birth of chinese communism (1)



       General Motors a.k.a. “Government Motors” (henceforth referred to as GM) in late 2010 agreed to sponsor a propaganda film celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP):   your bailout cash hard at work!  The now completed film, whose title literally translated into English is “The Great Achievement of Founding the Party,” will open all over China on June 15th.  The film produced by the Cadillac division of GM glorifies the CCP, which under their patron saint, Mao Tse Dong, sent some 60 million Chinese souls to heaven a bit earlier than planned.  Young Mao and his lover are featured in the film paying homage to the author of The Little Red Book, he of the face so often seen on T-shirts these days.

       According to an announcement posted on Shanghai GM’s official web site yesterday, the film will discuss events that led up to the formation of the CCP following the 1917 Russian Revolution. When the movie first went into production GM signed up Cadillac as the “chief business partner” with the Communist Party, stating: “Cadillac whole-heartedly supports the making of The Birth of a Party.”

       In the same way that the CCP has married totalitarianism with capitalism; and fools the Chinese people and her guests with entertainment extravaganzas like the recent Olympic Games . . . so too the Obama administration has married the American Communist Party with progressive Democratic political correctness so that today only those songbirds among us echoing the Obama dogma 24-7; or the most abject imbeciles can prosper in the Brave New World of Barack’s Crony- Capitalism.  That the once proud General Motors eagerly takes part in creation of such a shameless propaganda output shows you how easily one loses integrity in the shadow of the Obama White House.  Of course, based on the high quality of GM products like its electric car the Volt, there’s a good chance that the great film will start with a series of snippets from the Usama Bin Laden porn cache with a voice-over of Barack’s most inspiring speeches all served with popcorn and chop suey – phooey!


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