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I wanted to share the following thought-provoking video from the recent past where Dr. James Manning explained why he believes Andrew Breitbart was assassinated as it relates to Extortion 17 (SEAL Team 6) and the Osama Bin Laden raid-You Decide:

Video: Dr. Manning Explains Why Andrew Breitbart Was Assassinated As It Relates to Extortion 17 and Osama Bin Laden Raid!-Posted on JUN J-On November 26, 2016:

I also wanted to take the liberty of sharing the following letter that I forwarded to our NM U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman, on or about August 15, 2011, respectfully requesting the conduct of a Congressional investigation into what I consider to be the mysterious circumstances surrounding the downing of a Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan, on or about August 6, 2011, which 'killed 22 SEAL Team 6 members', along with the 'security breach' that I believe was perpetrated shortly after the helicopter was downed. Also included is his response to my request, which I received, on or about August 24, 2011.  I believe that the disturbing information revealed in the above thought-provoking video relates to and/or further supports my letter to my NM U.S. Representative-You Decide:

4063573054?profile=originalLetter to NM U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman (re: Request For Congressional Investigation Into Mysterious Downing of Chinook Helicopter in Afghanistan)!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On August 30, 2011:

What follows are just a few of the numerous articles and/or videos that are included in my above blog, which I am taking the liberty of sharing with you because I believe that they are not only pertinent to this issue, but relate to and/or further support the above Dr. Manning video-You Decide:

4064265282?profile=originalVideo: The Navy Seals Assassination - Obama Collusion!-Posted on ATLAHWorldwide-On August 20, 2011:

Video: Osama Bin Laden HOAX — "He Was Never In Abbottābad, Pakistan!"-Posted on Preserve Our Freedoms-On May 4, 2011:

Video: Proof: Bin Laden Death Another Gov't Lie!-Posted on The Alex Jones Channel-On May 12, 2011:

Video: A Hardcore Proof that Osama Bin Laden's Death was a FRAUD!-Posted on Kiluminati-On June 23, 2011:

Video: NEVER HAPPENED - Abbottabad Pakistan Villagers, Osama Bin Laden Video Was Faked – BBC!-Posted on FacelesswithEyesOpen-On November 18, 2011:

Video: Osama Bin Laden Dead Since 2001 (In 2007 Benazir Bhutto Revealed That Osama Bin Laden Was Dead)!-Posted on FacelesswithEyesOpen-On February 26, 2012:

4063370827?profile=originalVideo: Benazir Bhutto Assassination in 2007!-Posted on FacelesswithEyesOpen-On February 26, 2012:

Video: Neighbor says Osama Bin Laden Did not live in the house in Pakistan!-Posted on FacelesswithEyesOpen-On March 1, 2012:

4063370800?profile=originalVideo: America DEMANDS a U.S. Congressional Investigation Into Leaking the Deaths of SEAL TEAM 6 Members!-Posted on markcampbell-On August 8, 2011:

4063370850?profile=originalVideo: SEAL Team 6 Assassinated!-Posted on tunnabrix-On August 9, 2011:

4063370784?profile=originalLeaked: Bin Laden not buried at sea, body moved on CIA plane to US!-Posted on March 6, 2012:

4063370983?profile=originalLAWSUIT DEMANDS BIN LADEN BURIAL RECORDS: ‘I suspect the Obama administration is embarrassed by ceremony’!-Posted on July 27, 2012:

4063371017?profile=originalObama administration still witholding bin Laden burial info!-Posted on The Daily Caller-By Matthew Boyle, Investigative Reporter-On November 27, 2012:

4063371052?profile=originalVideo: Bin Laden Raid A Smokescreen For BHO Eligibility Hearing!-Posted on Western Journalism-By KRIS ZANE-On December 6, 2012:

4063370948?profile=originalVideo: Dr. Steve Pieczenik: Osama Bin Laden Was a Total False Flag!-Posted on TheAlexJonesChannel-On March 27, 2013:

Video: SEAL TEAM SIX - Extortion 17 EXPOSED - Obama Failures!-Posted on theunitedwest-On May 9, 2013:

Video: Families of Seal Team 6 Blame Obama & Administration - Parents Slam Obama & Admin!-Posted on KateSlate11-On May 10, 2013:

Video: Seal Team 6 Funeral Ceremony w/ Obama Hired Muslim Priest to Damn Them To ETERNAL HELL!-Posted on Patriot News Organization-On May 13, 2013:

4063371105?profile=originalVideo: Obama’s SEAL Team 6 Coverup!-Posted on Western Journalism-By KRIS ZANE-On May 30, 2013:

Video: Father of Murdered Navy Seal Team 6 Speaks Out!-Posted on The Alex Jones Channel-On August 9, 2013:

4063371148?profile=originalVideo: Was SEAL Team 6 Murdered?-Posted on Western Journalism-By KRIS ZANE-On November 26, 2013:

4063371099?profile=originalDOD Destroys Bin Laden Death Photos After FOIA Request!-Posted on Before It’s News-By Mark Brander-On February 11, 2014:

4063371318?profile=originalExtortion 17: Congress to revisit raid on helicopter that killed 38!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Asst Natl Dir Melony B. DeFord-On February 21, 2014:

Video: Michael Savage: Seal Team Six Was 'Set Up and Murdered in Afghanistan’!-Posted on RT America -On July 8, 2014:

4063371336?profile=originalParents of Fallen SEAL Team VI Member Write Open Letter Demanding President Obama’s resignation!-Posted on Eagle Rising-By Onan Coca-On September 3, 2014:

I believe that the above thought-provoking articles and videos relate to and/or further support my following blogs-You Decide:

4064265282?profile=originalWhy did a black preacher from Harlem have a “hit” placed on his life?“hit”-on-his-life/


Investigators Find That Obama's Online Birth Certificate Presented To The American Public Is 'Fake'!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On December 15, 2016:

4064265344?profile=originalThe Greatest Fraud Perpetrated in American History!


Dogs of War, Architects of Terror!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On January 4, 2017:

4063518162?profile=originalUN Kangaroo Court Implodes Amid Threat to Prosecute U.S. Troops!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On November 18, 2016:

Time To Remember The Price Of Freedom!

4063518143?profile=originalWhen Loving Your Country And It’s Constitution Makes You As A Domestic Terrorist!

4063371920?profile=originalObamanites Get Violent in Support of the Agenda!

4063359777?profile=originalNote:  The following videos wholeheartedly share my sentiments regarding what we are currently experiencing in America today-You Decide:

4063590393?profile=originalA Republic, If You Can Keep It!

4063360053?profile=originalThe Fightin Side of Me!

4063359977?profile=originalWhen Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty!

4063359777?profile=originalNote:  If you have a problem viewing any of the listed blog and/or videos, please copy website link and paste it on your browser.  Sure seems like any subject matter that may be considered controversial by this administration is being censored-What happened to free speech?-You Decide:

“Food For Thought”

4063359991?profile=originalHello: Are Americans Going To Wake Up and Take a Stand Before The Lights Go Out?-God Bless America!

God Bless Our Country/Republic.
Semper Fi!

Please See:

Dr. James Manning Explains Why He Believes Andrew Breitbart Was Assassinated!-Posted on New American Gazette-On December 12, 2016:

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4063823058?profile=originalOsama bin Laden - Professor says he was a freedom fighter

photo credit - Telegraph

A California professor is teaching his students that the devastating attack on America on September 11th 2001 was engineered by an Osama Bin Laden: Freedom Fighter, according to Fox News. Professor Emmit Evans who teaches at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo is using his political science lectures to rewrite history for students who in taking his class must use his book.

The book, which he co-authored called “The Other World,” portrays the mass murdering Al Qaeda mastermind and leader of the terrorist organization as a simple freedom fighter. On the other hand this leftist-leaning lecturer portrays the United States as, a “neocolonial power,” that had to be targeted for its efforts to “prop up” Saudi Arabia.

The students learn that the means justify the ends and that innocent-minded Osama Bin Laden had to engage in mass murder of innocent Americans in order to send a message to the, “ corrupt and repressive regime” in Saudi Arabia. Dangerous rants of a fringe professor could be one way of looking at the effort by Professor Evans to sanitize the recent history of America’s national tragedy. Yet there appears to be more to this professor’s agenda than just showing Osama bin Laden as some shining white knight of Arabia.

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Obama Earns Kudus for
Bin Laden Raid, Slaying
Censure for Loud Mouth

     In an ideal world, President Obama would be telling us three weeks from now that Usama Bin Laden was killed, showing us a picture of the evil one in death, and saying that the information captured with him had already led to the killing of five other Al Qaeda bigwigs and the capture of three others. Mr. Obama deserves high praise for his decision to launch a gutsy Seal strike on the compound in Pakistan where UBL has been hiding out for about six years . . . he deserves acute censure for the idiocy of showboating on this when by merely keeping the secret for a few days, he’d be allowing American intelligence officials to deal a far greater blow to Al Qaeda. The CIA’s top officials must be going nuts taking orders from this idiot.
Ya'all live long, strong and ornery,
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