blue skies (1)

Ba-rack Promisin’ Change
By Rajjpuut
A parody sung to:  Irving Berlin's great classic tune Blue Skies

For tune:   



Ba-rack promisin’ change

Now we know Ba-rack’s all de-ranged

Ba-rack’s bringin’ us ruin

Nothing but PINK notes to his tune


Ba-rack said we’d soon see

Everyone working happily

To him, tax larceny’s

Redistributing proper-ly


Then they took over the economy

Implied Marx-ism would set us all free

Then they claimed ugly debt-limits were good

They said . . . we’d just: mis-understood


Bar-ack he seems to dream

Illogical nonsense constantly

Ba-rack  worked for ACORN

Home-lenders are sheep -- he has shorn


Then we lost more jobs made ev’rything worse

Ba-rack came back, hands in my purse

He said illegals were better than us

Made slav’ry from freedom, now I don’t trust . . .

Ba-Rack . . .
                                                Musical interlude

Ba-rack  said W. Bush

Caused all of our pain

But t'was CRA ’77

That clogged up the drain


Jimmy Carter gave us that law

While Billy Clinton continued to claw

Four CRA expansions** in only eight years

Progressives now cryin’ crocodile tears


Then they took over the economy

Implied Marx-ism would set us all free

Then they claimed ugly debt-limits were good

They said . . . we’d just: mis-understood

Ba-rack promisin’ change

Now we know Ba-rack’s all de-ranged

Ba-rack’s bringin’ our ruin

Lately there's RED notes in his tune


Big dreams, all of them dead

They sold us big dreams

 Now we’re RED


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,



** Specifically: Bill Clinton paid back ACORN with the Motor Voter Act of 1993 and with four expansions of CRA ’77 mortgage-guarantee legislation originally passed by Carter as the Community Reinvestment Act in 1977.   By presidential edict in 1993 he expanded CRA ’77 by means of regulatory change; twice legislatively in 1995; and with a poisonous steroid-version expansion of CRA ’77 in 1998. Clinton was our first ACORN president.

The background for understanding Clinton’s and Obama’s part and becoming an informed citizen (right now only 6% of us are) can be found at these two weblinks:


            The short version which covers some different areas from the valuable blog info above is this . . . .

1.       A philosophy called “progressivism” has dominated the country’s top politicians from both major parties for over a century. Progressives believe that we must ‘progress’ beyond the outdated and ill-conceived U.S. Constitution as our only hope to ‘progress’ toward an earthly Utopia (more or less the same goal that Marx delineated and which created “Fabian Socialism” in England is on this continent:  American Progressivism).


2.      Famous American TRUE Progressive Presidents include Republicans: Theodore Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover; Democrats: Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. Light progressivism is found in Republicans Eisenhower and both Bushes. All of the true progressive presidents a) ignored the U.S. Constitution in large part b) instituted dramatic increases in taxes, spending and debt and made individual Americans far poorer and c) moved the country much closer to socialism than we were before they took office.


Generally, the background on Clinton, etc. is . . .

Three “NEO-Marxists”:  Community Organizer Saul Alinsky (author of Reveille for Radicals; and Rules for Radicals) and Columbia University professors Richard Cloward and his wife Frances Fox Piven (authors of The Weight of the Poora strategy for ending poverty which has popularly come to be known as “Cloward-Piven Strategy for creating and profiting from chaos”) created the revolutionary structure that today’s progressives have been using for overthrowing the United States as we know it. Cloward-Piven and George Wiley openly used and bragged about using the strategy to bankrupt New York City in 1975 (and nearly bankrupt New York State) and send the whole nation into a huge recession during most of 1973-74 and double the welfare rolls from 8 million to 16 million. The federal government bailed out NYC late in 1975. They told their followers to switch concentration to voter-registration and housing.

In 1977, Jimmy Carter passed a very bad law called the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA ’77) a mortgage-guarantee law FORCING home lenders to knowingly make very bad loans to people who were serious risks for foreclosure. At the same time the bill was being passed, Cloward-Piven (the two most important words for informed Americans to understand) ally and head of the National Welfare Rights Organization, George Wiley, already had one his community organizer lieutenants in place in Arkansas: Wade Rathke. Rathke created ACORN (Arkansas Community Organizations.

ACORN using massive voter fraud (they purported to be gathering new voters, but threw away all the newly registered Republican paperwork) to elect Bill Clinton governor of Arkansas in 1978. They kept him governor through 12 of the next 14 years and got him elected president in 1992. ACORN efforts just in Arkansas doubled the percentage of bad home mortgages from 1 in 404 in 1975; to 1 in 196 by 1985.   ACORN was then expanded nationwide (now it was called Associations of Community Organizations for Reform Now). President Bush #1 who had successfully vetoed 45 of 46 bills that progressive Democrats had pushed upon him, in 1992, failed to veto a bill he largely favored. That bill had a minor provision expanding CRA ’77 to federal programs Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac.

When Bill Clinton became our first ACORN president he immediately paid back Cloward and Piven and ACORN by passing the Motor-Voter Act (“a 12-lane highway to voter fraud”) and expanding CRA ’77. In 1993 Clinton used regulatory fiat to expand the law; then twice in 1995 he got CRA ’77 expansions passed through congress; and in 1998 he passed a poisonous steroid version of CRA ’77 expansion. As a result of Bush #1’s and Clinton’s actions . . . in 1995 14% of all home mortgages were suspect (issued with less than 3% down payment to risky home buyers); by 2005 the number of bad loans had risen to 34%. Worse, thanks to Clinton’s ’98 steroid expansion of CRA ’77, A) many of the loans were being made at not 3% down payment but with Zero-down payment B) ACORN now had less trouble putting an unqualified loan recipient into a $440,000 home than they’d had in putting him into a $110,000 home fifteen years earlier and C) the unqualified loan recipients now included people without jobs at all; people without even rental histories; people with horrendous credit ratings; people without I.D.; people whose only “income” was food stamps; and even illegal aliens. 

All this brought on the prime-lending crisis which was about 94% of the problem underlying our recent financial meltdown. By the way, in 1996 Community Organizer Barack Obama was working as an ACORN attorney shaking-down unwilling lenders to force them into bad loans. Obama was famous for not only getting promises for large numbers of loans but also getting these financial organizations to donate to ACORN.


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