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Jack Cashill voices the pain of those of us who are doing the journalistic work we once thought was the sole responsibility of CBS’s 60 Minutes.  You can catch his appearance on CSPAN2 by clicking here.  I identify with Cashill. In his newest book, he indicates it is not so easy to balance his efforts to save Western civilization with his concurrent responsibilities for bagging leaves in time for the city leaf collectors. In my case, I have sought to expose President Barack Obama’s intellectual roots as a revolutionary Marxist while addressing my nagging doubts about the necessity of rinsing dishes prior to racking them up in the dishwasher. If you understand that neither Cashill or me are kidding about our lives, then you will be thrilled by the tone and fresh insight in Deconstructing Obama: The Life, Loves, and Letters of America's First Postmodern President.

As an eye witness to young Obama’s Marxist ideology, I was excited to see Cashill busting up the myths surrounding Obama and replacing them with a simpler, easier to believe story that is a much better fit with accessible, on-line evidence. Cashill’s results are politically significant because President Obama's charisma is dependent on the images Obama created about his early life in his first book, Dreams from My Father. Cashill’s new insights about the real Obama should be particularly relevant to the sort of swing voters who tell survey researchers that they do not care for Obama’s results even thought they still like Obama as a person. After reading Cashill’s book, I suspect these swing voters will be disappointed by the titanic gap between Obama’s all-American myth and the cold facts of his real life.

One of the coldest facts is that there are now nude photos on the Internet of a woman who looks exactly like Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. This news was so unpleasant to me that I was nervous about checking up on Cashill’s report by searching for these photos through Google. (To my relief, the samples I found are clear enough to show the girl’s face, but cropped tight enough that I did not feel I violated any laws.) Along with Cashill, I see these photos as evidence of a much larger pattern of unfortunate mistakes made by the young Ms. Dunham. These photos are politically significant because they offer a convenient segue into a larger discussion of an unwholesome side of the young Obama story - the odd, deviant, dysfunctional world of Frank Marshall Davis. Davis, as readers may know, was a member of the Communist party and also handy in the craft of producing pornographic literature and photography.

Cashill reframes the Obama story by pointing out that Frank Marshall Davis and his friend Paul Robeson were Stalinist Communists, a political label which is shocking to most Americans and yet useful to me in understanding the roots of the Marxist ideology and earnest revolutionary fervor I observed in the young Barack Obama while he was a sophomore at Occidental College in 1980-1981.

Cashill adds to the sheer seediness of the world surrounding little Obama plenty of new evidence that infant Obama had no conscious contact with his birth father. This unpleasant reality is an abrupt challenge to Obama’s claim, in Dreams, that his father left him and his mother behind in Hawaii after two years of dutiful fatherhood. Here, Cashill leverages the outstanding reporting done by one of our nation’s most intelligent and charming citizen journalists - Michael Patrick Leahy. Leahy interviewed a few of Stanley Anne Dunham’s childhood friends and reported the results in his book, What Does Barack Obama Believe? Leahy’s research shows Anne Dunham took infant Obama with her to Seattle, Washington in the summer of 1961 and did not return with her baby to Hawaii until Obama, Sr. was long gone from the island. Leahy, in my view, has been doing the hard work I assumed New York Times reporters should have been doing including interviewing members of the extended Dunham family, sharing freely available information from the Internet, and combing over public records to determine the precise details of Barack Obama's birth and early childhood.

Even as somebody who met young Obama in the early 1980s, I'm was still startled by Cashill’s most controversial argument – the theory that Bill Ayers was the ghost author of Dreams from My Father. Cashill’s thesis was supported, of course, by the independent reporting of a liberal author, Christopher Andersen. Andersen unwisely confirmed Ayers’ participation in creating Dreams in an otherwise flattering book called Barack and Michelle: Portrait of An American Marriage (2010). The weight of Cashill’s argument, however, rests on his careful textual analysis of the striking similarities between the language used in Dreams and the language used in Ayers’ own writing. Here, I’m most convinced by Cashill’s description of how Obama correctly applies nautical images to his life story. The accuracy of the nautical language in Dreams strikes me as much more consistent with Ayer’s experience as a merchant marine than with Obama’s experience as a community organizer.

I would like to add more details that support the idea that Ayers was a major player in drafting Dreams from My Father. The young Barack Obama I knew, for example, displayed absolutely no hostility to white people. He appeared to be culturally and emotionally white. The young Barack Obama I knew was not particularly close to the African-American students at Oxy either, but was - instead - deeply involved in the lives and political activities of the most radical foreign and Muslim students. The young Barack Obama I knew would have been excited to meet Bill Ayers, would have been comfortable with Ayers’ anti-American hostility, and would have been more than capable of persuading the jaded ex-terrorist that he was a sincere believer in the necessity of a socialist transformation of the U.S.

My only difference with Cashill is that I’m not impressed with the quality of Dreams from My Father.

This is true even after Cashill’s book single-handedly improved my taste as a consumer of contemporary literature. My reading of Dreams did not leave me with any useful paradigm shifts, any evidence of encyclopedic knowledge or any immediately relevant information. I think it is more accurate to assert that President Clinton’s book, My Life, articulates the insights and raw memory capacity of a true genius. In comparison to My Life, I found Dreams dull and boring - except for the parts tangentially related to my own intellectual development or linked to my nearly insignificant participation in what Obama reports were the pivotal, life-changing moments of his sophomore year at Occidental College.

Aside from this relatively minor disagreement regarding the quality of Dreams, I whole-heartedly agree with Cashill’s take on the challenge of confronting Obama’s charismatic power: The alarming sense that media elites greet one’s modest, factual, painfully obvious news tips with an astonishing lack of appropriate attention. I have come to believe there is something broken in American journalism. I would think a healthy, well-functioning democracy would include mainstream media outlets that would snap open the delightful fortune cookies Cashill has set out for them. For now, my confidence for winning our future rests in the outspoken courage of Jack Cashill, a writer who is willing to go to extreme lengths – short of leaving his home surrounded by leaves - to make sure that his fellow citizens learn the truth about President Obama.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

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Bill Ayers, Ghostwriter for

Obama’s ‘Dreams from My Father,’

Still Angry with Obama and MSM

Well over a year ago the long-suspected fact that Bill^^ Ayers, the Weather Underground bomb planter, edited; and also wrote great portions of Obama’s first autobiography, “Dreams from My Father,” was made official in a book by Christopher Anderson, “Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage.” It was also revealed at that time that Bill Ayers was angry with Obama for not forwarding his share of the royalties and not acknowledging his efforts; and ultra-angry with the mainstream media (MSM) for not giving him coverage for his “well-deserved” anger.

The same Obama-praising and Obama-protecting media which has long refused to cover stories harmful to the president or his administration has, a year later, still not covered the tiff between Ayers and Obama; not reported on Ayers’ authorship of the book; barely covered the existence of the book at all; and certainly not vetted the book which strongly hints at Barak (no ‘c’) Hussein Obama, Sr.’s (his father’s) vehement communism and how it got him thrown out of Kenya’s socialistic government as a radical. Naturally they MSM has not hinted that in the matter of “Dreams from My Father,” the Dreams from our president’s father clearly included 100% taxation, confiscation of foreign businesses by Kenya, confiscation of private property, redistribution of wealth from Kenya’s White and Asian populace to their Blacks, frced governmental control of key businesses, etc., etc., ad nauseum . . . .

Anderson confirmed the fact that Ayers gave Obama “considerable help” in writing; and actually edited “Dreams from My Father.” “Michelle asked Ayers, a family friend, to help Barack with the book after first telling Barack he needed to get Ayers’ help,” according to Anderson’s best-seller. The close relationship between Ayers and Barack came up in several places in the book which also revealed a few times when Barack’s ambition seemed on the verge of destroying the marriage; how Michelle decided it must be Sotomayor nominated for the Supreme Court; Michelle’s extreme jealousy related to a female campaign worker; and that with deadline looming, Ayers received a bit of “finished writing” a huge compilation of notes and tape recorded material and taped interviews of African relatives, and several sections of partial manuscript . . . in short a mess . . . which he than rather expertly turned into the President’s first autobiography.

Anderson, who’s written books on the Bush Family, the Kennedy’s and other polical notables said that Obama took his wife’s advice and got Ayers’ help “. . . they were friends and had worked on various projects together, it was no secret.”

Ayers, who helped in the first effort at bombing a statue in Chicago (for the purpose of “inflicting police casulties”) has, after a long initial silence on the matter told several media people, “Yes, I wrote “Dreams from My Father, I ghostwrote the the whole thing. I met with (Obama) three or four times and then I wrote the entire book. And now I would like the royalties.” That complaint is still heard from Ayers today and still ignored by the MSM.

Anderson in his book said, “in the end Ayers’ contribution . . . would be significant . . . so much that the book’s language, oddly specific references, literary devices and themes would bear a jarring similarity to Ayers’ own writing.” Certainly the subtle but never absent connection to Barak Obama, Sr.’s love of communism which cost him his cushy job in the Kenyan bureaucracy “because he could not keep his mouth shut” according to Barak, Jr.’s half sister . . . is a constant Ayers’ theme.

While his own communistic leanings continue today, Ayers’ who co-authored the book “Prairie Fire” in 1973 (dedicated to over 200 persons from the great Harriet Tubman; convicted Robert Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan; “and all political prisoners in the United States”) with several other members of the Weather Underground and wrote and published “Fugitive Days: a Memoir,” has a distinctive style that is little changed over the three decades since his first book. However, the two books strike completely different tones: the first book defiant; the latter one more thoughtful and even apologetic when describing his days with the “Greenwich Village Bomb-makers.”

Columnist Cashill on the American Thinker website complained about the liberal mainstream media’s desire to shield Barak Obama from all suggestion of problem activities and acquaintanceships. Americans, for example, got a five-minute story on the disgrace and resignation of Obama's "Green Jobs Czar" communist Van Jones where something similar in the Bush Administration would have surely garnered two or even three weeks worth of coverage. Cashill said, "There is no more stunning example of this than the reporting on Christopher Andersen's new best seller. Every major news outlet in the English-speaking world felt compelled to review the book," Cashill wrote, "Yet not a single reviewer, as far as I could tell, dared mention the book's most newsworthy revelation, namely that Bill Ayers substantially aided Barack Obama in the writing of his 1995 memoir, 'Dreams From My Father.'"

Only one oblique media reference mentioned Ayers’ part in creating the book, noting that a conservative blog connected Ayers to Obama’s first book and their Hyde Park (Chicago) friendship contained video of Ayers’ admission, but that “Ayers was joking, of course” without explaining how they had established Ayers’ frame of mind and lack of sincerity. As far as the “conservative blog” in question by Anne Leary in the Backyard Conservative website describing her interview with Ayers the blog was mentioned and discredited (and that was that) without any evidence for doing so by all the liberal media.

So, Weatherman Underground bomber Bill Ayers wrote Barak Obama’s first book and is angry that he’s not received his royalties; and with the liberal MSM who won’t give him coverage to express his ire . . . it’s enough to make any radical furious.

Every time, it seems, Obama has sought to distance himself from someone like Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones, and Bill Ayers (on several occasions) and other unsavory types the media has obligingly dropped the matter immediately . . . apparently only patriotic conservatives need to be “followed up on” by the newshounds and extreme leftist presidents are presumed innocent forever. So much for the integrity of the American MSM and the once great "fourth estate."

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


^^ Today, by the way, the NY Times ran an extraordinarily sympathetic article on PFC Bradley Manning and the torments of his growing up “a geek” and gay to boot. Too bad that won’t stop any of the U.S. Military or Afghan deaths caused byManning’s willful leaking of 160,000 secret and top secret documents. Rajjpuut remembers a similar compassionate NY Times article on Bill Ayers that even showed understanding for Ayers’ bomb-planting . . . it ran on the morning of September 11, 2001 --- OOOOPS!

** dare we use the phrase “JournOList”???

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