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Pink Slip, what a bunch of Crap!

I been on here for a few months now and after a while, this is all a bunch of crap. Hey Beck, sit down with me on TV so I can tell the real truth, cause you do not. I dare any of you jack assess to sit with me while American watches. Pink slips, Donations, buying t-shirts, you people are making no difference, but making someone wealthy who really dosn't have much to really say, just talk about problems. Freedom is free and you do not sell crap to get it and I will not pay to have it. You are all free men, if you think making donations or being part of some Mickey mouse club will give you want you want, let me know how that is working out for you, because a year from now, you will all be talking about the same crap and even worse, it will be worse.

"The Declaration of Independence" states that when your Government is no longer in the best interest of it's people, it is the right of the people to abolish them and re institute a new one. That means stop talking and do something, it means be Patriots you morons.

Your Government is coming! Your Government is coming! I don't have to be on a horse to know that.

hoosierboy43@yahoo.com You want to be real Patriots and honor and fight for your rights, give me a shout, otherwise, let me know how deeper the shit your in is getting and remember, just talk, no action, just talk.

Action is real results, talk is just that, Talk! I forgot, who is listening to you! no one right now, get a clue about what is real and what is just crap. Donald Duck is on face book, want to join or maybe you can help Mini with farm-ville...lol people really are out of touch.

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