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4063895697?profile=originalCongressman Charlie Rangel wanted to talk.

Adriano Espaillat, a state senator and top rival, had just labeled Mr. Rangel’s mock phone conversation during a Wednesday night debate “an embarrassment.” The Hotel Trades Council, a union with growing clout, was about to back Mr. Espaillat. And the 83-year-old, facing what many see as an uphill battle, was left to reflect, in a wide-ranging interview, on what could be an unceremonious end to a nearly half-century-long political career.

“These campaign people are afraid that what I’m going to say to you is damaging to me,” Mr. Rangel said as he opened a half-hour phone interview yesterday with the Observer. “My conversation here can change the whole campaign.”

In the second debate of the 13th Congressional race, Mr. Rangel stunned the audience and inspired a segment on The Daily Show when he pulled out his cell phone and proceeded to chide both of his opponents, Mr. Espaillat and Pastor Mike Walrond, in a lengthy imaginary phone conversation. The tactic was intended to mock the allegedly thin résumés of Mr. Walrond and Mr. Espaillat. Both contenders, unsurprisingly, took offense.

POLL: Is Global Warming junk science with a political agenda or is it real?

Mr. Rangel explained that he came up with the idea because he figured the debate moderators would never ask the proper questions.

“I knew looking at the format, there would be no questions there dealing with any accomplishments. I knew the center sponsoring this was just as much concerned with their agenda,” he said. “There were questions about poverty, homelessness and what not, and public officials have same emotion about the same issues including the minister [Mr. Walrond], but none of the topics appeared to suggest who would be better prepared to do the job.”

“I also knew who won and who lost could be considered on who brought the most people here, who shouted the loudest, who was entertaining,” said Mr. Rangel, whose supporters were far outnumbered in the church.

Mr. Rangel’s seat in Congress, now spanning upper Manhattan and the Bronx, has been threatened before. Mr. Espaillat nearly ousted him in 2012, coming within 1,100 votes of victory in the now-majority Latino district. And two decades ago, Adam Clayton Powell IV ran a furious but unsuccessful challenge.

But the congressman–who is on the cusp of losing the endorsement of every influential labor union in the city, and was already denied the backing of major city pols like Comptroller Scott Stringer and Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito–has never been so endangered.

Mr. Rangel recalled one elected official, whom he refused to name, “balling up his fist with utter contempt” and telling the Harlem lawmaker his defection was “political, not personal.”

“How the hell are you going to hurt an old man?” he said when asked whether he was upset or offended by the defectors.


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Charlie, We'd like to Report "Your Fired"

Charlie, We'd like to Report "Your Fired"

Here we thought you were interested in reporting news Charlie. We've contacted your publisher/editor and informed them of your rude discourtesy at receiving press releases. 

      Dear Ogden Standard Examiner Editor-In-Chief:
           We have received the following email from Charlie Pomerleau and would like to report it as a discourtesy, not simply to the Campaign, but to the subscribers and readers of the Ogden Standard Examiner.
            Mr. Pomerleau has been a reporter for political events like "Occupy" and other political active events here in Utah, and it is frankly surprising to us here at the Campaign to find such a bias in the reporting atmosphere at the Ogden Standard Examiner.
            Our Press Releases are a matter of public notices as Mr. Judy is a registered candidate in the Federal Election Commission record, and he has also taken Barack Obama clear to the United States Supreme Court case no Judy v. Obama 12-5276, and this is not simply the assertion of Mr. Judy, but the conviction of thousands of hours of law enforcement personal, that Mr. Pomerleau has referred as a "rant".
            We would like an apology from Mr. Pomerleau, or we will consider publicly protesting the Ogden Standard Examiner in front of the community as endorsing and fully representative of Mr. Pomerleau's comments, and position on "the news" that's reported.
            If this is the position of the Ogden Standard Examiner, we would not expect any reply. In the National News it is worth a mention that the Ogden Standard Examiner is "receiving" the news from reporters afar. 

Latest News

Oh look, story number 5 an actual Standard Examiner reporter, and we also notice 6 simply to highlight preceptable 'rants' as actually report able assuming at least a kernel of truth in Mr. Pomerleau's professional insult. Thank goodness for Becky Wright's concern over Utah's past time Mardi Gras, "barely registers in the history books". In real time comparison a Ogden Utah Candidate for U.S. President in the Democratic Party, has the man in the White House on record as ineligible with the results of a full law enforcement investigation included. 
In fact as we scan popular stories from the Ogden Standard Examiner we see barely a glimpse of Obama criticism. Even for a Republican State reporting unbiased news that seems a little strange. 
While the watch-dog for the Public may be concerned with an actual authority to report Obama's fraud and forgery presented to the public out of the White House Press Room, his fabricated selective service card, his total non-transparency on college transcripts and registration profile we assume based on his foreign student gifts from the U.S., his law licence being stripped based on his failure to report going under any other name, and his social security card number not even passing e-verify, (also a big problem for other illegals using forged birth certificates, we have to wonder why exactly the law requires any age restriction on a drivers licence, or entry into a bar, for all must similarly be dismissed to allow the same rules Obama is playing by under the Constitution), ultimately a simple report to the The People, might be a place to start.

Popular Stories

As we assume frankly the Ogden Standard Examiner is remiss to report anything remotely 'national' that doesn't come from Washington DC, we simply can think of no better excoriation than to public transfer this report to every possible colleague of Mr. Pomerleau, as the definitive definition of a lame reporter using his own rant's to define the public news.
While it might be an easier story to sell of a disgruntled political loser whose crying because the media won't report a case in the United States Supreme Court against the occupant of the White House, ... wait a minute... disgruntled political losers don't get to the United States Supreme Court. Call up any attorney and ask them what it cost to take a case from ground zero to the United States Supreme Court, then do a detailed analysis of every republican candidate's expenses from the time they entered the presidential race to the time they ended it. 
Now consider the time necessary to create some 180 Commercials and a 500 page blog that you don't get paid for, all while maintaining your bills and you might come up with a simple dedication to the public trust, our Country and Constitution, that has motivated Cody Robert Judy. If that kind of dedication, tenaciousness, and courage against all odds is simply deserving of no more than a dismissive rant, it seems the real friends to the Country and the Constitution must be parked in some unreported battle giving their life's in a raging war also. God forbid that's your son or daughter.
Mr. Judy said, " You know I myself did not expect to still be in the Presidential Race in September of 2012 when we entered a week before Republican Gov. Rick Perry which I believe was Aug 13,2011. Its been an unbelievable test of grit working through the Courts on this very important issue of Obama's eligibility. The whole State of Kansas is seriously considering taking Obama off the ballot, it just seems the general population is just catching on but we started this defensive fight the first round in the New Hampshire Primary and then worked into Georgia both states going to the Supreme Courts. Ultimately we do believe the U.S. Constitution is the hallmark of the United States Supreme Court it just takes time to get there, but we did it and did so before the general election. I'm so unbelievably proud of every person and contributor that helped us get here. It wasn't done with big PACs or corporations, this is politics at the Mom and Pop stage and I can think of no better claim or compliment for America in general."
Charlie- We'd like to report three things to you 1) Your fired. 2) This blog has sold over 50,000 newspapers , , not bad for a city like Ogden, Utah. 3) of course we've reported it to far more.  We look forward to Washington DC reporting the news to you after Sept. 24th, 2012, at which time you'll look even more ridiculous then you already do for not informing the General Public of the story handed to you. . Of course, that's a bet we know your willing to take and its one we've put far more time and money in than you, so you shouldn't have to worry about your losses?
While we're no fan of Mitt Romney and have highlighted his lack of courage for the eligibility issue we consider to be a national security issue and a direct link to our slagged economy, with friends like this we don't think Mitt Romney needs enemies.
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
Staff Report

 Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2012 20:01:39 -0600
Subject: Re: The Dark Days of America's Scammers in Presidential Politics

 Please unsubscribe me from your rants. I don't care to receive your material.
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Is Barack Obama
a Marxist Ideologue?
Your laziness and your stupidity, it they indeed exist, are the #1 weapons in the arsenal of Barack Obama . . . so please, please don't sell yourself, our nation and your own industry and curiosity short . . . go the distance for America.
Actually that title (Is Barack Obama a Marxist Ideologue?) is rather inane, the truth is obvious. The short answer is “Definitely, YES!” as will be proved, in the following paragraphs. The real question for some might then become, will he harm our country? The short answer is “Definitely, YES! And not only that, his already-concluded betrayals since 1995 are worthy not only of impeachment but of a treason conviction and he’s deliberately betrayed us every day since he swore to ‘preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States’ by doing everything humanly possible to undermine this country!” as will soon be revealed beginning with the third paragraph below. And then, friends, it gets worse, so let's get to this nastiness . . . .
Probably the most troubling moment in the recent presidential debates, was when the moderator prefaced his question to Candidate Obama with “It’s been repeatedly shown that every time the tax rate on the highest earners is raised much above 28%, that a recession occurs, given that, will you insist upon raising those taxes as you’ve consistently said up to this point?” Our president did not blink an eye in saying, “Charlie (Rose), I just believe we need to be fair.”
That was telling, a dramatically telling exchange, to Ol’ Rajjpuut, . . . the president of the United States would rather we all suffer in economic misery just so he could punish those “evil richies,” than to do the best thing for the entire nation. In common jargon he prefers to cut off his nose to spite his face. That is, Barack Obama is content to be a one-term president in order to push his Marxist ideology (proved below) to the extreme of wrecking the greatest capitalist nation the world has ever known. Recently 55% of Americans have said in a liberal think-tank poll that “socialist” is the right adjective to describe Barack Obama . . . unfortunately, it’s taken three and a half years for them to discover this inaccuracy. Rajjpuut has read “Dreams from My Father” while most Americans have not. Rajjpuut has read the following essay by Barak (no ‘c’) Hussein Obama, Sr., the father of our president which discusses "100% taxes" while most Americans have not . . .
It’s amazing what the dreams of his father actually are . . . oh, but you haven’t bothered to research it and read it, have you? Rajjpuut has also done tons of research that led him to write this blog about a week ago:
which shows that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is not only a Marxist ideologue but that he has been involved in deliberately sabotaging the United States with Cloward-Piven tactics and strategy for at least fifteen years.
The provocative and frequently prescient Cook Political Report
recently described Cook’s surprise in hearing early last summer “from a Democratic congressional leadership staffer who had sat in on a number of closed-door meetings between President Obama and Democratic members of Congress" who told Charlie Cook something shocking,
‘I know this isn't true and sounds naïve, but listening to the president
in these meetings, you'd think he really doesn't care if he gets re-elected or not.’ . . .
Cook goes on, "Most recently, I thought of (those words) following the president's decision to weigh in on the proposal to build a Muslim mosque and cultural center in lower Manhattan, not far from Ground Zero . . . . If I were a Democratic candidate on the ballot this year, I suspect I would be livid. Predictably, conservatives and Republicans are having a field day with the issue. No doubt, if the shoe were on the other foot, Democrats would be making hay while Republicans would be seeking a place to hide . . . . At the risk of sounding like an unlicensed psychoanalyst, it seems that President Obama is so supremely self-confident, so self-assured of the righteousness of his positions, that perhaps he believes if he does what he thinks is best and lets the chips fall where they may, everything will eventually work out. And, if it doesn't, well, he'll still think he did the right thing anyway.”
Rajjpuut, believes that both Charlie Cook and the Democratic congressman who told that story to Charlie Cook, are unfortunately, giving Barack Obama too much credit for patriotism and statesmanship. That story alone would cement the “ideologue” label on BHO, but we’ve already seen that there’s more than enough of that glue going round . . . . The fact is that Barack Obama is sacrificing the United States for the greater good . . . the greater good according to the Marxist theory of dialectic materialism**. His every action since 1995 has aligned with exactly that philosophy. It ties together nicely as if with a bright red bow with a hammer and sickle, but you've got to be willing to actually learn and then think about what you learned, and Barack Obama is banking upon Americans being too stupid . . . . The BIG LIE of Barack Obama has been expressed in many forms akin to “Blame it on Bush,” but is most infamously revealed to us as the “car in the ditch” story that he has told fondly on at least thirty different occasions now. The metaphor sounds valid, to those who refuse to go beyond the surface:
A car (the economy) has been driven into the ditch (severe recession) by the Conservatives, the Republicans, Wall Street and whatever other greedy capitalists you wish to finger. Now as the brave work of Obama and his administration has almost got the car out of the ditch, (he says) there stand the Republicans asking for the keys to the car again. Obama says, defiantly, “No, you can’t have the keys back, you put it into the ditch and you don’t know how to drive.”
Only one problem, the fable is not only a lie, but a BIG LIE (a well-known and effective propaganda trick) and Mr. Obama is well aware that it’s a lie. The BIG TRUTH^^ is:
Barack Obama, ACORN, and a myriad of progressive politicians have been DELIBERATELY pushing the car toward a 500-foot cliff. George W. Bush hops in, grabs the steering wheel and slams on the brakes to create a controlled skid that lands the car in the nearest friendly-looking ditch.
Is that possible? Does it even make sense? Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner admitted as much two weeks ago when he said that George Bush’s actions (in 2007) prevented a much deeper recession and prevented a complete collapse of prices in the housing market. The full truth of the matter backing up the Big Truth story about Obama, ACORN and the Cliff can be found in item #7 at this link:
The BIGGER TRUTH, however, is that Americans are too willing to believe lies, because they’re too lazy to question popular-sounding notions from progressive (and other ) politicians as the rest of the blog linked immediately above proves. We got the recession we deserved, because it was deliberately created by the politicians we elected, politicians we deserved because we’re too lazy to deserve the country our founding fathers gave us.
All that being said, the real question is with defeat for his party looming presumably despite ballot box chicanery set in motion by ACORN long ago, what is Barack Obama, not willing to do to screw this country. Might he eventually institute martial law and attempt to rule the country as a dictator? “Definitely YES!**”
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
** Yes, this is what we're being sacrificed for. Some here would split hairs and say, "Not Marx, Hegel." Dialectical materialism is essentially characterized by the thesis that virtually all history is the product of class struggles and follows from a collision of cultures of haves and have-nots both inside and outside a given society. And, of course, the eventual collapse of capitalism is the long-awaited most-glorious-day when socialism takes over, to itself be replaced eventually by a most-perfect socialism (communism) as we all live together harmoniously in Utopia. Did you know that Communist regimes killed 120 million of their own people during the last 90 years? It's called democide, a word that had to be invented just for them.
^^ For the even bigger truth consider this, the UNfunded liabilities of the nation now stand near $115 TRillion. That means in the 75 years since Social Security was passed; and in the 45 years since Medicare and Medicaid were passed, the progressive elements of the congress (and usually even so-called moderates) have been deliberately breaking the law by refusing to fund these three entitlement programs. By the way, besides the federal side of Medicaid, new legislation will presumably bankrupt all of the states between 2018 and 2024 as they face a huge new state burden from Medicaid (as part of Obamacare). And . . . yes, there's always more . . . and the obligations for all the welfare programs in the future are not included in anything discussed so far.

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Author: Brian D. Hill; Help from TheWryEye one of our Authors

Source: USWGOAlternative News

The documents I have been sent detail that the organization RAP (Restore America plan) is sending a criminal complaint against QueenElizabeth of Britain aka the Crown of Britain because while BP doesn'tcare about the Oil Spill mess and the United States Government(Corporate America) is doing hardly anything to deal with the Oil Spillthe American people wants accountability for the Oil Spill so one ofthe guardian elders 'Charlie Miller' of RAP is going after the BritishGovernment as well to hold them responsible since they take many taxdollars out of the investors of BP.

So what is the purpose of this well it is to bring attention to the Gulf Oil Spill to hopefullyenable money to be set aside and finally end the dreadful Oil Spill.

Since the Oil Spill has hurt precious sea life, hurt thousands to hundreds of thousands of fishermen, effecting Mexican waters, and doingmore damage then any other Oil Spill in the history of Oil Spills it iseffecting Maritime Law which means BP has violated Maritime Law.

So the whole point of the maritime faxes is that since the oil spill wasat sea there has been evidence that a International Maritime Law hasbeen broken and somebody has to be held accountable for the oil spilland the cleanup. Yes this brings pressure to bear on some veryimportant parties and will force the right people to wake up and takenotice that their are people that know how to take them to task. Forthem not to listen could freeze many important funds and assets. Sothey have to pay attention now.

The Maritime faxes are attached here: TheFAX Queensigned.pdf, FaxcoversOnly 6-14-10NN.pdf, EmailGroup Contacts.doc,BP NOTICE TO THE CROWN.TIF

Here are some screenshots of the faxes:



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