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Hi Y'all;

I've searched and Googled this item of Unbound Delegates, both US Constitution, its accompanying Amendments, and elsewhere, towit: It is not to be found- "Unbound Delegates". The only place where anything at all is written is within the RNC Rules, where they flagrantly boast "For the mere buy-in of $5,000.00 or more, one may so purchase their own Delegacy Stand, and at that, to swoop, halt, harass, or even stop any particular candidate as per is found against the ways, means, values, and thinking of the RNC" (PARAPHRASED TERRIBLY, yet to the point).

I.E.- It's what WASN'T found, that really troubles me. For I firmly believe in the US Constitution, Amendments, or adjudicated Law and/or its Statutes (revised or otherwise), then what I find is- a very flagrant use and abuse of a system within the confines of America that has such a profound effect and affect either for or against the American Way of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.

So the word finally comes forth: UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Just as certain other things within our American History, things or items up for debate, grabs, or conversation- found to being Unconstitutional- became the very forefront of the American Debate Topic- to usher in a Resolve, Resolute- to either becoming an acceptable form of behavior, belief, or way of doing business. At least then, there remains no doubts about the matters at hand, and everyone is on the Same Page as it were, and it becomes a not so difficult decision maker for the rest of the class at large.

Conclusion: So it remains within (what I personally believe) my heart and mind that; if this item of "Unbound Delegate" (which also involves Brokered Convention) is "Unconstitutional", regardless of whatsoever they desire to call themselves (the RNC). For if they so seek to the keeping of such degrees of their illicit use and abuses of making up the rules as they go along, should for all intents and purposes- be deemed a "Social Club" i.e. Sorority or Fraternal Order- instead of the Heads and Tails of our Club Politic. For the dealings and ultimate choices which lie before the American Public, the government of, by, and for the People- is of a much greater importance than that of the Post-Pub-essence crowd of the soothe saying well wishers of yesteryear. Its Our Country and Nation, our Future and Hope for (even our own lives and livelihood) our children and generations to come.

Thank you all for viewing. Have a Great Day.


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