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Hillary Lucks Out Again

Well, the suspense is over.

Today, FBI Director Comey announced that he will not recommend criminal charges, observing only that Hillary was "extremely careless" with her handling of classified email, and alluding to a potential misdemeanor offense if the Justice Department is willing to go that route.

th?id=OIP.M8fefb31e563040329858ad8d4006610eo2&pid=15.1I'm sure she and her hubby are deliriously relieved and happy, as are her flipper-flapping loyalists. Let the Clinton camp's insufferable faux indignation and shameless spinning begin. Wretch...

Despite Mr. Comey's reputation as a straight-shooter and above the political fray, his description of her handling of classified material as "extremely careless", aka grossly negligent,  should offer us no solace. In fact, it is a perfect bumper sticker for those of us who are justifiably opposed to a Hillary presidency. The terrible truth is "extremely careless" and grossly negligent pretty much sum up what Hillary is all about--from Emailgate, to Benghazigate, to Whitewater, etc. etc. etc.

The bigger question for me is what of the many Americans currently serving time for doing exactly what Hillary has done, i.e. carelessly handling classified and official emails? Let's face it, folks, she got off light--and WE ALL KNOW IT. That said, there is a silver lining:  this poses an opportunity for those imprisoned for having committed similar offenses to appeal their convictions. 

In any event, we'd best get used to a system that, in the end, favors the well-connected and powerful. You and I would be in jail with some of our fellow citizens, or at the very least, we would have been officially reprimanded and probably fired from our job. Regardless of one's political stripes, no reasonable and civic-minded American can deny that scenario with a straight face.

Lingering, of course, is the scandal-riddled Clinton Foundation. And how that plays out in the judicial system and the court of political opinion is anyone's guess.

One things for certain, folks: when it comes to scandal, skirting the law and routine lying, the Clinton underworld is always a target rich environment, which begs the question, are thoughtful, civic-minded Americans willing to tolerate four more years of the Clinton Mafia?  
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Is Phil Robertson being accused falsely of Racism? – photo credit A&E

Is Phil Robertson being accused falsely of Racism? – photo credit A&E

There is a literal firestorm building and the supporters of Duck Dynasty and the beleaguered reality show star Phil Robertson are refusing to bend to new charges of racism.  So should he stay or should he go now that the PC police have tried to hang the charge of racism around the neck of the head of the Duck Dynasty popular show?

New supposed revelations are circulating in the mainstream media and amongst fellow travelers in the gay community that they have latched onto other comments from Robertson’s GQ interview and condemned him for now showing dark racist intentions in his heart.

Robertson is quite open about his upbringing in the southern culture of the pre-civil rights era that birthed him.  He is quoted as saying, “I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person. Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash,” said the Wire.

That was the beginning of a statement which any person using commonsense should understand without having to go through years of civil rights study and history.  The Duck Dynasty leader of his family was not making a statement of fact about the mistreatment of blacks during that era of racism and disenfranchisement.  He was stating a fact based upon his own perspective and his reality.

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“If all you have is a hammer, the whole world starts to look like a nail. If all you have is ‘race-card guilt' from the era of slavery in the south, you spend an awful lot of time making senseless and false accusations of racism.” Rajjpuut

Pelosi’s “Swamp-Draining”

Has Racist Motives According to CBC

As Congress returns from break, in a refreshing change of pace America has learned that Black claims of racism can be aimed at liberal-Democrats too. Nevertheless, many Democrats are still blaming their present intramural infighting on GASP! the evil TEA Party and Republicans and other Conservatives, go figure . . . Anyway, accordingly the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), which has been condemning the enforcement of ethics rules as racist since Charlie Rangel was caught with all thirteen hands in thirteen different cookie jars, is now painting the Democratic Party which controls the ethics committee and all of the committees in both the House and Senate as unfriendly folks with a rope and, say, is that a burning cross in the background? Since the Democrats run the House, Black voters who hear the word “lynching” presumably have figured out that the lynchers in this instance are Democrats and the lynchees . . . well, hell, the lynchees are always Democrats.

As Maxine Waters, like Rangel squeals like an incensed pork-barreller and conflicter of interest, the CBC has stated that these trials “look like more than just coincidence”(implying that racism must be behind any and all investigation of any and all members of the Congressional Black Caucus) . . . interesting, no, Rajjpuut suggests that trials are not about appearances but rather about substance as Nancy Pelosi seeks to run the most ethical congress in history (Wake up, Nancy, you lost that battle about fifteen months ago!).

This is the first time in his personal history that Rajjpuut actually feels that Nancy Pelosi is on the right side of any issue. You see, Waters and Rangel both independently chose to “refer their cases” to the Ethics Committee. So had did this pretty little situation arise? The facts revealed so far suggest that both Waters and Rangel overstepped Congressional Ethics badly. Then rather than taking care of the issues in question directly and possibly receiving a meaningless Congressional “censure” both of them played the reverse racism card on Pelosi and are getting burned for it. They apparently took a chance that Pelosi would not risk the spectacle of the Democratic Party taking Black congressmen to trial. How’s that working out for you, Chuck? Maxie?

If all you have is a hammer, the whole world starts to look like a nail. If all you have is ‘race-card guilt' from the era of slavery in the south, you spend an awful lot of time making senseless and false accusations of racism. The embarrassment that the Congressional Black Caucus must be feeling now is palpable. Instead of a slap on the wrist, two of its most important members in their two most important states New York and California will now face a full and nationally-televised trial to rebut the charges against them. And, if found guilty as it appears they must be, loss of their seats is quite likely, possibly even imprisonment.

But, of course, some Dems are actually blaming the TEA Party for this bickering between Democrats. Jim Clyburn the House Whip and a Democratic Representative from South Carolina said that both Waters and Rangel have rights to a trial but said the real problem was not the ethics issues, but rather that TEA Party people “are making this a racial thing!” WOW! There has NOT been one peep out of anybody except Waters, Clyburn, Rangel and the CBC about race at all . . . oh, by the way, Clyburn is a Black and a member of the CBC, yet Clyburn insists that “Those TEA baggers never hesitate to racialize everything.” The TEA Party doesn’t control the House; Conservatives don’t control the House; Republicans + TEA Party members don’t control the house, the Democrats do.

Waters, facing only one conflict of interest charge but a very serious one, is just as adamant that the charges against her are racially-based. The Ethics Committee was compared to a “lynching,” not by the TEA Party but by the CBC, Rangel and Waters. Rangel in particular in this three-year long scandal surrounding him has continually blamed “anti-Black bias” and “anti-Black scrutiny” for his many troubles. Chaka Fattah, a Dem from Pennsylvania and member of the CBC called the investigations into Rangel and Waters “witch hunting” and said that “the Ethics Committee is going after us” presumably meaning attacking members of the CBC because those evil Ethics Committee Members are all racists and presumably closet TEA Partiers? It’s all so very confusing, you won’t be able to identify the racists without a scorecard. Rajjpuut believes somebody is getting hoisted with their own petard and goosed by their own gander . . . .

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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