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Barakbanking Plans Reincarnation of 51 New ACORN Clones
and Take Over of 9% More of the Nation’s Economy

Just when you thought you were safe from ACORN attack, Barak Obama has decided his Marxist agenda needs advancing and another segment of the U.S. economy must be “transformed,” ‘er, we mean swallowed up and taken over and oh while the great man is working . . . let’s start refunding all those new ACORN clones with unending government grants. The scenario is virtually the same as that which unfolded during the Obamacare fiasco . . . with one important difference the Republicans own one more vote in the senate: the seat won by Scott Brown in Massachusetts against all odds. The house of representatives has already passed Barak’s CFPB bill (that’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau a.k.a. "Barakbanking").

This time the Barakbanking bill is only 1,336 pages long and plots, while taking over almost 10% more of the the economy by the government, to re-establish funding and re-invigorate the 51 ex-ACORN branches that have all changed their names to protect the guilty. By funnelling huge financial grants to radical activist groups like the notorious ex-ACORNs, the bill amounts to a theft of hundreds of billions of our dollars to help Barak consolidate and perpetuate his power over the nations’ citizens. ACORN, you’ll remember was where Obama worked as an attorney forcing banks and lending institutions to make knowingly horrendous loans that created our sub-prime lending crisis. What’s good for ACORN and Obama is bad for the country and this bill is definitely NO EXCEPTION!

The new immense federal bureaucracy or CFPB will be thrown an enormous budget and will have virtually no limits to its power over ALL our financial dealings and organizations. It will be housed with the Federal Reserve but the FED will have zero power, not one iota of authority over its operations. The CFPB will have no authority but itself to be accountable to as it wields its immense power. The icing on the cake, of course, for Obama is the “Office of Fair Lending and Equal Opportunity (OFLEO) which will be dedicated to working with community groups including all 51 of the ACORN clones most of have forgotten about and other radical organizations advancing their extreme agendas across every community in America by creating an unaccountable slush fund to finance their operations open and covert. These are the same community groups that lobbied for the CRA ’77 under Jimmy Carter (Community Reinvestment Act); then the addition in 1992 of Fannie and Freddy in ’92 forcing the government’s own lenders to be part of the atrocity when the Democrats again owned both houses; and finally the ’98 expansion of the CRA (under Clinton but helped out by about five Republican progressives as well) which put the whole sub-prime disaster on steroids. Americans, not knowing or understanding recent economic history are poised to repeat it . . . .

Most Americans, it seems are just too busy playing with electronic gadgets and watching sitcoms to pay attention to what the progressive element of the Democratic and Republican Parties have bequeathed us. Virtually none know who Saul Alinsky is, or have read his “Rules for Radicals.” Even fewer have ever heard of Richard Cloward and Frances Piven and know about their taking Alinsky’s ideas to their logical extreme. The two radical Columbia University political science professors published their Cloward-Piven Strategy in 1966. The C-P Strategy obstensibly was designed to “force the Democrats to create a national guaranteed income” but the real purpose as acknowledged by its creators was to create a crisis that would virtually overnight, they felt, move the country into socialism. Fewer yet know that the radical National Welfare Rights Organization was created by Cloward, Piven and Black-militant George Wiley to implement C-P Strategy on the Big Apple.

The trio’s plan worked like a charm as they tripled the number of New York City welfare recipients and doubled the number of New York state recipients (by browbeating and “street-drama” within welfare offices) within four years. The city was forced into bankruptcy by 1975 and the state of New York itself was on the verge of bankruptcy. That process took them roughly seven and one-half years but did NOT bring about the momentous shift to total socialism they’d wanted. Nevertheless the trio bragged in print about their “great deed.” ACORN used the three poorly-conceived mortgage-guarantee laws to expand its power and warchest and to virtually bankrupt the company and the nation is still right today pretty much oblivious to those facts or that one of ACORN’s best shake-down artists, attorney Barak Obama arose into power virtually overnight on the wings of the ACORN-caused financial debacle. Today, ACORN has gone underground after federal defunding and widespread problems with voter-registration fraud . . . but only the name has changed. The leadership and the Marxist purpose continue unchanged. The organization uses the poor as storm trooper to bring our country closer to ruin and their beloved Marxism every day. And you, you wonderful couch potato are helping them make it all happen!

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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