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Public Security LLC is a Maryland licensed Security Company that is a bump up from the rest. Here's why:

1. The company is led by Barry Donadio, a former member of the United States Secret Service. He served at the White House under the Bush and Obama Administrations.

2. Public Security LLC uses law enforcement type vehicles that deter crime simply by being present at an event or venue.

3. All the members of the company are licensed Private Detectives and Security Officers. They are also bonded and insured. They receive training in less than lethal weapons techniques, state law and use of defensive force.

4. The company recruits former member of the U.S. Secret Service, Police Officers,     Veterans, Defense Contractors. They even have a Doctor on their staff. 

5. They use a variety of defensive firearms to protect their clients, such as the Glock 17 pistol and other modern semi-automatic pistols. They also have the capability to pack a punch with their large array of defensive shotguns and rifles. 

6. They are always on time. Officers arrive at least 30 minutes early to event prospective security detail. 

7. They are experienced in the security business. The company was formed in August of 2012 and have displayed a steady incline in services and productivity. 

8. They have handled high profile cases. 

9. They provide successful private investigations for individual clients as well as large businesses.

10. They are a private business, but their #1 business practice is to be a benefit to humanity. 

11. Public Security LLC is a Veteran owned and operated company. 

12. They have vehicle dashboard cameras and body cameras in use during encounters with potential violators. 

13. They are Process Servers and can serve legal court documents. 

14. They predict the outcomes of wars and conflicts by using expert assessments of world militaries. They keep an eye on China, Russia and terror groups

15. They are Anti-Terrorists Consultants. 


Public Security LLC is a Maryland private security company led by Barry Donadio, a former member of the U.S. Secret Service. The company provides armed and unarmed uniformed security guard services across the entire State of Maryland. The company is known statewide for its dependability, integrity, and effectivness in detering crime. 

If you need private security you can trust, call us now 855-589-2267. You may also call company President Barry Donadio on his direct cell number at 202-631-1153

Public Security LLC
Private Security Services


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A private executive protection firm named Public Security LLC is strongly recommending that certain people and events need Bodyguards.
Public Security LLC is private security and investigation firm licensed in Maryland and New York. It is a successful firm because it was found and currently led by Barry Donadio, a former member if the U.S. Secret Service. 
With the experience of working at the White House and protecting two Presidents, he knows what he is doing and he does it well. 
Now, Mr. Donadio and his firm are recommending that people obtain bodyguards that are in certain professions as well as some events and especially weddings. 
We recommend our bodyguards for the following people and occasions:
Because of their beauty and popularity, both male and female Models are vulnerable to victimization. Models should have a at least one trusted bodyguard / Protective Agent with them at all times during their performances and photoshoots. Even Models that are just starting their careers should never go with a photographer alone without a Bodyguard, 
We all know the dangers surrounding weddings and events before and after them. The potential for violence at weddings has been on the rise in recent years. Many wedding establishments charge you for security as part of your wedding package, but have you checked the credentials of these Security Officers? Are they even trained to provide executive protection?  Weddings and especially Brides need a protective detail devoted specifically to them. They are most vulnerable while in a dress that restricts their movement. Give the gift of protection for a wedding. Don't ever have a wedding without having protection. Consider not leaving the most important day of your life to chance. 
Even at a town or county level, Politicians are in need of private security for their protection when they are out on the political scene. Politicians should always have a highly trained and experienced executive protection staff with them while attending town halls, rallies, public speaking engagements and while on their campaigns. 
For obvious reasons, all Celebrities need a protective security detail where ever they go and at their homes. We offer confidential and trusted executive protection services to all Celebrities needing private security. Celebrities visiting Washington DC, New York and Baltimore, Maryland should contact us at once to arrange services
The news is often cluttered with disgruntled employees who take out their rage on their former boss and other work peers.  These are circumstances that sometimes can not be avoided, but you can be prepared by using Bodyguards. They need to be present at any hostile termination hearings, business strikes or any other occasion you feel is needed. 
We have assessed that winners of the lottery are in more danger than anyone on our list of people we recommend for needing executive protection.  For example, winning 100 million dollars is a joyful thing, but there are many unseen security risks and problems ahead for that winner. Not announcing that you have won the lottery (Even to your family) is our first suggestion.  The moment you win a large sum of money you become a target to a criminal enterprise that may stop at nothing to victimize you.  You may also gain the attention of foreign criminal groups operating in the United States.  Not to mention every hacker and thief in your area.  If you have recently won the lottery or received a substantial sum of money, life will change for you and you will require Bodyguards.
All people that have recently been on the news need a protective security detail where ever they go and at their homes. 
Every death threat should be taken seriously until Law Enforcement Officers and expert opinion deems it no longer a credible threat.   You will require Bodyguards to protect you at your home or your place of business.  They can provide protection on a temporary or permanent basis.  Persons who have recently obtained peace, protective orders or orders of protection should also consider protection on a temporary basis. 
A contested separation or divorce can lead to some significant security problems for you. We all know how some divorces can lead to criminal activity against the other party. A Bodyguard can provide personal security protection for the times you need it. In some instances you may require 24 hour security protection of you and your home during these tense period in your life. 
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