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Obama's Econimic Ideals

An understanding of political economic systems is important.and necessary to an informed voter.  There are four of these basic systems:  Communism, Socialism, Nazism and Capitalism.  Let’s take a look at each in turn.


Communism as envisioned by Mao Zedong or Mao Tse-tung as we print it here in the US and Joseph Stalin.  Communism is simply a form of government that owns everything and portions out to the people as they see fit to do so. Individual freedom is almost unheard of in these systems.  It inherently derides individual initiative and ambition seeking instead to ‘equalize’ all people and bend them to the will of the governors.  Your job is from the government and they can pay you what ever and however they wish.  Your home belongs to the government and they decide how many as well as who each structure will hold without consulting the occupants.  No ability to forcefully or passively resist is tolerated


Socialism espoused by the Greeks and French and even the English provides for a government that endeavors to use wage earners money in the form of taxes to care for the infirm, elderly and indolent.  Individual freedoms are tolerated until they interfere with the government operation as determined by that government.  All businesses and most of the property is privately owned and pay an enforced tax to support the governments largess. Free speech is usually tolerated; however, the ability to forcefully resist is strictly prohibited.  Extremely strict arms control.  In England not even the police were allowed weapons until late in the twentieth century when they finally woke up to the fact the criminals were armed in spite of the laws.  The police and criminals now carry weapons. The citizenry does not.


Nazism  as practiced by Adolf Hitler and Barak Obama is an economic system that allows each to own their businesses and homes and maintain their own private property, but uses the power inherent in the government to rigidly control how those businesses and properties are managed and used.  Individual freedoms including the right to speak your mind are strictly limited to those that agree with the government and/or those in power.  No ability to forcefully or passively resist is tolerated.


Capitalism as envisioned by Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton et al establishes a government with very little control over the populace and all businesses and property is in the hands of individuals and those businesses with the exception of that property necessary for the operation of the government.  The ability to forcefully resist and speak out is not only allowed but actively encouraged.


There are many examples of different combnations of these systems.  It is generally agreed that our own country began to embrace socialism with FDR; however, it was a more or less gentle encroachment that broadened with each change in administration until the present day.  

Enter Barak Obama.


A little history is required here.  Barak H. Obama, Barry Soretero, or what ever his name is, received his early education in a strict muslim school in a strict muslim country.  ( I will NOT capitalize that word)  He then supposedly received his college education and while pursuing that education enrolled in courses taught by professors who embraced the socialist and in at least two cases the nazi economies.  He attended a church later in life and while in Chicago that was led by a ‘minister’ that railed against the United States and all of its hard won freedoms, calling those freedoms terms like idiotic.  The instructions and teachings this man was exposed to all of his life led him to abhor Communism and particularly the dreaded Capitalism.  He has been diagnosed on three different continents by qualified psychiatrists as suffering from narcissistic personality disorder.  (Those that wish these Drs. names please leave me a message NOT a comment.  I will attempt to either find them again or redo the research.)  One in Israel, one in Switzerland and four on the north American continent.


Let’s take a moment to define that particular sickness.  The simples and most cogent definition I have found is: “Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which the individual is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. This condition affects one percent of the population.  First formulated in 1968, it was historically called megalomania, and is severe egocentrism.“  Basically the person suffering from NPD cannot conceive of themselves being wrong.  In the film To Die For, Nicole Kidman's character wants to appear on television at all costs, even if this involves murdering her husband.  A psychiatric assessment of her character noted that she "was seen as a prototypical narcissistic person by the raters: on average, she satisfied 8 of 9 criteria for narcissistic personality disorder... had she been evaluated for personality disorders, she would receive a diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder."


It would seem from these factors that convincing BOH that he is leading our country down the path of destruction is not a valid strategy.  He must either be suffered or removed.

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Dear Barack Obama,

You once held a job as a senior lecturer in Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago Law School. Rajjpuut takes that to mean that the University of Chicago Law School must have the least competent staff in the world because you, Mr. Obama are clearly the greatest Constitution-Trasher and Constitution-Basher in American presidential history. Everything the Constitution is and desires, you are clearly against. You, in fact, clearly despise the very spirit of that document.

Now some of this can be foregiven (the leftists running much of the media would say “can be understood”) merely by calling you a “progressive” which means among other things that you are “someone who believes the Constitution is a very flawed document which you in your far greater wisdom than the founding fathers realize America must clearly ‘progress beyond’ if the country is to be properly served.” You’re the man, Barack! And since “the man” is actually so much wiser than the founding fathers or so much more in tune with the ”Twenty-first Century needs” of the American Republic . . . then, by all means DO transform us. However, do it up front -- like a man -- don’t continually seek to sneak by every contrived change as something done for our own good engineered for our own good by the shadiest of processes. For example, tell us that you, in your greater wisdom, regard a “Republic” as far inferior to a Marxist state. Tell us that you in your greater compassion, realize that the Bill of Rights is totally outdated and you’ve got better stuff to eventually replace it, oh and by the way, you might even tell us what that replacement would be and what pages of “Das Kapital”** it comes from. Tell us, up front, that you regard capitalism as an abomination that enslaves people and exploits them and then describe the full nature of the communistic state you’re planning for us. It’s really the proper and honest thing to do.

You see, Barak, one reason we Americans, silly of us I know, respect the U.S. Constitution, is that the framers of it and the Declaration of Independence were so open in all their actions and all their words . . . so forgive us if, silly us, we’d like you to be 100% open and above board and admit exactly who and what you are and where you plan on dragging us? Your birth-father whatever his other faults might have been, was an open and honest communist. While deploring his beliefs, Rajjpuut admires his integrity. The same canNOT be said for you, Barack.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


** In “Dreams From My Father” our president showed clear reverence for the man (Barak Hussein Obama, Sr.^^) who wrote the 1965 article linked below, “Problems Facing Our Socialism.” The paper extolls, among other communistic virtues, the proper role of “100% taxation.” On the very first page of the essay, Barak, Sr. even lists his own favorite ideology, “scientific socialism” and immediately makes it precisely clear that to him the term scientific socialism means “communism” and nothing else. In the essay, over and over again he makes obvious his preference for 100% public, rather than private, ownership of land, produce and other property saying “We have to look at priorities in terms of what is good for society and on this basis we may find it necessary to force people to do things they would not do otherwise.” Here is the paper in its entirety:

Notice how often Barak, Sr. openly uses the name “Marx” and the words “tax” and “nationalization” (confiscation of the businesses of foreigners as well as those of non-African Kenyan citizens) in this brief paper. This is the man, his father, whom Barak admired above all others. His hero, instead of George Washington, Lincoln, Reagan, Truman or Kennedy, is this man. And the dreams expressed in this paper and other published works are his dreams . . . dreams from the man (who proved too radical even for a socialist Kenya and was kicked out of his job in the office of Economic Development for “not being able to keep his mouth shut” according to Barak’s half sister in “Dreams From My Father”) he admired most in all the world. For God’s sake, if you wanted to know who Hitler was, read “Mein Kampf,” If you want to know who Barak Obama is, read “Dreams From My Father” (where he deliberately omits the words communist and communism and never tells you about the communist environment he was raised in) and then read Barak H. Obama, Sr.’s dreams in this tiny essay. What he says on page 31 (page 8 of 10 in the article) in particular delineates his dream for Kenya, which is his son’s dream for us. The fact that this dream has not changed, and is NOT likely to change, can be surmised from our president’s twice interrupting his own presidential campaigning to visit Kenya and campaign for the communist candidate for Kenya’s president, his cousin Raila Odinga, and even to twice wearing Muslim attire during that Kenyan campaign as well as ordinary suit and tie at other times.

^^ notice Barak, Sr. spelled his first name without a ‘c’ and apparently never changed his name in any fashion during his life. This Barak without a ‘c’ is how his son’s name was spelled at birth. Barak, Jr., unlike his father, has gone under Barak Obama as well as Barak Sotero (taking on the surname of his mother’s second husband) Barry Sotero, Barry Obama, “Barry Soweto,@” and now Barack with a “c” Obama rather than again being open and honest about who he actually is and what he actually believes in and what he plans for America. Just as Barak, Sr.’s name has now been officially westernized (over about 85% of the internet including Wikipedia) to be the same as his son’s with the “c” changing history . . . Barack Obama believes it is by such little and big changes to transform America into communism: the longheld dream of his father for Kenya.

@ there seems to be nothing beyond sheer whim explaining where the name Barry Soweto came from, but Obama used it exclusively during his undergraduate college years

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Is B.H. Obama, Jr. a socialist?

The answer is yes and no. As the great sage Forest Gump remarked frequently, “stupid is as stupid does.” And socialism is clearly what a socialist does. Rajjpuut has set out numerous times plentiful proof positive of Obama’s not mere socialism but rather his being raised as an abject communist. The material from his autobiography #1 “Dreams from My Father” although he goes well out of his way to omit the words “communism” and “socialism” and the writings and life of his father Barak Hussein Obama, Sr.** (and that is the correct spelling of the older man’s first name and the son’s birth-name spelling: a common Muslim name; the "c" in our Barack's name was added much later during his higher education) clearly reveal strong communistic leanings and influence but then again the worshipful mainstream media forget to tell people about that book while getting all hot and bothered by his second and more circumspect autobiography “The Audacity of Hope.” The citizen voter should make no mistake, however, socialism on the road to an eventually desired communism is right up Barak's alley.

Here, below this paragraph, is a remarkable link to a Glen Beck answer to the question that led off this blog, “Is B.H. Obama a socialist?” First Beck shows video of a softball journalistic inquiry yesterday, by the lamestream media with Obama’s expected response . . . then Beck's listing of the strongest influences in his life in broad general terms with 12 telling links many of them in the words of the “guilty” give one a great smoking gun answer to the question . . . . However, the most damning evidence of all is found in the footnotes to this blog provided by everybody's hero: Ol' Rajjpuut. In any case Obama's every action, aim, and process and every personal connection since Election Day, 2008 for anyone with eyes yields up the Forest Gump proof positive, "stupid is as stupid does" ^^ . . . .

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


** When, by the way, did Harvard stop teaching classical economics and slip into the Keynesian glorification of big-spending inflationary policies that mark all communistic states? Was it in the late 40’s? Even the small bit of the old man’s education that took place right here in America played right into his communist sentiments.


Unfortunately Beck leaves some of the most interesting and “rather inflammatory” material, that is, Obama first campaigning for Raila Odinga (purportedly a cousin) in 2006 and then Obama’s interrupting his own campaigning in 2007 to again visit his father’s homeland and campaign for Odinga, the communist (university educated in East Berlin before the fall of the Berlin Wall) candidate, for President of his father’s native land Kenya. Obama on two occasions put on Muslim garb to talk to the crowds. Odinga meanwhile had signed a “document of understanding” with Muslim leaders. The content of that document (a memorandum of understanding with the Muslims to expand a policy known as “sharia” in Kenya) when it came out ruined Odinga’s chances. To wit: Islam would have become the official religion of Kenya. No other religion could broadcast by radio or TV and no missionary activity would be allowed. A few days after the discover, Odinga revised the paper to eliminate all those objectionable features. He did nothing and said nothing, however, to stop the Muslim attacks, and tribal violence, rapes and arsons on opposing tribes as well as Christian settlements and churches that followed. Ob ama, of course, has not publicized his activities on Odinga’s behalf. To make this clear: some of the Christian attacks occurred earlier and the tribal violence in general occurred after Odinga lost the election. A few months later to pacify the Muslims, Odinga was named Prime Minister by the newly-elected President.

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The most incredible thing about Barak Obama is that after three years in the public eye, he is still an absolute unknown to 95% of the American public. Imagine John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1960. Except for his dalliances with women other than Jackie, which the adoring press conveniently didn’t reveal to us until after his death, the man’s life was an open book. This is in 1959 – 1963, the veritable stone ages. Today, half a century later, computers, the internet, genealogy, public records acts, and the multiplication of the press by cable and internet makes it impossible for public people to maintain secret lives, unless their initials are Barak Hussein Obama, Jr., that is.

It's important when making investigations and revelations such as this one to never jump to conclusions but rather to always seek full truth and verfiable truth, for example . . . .
Some of us, all too few, know an awful lot about the man who is Barak Obama, 44th American President, and his Marxist upbringing . . . and even know enough to NOT get excited about the bronze statue of Ho Chi Minh standing at honor at his Hawaiian prep school as its most prestigious graduate (the idiots on the extreme right, learn that and go bonkers, because they've never actually learned anything). We don't get excited because we know that Ho was honest and a Vietnamese patriot and that he came to the west FIRST on at least two occasions in meetings with the OSS (forerunner to the CIA) with two documents resembling, in some cases word for word, the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution and asking for our help or at least our non-interference with Viet Nam's revolt against French colonialism after World War II. We, of course, did the opposite and supported the French with arms and money, thus denying the people of Viet Nam the very revolution that created our nation and our freedom.
We also know that Ho was a great help to us and our British Allies** in keeping the Japanese at bay in Asia during World War II while the leadership of French Indo-China collaborated with Japan. We know that the OSS did not forward his plea to either FDR or Truman and that our entry into Viet Nam after supporting corrupt dictators there was a huge strategic mistake. Because we have a real rather than a superficial education and understanding of the facts and their significance and we understand that things are not always what they seem we tend to have a charitable heart. As we give Ho Chi Minh the benefit of the doubt and the researchable facts, we do the same for Barak Hussein Obama, Jr. We do not, for example, condemn Barak because of the upbringing his father, mother and grandfather gave him. We did NOT condemn Ho Chi Minh's ideological shift to the communists when the west turned him down, in his place we might have done exactly the same. Communism and Barak Obama were early companions through no fault of his own. We do, however, condemn his actions and words and broken promises since coming into the public eye in February 2007. Some of us are Libertarians (fiscal conservatives, moderate socially) and othes come from other places on the political spectrum, but we want truth and we don’t jump to conclusions in support of the two corrupt major parties. We don't know everything, but we know a lot, in fact an awful lot . . . why the mainstream press doesn't seem to want to let you know this, all of this, that is an awful travesty . . . .

We know that for his grandparents’ sake and to make life in American schools much easier, Barak became Barry, and remained Barry Obama, for much of his young life.
We know from his public words and actions and his two autobiographies that Barak believes that he was born to be a leader and that if he merely repeats something often enough people will come to believe it and, indeed, seemingly that his very repeating will make it so. We know that his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was an unabashed, unsecretive communist even from prep school days in Seattle. We know that his grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham, was a very rich semi-secretive communist. We know that the well-known columnist and communist poet Frank Marshall Davis was a frequent visitor in their home in Hawaii and that he was Barak’s chief mentor about being Black in a White man’s world.
We know that his African father, Barak H. Obama, Sr., was an unapologetic communist who lost his job in the Kenyan Economic Development Office for being not only outspokenly pro-communist but even writing papers against Kenya’s economic direction (not socialistic enough and not fast enough and not explicit enough) in which he twice mentions the possibility and laudability of “100% taxes:” and the necessity of forcing financial equality upon White, Asian, Black and Mixed members of Kenyan society. We know that Barak's first autobiography, "Dreams from My Father" never mentions his father's out and out communism but does show a deep reverence for the man and his politics.,_Sr.
(one incidence of the “100% tax” thing is on p. 31 of the East Africa Journal magazine, page 8 of 10 of the topmost of these two links)
We also know that Barak Obama spent a lot of time at Muslim schools and that his second father was a Muslim. We know that besides the time he confesses about being involved with alcohol, marijuana and even cocaine . . . he spent even more years as Barry Soweto. We don't know where that particular name came from, but he attended Occidental College and a few other American schools under that name. He came to Occidental as a Fullbright Scholarship recipient under a program aimed strictly at people with dual citizenships. We know that this second identity has partly obscured the trail for many superficial seekers of the Barak Obama past. But mostly we know that although Barak Obama has numerous degrees and a fine academic resume,` he is not a "western man" not an American. We know this from listening to the man talk . . . watching him work as president, one thing is very obvious . . . . Barak Obama is NOT "an educated man" in the American sense of that phrase. He doesn’t know American history or geography or for that matter have a freshman high schooler’s grasp of science. His grasp of both history and psychology, in fact, can best be described as “wishful thinking.” Wishful thinking about “Utopia” to be precise, that is the one subject that Barry Soweto/Barak Obama has mastered perfectly. He has so mastered that version of future history that he is able on demand to create the picture of that Utopia where “saying so, makes it so” into the mind and very soul of gullible Americans who really ought to know better.
Witness his recent State of the Union address. To anyone with a street kid’s knowledge of economics, it was all lies piled upon lies upon more lies: Don Quixote’s impossible dream. But to the faithful, the Barak Obama worshippers, it was manna from heaven. His deep approval numbers with Rasmussen Reports jumped from 24% to 32% and his overall approval leapt from 44% to 51% overnight. Of course two weeks later those numbers have fallen back to where they belong as people start to wake up once again without their Barak Speech Fix and realize Barak Obama is NOT what he seems; as people realize that there is no sincerity about Barak Obama and all his promises are a ruse designed to achieve his version of Utopia, a dream that conflicts 100% with the American Dream.
The Barak Obama version of Utopia is not necessarily Utopia for you and certainly not Utopia for a open-minded, outspoken critic like myself . . . that would be foolish. If there’s one thing Barak Obama is NOT, that is foolish. In his heart of hearts he knows the price to achieve the BHO, Jr. Utopia is paid by never stopping to rest but always pretending to do so, pretending to apologize or reverse direction (think of me as the job’s president, Mortals) as he always takes the most direct approach toward it.
Despite his illiteracy about real economics, Barak even sort of knows real history, he understands that somehow his big Utopian dream failed in the Soviet Union and in the Warsaw Pact countries, but of course that was because of failed men. In Barak Obama’s Utopia a perfect system will be put in place and then mankind under that perfect system will be perfected in turn whatever the cost. The fine dream, this Utopia, of course is a communist state where the resources of society come “from each according to his ability” and are then channeled “to each according to his need.”
Let’s detour from this Dystopian nightmare of Obama’s to Coolidgeville. Coolidgeville is a place that looks a lot like the United States of the Roaring Twenties when a series of Progressive Presidents (Republicans as well as Democrat) leading up to Woodrow Wilson and followed by the out-of-touch Warren G. Harding (not a progressive, just stupid enough to surround himself with crooks) who was replaced after death (from a heart attack while in a closet with a maid? That’s one story) by the great Calvin Coolidge. Under Coolidge’s benign leadership, low taxes and total non-interference the country blossomed as never before. Of course, Silent Cal said, “I do NOT choose to run" in 1928 and Progressive Republican Herbert Hoover took his place to be in turn replaced by twelve years plus of Progressive Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Coolidgeville looks a lot like the Camelot of JFK; and the more recent America during Reaganville years when the Soviet Union, Warsaw Pact and Berlin Wall all fell. The guiding light in Coolidgeville is NOT “Das Kapital” but the United States Constitution, a document based upon the fact that we humans are imperfect and can presumably never be made perfect, but we are worthy of great government, nevertheless; a document that offered humanity full liberty guaranteed by an incredible “Bill of Rights,” numerous incentive for bringing out their best, and an incredible system of checks and balances to make humanity’s inevitable corruptions quite manageable. No Utopia here, just a hard-nosed realistic plan for a much better life courtesy of a non-interfering, benevolent government limited in scope to doing a very few tasks and then doing them very, very well. Unlike Barak’s static future Utopia where the government does everything and does it so incompetently that we are NOT safe from our enemies and we are NOT free . . . Coolidgeville is a living-breathing dynamic and REAL place available at any time in history including NOW!
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
** Compare Paris to other European Capitals. Compare Saigon, the "Pearl of the Pacific," -- these places went unravaged by the war. The French, under Petain, meanwhile were collaborating fully with the Nazis in Europe and Africa; and with the Japanese in French Indo-China . . . that is, they were fighting against us and supporting the Japanese and Nazis who fought against us . . . . Why wasn't Petain taken to Nuremberg, tried and convicted and hung with the ten top Nazi's on October 16, 1946? And why did the Zionists never fully attack Petain's top officials for their collaboration in the Holocaust? The French have lived a charmed life much akin to that lived by Barak Obama, Jr. just because the full extent of their treachery is not openly displayed for all to see and understand.
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