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If anyone had any doubt whether this administration is all about race and overturning the constitution for their social justice, what has just happened in the United States Department of Justice should open anyone's eyes. The dismissal of the Black Panthers lawsuit was purely political and racial -- not the rule of law. It's payback time.

BLACK PANTHERS: Former DOJ Attorney Makes Explosive Accusations

Finally! -- a whistleblower

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We have all heard about the corruption of politics, but not with the force this administration has wielded. We not only heard about it, but witnessed it in a front row seat. The Democrats always overreach, but this time it was in your face, to use one of Obama's favorite idioms. A classic example of things to come was the scene outside a Philadelphia polling place with Black Panther thugs wielding nightsticks intimidating white voters [charges mysteriously dismissed], but most people didn't want to face that little tidbit.TECHNOCRACY: THE DEMOCRATS' TECHNOLOGICAL THUGGERY
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