectomy") when the tire iron he’d swung connected a glancing blow with my balding pate . . . as I fell, I could see through fuzzy vision he was worse off than me, but than I lost consciousness . . .

Suddenly it was bright daylight, I found myself occupying the body of a much younger, fatter, and far stupider man. I was on a golf course, that much was obvious. And then I saw that my golfing pard with his putter in his hand was none other than the president of the United States Barack Obama. Talk about a shocker! I could see the hammer and sickle stitched into his club covers and the tattoo of Karl Marx peeked through his white golf shirt. Yep, it was Obama all right!

I looked into the mirror of the cart and another surprise, the man that looked back at me was Chris Mathews, the cub reporter who is currently hosting a program called Softballs for Liberals on MSNBC . . . an incredible revulsion grabbed me and I found my new body projectile-vomiting . . . luckily a couple of secret service guards stepped between me and the president and protected him from my disgust. I dropped back weakly into my seat.

They paused the game for about three minutes while I swigged down some bottled water after rinsing my mouth and felt better. We had only three holes to play and let me tell you that being in the body of a younger man, even that out of shape stupid younger man, was great . . . I outdrove Obama on all three holes and outplayed him (what a frigging duffer!) badly and then discovered apparently we’d had a hundred dollar bet. Apparently we’d played several times before and he thought he owned me I guess, because he called my a “racist basta-d”, then smiled like it was a joke as he handed me ol’ Ben Franklin, but I could see he was plenty sore.

Anyhow, the real surprise was passing a newspaper vending machine about ten yards before the clubhouse. The headline was about something called the Hindenburg Omen which didn’t sound good. I could see the date was October 3rd, somehow I’d leaped exactly three weeks into the future besides being in the body of a liberal-slanting cub reporter. Anyway, we retired to the 19th hole and despite the secret service men reminding him that Muslims don’t drink and that he had four state functions scheduled for the rest of the day, he downed about five Miss Piggy Cocktails (I thought Muslims didn’t do pork either?) before he’d even deign to talk to me. No matter, I was preoccupied and too busy for him anyway. Was wondering about how to arrange getting to use my new body with the cocktail waitress I was flirting up . . . nobody was around, just the seven of us, the four secret service agents saw to that . . . just me and Ol’ Poor Sport was allowed in there with this gorgeous auburn-haired . . . .

Suddenly, he sneered, “Your chance to make me look good, Chris-boy!” Which apparently meant he’d allow me to ask him a few questions. I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone, get myself oriented to the happenings of the last twenty-one days and get him in the mood with some easy ones first . . . .

Q: “Mr. President, how would you describe your administration’s accomplishments for the past three weeks? And how do you feel about them?

He glared at me, for a couple seconds.

A: “I’ve told everybody and you should know better, Chris, I’m not answering questions about the problems we’ve had with disaster relief and I’m not answering questions about that Hindenburg stockmarket crap either . . . . Perhaps you might ask me a question about what it’s like travelling in Air Force One?”

Suddenly, the newspaper headlines I’d seen made sense. Apparently the names Igor, Julia and Karl were the names of three tropical storms, maybe even hurricanes . . . and there’d apparently been something real wrong happening on Wall Street. Now I really did want to get on his good side for at least a couple of questions . . . besides with a little luck I could make a killing in the stock market when I got back to my own time . . . IF I ever got back to my own time . . . .

Q: “You know me, Mr. President, I need to get the true picture . . . so that when I slant the story in your behalf, it’s ah . . . it’s got the necessary congruency . . .”

A: Sorry, Chris, must be the drinks, for a moment there I thought I was with Bill O’reilly or Glenn Beck, of course I know you’re in my camp . . . OK . . . OK . . . well, as you know our administration line is that we’re very disappointed in this Hindenburg scandal thing and of course the slow responses on all three hurricanes.”

Q: “Hindenburg scandal . . . thing?”

A: “Yes, yes, we didn’t think that the Business and Financial papers would make such a big deal about a little change like Robby Gibbs was using in his press conferences . . .”

Q: “Little change, Mr. President”

A: “You know calling the 2200 point drop on Wall Street last week ‘the G. W. Bush Crash,’ that’s really not all that much of a thing to overlook in the papers, you’d think . . . And just cause we haven’t helped anybody yet from those three storms . . . .”

Q: “Wow! I mean I can see how that would upset you, Mr. President . . .”

A: “I mean the whole country seemed very understanding -- even though our response was a lot slower than it was for Katrina and Rita -- when I explained that if George W. Bush hadn’t delayed all the vital global warming counter-activity so terribly long we’d have a cooler globe and everyone of the hurricanes wouldn’t be so violent, I mean category-4 twice and then a -three, that’s pretty rough.”

Q: “You blamed George W. Bush for slow response on all three hurricanes and a faltering stock market! ‘er, I mean to say, Mr. President. When you blamed him didn’t your media support stick with you as you expected?”

A: Well, of course, all us neo-marxists understand each oth^^ . . . .

Then, as suddenly as I’d been wisked into Chris Mathews’ fat body I found myself lying on the concrete back in New York twenty-one days earlier with a doozy of a headache and the still bodies of two bloody juvenile delinquents near me . . . . I know it sounds like I’m stretching the truth, but I’ll swear to it. I only regret that I never got to know that little waitress better . . . .

Well, thank you PH, good job under unusual circumstances . . . now do you readers understand why Rajjpuut never takes a vacation?

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


** recently the younger Alaskan Al Gore that Hertz interviewed in the earlier blog had some bad news for his cousin the older and uglier and fatter Al Gore from Tennessee we all know and love. 1) It seems that some naturalists recently revealed that the infamous “Inconvenient Truth” scene of a polar bear floating on an ice floe was not the picture of a polar bear in distress, but to the contrary -- pretty standard operating procedure for polar bears who regularly float out 10-12 miles from shore to find the best hunting grounds for seals and 2) Alaska and Canada are both now lifting their embargoes on hunting polar bears because of the large numbers of the beasts now found all up and down the Artic Circle. The Alaskan said, “Sadly, that may turn out to be a couple of inconvenient truths for my cuz” he grunted, “ Of course, now that the hunting ban is lifted, I can operate legally piling up those bountied bear feet for my Tennessee cuz.”

^^ By the way, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) now says that their latest forecasts of government deficits and national debt says that by 2020 half of your taxes will go for interest on the national debt and that the national debt the American public will face by 2020 will amount to more than 100% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The CBO says that national debt per household will rise to $150,000. Damn, that G.W. Bush anyway.

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