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Ever since the emergence of the tea party in 2009, the media narrative has been pre-written and ready to deploy at opportune times. Embodying the intense frustrations of ordinary Americans with so-called limited-government Republicans who were forever raising taxes, increasing spending, and incurring more debt, the tea party demanded that their representatives keep their promises, and adhere to principle over politics. Otherwise, when the next election cycle rolled around, they would be fully prepared to throw the bums out.

Not only did this seismic shift ruffle the feathers of Democrats and those who wanted to expand government in perpetuity, it left many establishment Republicans, who had long enjoyed their unchallenged incumbency, understandably peeved. The response was swift and brutal.

You tea party whacko birds are ruining the Party. You’re handing the elections to Democrats. How dare you challenge incumbents in primaries? After all, whose side are you really on?

POLL: Is Global Warming junk science with a political agenda or is it real?

We’ve heard it over and over again, repeated ad nauseum in the echo chamber that is the mainstream media, even as we’ve scored amazing victories and elected some of the most incredible, principled candidates the Congress has seen in generations.

One of these figures is a young congressman from Michigan named Justin Amash. Steeped in the ideology of Austrian economics and a true belief in limited government, Amash has arguably been the single most principled, pro-liberty voice in the House of Representatives. You would think that the Republican Party would be proud to have so fiery an advocate for all the things they claim to stand for.

You would think wrong.

In fact, the Republican establishment in Michigan is lining up against Amash, along with big business and special interest lobbies, attempting to unseat the congressman who has fought more bravely than any other, in favor of just another traditional politician. Excuse me, but aren’t these the same people who have been saying that primarying a sitting Republican is tantamount to political treason?

It just goes to show that the mainstream assault on the tea party candidates has less to do with concern for the health of the Party, and is more about the quest for political power and self-enrichment.

Amash’s accomplishments during his short time in office are already legion. He authored the USA Freedom Act to put an end to the NSA’s reported spying on American citizens. He has sponsored bills proposing amendments to the Constitution that would limit spending and require a balanced budget. He has co-sponsored three bills to repeal ObamaCare. And he is one of only two representatives in the House to have voted with FreedomWorks 100 percent of the time.

What sort of Republican would want to banish so courageous a leader from Congress? How could the Party possibly gain from his defeat? Guys like Amash are what we’ve been crying out for for years: someone who sticks to his guns and does what he says he’s going to do. Not only that, but he’s been a model representative to the voters in his district, making frequent trips home from Washington and holding numerous town hall meetings to listen to the concerns of his constituents.

The GOP delegation has tipped its hand in Michigan. When they try to take down one of the best incumbents the Party has because he is not willing to keep his head down and blindly follow leadership, you know that they no longer care about setting conservative policy.

So, the next time you see Republicans wringing their hands and claiming the primary challenges from the right are bad politics, rest assured that politics, not good government, not principled leadership, but politics alone, is all they really care about.

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Obama - Difference Between Tough & a Coward


Obama brags to Brian Williams about the Osama Bin Laden operation and to hear him tell it you’d think he was actually the one that pulled the plug on bin Laden.  Brian in an attempt to wrap up the Osama Bin Laden sage interviewed everyone except the key players. Brian is trying to set the stage to prove that Obama has the guts and intelligence to make the tough calls. Sorry Brian, Americans know who killed Osama bin Laden and it certainly wasn’t Barack Obama. 

The rumor mill has been flying since the murder of Osama bin Laden – team Obama didn’t have time to prepare an accurate story about the operation, because Obama was the reluctant one dragging his heels and trying to post pone the operation.  If truth were known, he probably didn’t know how the operation played out until it was over, done with and the Navy Seals were back home snuggled up in their beds.

Hillary Clinton could have been the one to fill Brian Williams in on all of the details about the bin Laden operation because she was privy to information that no one bothered to share with Obama due to his inability to make the tough decisions.  Hillary doesn’t have the option here to expose Obama and Valarie Jarrett so she must endure the discomfort of protecting two of the most violent corrupt people in our USA. 

Unless Hillary want to risk problems like Breitbart and Michael Cormier one of the coroners doing an autopsy on Breitbart she’d  best keep her mouth shut and decline to fight for her Nation.  Obama and his Administration play hard ball and a few murders here or there doesn't phase them a bit – look at Brian Terry, Jaime Zapata and hundreds of innocent Mexican men, women and children killed from the operation “Fast and Furious.” 4063503904?profile=original

Remember his friends in Reverend Wright’s Church that were murdered execution style after he declared his run for President of the USA in 2007. 

Admiral McRaven and Leon Panetta could fill in all of the missing pieces.  Valarie Jarrett and Obama repeatedly tried to stall the operation by the CIA, Petraeus and the Navy Seals – Obama as usual was straddling the fence unable to make a definitive decision. 

Obama has made decisions and they weren’t tough they were devious intentional acts against our Country; they were cowardly acts of treason used to bring our Nation to its knees.  What kind of bravery does it take to “redistribute” our 787 billion dollars to scandalous operations the Solyndra and Sun Power , the Unions, special interest groups, ACORN, Soros etc? 4063503848?profile=original

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 can be referred to as the Obama / Soros stimulus package, because if you check closely Soros had both fists in our stimulus money.  Soros put his big dogs to work and they gobbled up billions of our money for his many open Society Foundations including green companies, green energy companies, job development companies and the horrid list just keeps going and going.  It doesn’t take much guts to steal from those who have entrusted you with their hard earned tax dollars – it does take an individual with a sociopathic mindset to steal from others all in the name of “redistribution.”

It does takes a group of sick - minded people with a false ideology to sift funds from taxpayers into Union and special interest coffers.  These people declared war on businesses and economic growth in 2009 and they succeeded without a glitch in stopping job growth. They managed to keep 313,005,179 people under the control of Communists, Marxists, Rothschild Zionist for 3 ½ years. 

In 2012, Obama will continue this reign of terror via class warfare with the assistance of the Liberal News Media dividing and distracting our United States citizens.  He’ll continue slipping money under the table to his big bundlers, special interest groups, Unions and “Big Daddy Soros” unless we break out of our confinement and fight him toe to toe.

It’s time to stop the OBAMA TRAIN WRECK before we become totally dependent on big Government.  We don’t have a great bunch of Republicans and Democrats watching our backsides – so we’re at a place and time that we’re either going to “sink or swim.” 

It’s time for Americans to join forces and “Take Back Our Country.”

As Always,

Little Tboca

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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Even though it's taking longer then expected to get all the case videos out because of slow upload speedand it takes a lot of time to process the raw High Definition videosfor both youtube and Blip.TV but even so I already uploaded two casevideos for my Brian Hill's "Rise of the new right" debunking spreevideo series to my Blip.TV profile. The first casewas defending Alex Emerick Jones(Alex Jones, and the second case of defending Orly Taitz and thatwas the video that has gone Viral.

Now why do you think it's gone Viral well it landed on Orly Taitz's websiteso now Orly Taitz has seen the video and then showcased it on herwebsite. That is why the view counts started going way higher then theirusual view counts because of Orly taitz.

Thank You Orly Taitz for showcasing my video. My video will now be going viral all overAmerica and everybody will stand against propaganda that Chris Matthewsputs out.

Chris Matthews of MSNBC your going down the American people aren't going to take propaganda and forced vaccinations shoveddown their throats anymore. Yep Chris keep submitting to yourBilderberg masters and eventually you will be held accountable for youractions.

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For those who aren't blocked from my website you can read the original and possibly more recently updated articleat USWGO.

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