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We must prosecute the Banks criminals

By: Juan Reynoso, WTP Activist –


We got the power to get Wells Fargo out of business.


Wells Fargo already lost a multi-million-dollar customer last week. Now, the bank can expect to lose a few more. We the people are fed-up with White collar corruption and zero prosecutions.

The evidence of fraud and corruption in Wells Fargo operation is huge; this financial institution should be ban from doing business in America.  Our trust on the Banks and all the financial institutions in our country cannot be demised by corruption that our government is incapable to prosecute, John Stumpf and the people that is in control of the Wells Fargo Bank operations, from CEOS to the managers that are part of this fraud and corruption should be prosecute and send to jail; it is time to deal with white crime and corporate corruption. No Bank in this country should be given Carte Blanche to defraud the people of this country with impunity and be immune from prosecution. In the case of Wells Fargo, It is clear that John Stumpf will not be prosecuted and the people will not get justice, because our government is incapable and unwilling to get justice for the American people. Corporate criminals are rewarded with millions of Dollars and nothing is done to punish neither the criminals nor the institution.

Fellow Americans, we have the power to get justice. I closed all my accounts with Wells Fargo in San Antonio Texas and I call for every Business and customers of Wells Fargo to close their account with this corrupt Banking and financial corporation and send a message to all the corporate criminals that we the people will get our justice by destroying their business if they continue their corrupt and exploitation practice in our country; It is our duty as Americans to stand united in solidarity to get justice for the people of this country.

Close your Account with Wells Fargo and deposit your money with your State Bank or credit unions, Transnational Banks is given the power from our government to use our money and exploit us to get rich and powerful at our expenses.

For instance, Wells Fargo (WFC) is sitting on more than $17 billion in loans to the oil and gas sector. The bank is setting aside $1.2 billion in reserves to cover losses because of the "continued deterioration within the energy sector." Wells Fargo executives said Wednesday that the bank’s profitability is still better than peers. The firm reported its net interest margin, a measure of how profitably it can lend out its customers’ deposits, fell to 2.96% from 2.97% at the end of June and 3.06% in the third quarter a year ago. That margin has been challenged by the Federal Reserve’s policy of keeping interest rates low, a policy that Wells Fargo executives said would continue for longer than the industry had previously expected.

Wells Fargo Consumer Complaints and Reviews.

Wells Fargo mortgage fraud

Stop Banks corruption and foreclosures frauds

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The recognition of and opposition to the Globalist agenda worldwide has some noteworthy champions.  For those Alex Jones subscribers, all of what he says is clearly documented through the past 60+ years of history by the globalists.  Nigel Farage is one of those rare people who continue to fight, get knocked down, bounce back up, fight again and again--for over 20 years he's been at this.  Your subscribers may want to subscribe to Farage's Youtube channel, as I have, just to listen to his latest expose of his bully opponents.  It is a dose of adrenaline and peace at the same time to know a man like this exists who is fighting against one of the major Globalist components:  the European Union.  We truly ARE NOT ALONE and we're getting stronger every day we spread the word to our friends and neighbors across the street and across the planet.The arrogance of these "elites" knows no bounds; the anger and love of our supporters is one of a thousand ripples of resistence and outrage.
Please pass to our mailing list if you think it will inspire us in the U.S.  God knows, we need a man like this:      (pull scroll bar to the 17:00 minute to hear Farage speak)

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Suspicious Deaths of Bankers Are Now Classified as “Trade Secrets” by Federal Regulator


It doesn’t get any more Orwellian than this: Wall Street mega banks crash the U.S. financial system in 2008. Hundreds of thousands of financial industry workers lose their jobs. Then, beginning late last year, a rash of suspicious deaths start to occur among current and former bank employees.  Next we learn that four of the Wall Street mega banks likely hold over $680 billion face amount of life insurance on their workers, payable to the banks, not the families. We ask their Federal regulator for the details of this life insurance under a Freedom of Information Act request and we’re told the information constitutes “trade secrets.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the life expectancy of a 25 year old male with a Bachelor’s degree or higher as of 2006 was 81 years of age. But in the past five months, five highly educated JPMorgan male employees in their 30s and one former employee aged 28, have died under suspicious circumstances, including three of whom allegedly leaped off buildings – a statistical rarity even during the height of the financial crisis in 2008.

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There is one other major obstacle to brushing away these deaths as random occurrences – they are not happening at JPMorgan’s closest peer bank – Citigroup. Both JPMorgan and Citigroup are global financial institutions with both commercial banking and investment banking operations. Their employee counts are similar – 260,000 employees for JPMorgan versus 251,000 for Citigroup.

Both JPMorgan and Citigroup also own massive amounts of bank-owned life insurance (BOLI), a controversial practice that pays the corporation when a current or former employee dies. (In the case of former employees, the banks conduct regular “death sweeps” of public records using former employees’ Social Security numbers to learn if a former employee has died and then submits a request for payment of the death benefit to the insurance company.)

Wall Street On Parade carefully researched public death announcements over the past 12 months which named the decedent as a current or former employee of Citigroup or its commercial banking unit, Citibank. We found no data suggesting Citigroup was experiencing the same rash of deaths of young men in their 30s as JPMorgan Chase. Nor did we discover any press reports of leaps from buildings among Citigroup’s workers.

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