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F is for Friendship

Proverbs 18:24 KJV
King James Version
"A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly : and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother."

My sister is like a friend. But I have a friend Becky of forty plus years.  She sticks closer than a sister almost.  It is hard to distinguish between the two.  Why?  Because both are my friends, my best friends.

What is a friend?

  1. (Miriam Webster) a person who you like and enjoy being.
  2. (Miriam Webster) a favored companion.
  3. (Miriam Webster) a person who has a strong liking for and trust in another.

Synonyms (Miriam Webster) cohort, confident, supporter, collaborator, and main woman.

Becky and Twila meet all of these critera.

Sandra's (my defenition) of friendship.

1.  Shared experiences.
2. Support each other in all life needs.
3. Keep in touch often.
4. Help each other in all needs.
5. Will be there in all future life expereinces and future needs.
6. We do this because we care an love each other.

My sister Twila has been around since my birth.  We had our differences growing up. I owe my sister plenty.  If I need her she is always there to help and support me.  I love her not because of this but because she loves me and does it out of love.  She is an angel on earth.

Becky is my friend that got in trouble with and we grew up together.  We learned about life together.  We learned from our mistakes with one another.  We decided what kind of parents we would be because of what we did wrong.

Becky keeps in touch with me almost daily.  Cares like a sister.  She is part of my family.  She grew up knowing my sister Twila and her best friend Kathy, now my sister-in-law and another friend.

Friendship means we can call on one another anytime and we all come running not out of duty but because we care.  I am blessed to have Becky, Twila and Kathy and others in my life.

KJV Provers 27:5  Open rebuke is better than secret love.

Friends will openly rebuke you.  Hoesty is something that comes with friendship.  They call you on thing s when you need it.  They slap you down when you need it.  Not physically but with words to make you see what is good and right for you.

What more can I say about friendship?  Friendship is a special kind of love.  If you haven't  known it then you have missed a great thing on Earth. It is not to late.
If you follow the Golden Rule, you will find a friend that will treat you right back with the special kind of love called friendship.

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This Blog Post will be short and to the point. I will basically give a quick summary of each resources and how it is available. The biggest share are available in a PDF on the net. I can explain the content and list the PDF name exactly. I think the names are exact but if not they are close enough for you to find them in order to obtain the resource yourself. I cannot by law copy them and give them to you. If I could I would copy them here and make them easily for you to copy The first PDF is titled “The Future of Children with Disabilities,” from It is volume 22 Number 2 Spring 2012. It contains a number of articles within the PDF; ranging from and introduction on disabilities and the future to emerging technologies. My next pick to place in this mix is on self advocacy and determination. There is the National Gateway sight and resources; twitter handle @gatewaytosd, facbook is gatewaytosd and Utube GagewaytoSD. I can’t speak with certainty about Utube having videos on self advocacy and determination. However, I am pretty certain that Gateway has videos about this topic. The PDF title to look for on the net is 2011_issues1_selfd_selfa.pdf. It deals with advocacy and determination on many levels. The publishers are National Training Institute on Self Determination. As I stated before there are many other resources on the National Gateway and Self Determination site at Here I want to point out the great tool graphic organizers are for teaching to those that lean to the visual learning mode. They can be a great tool for many children tool. Look at these terms and places listed below or put in a search engine to reveal many free resources for graphic organizers. Many can make there own with the word processing software on their computer. The part that deals with accounting or graphic to make tables. There are those that say shapes that can be used to make your own graphic organizer to tailor your mapping of content. But see below for more; Freeology is a place where you can get free graphic organizers Rubistar or putt graphic organizers in any search engine to reveal more sources of free organizers. You may have sign up for a free newsletter but I consider that a small price to pay. It is up to you. I want to bring a term to you called Project Based Learning. See this site for a free article Students basically are applying learning to real world applications or doing case studies. I think this is great for all students but specifically for students with disabilities. Grants from Youth Service America and Service Learning are available for teachers to apply as well as other nonprofits and areas. The next to PDF’s are a result of a ten year study by The National Autism Center’s National Standard’s Report. They deal with best practices in education in healthcare. The one on healthcare can be download by a family touched by autism I believe. The one one on education is free to teachers, educators and maybe homeschoolers. At least this is my understanding. Please read all the declarations and instructions on all the sites and follow the rules. And below are the exact PDF names of the reports: NAC EdManuel1_Finalpdf NAC NSPReport_FINPDF I know these will be of great to use to families, teachers, providers and others working with or associated with autism and special needs.

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