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Take the Buffet Rule & Shove it

Warren Buffet a Hypocrite

Owes Back Taxes since early 2000





No "Pitty Party" for this Chick

Actually According to Obama – Debbie Isn’t paying her fair Share  (That is if she’s really paying 35 % she must be making about ¼ to ½ million yearly. 


Debbie Bosanek - Buffet's Lowly Secretary

He is a hypocrite who professes what he does not believe; not he who does not practice all he wishes or approves.  William Hazlitt

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Why does BO not tell "we the people" the facts and post the actual dollar amount of Taxes paid by the Millionaires & Billionaires. There is not enough room on this post for all the zeros; so you will have to do the math. Very easy to find the amounts with a search. "Who Pays the most US Taxes". Buffet says "he pays less taxes than his secretary." OK Mr. Buffet why don't you give your empoyees a much needed RAISE? #game over!


According to the Office of Tax Analysis, the U.S. individual income tax is "highly progressive," with a small group of higher-income taxpayers paying most of the individual income taxes each year.

  • In 2002 the latest year of available data, the top 5 percent of taxpayers paid more than one-half (53.8 percent) of all individual income taxes, but reported roughly one-third (30.6 percent) of income.
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