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Recently, in an online group, a person was talking about the high cost of brand names drugs.  It is a fact that sometimes people require the brand name.  Precise concentrations, allergies, and other factors are contributions to this requirement.  Insurance programs do have a process for handling this requirement.  The Doctor's office must fill out a Prior-Authorization(PA) form.  Yet, this takes time and the patient needs the medication before the process can be complete. A few insurance companies will pay for a few days of the drug while this process is in the works.

Six hundred dollars a month is the cost this person is paying until the PA is complete. How many people can afford this alone? Those having children or family members with special needs(health conditions)? Or, along with paying insurance costs? 

I had to post some information.  Next year under the new law things may change.  This information is intended to help.   Please use the information if it helps.  BUT, remember to ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS and realize things change.  Now that is said I pray this can alleviate some issues for some people.

I am cooking cookies and fighting a dog that wants them while writing this.


Sandie, our dog, helped herself to the cookie dough on the spatula!  Can I have a break on some spelling please?

Back to the help with drug costs.  There are sites that can give you information on how to get Patient Assistance. I will provide a few. Usually the assistance comes from drug companies.  Besides these sites one can check with organizations such as Cancer Association of American, Leukemia Society and on and on. 

Income restrictions do apply.  That said, there are allowances to adjust the income.  Cost of total prescriptions, out of pocket insurance costs along with other reasons can help a person qualify for help.  Copay assistance is available also.

If you think only low income people can get aid with prescription costs, think again.  Many companies will pay for the copayment of a brand name drug.  Check online.  Type in the company that makes the drug or the brand name of the company.  Ask your pharmacist or doctor if he has any copayment cards.  Check online for Rx coupons.  There could be a one time deal.  The reason for this is to have a person try a drug before then given time for the patient to make budget considerations.

REMEMBER TO CHECK WITH HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS, THIS IS ONLY INFORMATION AIMED TO HELP IF POSSIBLE.  Liability is on yourself to check up to date information.  I mainly wish to provide help that some people may be unaware of.

Here are a few online sites.

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          >>> (FOR UNINSURED ONLY)   >>>

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RECALL I STATED A FEW COMPANIES PROVIDE PATIENT ASSISTANCE  and to try looking up there information?  Here are a few sites as examples.




HAVE INSURANCE AND THINK YOU ARE BEYOND THE DRUG HELP FOR COPAYS? Try or use these sites as examples to check copay cards.

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RECOLLECT MENTIONING COUPONS? CHECK for your medication brand name specifically when looking for help.



ASK FOR HELP.  Doctors, nurses and pharmacists may have the information you need.  Give them a break.  Focusing on your health issues and you the patient occupy a huge percent of the brain.  The desire to be correct comes before the price considerations.  Knowing the pharmacy side a little better, I suggest asking during a time when business is slower,  Saturday afternoons, Sunday afternoons and in the evening between 7 and say 8:30 are better to get the attention of a pharmacist for this type of question.  Please understand I expect all providers to do their jobs. I know however these times provide a break from the pressure of heavy work times.

Some organizations give prescription support also.  Here on some examples of links to try.



Furthermore, seek out local agencies for guidance.  These organizations are there to serve the public.  Call the local Health Department, Department of Human Services and various other agencies. 

Going without medication can increase costs of healthcare for every person.  By giving you this information I hope it keeps a person out of the emergency room.  TRY NEVER TO GO WITHOUT MEDICATION.


Please let me know if this is helpful.  Leave a comment.  Do you like my writing?  Think this is a subject that needs to be written on more?  What are your needs for information? 

Thank you for your time. 

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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Could the very reason why the elite have been causing massive rises in disabilities including cancer, diabetes, autism, and otherproblems so that many will be forced to turn to Government assistanceprograms such as medicaid, medicare, Disability insurance, tricare, andothers is to then just decide to end those programs and then kill allof those on the programs and call them bad guys.

I bet your wondering why would I think something so preposterous well it happenedbefore and the last time something like that happened was NAZI Germanywhen at first under the Socialist German Workers Party (Which becamethe NAZI Party after Hitler) they get everyone dependent on thegovernment and then start putting out ads to kill the elderly with theT4 Euthanasia Program.

It translates as:

60,000 Reichsmarks is what this person suffering from a hereditarydisease costs the People's community during his lifetime. Comrade,that is your money too. Read '[A] New People', the monthly magazine ofthe Bureau for Race Politics of the NSDAP

So if Germany's Government pulled this after getting people reliant on Government assistance Programs could the same thing be pulled here?

Well the Georgia Guide stones said that the population shouldn't go beyond 500,000,000 so in order to achieve that goal the elite mustengage in genocide so this means getting rid of over 6 billion peopleworldwide.

So how is people on government assistance programs going to be killed well continue reading and I'llget to that part.

Well as peoples health problems are on the increase including Autism,food is being taintedwith GMO, Vitamins and Herbal supplements havebeen tainted which means they can cause further Health problemsregular Corporate Insurance likely won't cover, water being tainted withFluoride, not to mention there's a constantrise in Social Security Applicants on a yearly basis, politicianshad been attempting to attack people on Government Welfare, Obamaplotted last year to cutveteran care and Obama is looking more and more like Hitlereveryday.

Also more and more pro communist movements and Pro Socialist groups are giving Obama the support heneeds to turn America into a dictatorship just like Nazi Germany. AlsoObamas new Health Czar in charge of Medicare and Medicaid said about RedistributingWealth.

A past Article by Paul J. Watson spoke of the fact that the Bilderberg group which has caused political corruption for theworld is not only wanting us disarmed but want us to be Dependenton the Government.

So what if the plan by the Bilderbergs was to make a majority of Americans have Healthproblems so they can't fight back, are reliant on Prescription drugscontrolled by thew DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) and ICE (ImmigrationEnforcement Agency), and the elite along with Big Pharma get so manyreliant on Government Welfare programs, then put out Ad Campaigns (akaPSAs) against those dependent on Government Programs like the T4Euthanasia Program started by Hitler under his plan for The FinalSolution then start killing all the Veterans, Disabled people thatcan't work that receive disability checks, Military that lost theirlimbs during active duty, and start throwing millions that receive foodstamps in Concentration camps.

In fact that is a great idea for dictators to force people to be reliant on Government financialassistance programs and then punish them. Get or even force people tobeg the government for food is the way to end the Constitution forever.That is why Health Insurance has got worse and why health problemshave been on the rise is to force people on Government Programs thendrop the programs all together forcing people that can't afford HealthInsurance to die while suppressing cures and inexpensive treatmentsunder Corporate patents and Mob gangs (Drug Gangs).

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