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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

As I went all across the country (That trip was September 7 to 31 2010) I saw the reality of our broken economy that some areas out west
scared me. I got pictures, video, and even witnessed some of the
economic struggle for myself. Now I can say myself that I am a witness
that things are getting worse for the economy.

At Las Vegas I saw a teenage child stranded in Las Vegas, I also saw many illegally selling bottled water on walkway areas to usher in more
personal incomes, and the Casinos as always have people that are trying
to win lots of money.

At St Louis I saw many abandoned buildings and learned from two pretty young guys (one was a guitar player) that told me that you can
get killed at the St Louis fountain due to high crime rates, at Salt
Lake City Utah I saw a good amount of homeless people (Some with health
problems) that I vowed to take pictures of some of them to expose the
reality we are all facing with the broken economy. Even at Salt lake
City Walmart in Utah (I don't have a photo because taking pictures
inside Walmart might attract negative attention from Security) I saw a
homeless guy bringing in a cart with a backpack filled with stuff to
order prescriptions. It is disturbing how many homeless were in one

It even gets worse. I overheard at a Walmart (I can't remember the exact location at the moment) of foreign guys joking about bombs and
then laughing as if our country had become a laughing stock around the
world. Even at almost every National Park except for Mount Rushmore, had
mostly foreigners and non-English speaking people and barely any
average Americans. It concerned me how many foreigners I see at National
Parks and barely any Americans because it means that our dollar must be
very low for foreigners to easily afford high price park fees while
hardly seeing any Americans paying to go into National Parks.

I know that the disabled and elderly can have free passes into all National Parks so why does it seem like pretty much around 90% of
National Park visitors were foreigners that don't even speak English or
know much about our customs.

The American economy is falling apart while we are in debt with foreign countries such as Communist China.

A Week ago I published a video showing abandoned small businesses in a town close to Von New Mexico and industrial complexes in St Louis being
totally abandoned even one had plants growing on it so it isn't being

Then onto what the whole article is about. The homeless pictures, the reality of Americas situation as the economy crumbles.

Homeless guy around Salt lake City Utah
Homeless guy around Salt lake City Utah
Reads; Homeless Have Serious Medical Condition Just trying this <br /> <br / revive Please (Rest of the words are unreadable)" height="286" width="300"">
Reads; Homeless Have Serious Medical Condition Just trying this revive Please
(Rest of the words are unreadable)
Homeless Senior needs medicine and money to ride the bus
Homeless Senior needs medicine and money to ride the bus

If this isn't enough homeless pictures to make you realize that the American economy is in trouble I don't know what
will. Multiple homeless people with bad health problems and yet Obama is
not swooping down to save the homeless seniors and homeless Veterans
while he pitches government run health care. Obama is a false messiah
because he is just a corporate marketing creation to push more fascism
(Corporatism) down our throats but in order to secure fascist control
the American economy must be bombarded, attacked (By false flag
terrorists or CIA), and destroyed so that a new orderly system will be
built under the guise of protecting the peace but is in reality a system
that will control everybody, kill the rest, and will have only two
classes of people (The super rich and the working slave class). Some
thinks Obama will bring in either communism or socialism but that's not
entirely what hes bringing. Hes being sponsored by the World Bank and
the globalists to be Americas executioner in order to transfer us into
Global Governance. That is why Mexicans and illegal immigrants are
taking over America, That is why Obama is using racism accusations on a
monthly basis, That is why Obama put in Wall Street supporters into the
White House, That is why the economy is in freefall under Obama. Obama
is the executioner that will butcher the American pride and eagle and
will replace it with a buzzard that will eat away the Constitution and
create a more tyrannical form of Government that will control all facets
of Human activity.

If seeing pictures of homeless people is not enough to realize the economy is being deliberately destroyed by Obama then what will?

If you agree or disagree with me that the globalists are funding Obama handsomely to tare this country apart then put in the comments

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"Results alone are never enough, wisdom means understanding how and why things happen, so that a repeatable excellence habit is built and foreseeable failures are avoided." Rajjpuut's reflections on Kepner-Tregoe management training methods and aims.

Why Didn’t the “Stimulus and Recovery Act Work?”

A lot of Libertarians and other Conservatives are not at all surprised that the Obama Stimulus and Recovery Act not only didn’t work but that it actually cost 2.4 million jobs. The question is why did it fail? Why can’t the government, in its vast wisdom, hee hee, create jobs? And why specifically did our communist (55% of folks out there call Obama a “socialist,” but he is and from birth has always been a communist**) president fail with this specific bill? And let’s ask a corollary question, is “jobs created or saved” a meaningful statistic?

Why didn't it work? It’s our old friend from “Economics in One Lesson” by Henry Hazlitt, “the Broken Window Parable” (linked below a.k.a. the Broken Window Fallacy or Broken Window Fable) and it denies the most fundamental precepts of humankind living in society. While economics is actually the simplest of “social sciences,” the fact that human self-interest (and not only rational Ayn Rand type self-interest, but also greedy deluded conquer-the-world-and-make-everybody-do-my-bidding type self-interest as well) repeatedly involves itself in so-called “economic projections” makes the Broken Window Parable the most fundamental error made by the statists, totalitarians, liberals, progressives, and Obamalike Marxists. Unfortunately, most ordinary citizens don't know and/or don't understand the Broken Window Parable and can easily get caught up with the progressive's $$ Utopian dreams.
While Hazlitt’s book (online free is the most helpful aid to understanding human economic fallacy . . . the “one lesson” smacks of the teachings of Gandhi . . . it’s so damn simple, it’s too easy to ignore ( but, of course, add in the technique of putting lessons into little and powerful and memorable stories found in both the simple teachings of Jesus Christ in his parables or of Aesop in his fables and the whole thing becomes instantaneously memorable forever: (

And what is the fundamental truth that makes the broken window fallacy eternally useful and valid? Ayn Rand nailed it on the head with her “The Virtue of Selfishness” one of the tiniest philosophic books you’ll ever ecounter and even that book’s “thinness” can be shunted aside in favor of a three-page “Fable” proving rational human self-interest is the engine of capitalism, of liberty and of our very lives and happiness ( So let us nail it all down, why specifically did the Stimulus and recovery act fail?

A. Imagine a typical average free market job paying X dollars per year counting pay and benefits. A real, bona fide and typically permanent job except when it's taxed out of existence.

B. The average similar union job pays 1.62X dollars per year. The difference is FORCED extra pay and extra benefits and extra protections (seniority, featherbedding, etc., etc. ad nauseum) for union workers^^.

C. The average comparable government job pays 1.94X dollars per year in pay and benefits. These are specious jobs which could not exist were not two real jobs taxed out of existence. Yes, some of these jobs (soldiers, sailors, health educators, etc.) are absolutely necessary. Of course, if you were to eliminate virtually all of the non-essential government jobs, you could expect the free market to create real jobs almost magically.

D. The average government-union job pays roughly 2.28X dollars, nuff said.

E. By lying with statistics, the government adds in temporary “make-work” jobs such as the U.S. census work and treats those as if they were real and permanent jobs when counting.

F. Government initiatives, 100% of them, come at real cost which the Left with their “government can solve every problem” mentality willfully and consistently and constantly choose to ignore because it benefits their power grabbing to overlook such facts. For example, Obama is back to tooting his “five-million new green tech jobs” horn once again. This might actually work and actually help the country . . . but ONLY IF viable and efficient green technology had just arrived on the scene. Under those circumstances eleven million real jobs in the economy would be lost creating those five million green tech jobs and so the effect over say, the first six years of the “mandated conversion” process would be horrendous. However, as the example from the Spanish experience (they went from 3% unemployment to now sitting at 21% unemployment) clearly shows, because viable green technology in large part does NOT actually exist, 90% of the green jobs the Spanish government created were NOT permanent. In the Obama example that translates to five million original green tech jobs becoming 500,000 permanent green tech jobs still at the same initial cost: eleven million real, free market jobs.

G. Since Obama used the stimulus money largely to create not only government jobs, but also government union jobs and also temporary jobs . . . 2.4 actual jobs was the cost for each, often temporary government job created.

H. Ergo, regardless of the amount (100 jobs created or saved???) of jobs created or saved, the only valid statistic is NET JOBS ADDED or LOST in the PRIVATE SECTOR.

I. Addendum, the president’s new financial “reform” package is an even more dangerous initiative. Hidden within its 2,300+ pages are about fifty regulations that favor unions over the rest of us (their benefits and their tariffs upon foreign goods translate to OUR HIGHER PRICES. In seeking with this legislation, members to add to the union rolls and great amounts of money added to the union coffers across the country, Barack Obama has just insured that our recession will now become a full-blown DEPRESSION unless this bill, Obamacare and virtually all else his thrust upon us is repealed.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


$$ Remember today's progressives are actually against "progress." They use environmental extremism to oppose even ordinary human living. In the name of taking control of everything, they seek to "progress" beyond the "out-dated, ill-conceived and flawed" U.S. Constitution toward Utopian Marxism. Since Rajjpuut sees the U.S. Constitution as the single greatest entity encouraging life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and progress, you easily understand why he is "anti-progressive" in every way.

^^ Most people are surprised that union workers’ pay and benefits amount to “so little.” Think of it as a dynamic process. What happens is this: unions gradually drive their own jobs out of existence (consider the once huge American automobile industry) so the “average” of all union jobs at any given moment is 1.62X only because union jobs are being lost so rapidly (again look at the auto industry, robots are much more common in EX-union assembly-line jobs, of course, because they are economically viable there where they might not be in a non-union position). It’s just one more contradiction built into unionization that the union bosses don’t want the “proletariat” to consider.


And just for the heck of it since someone reading this is going to talk about how FDR “saved the country” from similar “dire straits”:

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The possibility of Obama ‘vetoing’ his Obamacare legislation because of recent discoveries from the Congressional Budget Office that it violated two of his campaign pledges about overall costs and reducing the deficit . . . now seems to be on the back-burner. Apparently the sensible notion was released as a trial balloon and was just a “tease” designed to confuse conservatives. No change is now expected. This is a perfect time to see how well President Obama came through on the fifteen most crucial promises he made about “reforming” health care in this country.

  • 1. Health care will cost less for the individual and the government. That was why the "vetoing" of Obamacare actually made sense. It has now been revealed by the CBO that it will cost much more and will not help reduce the deficit.
  • 2. Better care would result. Not according to the Congressional Budget Office and American physicians. Worse care and longer waits are the future for American patients.
  • 3. Deficits would be reduced and Obamacare would help the nation meet the challenges of the future. Sorry, the CBO shows that Obamacare will NOT pay for itself even using ten years of taxes to cover the first six years of the program's operation. It will increase deficits and the National Debt.
  • 4. It was part of his promise there would be “no new taxes on the middle-class.” However, Obamacare will begin collecting taxes on virtually everyone including the middle-class right away to pay for the program’s start in 2014.
  • 5. Abortions will NOT be paid for with Obamacare and your tax dollars. The reason that Bart Stupak and eleven other “pro-life” Democrats held out till the last 24 hours was that they could see there was no provision in the law forbidding abortion funding. Then President Obama gave Stupak a promise there would be no funding of Abortions – a promise that has no legal power. Abortion funding is still NOT prohibited in the law as passed.
  • 6. Not one dime over $900 Billion to fund it. The CBO now shows it coming in at over $1 TRillion which is what’s causing the deficit increases it will bring.
  • 7. Health Care unconscionable profits for Insurance agencies will be reduced dramatically. First of all health insurance profit margins were 3.2% last year one of the lowest profit margins of any profitable industry. Secondly, thanks to Obamacare their absolute profits wil rise at least for the foreseeable future as 30 million new customers are added to their client rolls.
  • 8. This is NOT socialized medicine. Ahem, FDR implemented 39 key agencies as part of the “New Deal" . . . but Obamacare creates almost 400 new agencies in just one monster law . . . medicine will become much more complicated and less user-friendly and, yes, it is obviously a government program now incorporating all the old agencies and 392 new ones . . . .
  • 9. We will seek bi-partisan input and support. The only thing bi-partisan was that 34 House Democrats joined the Republicans in voting against Obamacare. Obama held a shuck-and-jive bi-partisan meeting where Republican input was totally ignored though it obviously made the most sense. Democrats talked for a bit longer than Republicans but Obama talked and harrangued for longer than both together. In the end not one of about ten great Republican ideas made it into the bill.
  • 10. We’ll put this on C-Span; the creation of this new law will be open, transparent and a non-political process. BARF!
  • 11. You’ll till be able to keep your current doctor and current health care insurance if you want to. Sorry, but a lot of doctors will not be a part of this program; and a lot of insurors will no longer be insuring the same employers because of the debilitating effect of Obamacare on employer finances.
  • 12. There will be NO rationing of health care. Were you born yesterday? Longer lines? Fewer doctors? More regulations between you and your doctor? Attempts to call a great deal of the most expensive medical possibilities “optional” for the elderly – rationed care is the ONLY way that Obamacare could hope to work, sort of.
  • 13. We’ll not go down that road (reconciliation) to pass the bill. That’s how they did pass it.
  • 14. We’ll make sure there’s a five-day period for public comment before the bill is signed into law. Never happened.
  • 15. We will “reform” the health care industry. They have enlarged the government and the health care bureaucracy and thrown a lot of money at the “problem.” The word “reform,” however, means to “improve” or “make better.” They clearly have NOT reformed the health care system.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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