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By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

toby-1.jpg?width=255Well, Golly gee…what do we have here???

While Hillary’s private email accounts have been the subject of great scrutiny, there are other email accounts we seem to have forgotten. Remember Lois Lerner…she of the computer crash and lost emails? She’s back and this time, there is something more than lost emails to discuss.

FOUND emails…no…not from what she claimed was a hard drive crash but…

Emails to and from Lois Lerner…on a SECOND private email account. Emails of official IRS government business no less.

Oh, we knew Lost Email Lois had ONE private account but now, thanks to more FOIA requests or demands from Judicial Watch…we have discovered, from her attorney…Geoffrey J. Klimas…that Lost Email Lois had a SECOND private email account under the name of…Toby Miles.

According to Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton…“It is simply astonishing that years after this scandal erupted we are learning about an account Lois Lerner used that evidently hadn’t been searched.”

Nothing astonishes me regarding the depth of corruption in the Obama regime anymore but I do understand where Fitton is coming from…


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