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As Technology Advances…Culture Declines

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

tech-1.jpg?width=178I have said for years, that no single election, nor a single president can right what is wrong with our country, and I stand by that assessment.

The reason I have said it, and the reason I believe it, is because the situation in which we find ourselves has not occurred over night. It’s taken decades to arrive at the brink of the abyss and it will likewise take decades to turn the ship around and have it sailing in calm waters.

Over the years, I have outlined several key reasons regarding our slow, steady spiral into turmoil, which of course includes the liberal/socialist agenda, the entitlement mentality of the last couple of generations and, of course, a detached from the intent of the Founders and Framers populous who only seem to think the time to get involved is when an election cycle rolls around.

But there is more to it than that.


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Wireless cars to cause grief

Wireless cars are in our very near future. Wireless cars will be able to invade your privacy.  As a women I feel that they are a threat to my safety.  Wireless cars can give access to where you are going, your speed and other private information to other cars.  Wireless cars we make us susceptible to abduction and harrassment. This is a very real serious concern for women and children. We need to make congress aware that wireless cars are a security threat.  

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Panel OKs Drug Testing of Oklahoma Welfare Recipients (a good beginning?)TODAY ARTICLE

…The bill requires those receivingTemporary Benefits for Needy Families, TANF, to pay for a drug test and then be reimbursed if they test negative. Under the bill, children whose parents fail a test could receive benefits through a designated appointee. (partial article)from Hugo,Ok newspaper

PLUS…Green Cars ….Just where do the idiots think the EXTRA Electricity comes from?! Coal fired and Nuclear POWER Plants!….Aternative Power is still just ”Wind” & sunny TALK…..

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Made In The USA !

Our greatest loss is our inability to maintain our economic status as a leader in industry. I'm 44 years old and durring my life time I have witnessed the decline of one of the greatest attributes of our nation 'Made In The USA'. It is clear to me that this needs to be re-established. Across the board the U.S. has lost its leadership in the global market; We no longer wear our own clothes or drive our own cars
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