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This case against Obama's is very interesting, it relies on the "voters right to know" as the legal precedent.

4063599278?profile=original"Citing case law in both California and Alaska, Anchorage Resident Thomas A. Lamb has filed suit in the Superior Court of Alaska for access to private records for both President Barack Obama and Republican Nominee Willard “Mitt” Romney. "

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Obama 2016 - The 'ACTION' of 'INACTION' Obama Voting Present
As an Illinois Senator Obama voted 'present' effectively side-stepping a "Ayes" or "Nays" vote some one hundred and thirty times in order to stay in the good graces of his constituents and his future political career which was, make no mistake, orchestrated.
Obama is also M.I.A as a constitutionally qualified president. Obama is not a natural born citizen which has been been interpreted by the Congress as a legislative mandate over 225 years, born in the United States to Citizen parents on the record by literally examining the fact that its never been over turned in our history while its been attempted over 24 times.
One thing most people agree on is that the purpose of the 'natural born citizen' clause is to protect the nation from foreign influence. Americans hold the work of the Founding Fathers in such reverence that they've added to it only 17 times since 1791.
Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., a Judiciary committee member, sees merit in the restriction and said in 2004, "I don't think it is unfair to say the president of the United States should be a native-born citizen," she said at the hearing. "Your allegiance is driven by your birth."
Republican U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch-R from Utah said in October 2004,"The restriction on the foreign-born "has become an anachronism that is decidedly un-American."
Maria Shriver Kennedy at one time supported her husband Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger pushing for a constitutional amendment that would allow the Austrian-born 2004 California governor to run for the White House as soon as 2008.
As we see UT. R. Sen Orrin Hatch's proposed amendment failed in 2004, Maria (Kennedy) Shriver filed divorce to Schwarzenegger in 2011 for infidelity but as of July 2012 the divorce isn't final, and another 2008 candidate who isn't a natural born citizen duped Americans running and successfully usurped the White House in 2008.
If you haven't seen the conservative documentary of the decade stunning Hollywood Obama's present from Rocky Mountain Pictures, "Obama 2016", you need to go see it. I took my mother this last Friday even as the hour and twenty-nine minute documentary was expanding from its modest handful of movie screens to 1,900 screens nation wide earning another $5.1 million of its now 18.3 million.
Its an interesting side-note that Michael Moore producer of No. 1-ranked "Fahrenheit 9/ 11," which topped $119 million leading documentaries all time, this last week told Democrats to get used to the words "President Romney".
The foreboding feeling you feel walking out of Obama 2016 with the audience is worth the price of the ticket. To tell you the truth I personally was relieved to be able to sit quite next to my mom and let someone else do the talking as there have been many a family argument over the work I've been engaged in since 2008 suing McCain and Obama in 2008 on the eligibility issue as a candidate for President and continuing the stand in 2012 as a Democrat Presidential Candidate.
While I don't say this in justification of failure in the home,there's probably more then a truth or two about my last two marriages ending because of taking a stand for the Constitution in political races that ended unsuccessfully with the finances of my family in a crisis - the reality of underfunded campaigns for any candidate.
The truth of any political race is there is only one winner, and no matter how many people vote for the second place finisher, all the funds, all the votes, all the hoopla for the campaign doesn't make that campaign any better than the least voted candidate with the most under-voted campaign- it's still a loss and a calculable failure.
This brings me to the crux of this blog that is actually a question for everyone to ask themselves.
If Mitt Romney is unwilling to fight Obama on the grounds of the Constitutional demands of qualification for the Office of the President, allowing the usurpation, allowing the history to go down without justice to the fraud and forgery Obama has been apart of with the cover-up, spewing out false identification documents according to law enforcement investigations documented in my case Judy v. Obama now set for conference in the United States Supreme Court Sept. 24th, 2012, allowing Obama to build his presidential library and dis-honoring American culture with shocking racism  sending blacks back to a time before color television, then how do you suppose Romney is going to preserve, protect and defend America's Constitution any more then Obama has?
And if Romney is not going to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution any better the Obama, what makes your vote for Romney worth the disgrace to God for setting America aside as a peculiar nation of a distinct Republic for which we Americans stand?
While I would not base my vote on any man or women's religious preference, there are some who do. In my opinion one of the finest distinctions in America is the freedom of conscience in America, let them worship who, what, or how they may, for that is the ultimate test of your own religious freedom here in America.
Saying you wouldn't vote for a "Mormon" is just as easily said about any other religion that is a minority at any given point and is not representative of the United State's Congress Standards outlined in the Constitution, which are chosen by We The People as our Representatives and Senators.
God knows they let us down as the electorate reported the election in 2008 and their popularity has shown this sinking to an all time low, however the legislative mandate has stood the test of time not to allow any but a "Natural Born Citizen", or a "Citizen" before the ratification of the Constitution, to become President.
With that said and understanding Obama was not born before the Constitution was ratified, a "Natural Born Citizen" is born in the United States to at the very least parents who are "Citizens", or "Natural Born Citizens" themselves.
I believe Dr. Pastor James David Manning makes a credible argument for justice in the following video, as Obama did in legislative session 130 times,by simply voting present when it comes to the President by writing my name in on your ballot "Cody Judy", if the Democrats and Republicans and United States Supreme court refuses to demand justice for the honor of black people, white people, yellow people and any color of people in America.
You absolutely do not need to disgrace yourself before your God, or higher power, by voting for a lesser of two evils, and I do believe that in this case "inaction" or something that appears futile,ultimately can be seen as 'action' to protect the way that God or your higher power, thinks about you if you think that is relevant and important to you.
Talking to Iowans Obama this week said something to the affect "that their is always a choice and Americans were gonna have to make one", and Pastor Manning makes it a credible argument here, which has in large part not been articulated by any religious figure in America, that voting for the lesser of two evils is not voting for principle that makes a bit of sense.
So, I'll say you don't have to "not vote" for anyone, you can always write-in my name Cody Judy understanding no other qualified candidate on the ballot has stood up for and taken a stand against Obama's Eligibility other than me, as actually your present to Obama.
Perhaps Obama would win, but perhaps he will win anyway, and perhaps you will look better to your God in not choosing the lesser of two evils, and simply just choosing someone who took a stand and took it to the U.S. Supreme Court. They may be the highest court we can see in America, but I believe there is one above them in the heavens; that in Gods hands.
If Obama were to win in America in 2012 perhaps it will be the lesson needed to the majority who put him there, from God, to make of you Patriots of Freedom and Liberty like nothing else would. I know being enslaved myself 8 years as a prisoner of a usurped Constitution by the majority in Utah and the deaf ear of the United States Supreme Court for evidence held by the Presidency of the Mormon or LDS Church, that I became a Patriot of our Constitution like I had never been before.
Then by God your prayers would reach into the heavens and I think that while God might be slow to hear you he would, by the bloodiest revolution America has ever pondered, set your free again, and by that you wouldn't forget it for 1000 years.
In God's mind, perhaps the greatest lesson to the greatest amount of people, is the best lesson anyway and by that standard I sure wouldn't put it past him, in my own religious sentiment.
So, minus the words that voting for a "Mormon" is a no can do, and perhaps inserting the understanding that voting for a President who has taken a stand against Obama's eligibility consistently since 2008 is a must, here is Dr. James David Manning's articulate report on that matter that rings truth in the matter of apposing a political loss for Obama because he still gets the pension and the presidential library, and the obamanation of history I am apposed to as my founding fathers in America were also.
Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
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Cody Robert Judy's U.S. Supreme Court Case Boosted for Conference
In David Weldon v. Obama you'll notice it was docketed July 2nd, and now was scheduled for distribution of conference Aug 8th for Sept. 24th. That is 36 days in between the time it was docketed and the time a docket report was made Aug 8th of the distribution for conference.
My case Judy v. Obama  My case was docketed July 17th and its been 44 days and it is still there has been no docketed date for it or when it is distributed for conference.
Now, according to Van Irions- Liberty Legal "Some have suggested that the Court’s failure to order the President to respond to LLF’s petition is a sign that the Court has already decided that it will deny our petition. Normally it is true that if the Court is interested in a case it will order the opposing side to file a response to the petition.However, because of the importance of this case it could be that the Court has decided to accept the case without needing to review a response from Mr. Obama. It is also possible that the Court has recognized that ordering a response could delay the case beyond the November election.
As we learned last June, it is very difficult to determine what the Supreme Court will do in any given situation. We are glad to know that we will have an answer before the end of next month."
Van Irions also has promised to file an Emergency Motion that the case be heard before the Nov. Election, but no record indicates it has been done. I filed my Emergency Motion and it was docketed as "Petitioner's Supplemental Brief" on the docket.
Of course I'm wondering what might be up. Logically, the court might have received more cases so that the ratio of time of docket to time of setting for conference is not kept. I thought I shouldn't be more then 14 days behind their case, but I'm also wondering if what Van Irions is saying is correct- and the Court was indeed forwarded my Emergency Brief and has looked at my case.
Understanding that Obama's lawyer also received my Emergency Brief and refused to answer, and because my Emergency Brief outlined time to respond and time to argue, that the Court would consider Obama's Team in default to ANY RESPONSE OR ORAL ARGUMENT, and thus simply rule on the merits of my case THAT they are free to make a decision on now anytime. I wonder if we could be actually that close and not even realize it?
This morning I called the United States Supreme Court Court case analyst assigned to me and inquired of the discrepancy and it was immediately rectified, in away that surprised me.
Not only was my case set for conference but it was set for the very first date available for conference after Summer Recess which was Sept 24th, 2012 and is the same day that Weldon v. Obama was set.
Now the interesting thing about this is the Court will consider all the Georgia Cases appealed at the same time. What they will find however is the normal dismissal for standing and cause of action upon which relief can be granted that thus far has been the BIGGEST factor in dismissing the cases does not exist in my case.
The other factor that must be considered now also is the IF Obama is made the Democratic Party nominee in the Sept 6th at the Democratic Party National Convention, Mitt Romney could conceivably contend Obama is NOT QUALIFIED as a Natural Born Citizen, and it would send the Democratic Party back to a state prior to the National Convention in which delegates would perhaps have to re-think their nomination or ultimately sacrifice the election to Mitt Romney entirely.
I am very pleased to have actually been boosted at least 2 weeks from my docketing date and to receive the Sept. 24th, 2012 conference date as of today, August 30th, 2012.
Please enjoy the latest commercials that the Campaign has put out.
1 Min Spot The Trial of Leadership- Obama's not a Natural Born Citizen
2- 30 Sec. Spot Birtherism American Exceptualism
3- 30 Sec. Spot Mitt Romney Believes in America?
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
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Emergency Notification to Chief Justice John Roberts- Will he take a stand for the Constitution?
The ink hasn't yet dried on the opinions of the Justices in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Cases that Chief Justice John Roberts sided on as Constitutional because of the 'legal taxing abilities of Congress' and the Chief Justice has upon his desk an EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION regarding the eligibility of Barack Obama in the competitive race for the Democratic Nomination being held September 5th, 2012 in Charlotte North Carolina.
Cody Robert Judy has pleaded his case through the Judicial Branch in Georgia all the way up to the United States Supreme Court asserting that Obama is not a natural born citizen, and if made the National Democratic Party Nominee may face an Eligibility Challenge from the Republican National Nominee in a tight race that could debilitate the Democratic Parties chances to recover before the General Election in November.
In the Emergency Notification that demands Chief Justice Roberts attention during the Summer Recess of the Court, Petitioner and Registered Democratic Party Candidate for President Mr. Judy asserts that the Court's recess during Summer is in conflict with the Democratic National Convention being held September 5th, 2012, and that unless the Court decides the case in August in a Special Session, the Court may well prejudice itself out of Redressability, as well as open the door for it to be decided in the General Election that could cause much more wide spread discontent, as well as prejudicing himself as the petitioner.
The Emergency Notification to Justice Roberts was sent July 30th,2012 and indeed places the eligibility of Barack Obama as a 'natural born citizen in sharp contrast with the eligibility demands of the United States Constitution.
To date the United States Supreme Court has never heard the case of Barack Obama's eligibility dismissing half a dozen other petitions seeking the Court's supervisory powers due to conflicts in Standing and Jurisdiction.
Cody Robert Judy asserts his case is the first case to come to the Supreme Court of the United States in living action during the race, before a Democratic Party National Nominee was chosen, by another Candidate running for President in the same party.
Cody's case is the first of its kind to also submit evidence to the lower Courts that has reached now the U.S. Supreme Court from a law enforcement investigation. Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse released evidence on March 1st, 2012 that included 2200 hours that reasonably questioned and now has concluded that Barack Obama's released long form Birth Certificate is definitely a forgery as well as problems with his Draft Registration.
Judy's complaint surrounds the Eligibility of Barack Obama placed on the Primary Ballot by the Democratic Chairmen's of each State, but is ultimately certified by the Secretary of State(s) whose duty is more to the tax payers who pay for Primaries and the Constitution of which Secretary-Of-States swear an oath to, then to the Democratic Party Chairmen's who have prejudiced his name as a choice for voters in the Primaries.
"If the Democratic Party were to nominate Barack Obama as the National Nominee, and the election were close, the Republican National Party Nominee would have every Constitutional Right to challenge Obama's eligibility after September 5th,2012", Judy said, "Its much better if we deal with it prior to the General Election and the Nominations of both major parties, and that's the reason I've pulled the Emergency handle of the United States Supreme Court which should be used only in rare instances."
The Republican Party's National Convention held in Tampa, Florida precedes the Democratic Parties this year, and is scheduled for August 27th - 30th 2012.
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
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Remember our Framers and Founders in Judy v. Obama SCOTUS 12-5276
In a newly released video The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign reflects the principles and standards of our framers and founders that have been ingrained in us. This certainly presents a genuine reflecting pool for Americans to all ponder. 
From one who earned a reputation as a great communicator , Ronald Reagan said, "Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again."
It is very easy to see that in no point in our modern history has our Constitution come under such a heavy domestic threat from the very people who have enjoyed the freedom of speech and freedom of the press. 
Getting close to politicians, the press in many cases now days, must often acquiesce their stories for Government approval for the politically correct establishment of the State. While 
'being in' is certainly "no sin", the price is often compromising professional journalism. 
No where in our American history have we seen this placed upon the sacrificial table more then Obama's fraudulent identification transparency by the press. Indeed it may well be said in our future that "The Press" lost itself in the dis-ease of the "State" and they along with the United States Supreme Court Justices become relics to the principle they once served that was surrendered by their own hands.

Remember Framers and Founders in Judy v. Obama United States Supreme Court 12-5276

Cody Robert Judy reflects on his childhood and compares the demolition of his fathers house to the demolition of the United States Constitution. "Yet", he reflects, " The founding fathers built on straight and sound principles and those have been ingrained in me". The Judy v. Obama U.S. Supreme Court Case challenges the crooked and twisted path of Obama's fraudulent identification transparency.
Cody Robert Judy continues to raise the voice of warning and fight with courage the onslaught of negativity that comes from the very people he is fighting to protect: Those who actually depend upon the Constitution but "think" they don't or that it will never change.
Asked upon where he draws the strength to continue Cody has no problem acknowledging the Creator whose blessings of love flow from Heaven like the sweetest nectar one could imagine.
"I've endeared things that I thought I couldn't endure", Cody said, " I remember the onslaught of abuse I received from those in power and control who kept me locked down 23 hours a day in a space as big as your everyday bathroom for nearly 4 years of my 8 years of incarceration because of the length of my hair. It didn't make the least bit of common sense but they did it every day just waiting for me to crack."
 "The guards would come and mock me and tell me it was NEVER going to change; that the Supreme Court would never rule in my favor. That things were set and that's just the way it was. There were men who didn't cut their hair because of religious reasons who also had suffered this miserable cruel and unusual treatment, but I didn't sue them because of that. I sued them because it wasn't a sanitary or health care problem as they insisted, because the women inmates had a code that was one sentence long, "Women inmates can grow their hair as long as they want", it was a discrimination of gender. Something the Supreme Court agreed on".
"Most people could understand that, but somehow someway the ones who got into powerful positions had lost their common sense. They had gone crazy and were the loons. That's a scary situation to be in and we are very close to that when it comes to the respect of our Constitution, and the understanding of exactly what freedom and liberty creates verses the lock down of an enslaved population."
"What Ronald Reagan said is very true, 'Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again." Much of the press ignores the actions of Obama releasing  compromised identification papers, and a host of other willful malfeasance and called it legit, and instead want to focus on my incarceration which is over on an offense of words made in a religious meeting some 20 years ago. That doesn't make any sense."
 "I've told people I paid society what they wanted completely and our United States Constitution declares that we will NOT discriminate in the political arena denying people the right to vote, and in such the right to run for office, based on race, color, or previous conditions of servitude. In truth this is a great lesson on forgiveness we are pressed to understand. You don't keep asking for freight money on something that has been paid for, while some one who hasn't paid any freight, like Obama, is loading the ship up heavy and walking away with it."
 "This case in the United States Supreme Court is not about me and my wrong doing, its about Obama's not telling the truth on his "Declaration of Candidacy" and the fall out from that one lie that continues to rack up points on being the biggest fraud and forgery in our history! For all intensive purposes the Utah Media is Republican.. the majority of Politicians in Utah are Republican, and this "was the place" that had no problem doing to me what they did which is consistent with the national Republican Party sweeping their own complacency under the rug of the biggest fraud and forgery case in American history. How can they deny that?"

"Now asking me how they should feel about it, is not something I care to comment about. Maybe it is something you should ask them about, because it doesn't make any sense to me? That to me is bizarre, loony, crazy, and just plain weird as it relates to the sound conservative principles of the Founders and Framers of the United States of America?"

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
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as seen on:
Why I took Obama to Court on his Eligibility?
Many people have asked me why I took Obama to Court on his eligibility. The demands of the United States Constitution for the Office of President in the United States Constitution demand a ‘natural born citizen’. Determined by the laws of nature and held in the United States Supreme Court as precedent, that means simply,” Born in the United States to citizen parents”.
The two prong test essentially eliminates “foreign” influence in the Commander-In-Chief’s position.  This has been a thorn in the side of the enemies of the United States since the signing of the Constitution.
Some would say Obama’s managed okay and he hasn’t done anything wrong.  Many others would look at his record and recognize in his first term a dangerous shadow and foreboding which confronts our national security both economically and militarily if Obama is allowed to propagate the simply lie he told when he witnessed on his “Declaration of Candidacy” that he was a ‘natural born citizen’.
Through the broad and warm smile of Obama’s polished white teeth is one who makes a lie, laughs, and mocks the truth. In this he defies God, and places promises of his own safety and comforts over and above others and in this the regard for the innocent is completely lost.
Perhaps Obama himself doesn’t recognize in his own denial the venom perpetrated upon his own children in such, but his own family is a victim of it; and if he’s willing to do such to his own, how much easier is it to do to yours? It certainly appears the philosophy of Obama lies is in the paradox that if you tell the lie long enough that it will become the truth to you.
I suppose the truth in my suing Obama remains that his lie came home to personally affect me, my campaign for President in 2008 and 2012, and everyone in the United States. Obama’s lie doesn’t simply affect a small pool of people around him, but traverses the entire Untied States, and affects our history, our current state, and our future generations.
 That kind of a circle is something that even most elected politicians haven’t seen the gravity in ignoring nor heeded the flashing red lights and warning signs they have felt in the pit of their stomach. They have even become callused to the evidence of law enforcement investigations such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse who’s spent literally thousands of hours dissecting the government docs Obama has chosen to represent himself with.
The audacity of hope and change has become the audacity of cover-up and scandal in forgery-gate that makes Water-gate look like a ( home-made water fall in contrast with ( Niagara Falls.
Many also have been lulled into a sullied passivism that the enemies of the United States are incapable, incompetent, or have long been vanquished. Many in the United States have even begin holding a grudge against the United State’s goodness in favor of progressivism they hold as a mark of their own bad lot in life compared with their neighbors. The sin of coveting thy neighbor’s property is seen as the justification of spreading the wealth by force and confiscation in giving the government more and more power over the independent lives of the individual.
When you consider that in combination with the same kind of pressure from those outside the United States who also envy and seek to climb up the economic ladder by pulling someone down, you understand that the United States formidably has many enemies. These are hidden in disguise but I assure you that when the dastardly plan to wreck the United States both economically and militarily doesn’t go according to plan, those enemies will come out of hiding and there will be no further doubt in your mind.
I have no doubt that if the whole world combines against the United States solid principles of freedom and liberty which has come to be represented in our history and mark in the world, that though we may pay a heavy price for it, the union will stand. We are not built on a lie. The bedrock of the United States is as solid of truth in the eye of divine power as God is God that led the Israelites out of the bondage of Pharos’s Egypt into the bastion of freedom and liberty.
Though we may walk in the shadow of death, and hell may rage all around us, we shall fear no evil in the hand of our God-Creator clearly represented in arms of Lady Liberty statuette torch and tablets evoking the law that has come to be called the United States Constitution and our independence of July 4th,1776.
The very first thing I took courage in was seeing “76” in the last two digits of my case number in Judy v. Obama 12-1576 and the representation to me that I was TAKING A STAND for our independence mirroring the title of my book Taking A Stand- The Conservative Independent Voice.
As soon as Obama made the decision to become part of something illegal and contrary to our law in the United States Constitution that was as personal as his simple “Declaration of Candidacy”, he made the choice of what side of the line he was standing on. Every opportunity has been given to him to resign his post as a ‘disability’ but he has remained boldly cowardice in his own knowledge that he is not a natural born citizen, representing himself falsely.
I can speak with all of my faults and frailties weaknesses and imperfections solemnly, that at least I am qualified to be President of the United States of America. I represent myself in truth and there is no lie in my foundation, nor will it crack or crumble for it is eternal and made strong by the fires of Celestial Heavens where corruption and dilapidation have no hold on the vision of our future of real truth and light and where though hell may rage with the gnashing of teeth it hath no power but to bruise my heel.
Please permit my eternal gratitude to God and the instruments of the eternal promise proclaimated by our Founders, Framers, Sons of the Republic, and our first President George Washington, that this Union of the United States of America shall stand so help us God.
Please help me with your contributions to this Campaign that is courageously upholding our United States Constitution here.

My sincere condolences go out to those injured and the families of those whom were lost in the tragic shooting in Colorado. May God bless them in their recovery and grief.

Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
Campaign Commercial :CRJ TV
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A Mound-Of-Mitt Judy v. Obama SCOTUS Faces Romney as a Birther Motion & Order
Why did Mitt Romney become a Birther? Find out how a Mound-of-Mitt could effect the election in the logic before the U.S. Supreme Court submitted in the United States Supreme Court by Cody Robert Judy in Judy v. Obama July 14th,2012.
See the Motion & Order here.
The affective position of this Motion and ORDER is actually in protection of the Democratic Party Nominee of which it is easily assumed more than half of all Americans have a stake in for election of the next President of the United States.
 Assuming for instance, the Court does not hear this action, or adopt the Petitioner’s ORDER, the result could substantially affect the election process in the following scenario. Mitt Romney becomes the nominee for the Republican Party, and once he has the nomination, with affective and competitive standing, (just like Petition has right now within the Democratic Party), decides because he is down in the polls to challenge Barack Obama’s eligibility because he is not qualified as a natural born citizen, and wins affectively eliminating the entire Democratic Party chances in the election because it’s too late to reorganize prior the November 6th 2012 election.
If the Court somehow believes or is certain Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee would not do such a thing basically all of the lower Court’s decisions that represent dismissals because of Standing are moot, because a parties nominee has affective standing to challenge any other Parties Candidate for eligibility. If for instance Barack Obama won the Democratic Party nomination and went on to win the general election but Mitt Romney had filed a eligibility complaint to this Court having lost in a very close call, Mitt Romney could Constitutionally remove Barack Obama from his general election win, and that could cause a real chaos in the Nation. Hence it is a much better scenario for the Court to hear this challenge now, and procedurally adopt this Motion and grant the ORDER attached.
Link to read entire Motion & Order here
Check this CRJ Video out and more on YouTube Channel CODE4PRES or CRJ TV
Politicians Like Romney think the Constitution will kill us

Stay Tuned in for further developments in this Case and please realize that Cody Robert Judy needs your assistance now more then ever. Please make a contribution and join Cody in this fight to save our Country and Constitution.

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign


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Well folks, what many said would never and could never happen is actually happening. When you read the following letter and see the ORDER Cody Robert Judy has submitted for the United States Supreme Court, you might feel a chill run up your leg if your a Birther.
If your an anti-birther, for there exist only two planes to catch on this issue regarding the ineligibility of Barack Obama qualified for the Office of the President according to the demands of the United States Constitution ( "Birther" and " Anti-Birther"), you may experience a slight cold dizzy spell for you'll recognize along with the Birthers that this has NEVER happened before!
Let me write that one more time: This has NEVER happened before!
100% of the law suits brought against Barack Obama's eligibility have been dismissed either in lower courts or the United States Supreme Court because of "Standing" or "Jurisdiction".
Before the United States Supreme Court now in Judy v. Obama are two Presidential Candidates competing for delegates at the NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION in Charlotte, South Carolina.
In the first movie National Treasure - Actor Nicholas Cage utters as the last word before he found the treasure, could the secret really be that simple, " The secret lies in Charlotte" as he inserts the key and twist unlocking the door to the treasure hidden by Founding Fathers see Trailer here:
While our Constitution is our National Treasure, it has never happened that a challenger for President has actually reeled another candidate for President into The UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT, especially before the National Convention of the Democratic Party, where a decision from the Justices could have a legal bearing on the eligibility requirement demanded in the United States Constitution.
It's unheard of. The closest anyone has ever got to this was Diplomat and Reagan appointed Ambassador Alan Keyes running for president as a Republican in 2008 but that wasn't even heard seen in the U.S. Supreme Court until 2011, where the U.S. Supreme Court refused the Petition upholding the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision that Keyes was not a candidate for President in 2012, nor had he obtained his Parties nomination to represent the Republicans.
This is unprecedented to have a Democratic Candidate for President challenging Barack Obama in the Democratic Party, and to have it hit the U.S. Supreme Court before the Democratic National Convention has taken place is the U.S. Supreme Court in Star Trek's, "Warp-speed Scotty".
Upon hearing the news that he was finally going to get his Case in the U.S. Supreme Court Cody responded with a big grin;
" Well, this journey has been an uphill battle that felt as if I was being pelted with stones the whole way up the Hill. I've done the best I could with what I had available to me, which wasn't much. It took me about 10 times to make it up the hill resubmitting over and over and over again, I think like 10 times, but it's good... it feels real good. I'm kind of reminded of the song I wrote "Big Things Happen Everyday" ,because this is a pretty big thing happening."
When asked whether he thought the U.S. Supreme Court would hear the Petition the Democratic Party Candidate for President said,
"That is not my department, that is the Justices of United States Supreme Court's decision. The only thing I know is I've done what I needed to do to get it to them in time ,they do have time for a decision, and I have "competitive standing" seeking to uphold not only the eligibility requirements of the Office of President in the Constitution, but the Legislative Mandate made so by proposals that the Constitution's demand be changed having never made it out of a Legislative Committee. I suppose at this juncture the U.S. Supreme Court is the check and balance of our Republic."
Judy continued, "I do want to thank everyone who has contributed to my campaign. We haven't got a lot of big contributions or a Super PAC supporting my campaign, however everyone who has contributed from many of the States- Maryland, Arizona, Georgia, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Utah, California, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, Wisconsin you Patriots know who you are, have been very appreciated and crucial without which I could not have come this far. I need your help more now then ever before, please log on to and contribute to this Campaign making a stand for our Constitution."
The United States Supreme Court is believed to have a case number in reserve for Judy v. Obama owing to their instruction to Mr. Judy to get to them the Stamped copies of the lower court decisions on track to be released to the public sometime after the 18th of July, 2012.
Continued here:
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Three Bullet Points:

1) Cody Rrt Judy v. Barack Hussein Obama has been docketed in the Georgia Supreme Court Case No. S12D1584

2) Within the Application for Review is Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse which concluded there is probable cause that Obama’s long form birth certificate released by Obama is a forged document as well as Obama’s selective service draft registration.

3) With the three questions asked in the Supreme Court Application the Justices will have a candidate with standing, asking about the precedent of the U.S. Supreme Court on ‘natural born citizen’ and the ground work that a denial basically sets starts precedent for a release of anyone who has committed fraud or forgery.
The questions asked a Supreme Court are not to be taken lightly. They involve deep rooted issues that often affect each and every person and touch families in the living room.

Our United States Constitution is a document that is considered whole. In other words, deconstruction of any one part of it is a violation of precedent and the rules of construction. In laymen’s terms you can’t start withdrawing bricks from any wall and expect not to have sirens go off.

De-construction of the Constitution is exactly what Obama subscribes to though and has done so since swearing by oath that he was a “natural born citizen” qualified for the office of the President.

While Court clerks and Secretaries of States’ are the gate keepers, they don’t profess to be able to stand up to someone out right lying to them under oath. That is essentially how Obama has managed his way into the White House since his late summer win over Hillary Clinton in 2008 and subsequent win over Republican Sen. John McCain.
Drawn into the summer, gave Obama a big strategic advantage. Why sue a candidate if he’s not going to be the nominee? Who knows if a challenge should be mounted? I’m sure you get the point. By the time Obama was declared the Democratic Nominee his snowball chance was rolling with loads of cash to protect him from Ballot Challenges in every state, and any Presidential Candidate chances of getting to a Supreme Court that had not already received Obama favors, ie Sen. John McCain’s Sen. Res. 511 declaring the Panama son an American ‘natural born citizen’, co-chaired by Obama, was left to write-in candidates or third party candidates.

In 2011 the 9th Circuit Court of appeals ruled that Presidential candidates have standing, but those challenging in 2008 didn’t seem to be running in 2012, so couldn’t claim continued damages. Retrospective damage was dismissed by the Court in the ruling of Barnett v. Obama.

2012 dawns a new light. While the Birther movement has continually been scalded by the media and stung as fringe, the true sting is an assault upon the qualification of the President to hold office demanded by the Constitution which is as was said not a document that invites further construction without a 2/3rd majority of Congress.
The 8-12 challenges to the clause even from the onslaught of Obama’s political career in Illinois outlining the qualifications of the Office of the President in the legislature have all been soundly defeated.
Why main stream media doesn’t champion those defeats in the legislature and accredit the Birther movement to the sound principle championed by the Legislative Branch to Main Street is pretty good writing on the wall that spots a corporate agenda.

Today, June 7th,2012 Cody Robert Judy ( a presidential candidate in the Democratic Party) v. Barack Hussein Obama has been docketed in the Georgia Supreme Court in a application for review. What makes this case so unique is it is brought by a Candidate for President that started at the lowest level – A Ballot Challenge, for the court that means it has roots, and now that is in the highest court of the State of Georgia that ultimately is charged to protect the United States Constitution, things could be different.
You can’t find an Obama eligibility challenge anywhere in 2012 that has a Candidate for President in the same party, coming to the highest Court of the State, with time for their decision to make a difference before the Democrat National Convention in September. Supreme Courts have a reputation of making sure if they do rule on a case that their decision is not moot.

If the prospective of the Occupant of the White House being a total fraud offering forged documents as accrediting his qualification isn’t enough to unhinge your gate and you think Cody’s just spouting his mouth, wait just a minute there’s more. You probably have heard of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse that consisted of 2200 hours of law enforcement investigation on Obama’s long form birth certificate?
Cody Robert Judy was the first qualified Candidate for the Office of the President to grab hold of that law enforcement investigation with the integrity of upholding the law and on March 2nd,2012 placed that whole investigation into the Superior Court of Georgia’s consideration which now the Supreme Court has as a staggering dismissal on their plate.

A good read of the questions presented to the Supreme Court shows the corner Obama has placed upon Justice in the United States. If the Court hears the case and agrees with precedent, Obama could be placed as a ‘disability’ to the Constitution and Congress could be placed on Notice to act on his removal as a ‘disability’.
If the Supreme Court doesn’t act, legal construction exist to free anyone in the Georgia penal system or for that matter the United States, to be set free sentenced by the law on crimes of fraud or forgery, because what’s good for Obama ought to be good for any prisoner convicted or sentenced by the law, if allowed, Obama skirts. That quandary exists in Cody Robert Judy’s 3rd question to the Justices in Georgia.

Obama’s probability to have it both ways is the sort of non-transparency that has existed from Obama’s first executive order sealing all his documents. Only problem with those executive orders is they are no good unless they are signed by an eligible President under the Constitution.

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